Top Quality Beauty Cultivation System Chapter 18: Su Lin Did Nothing Wrong

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Shouts sounded…

Qin Yanran was panting. Just a moment ago, when she came to the school gate, she heard a few people talk about someone fighting. When she paid some attention, she realized that Su Lin had been blocked outside the school gate by the Little Overlord, Peng Shenda. Moreover, the reason was her. Qin Yanran was worried that Su Lin might have an accident, so she immediately hurried over to intervene.

At this moment, Qin Yanran was rejoicing in her heart that she hadn’t rushed over in vain. Su Lin was standing there safe and sound, but Peng Shenda’s fist was already flying towards Su Lin.

“Peng Shenda, how dare you attack Su Lin!”

Qin Yanran herself didn’t understand why she would do something like this. Was it because she had been worried about Su Lin in her heart? That’s not right, Qin Yanran felt that she just didn’t want Su Lin to get hurt because of her, but why was her heart so worried about Su Lin?

“Yanran? You… Are you really going to shout at me like this because of this stinky brat?”

Peng Shenda immediately stopped his fist. Turning his head, he looked at the panting Qin Yanran scream at him. He couldn’t accept what happened, so he became angry and clenched his teeth. Pointing at Su Lin, he yelled, “You basturd, what kind of magic potion have you give to Yanran? Why is she protecting you like this?”

“Peng Shenda, don’t call me Yanran. You and I have nothing to do with each other, and please, don’t pose as my boyfriend all day long. Also, don’t threaten and harm others using that reason, otherwise, I am going to tell the Director!”

After calming down a little, Qin Yanran’s expression immediately returned to the normal icy and aloof Ice Beauty as she started to warn Peng Shenda icily.

Other girls might be afraid of Peng Shenda’s family’s power and influence, but Qin Yanran wasn’t afraid of his father who was the Director of the Education Bureau, after all, Qin Yanran’s mother was the mayor of Jian’an City.

“Humph! Yanran, even if you tell the director, what can happen to me, will he do anything to me? Even if the director is here, what I am doing is outside the school. Can he do something about that?”

Peng Shenda wasn’t going to change his mind now. With Qin Yanran here now, his complexion sank even more as he looked at Su Lin with hatred and envy, “If I, Peng Shenda, want to deal with someone in Jian’an, there’s no one who can get in my way! Yanran, I am sure that you have been misled by the honeyed words of this brat. Just wait for me, I will beat the shxt out of this brat and see how he dares keep on talking nonsense.

Anger was rising in his chest. With so many students in the surroundings, how could Peng Shenda, this Little Overlord, lose face like that? Since he couldn’t do anything against Qin Yanran, the only way for him to get out of this embarrassment was by beating up Su Lin.

He acted right after he said those words. Although Peng Shenda usually had his lackeys do all his work, he himself was a 1.8 meters tall fellow who was a bit fat. A fist from him wouldn’t feel very good.

“Su Lin, be careful!”

Seeing Peng Shenda fiercely rush towards Su Lin, Qin Yanran felt her heart jump as she felt extremely worried. But it was already too late for her to do anything, so she could only remind Su Lin to be careful. The distance between the two (Su Lin and Peng Shenda) was very close, and judging from Su Lin’s appearance, he wasn’t going to be able to guard against Peng Shenda’s fist. The punch was directed at Su Lin’s chin. If he really got hit with such a punch, he would certainly have a few of his front teeth knocked out.

“Dare to fight with me?”

Even when the other schoolmates were worried about Su Lin, Su Lin himself was extraordinarily calm. If someone could carefully look at Su Lin’s mouth at this moment, they would realize that he was looking at Peng Shenda’s fist with a faint smile of disdain.

“You want to fight? I, your grandpa Su am not going to lower myself to your level, it will just be dirtying my hands!”

Su Lin smiled faintly. Glancing at Peng Shenda’s nearby lackeys, an idea popped up in his heart as he immediately stopped time.

“Time Stop!”

The world became still with only Su Lin having the ability to move around freely.

While the time was frozen, Su Lin looked at the solidified expressions of everyone around. Su Lin could see that some were just watching for the fun, some were worried, some were indifferent, while others were excited. Peng Shenda’s face was full of rage and arrogance, while his lackeys were cheering for their boss.

Looking at Qin Yanran who was standing a few meters away, he could see her brows were knitted together, her small mouth was tightly closed, while both of her hands were clasped together before her chest with worry written all over her face.

“Yanran, relax! I won’t make you worried over something like this again!”

Although he didn’t know why Qin Yanran was worried about him, Su Lin was already very satisfied. At least, he could enter Qin Yanran’s eyes now. He was no longer that Su Lin whom Qin Yanran, that ice beauty, won’t even look straight at.

The precious time was flowing second by second. Su Lin immediately walked forward and arrived before Peng Shenda’s loyal dog, Ye Qingyun. Reaching out his hands, he brought Ye Qingyun forward and then made him grip his hand into a tight fist, maliciously hitting towards Peng Shenda’s chin.

“Good, it will be a great success.”

Su Lin then immediately returned to his previous position. Leaning his head slightly, he restored the time again.


The sound of bones being hit hard was heard, followed by a pitiful scream.

“Ah… My chin! Which bastard dared to hit me?”

Unexpectedly, it wasn’t Su Lin who had been beaten. In everyone’s eyes, just when Peng Shenda’s fist was about to hit Su Lin, Su Lin gently tilted his head away and escaped the fist. At the same time, Ye Qingyun, who had been standing beside Peng Shenda, suddenly hit punched Peng Shenda’s fist in some inexplicable way.


