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133 — Tension-filled Dinner

“What? Your Big Sister Zhu and Aunt Liang have cared for you so much, so why don’t you want to invite them over for dinner?”

Mother Su pointed toward the table full of food in front of them and urged Su Lin to call over the Ye Family’s pair of mother and daughter.

Su Lin would have agreed with open arms if his mother had asked him to invite Big Sister Zhu and Aunt Liang over before, but now…now that Su Lin knew that Aunt Liang probably knew about the relationship between him and Big Sister Zhu, how could Su Lin, the criminal in the matter, dare to face Liang Guizhu?

“Mom, Aunt Liang underwent surgery not too long ago, so…let’s not disturb Aunt Liang and let her take a good rest, alright?”

Su Lin said while taking a peek at his mother’s expression.

“What’s there to be afraid of when we are just going to have a meal? Your Aunt Liang’s surgery was successful, after all. What’s more? It just so happens that many of the dishes I made today are good for the heart, and they can also nourish your Aunt Liang’s body! Little bastard, hurry up and stop dawdling around!”

With no way to convince his mother, Su Lin had no choice but to go out of his house and run to the Ye Family’s house next door.

He opened the door of the house with great familiarity since it never really existed in Su Lin’s eyes. Inside the house, Ye Xingzhu was currently cleaning up the living room, while Liang Guizhu was nowhere to be seen, so Su Lin estimated that she might be resting in her room.

“Little Lin? Is the College Entrance Examination over? It’s good to see that you have a conscience and remember to come to see your Big Sister as soon as the College Entrance Examination is over.”

Ye Xingzhu looked up and saw Su Lin while she was cleaning, and congratulated Su Lin with great joy, “The College Entrance Examination is over! Now, you stinky brat can…”

“Wait! Big Sister Zhu, my mother cooked a table full of food and asked me to call you and Aunt Liang for dinner.”

Su Lin felt somewhat guilty when he watched Ye Xingzhu with her hair tied up in a bun. He felt that after everything they did, Ye Xingzhu looked more mature and plump! This made him wonder if women change so much when they go from girls to women? Or was he psychologically affected?

“Oh! That must be our Little Lin’s celebration feast, no?”

Ye Xingzhu stood up with a smile.

Currently, Ye Xingzhu was wearing loose clothes since she was at home, so when Su Lin looked carefully, he found that his Big Sister Zhu wasn’t wearing a bra. He could see the two cute, little red cherries protruding through her loose clothes! And when his Big Sister Zhu lowered her head, he could see a deep, milky ravine.

The scenery in front of him tickled Su Lin’s heart.

Su Lin, who had tasted the forbidden fruit not too long ago, couldn’t help but stare at Ye Xingzhu with the fire of desire burning inside his body. He couldn’t bear the itch and would have probably pushed Ye Xingzhu on the sofa in the living room for another session of ‘piak-piak’ if he didn’t have to go back for dinner.

“That’s right! The results of the College Entrance Examination will come out in a few days, though. By the way, what about Aunt Liang? Big Sister Zhu, do you think…will Aunt Liang tell my mother something when she goes to dinner?”

Su Lin was worried.

He was afraid that he wouldn’t have a place to hide if Mother Ye took the initiative to bring up the matter between him and his Big Sister Zhu at the dinner table.

“Don’t worry, you little slicker![1] If my mother wanted to do that, wouldn’t she have gone to your mother already?”

[1: a person who is smooth and persuasive, but untrustworthy.]

Ye Xingzhu stepped forward and patted Su Lin’s head, and then said with a smile, “You back to eat first. I will go change my clothes and head over with my mother.”


Su Lin happily went back while admiring his masterpiece as he watched his Big Sister Zhu walk away with somewhat awkward steps.

Sure enough, before long, Ye Xingzhu changed into the long, white dress from yesterday — as if she was attending a formal dinner — and sat at the Su Family’s dining table with her mother.

“Aunt Liang, come…you sit by my side! I am leaning against the wall, so you can lean on it…”

As soon as Mother Ye came over, Su Lin helped her to sit next to the wall with extra diligence.

Men! They were just like that. Once guilt clawed at their hearts and they felt like they had done something bad, they would feel restless…just like Su Lin was right now. Although Mother Ye showed no change from her usual self, Su Lin still didn’t dare to look her in the eyes.

