Top Quality Beauty Cultivation System Chapter 129

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129 — Lin Qingxue’s Mournful Thoughts

“Alright! I, of course, don’t have any objection. In any case, the College Entrance Examination is going to end today, and I did pretty well.”

Since his ‘mother-in-law’ had spoken up, Su Lin had to agree.

“Good! Before that, though, you must pledge that you won’t give any money to my Mum again, alright? Even if my Mum asks for it, you cannot give her any!”

Lin Qingxue gently ran her fingers through her hair and exhorted Su Lin.

“Teacher Lin, I won’t have to pretend to be your boyfriend forever, right?”

Lin Qingxue was a beauty, and it took no effort for him to pretend to be her boyfriend — to be precise, Su Lin had some expectations towards her in his heart — but Su Lin couldn’t show that on his face!

“You will be free soon! Besides, once you go to University and leave here, will you even fly back if I call you for help?”

Lin Qingxue said and then turned her head away with a feeling of loss in her heart.

That’s right! Today was the last day of the College Entrance Examination, and after today, Su Lin would start a new life. He will go to another city for University, while she will still be a teacher here in the small Jian’an City, teaching kids year after year.

Maybe— Lin Qingxue’s heart ached as she realized that she might not even get to see Su Lin a few times in her life. After all, how many students who graduate from high school come back to their alma mater to visit their teachers?

Fear gripped Lin Qingxue’s heart! After the College Entrance Examination, she wouldn’t have any excuse to go to Su Lin, nor would she have any reason to see Su Lin again.

“What’s the matter, Teacher Lin? I… Sure, I will be going to University, but if you…if you want— If you miss me, I will immediately come back to see you, no?”

Lin Qingxue’s somewhat sad expression saddened Su Lin as well. He had studied here for three years, but soon, he would need to leave…leave the beautiful mountain city of Jian’an. His future self belonged to a major stage and broader, bluer skies.

“Alright! Alright! Let’s not talk about this anymore, Su Lin; I will contact you the day after tomorrow. You must reach the venue by half-past eight! Also, you must do well in the Exam, do you hear me? Today’s the day of the English exam, so if you dare to embarrass me, see how I will deal with you!”

Lin Qingxue pushed Su Lin towards the Examination Room, and waved her little fists towards him — instead of her usual scolding, she showed him a playful threat.

“Got it, Teacher Lin! I promise to do well on the Exam!”

Su Lin nodded heavily and then pushed forward his chest and walked towards the Examination Room. After walking a few steps, he turned back to have a look at Lin Qingxue, who was standing under the brilliant sunlight. Her white dress fluttered in the breeze, and she waved her hands towards him to cheer him up — she was like a wave of snow petals flying through a cool breeze.

Lin Qingxue, on the other hand, watched Su Lin walk away step by step, until he disappeared into the corridor, and then felt extremely complicated emotions assault her heart.

At the same time, she fantasized herself as a brave woman from ancient times who just sent her husband to the army thousands of miles away, and felt an omen that made her think that she wouldn’t get to see him ever again.

Lin Qingxue, who was previously willing to settle down and teach and educate people, changed at this moment. Tumultuous waves surged in her otherwise-calm heart, and the turbulent feelings bloated her chest and made her feel as if it would burst.

Lin Qingxue had spent countless nights repeating the name ‘Su Lin’ over and over again. His figure in her mind was already clear and fully imprinted.

‘Why is it that what we want to forget becomes an unforgettable memory?’

She couldn’t help but wonder in her mind.

Lin Qingxue desired to go back to being the strict teacher in front of Su Lin, but every time she saw him, her instincts gave her a desire to pull him into a hug — she wanted to pull him closer to herself, lean on him, and gently sniff Su Lin’s peculiar-yet-attractive fragrance.

There was a saying that: ‘if you like someone, you would recognize them even by their smell.’

The smell may not be fragrant, but you will still dream about it. If you smell a similar fragrance in another place, you wouldn’t be able to prevent yourself from thinking about that person.

‘It turns out that… one can also recall smells.’

Lin Qingxue could no longer smell Su Lin’s fragrance in the air since the wind had blown it all away. The warm sunlight fell on her face and dazzled her; Lin Qingxue felt somewhat dizzy, and out of breath.

Not many knew the suffocation that came together with suppressing a budding feeling in your heart, a feeling that you couldn’t express openly!

‘No! I can’t do this! Su Lin is my student! He is my student!’

Lin Qingxue had lost count of the times she told herself those words, but they had no effect on her feelings at all.

‘Damned Su Lin! Just why did he have to invade her dreams every night?’ — she thought.

[Ding! Ding! Ding!]

The bell signifying the start of the English exam interrupted Lin Qingxue’s mournful thoughts; she knew that the person she was thinking about right now was about to go through a crucial battle in his life in the Examination Room not too far away from her.

‘Su Lin, you will succeed without doubt!’

Lin Qingxue silently prayed in her heart for Su Lin so he could get a good score, and then walked towards her office under the shade of trees.

Su Lin, on the other hand, felt some unease as he sat inside the Examination Room.

He wasn’t a brainless log by the side of the road! How was it possible for him to not feel Lin Qingxue’s feelings for him? It’s just that he was afraid of piercing the layer of paper between them, and reckoned that it would be better for them if he kept his ‘fake boyfriend’ status!

The matter was left unresolved, while the exam started as it had to. Su Lin buried the matter into the depths of his heart and started to write down answer after answer.

The English exam was more difficult than the ones before. When Su Lin prepared for the English exam yesterday, he didn’t have a recorder that played back dialogue, so in that section of the exam, he was no different from the other candidates, and intently listened to the recording before writing down his answer.

After an hour, Su Lin finished the last section of the English exam, the Composition, and completed his College Entrance Examination paper for English without a hitch.

‘Teacher Lin, I, Su Lin, will live up to your expectations in this English exam.’

Su Lin looked at the answer sheets in front of him and estimated that he would get 145+ marks in the exam. Except for one or two listening answers he wasn’t sure  about, he did perfectly well.

[In another Examination Room.]

Li Hao held his THICC head and looked at the English answer sheet in front of him with a smile and chortled in his heart, ‘The multiple choice are easy-peasy since I only gotta fill in A, B, C, and D, but the Composition was a bit troublesome. What a bummer! I didn’t listen to Li’l Lin and thought he wouldn’t have gotten every answer, or I would have…’

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