Peng Shenda painfully covered his chin and fell in front of Su Lin, kneeling. He turned around and looked at Ye Qingyun with rage. He was actually punched by his own dog! What the fruck was this?

“What the fuck do you think you are doing? Whose side do you think you are on? Are you here to help me or beat me up?”

With his chin hurting, Peng Shenda couldn’t help but swear and even punch Ye Qingyun’s calf.

“That… Boss… I… I don’t know how it…”

Ye Qingyun didn’t know just how his body suddenly rushed over to him and even smashed a fist to his boss’s face. It must be known that even if he had ten times the courage, he would still not dare to even say anything against Peng Shenda, let alone punch him so hard.

With the outcome, the surrounding audience couldn’t help but be happy. Originally, Peng Shenda had wanted to play Su Lin, yet he himself got played worse in an even more dramatic way. Not only was he beaten – he was beaten by his own lackey Ye Qingyun instead of Su Lin!

Peng Shenda had always been arrogant in school. Everyone was afraid to speak out against him, but now, it was a pleasure seeing him suffer. Peng Shenda felt as if he had lifted an ax and smashed it on his own foot.

“Brother Ye, thank you! Ah, being your classmate makes me feel honored!”

At this moment, Su Lin also started to flame the fire by thanking Ye Qingyun as if he was afraid the word won’t burn harder. He made it sound as if Ye Qingyun had intentionally helped him.

“Ye Qingyun, you frucking bastard dog, you actually bite the hand that fed you and helped an outsider deal with me? Are you frucking tired of living?”

Peng Shenda was already furious at losing so much face, and now, he was gritting his teeth and seething in rage. Standing up immediately, he yelled at the other lackeys and then all of them started to beat Ye Qingyun. Poor Ye Qingyun could only squat down and cover his head. No matter what he said at this time, Peng Shenda was certainly not going to believe it.

“Su Lin, you… You didn’t get hurt, right?”

With Peng Shenda’s people fighting among themselves, Qin Yanran hurriedly ran over to Su Lin. Despite all her efforts to cover it, the care on her face was still revealed.

“I am alright. Rest assured, class leader, I won’t let you be worried about anything. There are still exams today, you must do well, I will also do my best. Class Leader, you haven’t forgotten about our gamble, have you?”

With his ability to stop time, Su Lin was now bolder than before. Even when facing Qin Yanran now, he didn’t feel any inferior like before.

“Good, I will be waiting.”

Qin Yanran still said only a few words, but Su Lin could clearly feel that Qin Yanran’s tone towards him was changing little by little.

“Boss Peng, not good, principal Li Jianhua is here.”

“What are you afraid of? If he wants to keep on being the director, he still has to give me face!”

Peng Shenda covered his mouth, feeling as if he had lost a few teeth. As he spoke, there seemed to be air blowing out of his mouth. He was now looking towards Su Lin with an even more vicious look in his eyes.

“What happened? What are you all doing? Why are you all out here? Class is going to start soon, yet all of you are still standing out here? Is there a fight? Don’t you all think that I can’t deal with you all just because we are outside the school gate!”

An old man with a slightly hoarse voice walked over. He was Li Jianhua, director of Jian’an No.1. Privately, students called him “Old Dog Li”. He had a habit of showing off his authority as a director before the students all day long, flaunting his prestige, and getting involved in every matter. But as soon as some student with a powerful background came before him, he would immediately become like a dog and wag his tail obediently.

“Principal Li, it’s good that you are here. This stinky brat… he is called Su… Lin. He just hit me. Quickly, remember his details and punish him…”

When Li Jianhua came forward, Peng Shenda’s eyes shone with a hint of playfulness. He immediately smiled and put all the blame on Su Lin.

“Oh, so its Little Peng? Does someone actually dare to fight Little Peng in this school? Good, that person must go back to the office with me. Deliberately injuring a schoolmate… Su Lin, you sure have large guts! What class are you from? Who is your class in charge?”

Seeing Peng Shenda covering his mouth as if he had been beaten, Li Jianhua immediately felt happy in his heart, but couldn’t show it since Peng Shenda’s father was the Director of Education Bureau! He was in direct command of the Education System. If he (Old Dog Li) helped Peng Shenda vent his anger, it would be a matter of few words from Peng Shenda to get him (Old Dog Li) a promotion.

That’s right! No matter what actually happened, he must flatter Peng Shenda well.

With that, Li Jianhua put on a serious expression and arrived before Su Lin. Without getting angry, he preached like an exalted teacher, “Student Su Lin, you actually started a fight here. Return to the guidance room immediately and write an apology and have your parents come to school tomorrow!”

“I didn’t hit him.”

Su Lin despised principal Li Jianhua in his heart. At this moment, Qin Yanran also spoke out for Su Lin, “Su Lin did nothing wrong!”

Li Jianhua was stunned. The one speaking up for Su Lin was actually Qin Yanran. He knew that Qin Yanran’s mother was the mayor of Jian’an City, and Qin Yanran herself was an unusually outstanding student.

“Principal Li, Su Lin did nothing wrong. He didn’t hit Peng Shenda, instead, it was Peng Shenda who came to him looking for trouble. But then, Peng Shenda was beaten up by Ye Qingyun. Everyone saw this with their own eyes, so they can also testify.”

Qin Yanran wasn’t afraid of principal Li Jianhua. Rather, she crossed her arms before her small chest and argued reasonably.

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