“Little Lin, you are really good to me! But know that I am in good health now; I recovered well in the hospital, and now I have no problems with normal movements. As long as I don’t exercise too intensely, I will be fine, so don’t treat me as a sick person.”

Liang Guizhu had always been a strong woman. After all, it wasn’t easy for a widow to raise a child all by herself, so everyone on the street knew about Liang Guizhu and her perseverance.

“Guizhu, how are you feeling now? Do you feel any discomfort? Aye…you are such a hard-working woman, yet your man passed away early, and now you are sick, too…”

Mother Su said with a sigh. Although she was a shrew during normal times, it was well-known that she had a good heart. No matter who in their neighborhood encountered trouble, Liu Aizhen would try to help them if she could. Why else would so many of their neighbors try their best to find them jobs when the couple was unemployed?

“Sister Aizhen, don’t worry! Fortunately, a noble person helped our family and paid 200,000 for my surgery, or else! I am afraid my life would have come to an end already…”

Liang Guizhu smiled with narrowed eyes, and when she mentioned the ‘noble person,’ her eyes inadvertently, or not, fell on Su Lin.

“Great! That’s great! It seems that God still cares about you mother and daughter! It’s fine now that everything is alright; you must make sure to live a good life.”

Mother Su said with a smile.

It was only natural for her to feel happy over the fact that the Ye Family was able to pass the calamity and received help from a noble person. What she didn’t know was that the noble person in Liang Guizhu’s mouth was none other than her son, Su Lin.

Su Lin’s heart hung above needles when he saw Liang Guizhu acting like that, and feared that she might tell everything to his mother, so he looked toward Ye Xingzhu in a hurry to make her think of something.

Ye Xingzhu, on the other hand, pretended to not see his gesture and tasted one dish after another in front of her, and said to her mother with a sweet smile, “Aunt Liu, your cooking skills have gotten better! Unh…this braised lion head is delicious! And these sweet and sour pork ribs…they are so crispy…”

“Ye Xingzhu, you are still the one who knows best about cuisine. The little bastard in our family has all the happiness in the world but can’t recognize it, and just picks food at random and chomps down on it without any appreciation! He has no idea how children in other families don’t have the fortune to taste such delicious food! Do you hear that, little brat?! Look at your Big Sister Zhu, she said that the food I made is delicious and that my craftsmanship has improved! If you say again that you don’t like this or that, I will give you a taste of my fist…”

Mother Su glared at Su Lin while praising Ye Xingzhu.

She decided to no longer bother talking about her son, and said, “Xingzhu, you are in the prime of your life! If you delay it longer, it won’t be easy for you to find a good husband and start a family in the future.”

The more Liu Aizhen looked at Ye Xingzhu, the more she liked her. In fact, Liu Aizhen liked girls (she was a lesbian) more. In her opinion, girls were cuter and more beautiful. How could Su Lin, the little bastard of her family who only knew how to cause trouble, be compared to her? Su Lin was around four years younger than Ye Xingzhu, but because Liu Aizhen was married at a later age, she was a year or two older than Liang Guizhu.

Su Lin was the first and only child Liu Aizhen gave birth to, and if it wasn’t for the National Family Planning Policy, she would have loved to try for a daughter.

“That’s not easy! What’s more? Our Xingzhu spends most of her time at home or the hospital — and even has many night shifts — so she can’t find the time to meet any suitable young men. I can’t tell you how many times I have urged her, as well, but… Ah! There’s just no suitable prospect!”

With that said, Liang Guizhu deliberately changed the topic to Su Lin, and half-jokingly and half-seriously said to Mother Su, “Wait, I have an idea! Your Little Lin is quite good now! He knows common sense, and he’s gotten good at studies as well…soon, he will also apply to a major University, and after graduation, he will also find a good job— Look at our families, Xingzhu and Little Lin also grew up together! Sister Aizhen, how about we set up an engagement between the two…”

Su Lin almost spat out the food in his mouth when he heard Mother Ye’s words, and wondered just what the heck was going through his Aunt Liang’s mind?

Why had eating turned into such a tedious and frightening matter?

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