Top Quality Beauty Cultivation System Chapter 128

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128 — Momma Lin’s Invitation

Lin Qingxue wore a white dress that fluttered in the wind together with her silky, long hair as she arrived closer to Su Lin.

At the same time, a familiar fragrance tingled Su Lin’s nostrils as he breathed the air around him; it was Lin Qingxue’s faint-yet-alluring fragrance which brought a hint of cold to Su Lin even though the sun had raised the surrounding temperature quite a bit.

Lin Qingxue’s hair sparkled under the sun and Su Lin stood under her shadow as he watched the golden rays of light illuminating her gorgeous visage that held a sweet smile.

Lin Qingxue turned a circle in front of Su Lin in triumph as she watched his smitten face.

“How do I look, Su Lin? Do I look better in this dress, or does your Big Sis Zhu do it better?”

Lin Qingxue asked with an innocent blink of her eyes.

Ye Xingzhu’s long, white dress gave birth to feelings of envy in Lin Qingxue’s heart, but she believed that she wouldn’t be any worse than her if she wore a similar dress.

It was for this reason that Lin Qingxue specially went out to get a dress for herself, and then admired herself in it countless times after returning home. Lin Qingxue couldn’t tell why she did all that, but deep down, she knew it was probably because she wanted to show-off in front of Su Lin in order to get his affirmation!

So now, Lin Qingxue felt stoked to witness Su Lin’s intoxicated state as he looked at her!

What’s more? She attracted the attention of all the students and teachers when she arrived at the school, and that gave another boost to her confidence, vanity, and satisfaction.

“Teacher Lin, you are beautiful! You are gorgeous!”

Su Lin had wanted to say a word or two to bring Lin Qingxue a peg down, but he couldn’t bring himself to utter anything that went against his heart when he saw her fairy-like figure.

There was nothing but praise in his heart and on his tongue for her.

Lin Qingxue was a beauty on par with Ye Xingzu, but she never dolled up since she was their head teacher and had to dress up in a mature suit that covered up most of her charm.

But now, Lin Qingxue resembled an innocent, lovely high-school girl after she wore that fluttering white dress. Her every smile and frown made Su Lin’s heart thump.

“I didn’t ask for those useless words…Su Lin, you haven’t answered my question! Who is more beautiful? Your Big Sis Zhu, or I?”

Just like their over-the-top jealousy, women’s psychology in comparing themselves to other women also couldn’t be matched by any other existence. It was this psychology of theirs that often led men to bankruptcy and the desire to smash their heads into a brick wall.

“That— Teacher Lin, I think all of you are good-looking, it’s me who is ugly…”

Su Lin took a step forward with a self-deprecating smile and continued, “Teacher Lin, a beautiful flower like you needs to have a green leaf like me beside you, to accentuate your natural charm.”

“The sages say: ‘Writing has no first place, and Martial Arts have no second place.’ The same is true for people’s appearance and beauty — everyone is beautiful in their own right. Even a god wouldn’t be able to formulate a beauty pageant that could judge every beauty in the world with fairness.”

Alas! Women never gave a damn about what the sages said, and refused to budge from their positions.

Lin Qingxue turned aggressive, like a pissed-off child, and pressed Su Lin for an answer, “I don’t care! Su Lin, you must answer me about this no matter what! Who is more beautiful? Your Big Sis Zhu, or I?”

After that, Lin Qingxue pushed Su Lin aside and said, “Also, I don’t want you to be my green leaf! You—you are just a lump of cow dung…”

Saying that, Lin Qingxue covered her nose with her hands, and showed Su Lin a disgusted appearance.

“Cow dung isn’t bad either, Teacher Lin! Flowers must be planted in dung so they can receive enough nutrition and grow more delicate and beautiful.”

Su Lin turned his face to the side with a wicked smile, and said, “If a flower isn’t nourished by dung, it will lose its freshness and wither away soon. According to my evaluation, as top-tier cow dung, you two are like two blooming flowers and each of you have your own beauty and fragrance.”

“Good! Su Lin, it appears that you are growing more and more articulate by the day! Do you think you can fool me like this?”

Lin Qingxue pretended to be enraged, and showed a serious expression full of anger.

Alas! Su Lin only found her cuter this way.

Holy Cow! Even Su Lin was surprised by his use of the word ‘cute’ to describe his high-school head teacher, but the fact in front of him was that Lin Qingxue, right now, looked no different from a seventeen or eighteen-year-old girl.

If there was any difference, then— Su Lin’s dishonest eyes lasciviously stared at some of Lin Qingxue’s ‘prominent’ body parts. Sure enough, Teacher Lin was far more divine than the barely-developed chicks in his class. Although she had a slender body, it had curves in all the right places — if you knew where to look, you would find the perfect roundness and fullness wetting your appetite and tempting you to take a bite.

“By the way, Teacher Lin, why were you looking for me?”

Su Lin curbed his intoxicated gaze and changed the subject, and teased Lin Qingxue, “Could it be for this reason? To show me yourself in a dress?”

“It’s not that!”

Lin Qingxue lowered her head with a slightly burning, red face and twinkling eyes, and then said with some confidence after a few moments, “I’m here because my Mum is going back to our hometown the day after tomorrow, so she wanted to invite you to our place for another dinner. It didn’t matter what I said, and she made it clear that she had to see you.”

“Auntie wants to see me? When?”

Su Lin knew that him pretending to be Lin Qingxue’s boyfriend wouldn’t be an easy matter, but he never expected to receive Mother Lin’s invitation so fast.

Well, he couldn’t blame Mother Lin for her haste; after all, who wouldn’t be eager to wed their daughter to a rich and handsome son-in-law who could fork out millions of Yuan without blinking?[1]

[1: this is specifically referring to old women who are a bit too interested in money and willing to marry their kids off to any rich and good-looking prospect. For reference, check out any of the Urban Son-in-Law comics on the internet.]

In fact, Mother Lin didn’t stop talking about Su Lin ever since he spent the night at Lin Qingxue’s house.

Lin Qingxue couldn’t say no to her tyrannical mother, so knowing that she would leave the day after tomorrow anyway, she decided to look for Su Lin once more.

“My Mum wanted you to spend these two nights at our place, but since you will be taking the College Entrance Examination today, and there will be some important activities at school later tomorrow, plus the banquet, I told my mother that I will bring you over the night after tomorrow for a meal, alright? Su Lin!”

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