Top Quality Beauty Cultivation System Chapter 14: Together Since Childhood

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Running away from the office, Su Lin didn’t dare imagine Lin Qingxue’s response. Before, Su Lin had always been very afraid of Lin Qingxue, but now he no longer had to worry about his result, so he was naturally more relaxed when facing Lin Qingxue. Moreover, the College Entrance Examination was going to be soon, so if he wasn’t going to be wild now, then what use was being a youth?

“It seems that Teacher Lin hadn’t had a boyfriend till now. Over the last three years, she has always been dressing like this, intentionally appearing to be deep and mature. It is no wonder she can’t find a boyfriend. But then again, Teacher Lin’s body is so attractive, especially that pair of proud fullness, hehe… It’s not something those little girls in our class can compare to…”

Su Lin’s heart wasn’t hopeless anymore, and even the class in charge Teacher Lin had shown some care towards him.

“Oh? The time has risen by five seconds, it is 67 seconds now. Is it a reward for touching Teacher Lin’s chest just now? Ha… It really is cost-effective.”

The only thing Su Lin could now rely on was his ability to pause time; the more time he had, the better it was for him.

He hurriedly ate lunch in the cafeteria. The examination subject in the afternoon was Chinese. It could be said that it was Su Lin’s only strength and the only subject he was good at. Since young, Su Lin’s handwriting had always been quite good. He had also won many prizes in the long and short essay competitions. In addition, all he did was read some novels and ancient books in his free time, so Su Lin’s skills at classical writing were quite good.

Therefore, Su Lin didn’t even need to depend on his ability to cheat for that exam as he could easily score more than 110 points.

The exam went very smooth and there was no need for Su Lin to suspend time to cheat. The only thing that was puzzling was that Su Lin obviously felt the stares of the examinees from time to time. Especially the boys who had a strange expression in their eyes.

Obviously, it was because of the matter between Su Lin and Qin Yanran from before.

Not only that, but Qin Yanran also looked at Su Lin completely differently from before. There were doubt and curiosity in her eyes. Moreover, since Su Lin was still full of self-confidence, this made Qin Yanran feel somewhat uneasy.

If, for some unknown reason, Su Lin really scored into the top 50 of the grade, what was she going to do?

However, Su Lin didn’t pay attention to the vision of these people. What’s more, no matter how he tried to explain everything right now, it will have no effect. Once the results were out, everyone will naturally know the truth.

Arriving at the door of his house, Su Lin looked at Elder Sister Zhu house with some guilt. The door was open, indicating that there was someone in the house. Was it Elder Sister Zhu or Aunt Liang?

In the past, Su Lin would directly go to Ye Xingzhu’s house right after coming back from school. Even if the door was closed, it was his habit to directly open it and go inside. It was a habit that was cultivated over years, making him enter Ye Xingzhu’s home as if he was going inside his own home. However, after the matter from yesterday, Su Lin felt embarrassed to go inside now.

“The gate of Elder Sister Zhu’s house is open today, so she wouldn’t be taking a bath, right?”

Without making any sound, Su Lin walked towards the entrance of Ye Xingzhu’s house. He never expected that the moment he arrived, he would hear Elder Sister Zhu and her mother Liang Guizhu quarreling.

“Mother, I am telling you again, I will not go on any blind date. What age is this, yet you want me to go on a blind date? I just got off work and this is the first thing I get to hear, I am so disappointed!”

Ye Xingzhu’s voice was a little impatient. This kind of matter had become commonplace in the Ye Family, and Liang Guizhu had always been worrying about her daughter’s lifelong happiness.

“You dead little girl, what do you mean you won’t go on a blind date? Haven’t you seen TV, those two celebrities, didn’t they meet over a blind date as well? Even TV’s treat blind dates as something fashionable! Why do you think that they are outdated? Moreover, mother had asked someone to inquire the matter this time. The guy is from the Fang Family and they have an electronic instrument plant in the Western city. They have cars, their own villa… Young women line up on their gate to get accepted, yet here you are. How can you not want what thousands can’t even get?”

Liang Guizhu was restraining her own temper, trying to make her daughter understand. But this daughter of her’s was as stubborn as a mule. Ye Xingzhu could finally not bear it and yelled, “What does it have to do with me even if the condition of his family was better? Who wants to go on a blind date, I will certainly not go! I just got off work and am starving to death. Mom, hurry up and cook something.”

“Sigh… you stupid girl, you are already so old yet you don’t care about your future?”

Liang Guizhu could only sigh for having such expectations. She couldn’t understand just why would unmarried women nowadays hate going on blind dates so much? She had already asked someone to arrange dates several times and even given her word. Could it be that her daughter had already found someone she wanted to marry?

Thinking till here, Liang Guizhu immediately gave up on the idea. She was very familiar with Ye Xingzhu’s friend circle, if her daughter had a lover, she would have known already.

“Is it Director of the hospital, Qin? Or is it Dr. Liu from ENT? Is it that driver Little Hu, or that courier guy Little Zhang? No, that’s not right… Although our family isn’t big or wealthy, she would certainly not like those guys. Who could it be then? Just who is it?”

While thinking about it in her head, Liang Guizhu suddenly recalled yesteday’s incident and was shocked, “Is it Little Lin from the Su Family next door?”

The moment this thought came to her mind, Liang Guizhu couldn’t get rid of it. The more she thought, the more she felt it was possible. Su Lin was no longer a little boy, he was already 18 years old. Moreover, the two of them had grown up together, and there was also yesterday’s matter that was so suspicious.

“Not good, there is certainly something going on between these two. I must talk to Zhu’er, after all, Little Lin is still young and ignorant, he wouldn’t understand all these things!”

