Top Quality Beauty Cultivation System Chapter 19: Li Jianhua’s Conspiracy

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With Qin Yanran defending Su Lin, dealing with the matter became harder. Li Jianhua looked at Peng Shenda’s face and frowned, indicating that he was now in a tight spot.

“Principal Li, it is obvious that Su Lin beat me. All of my friends can testify to this. All of you, why don’t you tell him?”

Peng Shenda’s face was contorting in rage. He couldn’t believe that Qin Yanran would actually stick up for Su Lin.

“That’s right, Principal Li. Su Lin beat Peng Shenda…”

“Principal Li, it was this Su Lin who attacked Peng Shenda.”

“Exactly! We were walking towards the school when Su Lin suddenly jumped at us.”

Several students started to tell lies without blinking an eye. Standing nearby, Qin Yanran could no longer bear it and said to Li Jianhua, “Principal Li, it was not like that at all. It was Peng Shenda and his friends who came to Su Lin and attacked him…”

“Alright, there’s nothing more to say. Su Lin, Peng Shenda, no matter what happened, both of you will follow me to the student guidance room for investigation. The rest of you hurry and get to your classroom, the exam is starting soon.”

Li Jianhua showed his authority and glared at the students, making them all leave. Su Lin and Qin Yanran had no way to refute him anymore. Qin Yanran was afraid that Su Lin would suffer, so she wanted to go to the student guidance room herself, but she was immediately stopped by Principal Li Jianhua, “Qin Yanran, your exam is going to begin soon, shouldn’t you go back to class and prepare for it?”

“But Principal Li, Su Lin is also in our grade, he also has to take that exam…”

“Su Lin started a fight and violated school regulations, he must go to the guidance room to resolve this issue.”

“Principal Li…”

Although Qin Yanran’s mother was Jian’an City’s mayor, Qin Yanran had never taken advantage of her status to force the school to do something. Unable to quarrel with the principal, she could only watch helplessly as Su Lin followed Li Jianhua to the student guidance room.

“How is it? Su Lin, I had told you not to mess with me. My father is the director of the Education Bureau, so the principal of the school will obviously give me face! Do you really think you can chase Qin Yanran with that pitiful status of yours? Do you believe that I will make you lose your qualifications for the College Entrance Examination…”

Following behind Li Jianhua, Peng Shenda arrogantly said to Su Lin.

“What happens to me is not something you have to worry about. No matter what, Qin Yanran still said that she will consider me if I can score in the top 50 of the grade. I still have a chance of being her boyfriend.”

Remembering the worry Qin Yanran showed and her actions, Su Lin felt his heart become warm. He felt that everything that was happening was worth it, no matter what happened to him.

“Blabber whatever you can. In a while, you won’t be able to even speak!”

At the student guidance room, Li Jianhua put on a stern face. When he saw that it was time for the exam, he unexpectedly let Peng Shenda go to the Examination Hall but kept Su Lin back. Staring at Su Lin wickedly, he said,

“So you are the Su Lin of third grade’s class 2? Humph… Your results for the previous mock exams are horrible already, yet you actually dare to start a fight inside the school so blatantly!”

Fuming with rage, the middle-aged Li Jianhua looked at the results of the previous mock exam without blinking an eye. Seeing that Su Lin’s position was one of the lowest among the 700 students in the grade, he pounded the desk with anger and said, “A school is a place where one goes to study. As a student, your only task is to study hard and improve your grades. The College Entrance Examination is just around the corner, yet not only do you not want admission in a good University, you actually bully your schoolmates. According to the regulations of the school, the punishment for fighting is serious. Next Monday, you will be given a major demerit and receive public criticism when the flag is raised.”

Coughing a bit, Li Jianhua started drawing some circles on the roaster and took a sip of water. When he was still blabbering at Su Lin, the phone in his pocket rang.

“Remember what I told you today and go take your exam now! You aren’t allowed to fight in the future…”

Looking at the caller ID on the phone, Li Jianhua’s face flushed with excitement and he no longer berated Su Lin and sent him away.

“What bad luck I have! I remember that having two major demerits can get your name wiped from the school register. When the time comes, I won’t be able to sit in the College Entrance Examination. With that Peng Shenda’s attitude, he will definitely retaliate against me, making me get another demerit somehow. I must find a way out of this.”

Just when Su Lin was about to open the door and leave, he actually heard Li Jianhua and the way he was talking on the phone. Li Jianhua, who was always acting high and mighty before the students, was now acting so submissive that Su Lin felt interested in the call. Because of that, Su Lin’s feet slowed down. Taking advantage of the fact that Li Jianhua wasn’t paying attention, he stopped behind the door and started to eavesdrop.

“Haha! Boss Liu, I am Li Jianhua. The matter that you have told me about, I will certainly complete it. Although it isn’t very easy to deal with that female teacher, I am sure that my plan will work. When I find an opportunity, I will fool her into going to the Jiaxing Hotel and put some drugs in her drink. After that, Boss Liu can enjoy everything as you like…”

“Alright! I will leave now, I have to urgently get to a committee meeting with the deputy secretary.”


Ding! Ding! Ding!

