Top Quality Beauty Cultivation System Chapter 15: Tasting A Kiss

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“Um… Unh…”

Such a sudden fall stunned Ye Xingzhu. Moreover, Su Lin weighed 120-130 pounds at 1 meter and 76 centimeters tall. With him pressing on top of her, a strong masculine breath rushed over to her. With her small cherry mouth blocked by Su Lin, she could only struggle weakly and say incoherent words.

“Su Lin, you… You… Quickly…”

Ye Xingzhu’s two hands curled before her chest, pushing against Su Lin, trying to shove him away. However, Su Lin seemed to be intentionally playing indifferent, not moving at all, keeping Ye Xingzhu pressed under himself. Both of his hands gradually climbed to Ye Xingzhu’s chest, grabbing and pinching the pair of softness and fullness. Ye Xingzhu had no strength left in her body, so all she could do was lay there, letting Su Lin do whatever he wanted to her.

It was already hard for her to push Su Lin a bit away and free her lips, but now that her body had turned into jelly, Su Lin unceremoniously pressed her back down again.

After licking his dry lips, Su Lin stared at Ye Xingzhu who was pressed under his body. Her tender red lips aroused his desire, the nurse hat that she was wearing had already fallen to the ground, scattering her hair around. As the cold wind blew and made a few of her hair gently brush on his face, Su Lin heart felt a slight itch. A faint scent reminded Su Lin of the ambiguous contact with Elder Sister Zhu in the bathroom yesterday, making the heat in his heart become even more difficult to control.

Tilting down, Su Lin once again leaned towards Ye Xingzhu’s thin and moist lips.


Icy and wet, that was how Elder Sister Zhu’s lips felt, that was how her kiss felt.

Unknowingly, Su Lin, who had just kissed for the first time, gently reached out his tongue, trying to pry open Elder Sister Zhu’s teeth.

Sucking on her lips, Su Lin felt as if he was very thirsty and the fire in his body was burning harder, having nowhere to vent.

Ye Xingzhu didn’t dare look straight at Su Lin’s gaze. She felt afraid to look at him. Su Lin’s eyes seemed to be burning with two flames at this moment, staring at her, making her not dare to move even a bit. But Ye Xingzhu still kept her teeth clenched even though Su Lin’s manly breath had gradually blurred her consciousness.

“Elder Sister Zhu…”

Seeing Ye Xingzhu gently close her eyes, Su Lin couldn’t help but untie a button in the middle of Ye Xingzhu’s upper nurse shirt, slowly letting his hand enter from the gap.


Having Su Lin’s hot and rough palm gripping her chest so tightly, Ye Xingzhu couldn’t help but let out a soft moan. But she immediately quieted down and tried to hold her breath.

“So soft… So big…”

Tightly gripping the softness in his hand, Su Lin couldn’t help but think of Teacher Lin’s size, unconsciously comparing the two.

“From the appearance, Elder Sister Zhu and Teacher Lin are almost similar in size. Teacher Lin is also 2-3 years older than Elder Sister Zhu. I wonder if I grasp them, would Teacher Lin’s softness be bigger than Elder Sister Zhu…”

When Su Lin’s mind was indulging in flights of fancy, he heard the sounds of footsteps. Only now did Su Lin realize that they were still in the yard. Although it was around 4 o’clock in the evening and most of the people hadn’t gotten off work, it was still a yard, after all, there were other houses in the vicinity as well. So long as they were seen by anyone at this time, people in the entire community will know what happened.

“Not good, someone is coming here, we need to hurry up.”

Panicking in his heart, Su Lin immediately pressed one of his hand on the ground, completely forgetting that his other hand was still inside Elder Sister Zhu’s chest. Being pressed with such force, Ye Xingzhu couldn’t help but shout in pain.

“Ah? Elder Sister Zhu, I am sorry!”

The footsteps were getting closer and closer. Su Lin quickly stood up and then hugged Ye Xingzhu. Ye Xingzhu body was still soft and weak, so she could only lean against Su Lin’s body. Both her hands were weakly hooked around Su Lin’s neck. She looked up at Su Lin with bitterness and resentment. No matter how thick Su Lin’s skin was, he didn’t dare look straight at her.

The sound of footsteps was very near now, stopping in the yard at this time. Su Lin turned his head and saw that it was his own mother Liu Aizhen.


Su Lin slowly breathed a sigh of relief. If they had been seen by his mother, he would have been beaten into a pig.

Ye Xingzhu also turned her head and saw Mother Su coming over. Suddenly, Ye Xingzhu’s face was covered with a blush. Just moments ago, her entire conscious was blurred, so she didn’t know if Mother Su saw what happened or not. In her panic, she didn’t forget that it was all Su Lin’s fault, so she maliciously pinched Su Lin’s waist and said wickedly, “Little Lin, you smelly rogue, just wait and watch how Elder Sister Zhu deals with you…”


Su Lin could only bear the pain, but he immediately reached out his Grasping Milk Dragon Claw for revenge. Alas, Ye Xingzhu had already jumped back and avoided him, running back inside the house.

“Little brat, can’t you come back home peacefully? You haven’t even returned home, yet here you are to cause trouble at your Elder Sister Zhu’s house!”

From a distance, Mother Su had already seen Su Lin’s bag on his back. She could see that he had caused some trouble for Ye Xingzhu, so she immediately shouted at him and went forward. Clutching Su Lin’s ear, she scolded him, “How did today’s exam go? You didn’t test well in last time’s mock exam. If you don’t test well this time either, then this old lady thinks that there won’t be a need for you to take the College Entrance Examination!”

The words Mother Su said were naturally said in anger, but it was because Su Lin had been making her worried all the time. What kind of parents wouldn’t hope for their son to grow up to be successful, but after seeing Su Lin’s performance continuously, Mother Su no longer had any high hopes.