Thinking till here, Liang Guizhu turned around and looked at her daughter Ye Xingzhu, asking, “Dead brat, tell me the truth, you wouldn’t have gone ahead and seduced Little Lin from the Su Family next door, right?”


Ye Xingzhu had still been quite arrogant before her mother, but the moment her mother asked this, her entire body shook. Her heart panicked but she immediately calmed it down and said, “Mom, how can you say something so vulgar? What do you mean I seduced him? Little Lin and I have been as close as biological siblings since young, how could something like that happen?”

“Biological siblings? Humph… Don’t think that mother doesn’t know what happened yesterday! Yesterday, there was certainly someone else in the bath with you!”

Actually, Liang Guizhu was merely relying on Su Lin’s bag from yesterday, she couldn’t determine if Su Lin was really in the bathroom with Ye Xingzhu. However, right after she said those words, Ye Xingzhu immediately showed a flustered expression, “Mom, don’t talk nonsense. I… How can I take a bath with Little Lin, you… you are talking complete nonsense.”

Seeing the flustered expression on her daughter’s face, the veteran, Liang Guizhu already had the answer in her heart. She no longer continued to question her but only said to Ye Xingzhu, “You know it better in your heart.”

Saying this, Liang Guizhu went to prepare food, leaving behind Ye Xingzhu with her mind blown by her words.

However, there was another person who had been frightened by Liang Guizhu’s words. That was Su Lin, the one who had been hiding behind the door listening to their words. The moment he heard Mother Ye Liang Guizhu say “Yesterday, there was certainly someone else in the bath with you!” he almost ran away.

Ye Xingzhu’s answer, in Su Lin’s mind, was like confessing to the crime without knowing it. Mother Ye didn’t say that it was Su Lin. Instead, it was Ye Xingzhu who exposed herself when defending herself, after all, if there was nothing then why get flustered like that?

“Ah, my Elder Sister Zhu! Your actions might have been thoroughly misunderstood by Aunt Liang!”

Su Lin was now worrying how he was going to make Liang Guizhu dispel this misunderstanding. Otherwise, when their families met and she told about the matter to his mother, her mother might beat him into a dead ghost.

“Ah, Su Lin, you stinky brat…”

Ye Xingzhu pursed her lips and muttered to herself in the room. Her small hands were still gripped into tight fists and she was still wearing her nurse uniform since she hadn’t had the time to change it after returning home. Walking back and forth, she suddenly arrived before the entrance.

“Not good, I must hurry up and hide. Otherwise, if Elder Sister Zhu saw me, it won’t be good.”

Su Lin was just about to run away, but it was already too late as he had been seen by Ye Xingzhu’s sharp eyes, who shouted at him, “Su Lin, you stupid brat. Why are you hiding outside the door for, sneaking about?”

After having been taken advantage of by him, together with the old and new grievances, Ye Xingzhu immediately grabbed onto Su Lin’s ear with full force as her chest heaved up and down with anger.

“Ah… It hurts… Elder Sister Zhu, let me go quickly, let me go please…”

Su Lin hurriedly begged for mercy on the front but was actually looking at Ye Xingzhu’s proudly erect chest wrapped by that white nurse uniform. Swallowing his saliva, he extended his salty pig trotters towards them, and said playfully, “Elder Sister Zhu, if you don’t let me go, I am afraid I will have to use my Grasping Milk Dragon Claw on you…”

Sure enough, hearing such a threat, Ye Xingzhu hurriedly let him go and took two steps back with a shout. She was so angry, she stomped her foot on the ground and glared at Su Lin while gritting her teeth, “Su Lin, you smelly bastard!”

“Elder Sister Zhu, you shouldn’t be so unfair to me for no reason! I haven’t done anything, nor have I touched you. Actually, it is you who suddenly pounced on me, an underage young man in the spring of his life. If this news broke out to those paparazzi news reporters, they will definitely write a book about <>. That will become a bestseller…”

“You… You brat, who are you calling a perverted little nurse? Are your bones itching for repair? Elder Sister hasn’t fixed you for a long time and you are actually getting so big now?”

While saying those words, Elder Sister Zhu’s anger didn’t decrease. Waving her little fist, she rushed forward and smacked into Su Lin’s head. She was no longer afraid of Su Lin’s Milk Grasping Dragon Claw.


A crisp and loud sound was heard. Su Lin covered his head and ate the pain, “Abnormal little nurse, if your hit turned me stupid, I am going to blame you if I don’t do well in the College Entrance Examination.”

“Smelly brat, you still dare talk back…”

Ye Xingzhu pouted and squinted her eyes, going forward to deal with him again. But Su Lin was prepared this time and there was no way he was going to let her succeed this time, so he unceremoniously used his Grasping Milk Dragon Claw on Ye Xingzhu.

Su Lin suddenly reached forward, giving no time for Ye Xingzhu to hide away. But even if she had the time to move away, that pair of behemoths wouldn’t be able to move away in time. Immediately, she was caught by Su Lin, and what was even more abominable was that Su Lin, that stinky brat, actually grasped and pinched her chest rudely.

His pinch was quite fierce! Ye Xingzhu immediately felt her entire body become soft, losing all her strength. She had already lost her balance and her body fell forward. The only support she had was Su Lin’s hand that was grasping her. As she was falling, Ye Xingzhu gathered all her strength and grabbed onto Su Lin’s wrist.


Having his wrist grabbed so suddenly like that, Su Lin also lost his balance and inevitably fell to the ground with Ye Xingzhu. Bang! As Ye Xingzhu fell to the ground, Su Lin also fell on her body, especially Su Lin’s mouth that just happened to be touching Ye Xingzhu’s small cherry mouth and his hand that was fiercely grasping onto Ye Xingzhu’s chest all this time.

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