Top Quality Beauty Cultivation System Chapter 131

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131 — That Little Girl’s a Star

Countless paper planes flew in the air; everything was like a dream and the students felt as if they grew wings. Even if they would fall to the ground eventually, it wouldn’t be before they soared one more time towards the clear, blue sky.

Everyone gave out hearty cheers as the moment they waited for was finally here. They were moved to tears and cried bitterly, but they weren’t worried about losing face. The planes and shreds of paper flying in the sky brought back countless fragments of memories in their minds, and they shouted with hoarse voices to express their current emotions.

“Li’l Lin, look at how new our textbooks are! If we fold these into paper planes, they will fly farther than the others.”

Li Hao proudly showed Su Lin his folded paper plane. His textbook was almost the same as new since he barely flipped through it, unlike others. Their paper was full of notes and wasn’t crisp enough, so their folded planes couldn’t fly far. But Li Hao’s book was as clean as a new one, so the paper plane he made could fly very far even with little wind.

“Haha… Li’l Hao, let’s see whose plane flies farther…”

Su Lin was also very playful and folded several paper planes in one breath, and then threw them hard from the top of the school building. Other people’s paper planes could only fly to the flower beds belows, but Su Lin’s paper plane whizzed and swayed and finally landed in the teacher’s office of the opposite building. Just when it reached the building, Principal Li Jianxing opened the door and came out, so the paper plane smashed firmly on his bare forehead.

“Wow! Who threw that paper plane? Old Dog Li was smashed…haha…”

“Wow! It’s so fucking hilarious! I’ve never found Old Dog Li pleasing to the eye…”

“Everyone! A paper plane smashed over and killed the Old Dog Li!”

“Good…smash him! Shoot him…”


Su Lin did not expect that an unintentional act of his would cause such a big reaction. Like a fuse, Su Lin’s paper plane hitting Li Jianxing detonated the students’ usual dissatisfaction with Li Jianxing, the Principal.

Without fail, almost all the students smashed the paper planes in their hands towards Li Jianxing. Some even saved the effort of creating a paper plane and just crumpled the pages of their books into a ball, prepared, aimed, and smashed hard at Li Jianxing’s somewhat bald head.

“What are you doing?! What are you doing?! You little bastards upstairs! Are you rebelling?”

Li Jianxing heard the noise outside and just came out of the office to check when a paper plane hit him; he was about to yell in rage, yet he found even more paper planes and paper balls rushing towards him.

[Bang! Bang! Bang!]

Although the paper planes and the paper balls were very light and didn’t hurt much, too many were still unbearable. With so many paper balls and paper planes smashing towards Li Jianxing together, they almost buried him alive.

“Rebels! I’m going to punish you! I’ll punish you!”

Li Jianxing became furious and started dancing in anger. Alas! The students didn’t care about his threats anymore. They just felt that Li Jianxing’s somewhat bald head, angry face, and short stature really made him look like a clown.



Li Jianxing’s threat had no effect, no…in fact, there was an effect and it was even more paper planes and paper balls flying towards him.

Li Jianxing, who had protested ineffectively, had to flee back to his office in despair, attracting ridicule and boos from everyone.

“Haha, Li’l Lin, look at Old Dog Li, he’s really like a dog… I feel so relieved! Who asked him to make things difficult for us…”

Li Hao laughed so much that his stomach hurt, and he was almost unable to stand up…Su Lin was also happy. This Old Dog Li did not make little trouble for him, so this act of theirs must have shattered his majesty at school.

“All students of Jian’an First High, congratulations on the successful completion of the College Entrance Examination! Now, please rush to the assembly field and gather in accordance with your class’ number. Our Director has some important good news for you.”

Amid the cheers, the school’s radio rang up. Because some students from Jian’an First High were in other nearby high-school test centers, it took some time for them to come over, so the notification was released around half an hour after the Exam ended.

It just so happened that it was almost six o’clock at this time, and the scorching summer sun had already set in the west. On the horizon, the originally golden sun now emitted red light, the afterglow of the setting sun. Those under the shade of trees, those inside the school buildings, and those standing at the roof…all of them took in a deep breath, a breath of freedom!

“Li’l Lin, our Director is quite mysterious, no? What could the important news be? Could it be that he’s sending all of us to Qingbei University?”

Li Hao stood beside Su Lin with a lifeless look and speculated.

