Top Quality Beauty Cultivation System Chapter 13: Eidetic Memory

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Jian’an No. 1 High School.

In the third grade’s English Lecturer’s Office, Lin Qingxue was sitting behind the desk with anger written all over her face. Before her, there was a stack of English test papers. Su Lin, who had been brought here from the entrance of the examination hall, cautiously stood on the other side of the desk.

“Su Lin, tell me the truth, what is going on?”

Suppressing her anger, Lin Qingxue stared at Su Lin and asked as her proud chest heaved up and down with her breath. She looked just like a strict class in charge who was going to swallow the student whole.

“Eh? What’s the matter? What happened? Teacher Lin, I am certainly not late today.”

With some fear, Su Lin lowered his head and decided to play the fool.

“You are still trying to fool your teacher, are you not clear of what I am talking about more than me? What were you doing today? Why did you stop Qin Yanran out of the examination hall today and said those words? This is a high school and you students are soon going to be taking the College Entrance Examination, yet you are still fooling around? Moreover, teacher could make out from your tone that you are quite confident of scoring in the top 50 of the grade.”

This wasn’t the first time Lin Qingxue was yelling at Su Lin. Su Lin, this brat, always gave her a headache. However, this time, Lin Qingxue was also very curious as to why someone as unconfident as Su Lin would actually dare say such words under the presence of all those students.

“Teacher Lin, I… I just said those words without thinking.”

Su Lin naturally wouldn’t dare boast in front of Teacher Lin. Moreover, even if he said that he was 100% confident of scoring in top 50 of the grade, Lin Qingxue will certainly not believe his words. Not to say anything else, Lin Qingxue has been his class in charge for three years and also his English teacher, she knew his performance like the back of her hand.

“I knew it.”

A faint smile appeared on Lin Qingxue’s face which was immediately replaced by a serious expression. Soon, Lin Qingxue started to educate Su Lin with sincerity, “Su Lin, teacher understands that young students around your age will have good impressions of outstanding and attractive young girls. Trying to obtain the attention and heart of the young girl through some fierce method is also a normal occurring, but… You must consider the consequences and the timing of your actions. Think about it yourself, the College Entrance Examination is close at hand, so was it really appropriate to say those words to Qin Yanran at this time? Even if you don’t care about the impact of your actions on your own academic performance, you should think about others…”

When Lin Qingxue went to University, she had majored in Educational Psychology, so the words she was saying right now were standard things.

“Teacher Lin, what wrong did I say? Do people not have the right to pursue love when they fall in love? Moreover, I didn’t say anything over the top, all I said was that I liked student Qin Yanran. Since I like her, I confessed to her. As for the condition, you also heard that it was something proposed by student Qin Yanran, not something I forced her to say!”

Although Lin Qingxue’s words were said in a polite way, Su Lin could still feel that this beautiful class in charge wasn’t very accepting of him being together with Qin Yanran. Since she was like this, then he wasn’t going to be polite either and frankly spoke what was on his mind.

“Everyone has the right to pursue love? Love?”

Looking at the impulsive Su Lin before her, Lin Qingxue couldn’t help but be a little surprised. The Su Lin before her was completely different from the usual Su Lin. Looking closely, there was not a hint of his former timid and inferior feeling, instead, there was a hint of arrogance and an imposing manner that wanted to outdo others in his eyes.

Seeing Su Lin like that had completely subverted the image Lin Qingxue had in her mind. On the other hand, Su Lin’s sincere and determined attitude also slightly touched Lin Qingxue. However, although Lin Qingxue was only four to five years older than Su Lin, she was still his teacher. Under the current situation, she still had to advise and enlighten Su Lin. So Lin Qingxue took the initiative to hold onto Su Lin’s hand and said in a gentle manner this time,

“Su Lin, it is a good thing that young men have ambition and should never be willing to be looked down on by others, but… though it is a good thing to argue with others for one’s own dignity, it is also necessary to look at the situation. Just like what you did, making such claims without thinking of the consequences. Something like that might make you feel good for the time being, but it is in truth irrational and impulsive. Just think about it, with your current achievements, can you really reach the top 50 of the grade, Su Lin? When the result comes out in a few days, how are you going to keep your words? What you have done will only make you lose face!”

Saying this, Lin Qingxue paused and looked at Su Lin seriously, expecting to see an expression of sudden understanding and regret, she had never thought that what she did would actually backfire. Not only did Su Lin not show any regret, he instead puffed up his chest and earnestly looked at Lin Qingxue and said confidently, “Teacher Lin, I can certainly test into top 50 of the grade!”

“What? Su Lin, what did you just say? You wouldn’t be cracking a joke, right?”

Lin Qingxue was stunned, she had never seen Su Lin making such an earnest appearance and say something. Over the last three years, every time Lin Qingxue counseled Su Lin, Su Lin always had a casual laughing appearance as if he had no worries about his own future.

However, looking at Su Lin’s earnest and serious eyes, Lin Qingxue felt that the current Su Lin was so strange, he was completely different from before. She felt that Su Lin had grown up and matured and that she couldn’t look at him as a naive boy anymore.

“Teacher Lin, I assure you that I will certainly be in the top 50 of this time’s mock exam in the grade!”

This time, Su Lin looked directly at Lin Qingxue without any hesitation or fear in his gaze. Since Lin Qingxue had no confidence in him, he will let facts prove that he could also do what he said.


Lin Qingxue sighed. She was very happy to see the change in Su Lin, but his thoughts were too unrealistic. No matter how good it was to have confidence, just what gave Su Lin such arrogance?

