Top Quality Beauty Cultivation System Chapter 17: If You Dare To Harm Su Lin…

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Next morning, Su Lin got out of bed with two panda eyes. Stretching his body, he recalled yesterday evening. His heart was still extremely entangled.

“Then… Little Lin, do you really like her?”

Facing such a question from Elder Sister Zhu, Su Lin’s heart suddenly jumped. He also started to ask himself just what kind of feelings did he have for Qin Yanran? Was he just blindly following the crowd and liked Qin Yanran because everyone liked her? Or did he sincerely liked Qin Yanran?

Turning around, he now wondered why Elder Sister Zhu had asked such a question? He couldn’t believe it but was it possible that Elder Sister Zhu was jealous? Then… what were Elder Sister Zhu’s feelings towards him?

What a mess!

Su Lin’s heart was in turmoil. In response to Ye Xingzhu’s question, Su Lin hadn’t given her a direct answer. Ye Xingzhu didn’t continue to ask either. Though she wanted an answer, she was even more afraid to get the answer. With that, she calmly walked back home. Even the otherwise savage Elder Sister Zhu had such moments of tranquility.

“Ah… I shouldn’t think about it! I ended up thinking about that throughout the night and didn’t even get any sleep, my thoughts were continuously going around in circles.”

Shaking his head, Su Lin took his book bag and went out. There were still two exams today, it won’t be good if he was late.


On the way to Jian’an No.1, Su Lin looked at the number in the upper right corner of his line of sight. As he expected, after midnight when the new day came, the amount of time he could stop will increase by 60 seconds. In this way, Su Lin didn’t have to be worried about not having time to use. At least, if he saved it, he would have enough to copy everything in the College Entrance Examinations.

In addition, Su Lin also knew that so long as it was something he saw while the time was paused, he would be able to clearly remember that. It will be very convenient and save him time when he perfectly cheated in the examination room. Unlike yesterday’s English exam, Su Lin didn’t have to remember every answer, instead, he just had to look at the answer sheet once to remember it all immediately.

Because it was still relatively early, Su Lin was walking towards the school leisurely. Su Lin looked at the watch on his hand, it was only 7:40 in the morning. However, when he turned around a corner and was able to see the gate of Jian’an No. 1, he found that there was a group of people guarding the gate. Among them, one guy with sharp eyes immediately saw Su Lin and said something to the others. Together, they all walked toward Su Lin.

“Isn’t that the little bully Peng Shenda? Who provoked him this time?”

Su Lin also quickly recognized the people, they were the little bully of Jian’an No.1, Peng Shenda, and his group.

On the campus of Jian’an No.1, Peng Shenda could be said to be one who would do any evil. He lorded over everything and even the principle of the school had to greet him with a smile. No one could punish him, they couldn’t even speak to him harshly. Only good words could be used to persuade and stop him.

The reason why Peng Shenda was so rampant in school was that his father Peng Yuanhui was the director of the Education Bureau of Jian’an City. At the time of the School Entrance Examination, Peng Shenda didn’t even make it on the selection list of Jian’an No.1 but his father Peng Yuanhui just said a word and Jian’an No.1 had no choice but to make an exception and enroll him.

Though Peng Shenda was the same as Su Lin (in academic performance), he had gathered a group of subordinates because of his high status. If someone dared to anger him or refuse to accept his command, they would certainly be taught a lesson by his lackeys. Even those in the higher grades didn’t dare to go against him. Almost everyone had to take the other way when Peng Shenda came into their vision, this made his nickname of “Little Overlord” resound even louder. {TL Note: Peng Shenda is probably in a lower grade than Su Lin.}

“Wait, this Peng Shenda is obviously coming to me. I haven’t provoked him and he isn’t even familiar with me, so why is he trying to find trouble with me?”

Looking at the 3-4 students surrounding him, they all seemed to be of the third grade. Su Lin even recognized one guy, he was Ye Qingyun from his class, one of Peng Shenda’s senior dog.

“Su Lin, you little brat sure have quite some balls. Even after seeing so many of us walk over to you, you didn’t run away.”

Su Lin hadn’t spoken when Ye Qingyun first spoke with a smug smile and then turned his head towards Peng Shenda behind me, “Boss, it’s him. He’s the Su Lin who ate leopard gall yesterday and dared to try and snatch boss’s woman. How about it, boss? Give us your word and we will immediately beat him till he remembers his grandmother. How dare he have designs on our boss’s woman!”

“With just you brat? You are called Su Lin, right? Have you not heard of my background before? Humph! What do you think you are? Do you think you are very handsome? Do you think you are very rich? You actually dare to snatch this lord’s woman with that pitiful look of yours?”

Putting the airs of a boss, Peng Shenda went forward and glared at Su Lin.

“I tried to snatch your woman? There must be a misunderstanding!”