“Stop day-dreaming! Only one person from our school gets recommended to Qingbei’s independent admissions quota every year. One might not even be able to enter Qingbei even if the Director personally wrote a letter. Recommending everyone? Stop day-dreaming! I guess the Director is going to explain about the banquet tomorrow. There might be some other stuff as well…”

Su Lin stood in the crowd and searched around for a person, but he didn’t see Qin Yanran anywhere. Could it be that Qin Yanran finished the test early and then went back home right after?

‘I wonder if Yanran is still mad at me?’

Su Lin felt a little uneasy in his heart. He felt that Qin Yanran was truly angry this time, and so he had to think of a way out for himself.

“Be quiet! Be quiet…Students! You are the pride of Jian’an First High; after three years of hard work, you have finally achieved your goal. On behalf of Jian’anFirst High, I sincerely say to you students… You have worked hard!”

On the rostrum, the slightly fat Director Li Weimin said into the microphone with a smile on his face, and then bowed 90 degrees to the students in front of him.

“Principal, Teachers! You have also worked hard…”

The students cheered. Although almost no one liked being forced to study like that, it was, after all, for their own future. What’s more? They had made too many memories in this high school. And not all teachers were as unpopular as Li Jianxing. Most of the teachers in Jian’an First High were dedicated to their duties, and treated students like their own children, and cared about them academically and in life.

The friendship between teachers and students was a lifelong one.

‘A teacher for a day, a father for life.’

Teaching knowledge was a profound job. The rostrum was full of teachers from the third grade, and all of them burst into tears. Looking at the faces of the children who they had taught for three years, they felt like they were dreaming.

“Students! You are great! You are the pride of our Jian’an First High! The College Entrance Examination is over! You are about to leave your alma mater, Jian’an First High, but I want you to know that no matter where you go, it will always be your Jian’an First High. Our students are all outstanding talents who have gone out from our Jian’an First High, which has a century-old school history…”

For the first time ever, Director Li gave such an informal and impassioned speech, “Among you, a month later, some will receive admission notices from famous universities such as Qingbei, Yanjing, etc.. Some will go to top universities, while others might go to normal universities…but that doesn’t matter! What is the school motto of our Jian’an First High? It is ‘You have to be virtuous, diligent and fearless!’ Today, you are the flowers of our Country, and in the future, no matter what position you are in, you must become the pillars of our Country…”

Under the warm applause of the students, Director Li laughed again and then announced loudly, “Tomorrow night, our school has arranged a self-service teacher appreciation banquet. At the same time, we have invited our alumni, your senior sister, and the famous first-line popular singer Yun Yiyi in China. On the stage, congratulate the classmates with her solo concert…”

“What? Yun Yiyi is here? Since when did our school have such face? Isn’t she the number one star in all of China right now?”

“Great! I heard a long time ago that Senior Sister Yun Yiyi entered the entertainment industry and became popular in Hong Kong and Taiwan after she went to college…”

“Oye! I am a big fan of Senior Sister Yun!”


The entire scene boiled when everyone heard the exciting news. Not many in Jian’an First High didn’t know about Yun Yiyi, the gorgeous singer who graduated from their high school.

It was especially so for the seniors in Jian’an First High! Back when Yun Yiji was a senior in Jian’an First High, they happened to first year students, so many of them had gazed upon the visage of their legendary senior. It’s just that Yun Yiyi hadn’t yet entered the entertainment industry back then.

Yun Yiyi gained fame at a rapid pace after she went to University and entered the Entertainment Industry. Not only was she famous in the Mainland, including Hong Kong, Macao, and Taiwan, but also in other Chinese-populated areas, such as Malaysia and Singapore. She had fans all over the place.

What’s more? After she sang the song ‘Beautiful Zhicheng’ and described their Jian’an City as a fairyland on Earth, countless foreign and local tourists flooded the place.

One could tell just how popular Yun Yiyi was just from that!

Director Li looked at the excited students below the podium, and proudly showed off to several school leaders around him, “Look at that! Didn’t I say it would be a great idea to invite Yun Yiyi here? I heard that countless reporters from famous entertainment channels will follow her all the way here, so our School will have a lot more exposure as well…”

Su Lin, who watched the excitement of the students around him, couldn’t help but mutter to himself, “Yun Yiyi? That name sounds familiar…”

After thinking about it for a while, he tapped his forehead as he suddenly recalled where he had heard that name.

“Ah! Didn’t the Senior whose car I stopped yesterday and had me give a ride back home say she was called Yun Yiyi after singing a song for me? So she was really a star?!”


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