The bell rang, marking the start of the examination. Su Lin wanted to continue eavesdropping outside the door and find out what this Li Jianhua was up to, but if he really did that, he was going to miss his exam. In this mock exam, Su Lin had already cut off all pathways to retreat, so it was impossible for him to miss it. After listening to the conversation a bit more, he rushed to the direction of the examination hall.

“I wonder who was on the phone. It seems like this Li Jianhua is plotting to get a female teacher of our school persecuted. The location of the act seems to be the most luxurious hotel in the city, the Jiaxing Hotel. Humph, I never thought that this Old Dog Li was not only rude to the students, he even plotted against the female teachers…”

Su Lin clearly saw Li Jianhua’s true face now. As he was running back to the examination hall, he as wondering how he could completely destroy this Old Dog Li. He must do something and make sure his plans won’t come to pass.

On the other hand, from the moment Qin Yanran left the school gate and came to the examination hall, her concern for Su Lin hadn’t diminished at all. She was afraid that principal Li Jianhua might put Su Lin in trouble.

The bell had rung and the invigilator was already distributing the math papers. Qin Yanran turned her head towards Su Lin’s empty seat. Why was Su Lin not back yet? Suddenly, Qin Yanran felt even more upset.

Tang Zhongwang, who was also in the same examination hall as Su Lin, was exhilarated. When he entered school, he heard that Su Lin had provoked the bully Peng Shenda over yesterday’s incident and he was taken to the student guidance room. Looking at Su Lin’s empty seat, Tang Zhongwang was about to laugh out, “That stupid Su Lin must have been beaten hard by Peng Shenda, making him unable to take the exam.”

“Hmph… He was so arrogant last night on how he would enter the top 50 of the grade. Yet he actually ended up missing the exam today. Even if we take ten thousand steps back, even if you, Su Lin, were very intelligent and your results improved by leaps and bounds, but once you missed the math examination, we will see how much percentage you get! Wait and watch how I will make you call me Grandfather!”

Tang Zhongwang was sitting there in complacency. Just a few seconds before the exam started, Su Lin appeared at the entrance of the examination hall, gasping.

“Sorry, teacher, I am late.”

After finally arriving, Su Lin held his forehead and smiled, greeting the invigilator with embarrassment.

“Hurry up and go to your seat. If you were late by a few minutes, you wouldn’t be allowed to take the exam.”

The invigilator had nothing against Su Lin and only said what he said to make sure students don’t forget their discipline and school rules.

“Su Lin!”

Seeing that Su Lin had finally arrived, Qin Yanran suddenly felt happy in her heart. She felt that a stone had been lifted off her chest. But she also knew that Peng Shenda and Principal Li Jianhua were in cahoots, so it was impossible for them to let Su Lin off so easily! Could it be that the principal wanted to deal with Su Lin?

“That’s not good! It was because of me that Peng Shenda went to cause trouble with Su Lin. Moreover, Su Lin didn’t beat anyone either, so he isn’t in the wrong! Even if it’s Principal Li Jianhua, he can’t just punish a person without reason, let alone Su Lin, who is completely innocent. Right! When the exam ends today, I will help Su Lin get justice.”

Looking at Su Lin walking past her seat, the usually indifferent Qin Yanran actually gave him a faint smile as she nodded towards him.

“Ah! Qin Yanran actually took the initiative to smile at me!”

As he took his seat, Su Lin was feeling quite pleased in his heart. It must be known that in the three years he had been in this school, he had never heard of the Ice Beauty Qin Yanran take the initiative to smile at any guy.

“Could it be… Does Qin Yanran have a favorable impression of me?”

After looking at the Arabic numerals and other difficult questions, Su Lin held his head and indulged in his own fantasies. When the other students were frowning and racing against time to answer the questions, Su Lin was still wasting time sitting in a daze.

“There is only half an hour left before the end of the exam. Students, the exam this time is a bit more difficult, so you should just give up the difficult questions that you can’t answer. Instead, use that time to review your answers. You should also adopt this strategy during the College Entrance Exam; first, you should do the questions that you are sure you know the answer to, and then do the difficult questions to maximize your score…”

When there was just half an hour left before the end of the exam, the examination invigilator, who was also Su Lin’s math teacher, gave the students a friendly reminder. His words also snapped Su Lin out of his endless daze.

“Eh… There’s only half an hour left? Well… I should also prepare to answer the questions!”

Stretching his body, Su Lin had a relaxed expression. He picked up his black signature pen, and with a smile, stopped time and quickly ran over to Qin Yanran side. In a few seconds, he had turned over all the answer sheets. And as expected of Qin Yanran, these math problems were not too hard for her. She had already written the correct answers for all the questions.

“Great, I am done!”

Before the end of the exam, Su Lin looked at all the answers he had written down with satisfaction. After the invigilator received the papers, the candidates were allowed to leave the classroom. As Su Lin walked to the door, he was wondering where he should go for lunch. Right then, someone gently patted his shoulder from behind, followed by an incomparably familiar yet cold voice, “Su Lin, come with me, I have something to talk with you!”

This voice… isn’t it Qin Yanran? How come she took the initiative to look for me on her own? Su Lin had immediately recognized the owner of the voice and felt happy in his heart.

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