“Mom, it hurts… Let me go…”

After breaking away from his mother’s hand, Su Lin patted his chest confidently and said, “You can rest assured this time. Let alone second rate Universities, even if it’s a major University, I will be able to achieve the required score.”

“What? Major University? Little brat, what kind of delusions are you having, daring to brag before this old lady? From your Jian’an No.1, only a hundred people get to enter a top University every year, can you get into the top 100?”

Mother Su would never believe such unrealistic words, so she again smacked Su Lin.

“Mom, you don’t believe in your own son? What if I scored in the top 50 of the grade?”

Su Lin smiled, letting his mother see his self-confident appearance.

“Hurry back to your room to study, this old lady must prepare food. If you can score into the top 50 of the grade, this old lady will no longer interfere in your matters, you can do whatever you like… Go back faster… Hurry up and get back to your room…”

Mother Su was impatient and urged Su Lin to return to his room. Su Lin snorted and said, “Mom, this is what you said! If I can score into the top 50 of the grade, you won’t interfere in the matter of my studies later.”

“Oh, got it, got it… Little brat, the result will soon come out and so will your boasting!”

Hearing his mother’s answer, Su Lin smiled smugly and turned to look back at Ye Xingzhu’s house door. Elder Sister Zhu was looking at him with a grin from the door, so he smiled badly and extended his two hands, making the Grasping Milk Dragon Claw towards Elder Sister Zhu, causing Ye Xingzhu to point a finger at Su Lin with anger in her eyes, “Little Lin, you young rogue!”

“Hehe, I have become a young rogue from a stinky rogue… It’s progress, it’s progress. Elder Sister Zhu, when are you going to change it to rogue little brother…”

Finishing his words, Su Lin completely ignored Ye Xingzhu angry and ashamed expression and ran back to his house.

“I never expected that the feeling of kissing Elder Sister Zhu would be so good, it was like an electric shock. Hais… If mother didn’t kill the mood, I really wanted to kiss her for a little longer.”

After dinner at night, Su Lin was sitting inside his room with the English textbook spread open before him, but how could he have the mood to study at this time! Ah! Touching his lips, Su Lin couldn’t help but remember the feeling of having Elder Sister Zhu pressed under him, not having any ability to retaliate. That cherry mouth of hers, those big mounds of softness, they gave one enough food for thought.

Regarding this next-door nurse elder sister Ye Xingzhu, Su Lin felt that he was very blessed in love over the last few days. He had seen all there was to see, touched and kneading her chest, even kissed her. But from the encounters, he could tell that Elder Sister Zhu wasn’t very repugnant of his behavior.

“From childhood to now, I have grown up playing with Elder Sister Zhu. I would have never thought that the boisterous and frivolous elder sister would unexpectedly turn out to grow into such an attractive beauty!”

In the past, Su Lin had been very ignorant of the things between men and women, so he treated Elder Sister Zhu, who was a few years older than him, purely as a sister and a playmate. He had never had any thoughts like that.

But it was different now, Su Lin felt that so long as Ye Xingzhu was within his line of sight, it was very difficult for him to remove his gaze from her body.

“Ah! I wonder if Elder Sister Zhu will come to me to do accounts for my frivolous acts?”

In the years when Ye Xingzhu wasn’t yet a nurse and worked in the hospital, which child in the community hadn’t been beaten into a pighead by her? Naturally, Su Lin had not been an exception either. Although Elder Sister Zhu had been very protective of him in childhood, whenever Su Lin did something mischievous, he was only met with Elder Sister Zhu’s malicious punches.

He didn’t understand why, but the picture of him and Elder Sister Zhu growing up suddenly emerged inside Su Lin’s mind. When he was very young, he would always be following after Elder Sister Zhu. Whenever someone bullied him, Elder Sister Zhu would rush over with a broom to avenge him. Whenever he did something bad, he wouldn’t dare go home; in the end, it was Elder Sister Zhu who took the blame for him…

There were so many things. Although they were inconsequential when talking about them individually, they were just like the sand under the moonlight near water. Though not worth mentioning, they could make anyone’s heart feel soft. When the delicate river sand comes in contact with a person, it will make them laugh unconsciously.

When he fell into the memories of his youth, the passage of time felt as if it had stopped at that time. Su Lin remembered how he had been dependent on Elder Sister Zhu and how Elder Sister Zhu protected him as if it was their instinct to rely on each other. With the feelings from the past and the ones from now, a wonderful reaction happened. The feeling was so strange and unspeakable, but Su Lin was sure that it wasn’t something bad when he realized that he was chuckling to himself happily, and that made him feel very inexplicable.

Looking at the window in front of him, the orange light of the street lamp glowed. Su Lin felt a little fuzzy, seeming to see Elder Sister Zhu standing under the lamp, waving to him and whispering his name.

“Why do you look down on our family’s Little Lin? Why can’t our Little Lin not score in the top 50? Tang Zhongwang, it seems that your bones are itching since this elder sister hasn’t beaten you up in the past two years?”

“Ye… Ye Xingzhu, I am just telling facts. With Su Lin’s trash result, he still wants to score in the top 50 of the grade. Even I can’t do that, can he do that? Do you think everything is the same as back in the day and you can protect him? I am not afraid of you now, do you think you can beat me as you like? And what is with this [Our family’s Little Lin], I had never thought that you are still that Su Lin’s child bride?”

There were noisy sounds coming from the yard and Su Lin could hear a quarrel. It was Elder Sister Zhu and Tang Zhongwang. He immediately rushed out and saw what was happening. Sure enough, in the yard, Elder Sister Zhu was ablaze with anger as she quarreled with Tang Zhongwang, appearing as if she wasn’t going to rest until she won.

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