Su Lin was a little confused. This Peng Shenda had a lot of flowers had plants in the school. The coquettish girls in the junior grades all were in his pants. However, Su Lin had never gone after a girl, nor had there been any scandal regarding him in all the three years. Yet this guy now walked over to him suddenly and said that he tried to snatch his woman, wasn’t that a bit too much for a joke?

Moreover, regarding a rascal like Peng Shenda, Su Lin was also too disinclined to get involved. He was from an ordinary family, so it was better not to provoke someone like this so long as he didn’t cause too much trouble.

“Yo! Are you going to deny what you did? Do you not even dare admit what you did?”

As if already expecting such a reply from Su Lin, Peng Shenda’s dog Ye Qingyun immediately barked, “It’s our sister-in-law, school flower Qin Yanran we are talking about. Su Lin, what did you mean with what you did yesterday? Not only did you block our sister-in-law, you even dared to confess to her in front of everyone? Isn’t that akin to smacking our boss in his face? You actually dare to have thoughts about our boss’s woman, do you not want to live in Jian’an anymore!”

“Eh? Qin Yanran? When did she become Peng Shenda’s woman?”

Su Lin chuckled as he thought about it in his heart. The fact that Peng Shenda pursued Qin Yanran was known to everyone in Jian’an, but it was also known that Qin Yanran didn’t pay any attention to him and had even warned Peng Shenda several times. Peng Shenda, however, thought otherwise. He had already regarded Qin Yanran as his own woman. Let alone confess to Qin Yanran, if someone even tried to get close to her, he will immediately be beaten up by Peng Shenda.

However, what made Su Lin feel strange was that Peng Shenda often dealt with girls using “hard” tactics. It was quite normal to hear something like that. Girls that rejected him, Peng Shenda would do anything to make them submit. Even if a girl calls her parents, it would still be useless. After all, who made Peng Shenda’s father be the director of Education Bureau in Jian’an?

However, before Qin Yanran, Peng Shenda could only put on a polite smile and didn’t dare use any force. Even when he was warned and scolded by Qin Yanran, he didn’t dare do anything.

“Qin Yanran is my woman. Since I said that, it means she is!”

As if his sore spot was pricked by Su Lin, the originally calm Peng Shenda immediately roared in anger, “Brothers, I think we owe a few punches to this brat. Beat him up and let him know who makes the rules here in Jian’an No.1.”

“Understood. This brat dared disregard our boss’s face like that, lets beat him up hard!”

“If I don’t smash this brat’s face into the ground, how will I have the face to stay with the boss?”


All of a sudden, the lackeys next to Peng Shenda rushed up to Su Lin.


The surrounding students who were rushing to the school were shocked when they saw a fight going on. Then when they saw the Little Overlord Peng Shenda and Su Lin both were there, they immediately understood what had happened. Peng Shenda must have heard about the matter of Su Lin confessing to Qin Yanran yesterday.

For a time, the scandal was again spread. Both Peng Shenda and Su Lin wanted Qin Yanran’s favor, so Peng Shenda took a few people to block Su Lin at the school gate in order to give him a hard lesson.

“Want to beat me? Is it that simple?”

Su Lin had already expected Peng Shenda to not let him go no matter what he said. So at the moment when the several bullies rushed at him, he said in his heart, “Time Stop!”

Tick! Tick!

Right after the time was paused, the number in the upper right corner of Su Lin’s vision started to decrease a with every passing second. That was the precious time that couldn’t be wasted, so Su Lin maliciously slammed on the legs of the three people who had been suspended.

“Time Restore!”

Right after the time restored, the three bullies were still rushing towards Su Lin with anger, looking quite pretentious. But the next moment, all three of them felt a sharp pain in their calves at the same time. The pain was like a violent cramp that made them unable to support their bodies. Screaming like pigs, the three immediately fell to the ground, seeming as if they were kneeling before Su Lin.

“My leg!”

“Ah! It hurts!”

“The pain is killing me…”

The three people were wailing in pain on the ground. Su Lin intentionally pretended to be feeling strange and squatted before them, “There is still a lot of time before the New Year! Are you three so anxious for the New Year that you decided to give your respect in advance? Let me say this in advance though, I won’t be giving you any red envelopes!”

“You three bastards, did you not eat anything in the morning? I asked you to go beat someone, yet you actually got cramps in your legs and lost all face! I have been raising you all in vain. Hurry and stand up and do what you have to do!”

Not only had his subordinates not harmed a single hair on Su Lin’s body, but they had also kneeled down before Su Lin, making him (Peng Shenda) lose all his face! When had Peng Shenda had never lost so much face before.

Seeing his lackeys stand up totteringly, Peng Shenda was fuming in rage. He took the lead and rushed towards Su Lin, reaching out his fist to punch him.

“You sure are arrogant! Let me give you a taste of these fierce punches of mine!”

“Peng Shenda, if you dared to harm Su Lin, you better be prepared to deal with me!”

Qin Yanran’s voice came from behind. Su Lin was pleasantly surprised as he looked towards the school gate and saw Qin Yanran actually rush over while panting.

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