She looked at the English papers on the table. Those were the English papers from the mock exam in the morning. Lin Qingxue was suddenly struck with inspiration as she took an examination paper and swept her vision over it gently. After that, she smiled faintly and said to Su Lin, “Su Lin, since you are so confident that you will test into the top 50 of the grade this time, then you must have done quite well on the English paper in the morning, right? How about you answer some questions and prove to teacher that you really have the strength to back up your claims.”

Since it was the last mock exam before the College Entrance Examination, the school had intentionally increased the difficulty quite a bit. Lin Qingxue also knew this and understood that even if the students did really good otherwise, they would only be able to score at most 120. As for Su Lin who usually barely passed the tests, she estimated that he might just be able to get 30-40 marks.

“On the first reading topic, you just answered the examination, so you should have some impression of it. So, what are the answers to the three questions?”

Spreading open the examination paper, Lin Qingxue pointed at the first topic and asked Su Lin to answer the questions.

“The answers for the first topic?”

Su Lin’s heart sank. Before, he had barely completed the exam in time by copying Qin Yanran’s answers. Now that Lin Qingxue asked the questions on the spot, this…

Right at this moment of worry, a clear image suddenly flashed through Su Lin’s mind.

“This image… I had paused time and copied Qin Yanran’s answers, so how could I remember it all so clearly? If I just think about it, I can recall all the marks (multiple choices) and answers from her paper, as if I had it all memorized!”

It was all so amazing. Su Lin understood that so long as he paused time, everything during that time would be clearly imprinted in his mind.

“Teacher Lin, the answers to the first three questions are C, A, and B.”

Su Lin no longer hesitated and confidently answered.

“Eh? That’s right.”

Lin Qingxue took out the standard answer sheet and compared it. Actually, she knew that Su Lin was right but she still couldn’t believe it. She thought that Su Lin must have gotten it right by chance, so she asked, “The answer to the blanks?” {TL Note: The Multiple Choice stuff has a standard answer sheet with all the answers already marked for reference.}

“A C D B B C D……”

Su Lin didn’t even have to think about anything as he spoke words like talking nonsense. Lin Qingxue looked at the standard answers and showed an amazed expression. Even her small cherry mouth was wide open as she felt it was all too incredible, “Correct, all of them are correct!”

This exam was the most difficult English exam to date. It had many new words and complicated grammatical structures with many words that were fixed and had no alternatives. In Lin Qingxue’s eyes, the only one in the entire school with the ability to get all the questions right like this was Qin Yanran!

Lin Qingxue never expected that Su Lin would be able to answer them all.

“Teacher Lin, are there any other questions that you still need to ask? Oh, right! The answer to the hearing part is D B C D C A B C D C…”

Ah! Eidetic Memory, it was really Eidetic Memory! So long as it was something Su Lin had seen during the time he had paused, it will be deeply ingrained in his mind. Su Lin reckoned that he had discovered a completely new ability. In this way, even if he couldn’t cheat during the examination, he could simply pause time while reviewing the test material and remember it all in his mind, getting a lot of points easily. Will he even have to worry about not getting good grades then?

“Correct… this is also correct. Su Lin, you… how did you achieve this? Have you been studying hard for the examination?”

The current Lin Qingxue had completely forgotten the original reason she had called Su Lin to her office. She was very happy in her heart at this time. She had thought that Su Lin was not going to study at all, but who would have known that he had made vigorous efforts to catch up in such a short period of time. Since his English was now so good, how could Lin Qingxue not feel happy?

“Sorry, Su Lin, it’s just that teacher never believed you and wrongly accused you. Could it be that the reason you came to school so late in the morning was that you were reviewing till late in the evening?”

Thinking of here, Lin Qingxue felt somewhat guilty. Recalling the scene of Su Lin making that agreement with Qin Yanran, Lin Qingxue started to indulge in flights of fancy as she wondered, “Had these two had anything to do with each other before? Otherwise, why would Su Lin study so desperately? Is this… is this the power of love?”

“Well, Teacher Lin, since you already know what you wanted to know, I will now take my leave. I am hungry.”

Lightly clapping his hands, Su Lin knew that Lin Qingxue should believe him now. He sneakily looked at Lin Qingxue’s towering chest, taking the entire view in his sight greedily. Since there was no longer the cover of the test papers, he could see the small black jacket that appeared as if it was just going to explode.

Remembering the feeling of touching her chest, Su Lin really wanted to suspend time and touch again. However, he understood that the remaining time he had now was very precious to him. Moreover, from his previous experience, Su Lin knew that though the other party couldn’t discover his behavior, there will still be some remnant feelings.

Gulping down, Su Lin had to give up the thoughts in his heart. However, his sneaky act of looking at Lin Qingxue’s chest was discovered by her. Remembering how Su Lin had accidentally taken advantage of her before, Lin Qingxue immediately slammed on the table and angrily stared at Su Lin, shouting with embarrassment and anger, “Su Lin, you are good! Has your courage become so big that you don’t even fear teacher now!”

“Teacher Lin, you are so attractive, how could I be afraid of you. Hehe…”

After saying those words, Su Lin didn’t wait for Lin Qingxue’s response and quickly turned around to escape from the office door. However, at the moment he left, Su Lin turned his head around and smiled at Lin Qingxue who was gripping her small fists in anger and said in a low voice, “Teacher Lin, later… you shouldn’t wear that bra again, it will affect your growth…”

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