Top Quality Beauty Cultivation System Chapter 132

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132 — Call Your Aunt Liang Over

How likely was it for a person to meet a star while walking down the road?

What were the odds of meeting a popular celeb while walking down the road?

The odds couldn’t be better than the odds of winning the lottery!

As for Su Lin stopping a car at random and meeting Yun Yiyi, a popular singer? The odds were even lower than that.

What’s more? Yun Yiyi, a massive artist, even sang for him inside the car.

“Li’l Lin, did you hear that?! Senior Sister Yun Yiyi is coming to our school to hold a concert tomorrow!”

Su Lin looked at Li Hao, his excited best friend sitting next to him.

Right now, Li Hao’s face was full of smiles and his flesh jiggled and smacked itself as he trembled in excitement.

“Yun Yiyi…is she— is she that famous?”

Su Lin was confused because even Li Hao knew about Yun Yiyi.

At the same time, he reprimanded himself for not paying any attention to the entertainment industry, the famous singers, and the stars. He couldn’t even name a few veterans, let alone Yun Yiyi, who had gained her fame in recent times.

“Of course! Li’l Lin, don’t you remember…that time in school when…That song, ‘Beautiful Zicheng,’ the teacher made you sing in front of everyone when you were talking too much was written and sung by Senior Sister Yun Yiyi. Moreover, Senior Sister Yun will hold a total of 32 concerts all over the country this year! Not only does Senior Sister Yun sing well, but she’s also gorgeous and exploded in popularity in a short period…”

Su Lin never knew that Li Hao was such a chatterbox as he kept talking without an end in sight when it came to Yun Yiyi.

“I don’t she’s that pretty— She’s got a good figure, though.”

Listening to Li Hao’s words made Su Lin recall that back in the car, Yun Yiyi was wearing a mask that covered half of her face, and massive sunglasses that covered the rest, so he didn’t know what she looked like!

Yun Yiyi’s figure, however, impressed him and Su Lin even regretted not pausing time to lift her sunglasses to have a look at her visage.

“Li’l Lin, what are you snorting?! How could you say Senior Sister Yun isn’t pretty? Do you know how many fans she has all over the country? Ahhh! Why didn’t I seize the opportunity to pursue her back when I was still a freshman?! LKAFNKNF!!! Back then, she wasn’t famous yet, so maybe, she would have no trouble liking a fatty like me…Alas! It’s not easy to see Senior Sister Yun now…”

Li Hao gave Su Lin a bear hug with a face full of regret, and then said to him with a wink, “Li’l Lin, Senior Sister Yun is now a Junior at Qingbei University! If we can somehow get admitted to a University in Beijing, won’t we be able to take advantage of our status as her juniors and get close to her?”

“Dream on! Li’l Hao, Senior Sister Yun is a superstar now, so how can she put us poor brats in her eyes?”

Although that’s what Su Lin said, in his heart, he recalled the fact that when he met Yun Yiyi that day, she didn’t treat him as someone beneath her. She even sang a song for him when she heard that he was her junior from Jian’an First High!

‘How come this Senior Sister Yun Yiyi has no bearings of a superstar?’

In Su Lin’s opinion, famous singers and actors were people who lived in a completely different world from them, and ordinary people like them couldn’t have any interaction with them. For them, they only appeared in movies and music videos, so how could they have the opportunity to encounter them?

Just yesterday morning, however, Su Lin ran into a living, breathing superstar.

‘But…why do I feel that this Senior Sister doesn’t have a good impression of me? I am pretty sure she was enraged at me for some reason, no? Didn’t I just brag to her that I could sing her song better than her? Was there a reason to take that to heart?’

Su Lin giggled as those thoughts crossed his mind. He never thought he would act like a thug and claim to sing a song better than its creator, right in front of the creator.

“Li’l Lin, why are you smirking? Are you tempted by my plan?”

“Fool…it’s a crazy idea, and it will be weird if it worked!” [Su Lin]

Li Hao rolled his eyes while Su Lin shook his head.

Still, he didn’t take Yun Yiyi to heart. After all, they were people from two different worlds, one was a big star while the other was an ordinary high-school student, so what could they have in common?

Soon, the announcement finished and the excited audience chattered amongst themselves while the sun started to set on the horizon. Some discussed random matters with each other, others made apologies to people, while some confessed to their crushes.

It was a lively scene.

Su Lin, on the other hand, wanted to find Qin Yanran in the crowd, but from the start to finish, he didn’t catch even her shadow, so he had to walk to the school gate in disappointment.

‘Did Yanran go home right after taking the exam? I wonder if she will come to the farewell banquet tomorrow and watch Senior Sister Yun Yiyi’s concert?’

At the door, Su Lin found his parents waiting for him.

“Dad! Mom!”

“Little Bastard! Why didn’t you come out as soon as you finished the exam? What were you dawdling in there for?”

For some reason, Su Lin felt that his parents appeared kinder and more lovable than usual when he saw them now. Even the ‘little bastard’ from his mother’s mouth sounded pleasant to his ears.

“Are you done with the exams?”

Su Guorong, Su Lin’s father, looked at Su Lin with a slight smile and asked in a soft tone.

“That’s right, Dad! I am done with the exams, and I did well!”

Right now, Su Lin felt like a general who had victoriously returned from a battlefield — his heart inflated with pride as he faced his parents.

“That’s good! Let’s go home and have a drink!”

Just those sentences from Father Su were enough to warm Su Lin’s heart. In the past, Father Su had never allowed him to drink, let alone drink with him, yet today, Su Guorong said those words!

It showed that he, too, was proud of his son.


Su Lin nodded like a chick pecking on rice.

After that, the family of three walked towards their house while talking and laughing under the setting sun without taking a taxi.

The Su Family’s dining table was ablaze with piping hot meals and delicious appetizers. Su Guorong even took out his well-aged bottle of wine that he treasured, and carefully filled a ceramic wine glass for himself before pouring one for his son.

“Aizhen, do you want to have a drink, too?”

Su Guorong happily held the bottle, but his wife, Liu Aizhen, didn’t appreciate his gesture at all and glared at him while saying, “I am not going to drink your shitty wine! This lady doesn’t like that crap! This lady only drinks orange juice!”

“How could you call it shitty wine?! Aizhen, this is a well-aged wine with a strong taste…it’s fragrant and sweet! Didn’t you see my supervisor from the company try to please me for it every time he came over? This bottle of wine…I can’t drink it all today! I will keep half the bottle and down it when Little Lin gets married…”

Su Guorong said with a red face.

It was the first time Su Lin saw his father take out this bottle from his collection in the wine cellar. He lowered his head and took a sip of the wine and realized that it indeed held a strong aroma, and estimated that it wasn’t ordinary.

Su Lin raised his glass of wine and said to his parents, “Dad! Mom! Thank you for your kindness in raising me over the years! Today, I have finished the College Entrance Examination, and will soon head to University and also find work! I will study hard and make money, and make sure to give you a better and happier life in the future!”

“Little Lin, you will be fine as long as you are sensible and study hard. We can still afford your University tuition and living expenses. We have hands and feet, so we don’t need you to earn for us, nor do we expect you to be more filial in the future. It will be enough for us if you can bring home our daughter-in-law and grandchildren to accompany our old bones when you are older.”

Parents never put effort into their children with the expectations of getting paid back for it. They would always feel that they couldn’t do enough for their children. Did they not work hard all just to give their children a better environment for their development?

“Your mother is correct, Little Lin! Dad doesn’t expect you to make massive amounts of money in the future. As long as you have a clear conscience as a human being, and don’t do anything illegal, it will be good enough for us. Living in this world, in this socialist country, we must make our contribution to society, too. We have to be the pillars of the society and the country, and not assholes, alright?”

Su Guorong picked up his wine glass and took a light sip. After that, he closed his eyes and let the aroma of the wine spread in his mouth. Once that was done, he exuded it with his breath and felt that it tasted wonderful.

Su Lin, too, took a sip and was immediately hit by the spicy-yet-refreshing taste of the wine. After the initial stimulation, the aroma of well-aged wine rushed out of his nose.

“Good wine!”

Su Lin didn’t drink much before because his parents wouldn’t let him — it was rare for him to drink beer, let alone liquor — his father, however, was a well-known alcoholic. Although he would only have a drink on weekends when he wasn’t out driving now, that didn’t mean his alcoholic genes wouldn’t get transferred to his progeny.

As soon as Su Lin took a sip of the wine, he fell in love with its taste, grunted, and swallowed the small glass of wine in his hand in a single gulp.

“This wine is delicious! Dad, give me another glass…”

Su Lin held the empty glass in front of him and begged his father for another drink with a smile.

“Shoo! Shoo! Shoo! What nonsensical way of drinking wine was that? You finished it in a single gulp! Do you know how precious this wine is? It was passed down to me as a family heirloom back when your grandfather was still around, and this is all that’s left of it! Today’s a celebration, but one person can only get one glass, yet you still want more?”

Su Guorong ignored Su Lin’s covetous eyes and closed the bottle and put it beside him with great care while reminding himself to hide the wine, or else, one day, his little bastard might chug it down when he wouldn’t be at home.

“What’s with you wanting to drink wine?! Little Lin, let’s drink orange juice…”

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Mother Su filled Su Lin’s glass with orange juice in a hurry, and then looked at the table full of food in front of her and said to Su Lin, “Little Lin, go to Ye Family’s house and call your Big Sister Zhu and your Aunt Liang! I think neither of them has eaten yet, so let’s get the place lively by calling them over…”

“Ah?! Call Big Sister Zhu and Aunt Liang over?”

Su Lin felt somewhat nervous when he heard his mother’s words, and felt his head ache. Right now, the person he was most afraid of seeing was Liang Guizhu, Ye Xingzhu’s mother.

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