Top Quality Beauty Cultivation System Chapter 127: Lin Qingxue Painted in White!

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The stuffy and hot weather in June made the sun angrily burn everything before the clock struck eight in the morning.

The bright sunlight took a toll at people’s spirits and made them susceptible to easily getting angry.

Su Lin arrived at his school before eight o’clock and realized that he couldn’t enter until the clock struck eight. So, just like the other students around the premise, he, too, began looking for a cool place to rest.

“Li’l Lin, over here…”

Su Lin heard the familiar voice of Li Hao crying out for him. As he looked around to find Li Hao, Li Hao’s overly conspicuous, gigantic frame easily entered his field of view.

“Li’l Hao, so… how did you do on yesterday’s exams?”

Su Lin walked towards Li Hao, and asked with a different meaning behind his question. The other students around were none the wiser.

Needless to say, Li Hao was more than aware of the meaning hidden in Su Lin’s words. With a wide smile, and a wish to go forward and give Su Lin a kiss, Li Hao held him into a bear hug and said, “Li’l Lin, you are my best bro! In the Literature exam, I am sure I can get over 100 points even if my trash story doesn’t get 30 points. As for the Mathematics exam… although I can’t guarantee a perfect score, there shouldn’t be a problem getting over 130 points!”

As the students gathered in their vicinity heard Li Hao’s boastful words full of great self-confidence, they turned to look at him. Majority of the students around were from Jian’an First High, and when they heard Li Hao tooting his horn, they carefully focused at his visage to see if someone from the Top Ten of the Grade was making a proclamation? But when they got a good look at his face, they realized that they weren’t familiar with the person in front of them, so they immediately gave him a look full of disdain and went back to reviewing their study material.

“Look at you boasting so shamefully, Li’l Hao! No one here believes in you.”

Su Lin said with a snigger and then got himself out of Li Hao’s grasps — the weather was beyond bearable by itself. Being hugged by a bear-like fatty covered in sweat in such a hot weather would surely knock Su Lin out.

“Whether they believe it or not is their problem. Once the results are out, their blind dog eyes will surely be opened to the truth!”

Saying that, Li Hao pulled Su Lin along to his place of rest. At the same time, he gave Su Lin a thumbs up and said in a whisper, “Li’l Lin, can you even imagine what kind of expression I had when I saw the question paper was the same as what you gave me?”

“No, what was it like?”

Su Lin asked back.

“I was knocked silly! I couldn’t believe you gave me the damn real deal…”

With that, Li Hao started to boast again, “Fortunately, Lord Fatty, I, put my trust in you, my brother! After you gave me the question paper, I made sure to remember the answers by heart overnight. Although I failed to remember some of the answers, I still succeeded in remembering the majority of them. And the Mathematics exam was the one that went the best! I never thought I would breeze through Mathematics so easily! Also, know what? That Li Yan guy who mocks me all the time was also in my examination room. After this Lord Fatty brushed through the Mathematics exam within an hour, I looked up and saw that Li Yan guy sitting their with a terrible face as if someone shoved a bunch of flies down his throat! It was exhilarating to see him like that…”

“Don’t be satisfied so easily, you little fatty. Imagine what kind of face that Li Yan will make once the results come out and you have a higher score than him!”

Su Lin knew about the feud Li Hao had with Li Yan since they were young. Li Hao and Li Yan were cousins who were like oil and water. In their family, Li Yan had always done everything he could to step over Li Hao. But now that he has helped Li Hao get the answers to the College Entrance Examination, Li Hao will finally be able to suppress Li Yan and step on the higher ground. Once the results come out, Li Hao will be able to proudly raise his head in his family, and make his parents proud.”

“Damn, right! Li’l Lin, I am getting even more excited now that you said it. We just gotta wait a while, and then… Haha… That haughty Li Yan who always rubs his academic achievements in my face… He will definitely not be able to raise his head in the family after a dumb dude like me scores higher than him in the College Entrance Examination!”

Li Hao then laughed and added, “When the time comes, I will show my father that I have what it takes to be successful! It’s all thanks to you, brother! Oh right! Li’l Lin, you secretly took the question papers from Peng Shenda, right? Then I presume you left him with the wrong question paper? He’s also in my examination room. No wonder his face was covered in dark clouds when I saw him after the exam yesterday.”

“He got what he deserved! Haha… I can’t imagine what kind of face Peng Shenda made when he realized that the question paper he got was completely different from the College Entrance Examination! That bastard had asked some people to stop me from getting to the Examination centre yesterday, so it’s retribution for him. Oh right! Wasn’t he haughty everywhere ’cause his father was the Director of the Education Bureau? Well, know what? A bunch of officials in our Jian’an got sacked due to corruption and embezzlement of Government funds, and his father’s one of them — Peng Shenda must be miserable right now…”

Su Lin’s impression of rich, second generations like Peng Shenda had always been bad, so he was obviously not going to have any pity for him after his downfall. Instead, he was gloating in Peng Shenda’s misfortune.

“Leave all that aside for now, and first, tell me honestly where you spent the night the day before the College Entrance Examination? Your mother called my place to ask if you were staying over, and I, Lord Fatty, helped cover your bum by lying to her. I told her that you were taking a bath so I couldn’t get you on the phone.”

Li Hao grinned and nudged Su Lin with an expression that said: ‘we are bros so you better not hide anything from me.’

“For real? My mother called your family?”

Su Lin was stunned. He was grateful that Li Hao helped cover for him. Otherwise, had his parents known he spent the night over at Qin Yanran’s house, they would have raised serious hell on him. His parents were already irritated over yesterday’s matter, and this would have added fuel to the fire.

“Don’t change the subject and tell me the truth! Where did you spend the night the night before yesterday? Don’t say you spent it in a net cafe ’cause I ain’t gonna believe that bull crap!”

“Well… It’s nothing much. I… I spent the night at Qin Yanran’s house, but don’t think anything weird about it. It wasn’t Yanran who asked me to go, but… Well, it’s too complicated to explain so I will make it simple: I helped Yanran’s family solve some matter, so her mother invited me to stay on her own initiative after she found out that I couldn’t stay at home since it had been trashed…”

Su Lin didn’t want to hide the truth from Li Hao, but he had to consider Qin Yanran’s reputation with every word. So, right after he said those words, he added, “Nothing else happened, so you better not speak irresponsibly, Li’l Hao!”

“Damn bro, that’s the way to go! Aren’t you progressing too fast, though? Not only have you captured the school flower, but you also got invited to stay the night by your future mother-in-law! You are too fierce, man! This little brother is in awe and admires you with all my heart…”

[TL: mother-in-law? 😏]

Right then and there, Li Hao’s admiration for Su Lin rose like the water after a flood crashes through a dam!

“Alright, don’t ramble on about this before others! The first exam today is English, so have you prepared for it? The hardest part is going to be the transcription, and I think you will have some problems in that and the composition. But if you don’t do too bad in the other sections, you should still be able to get around 110 points…”

While Su Lin was explaining to Li Hao about the parts of English exam he should pay extra attention to, he saw their class in-charge, Lin Qingxue, walking in their direction from the distance. From her movements, it appeared that she was looking for someone, and Su Lin reckoned that she might be searching for him.

“Su Lin! Come here for a moment…”

Sure enough, Li Hao’s huge frame gave away their location before long, and Lin Qingxue found them easily. As soon as she saw Su Lin, she called out to him.

“Li’l Hao, Teacher Lin’s calling for me, so I will go now. You must remember all the important questions and their answers, and make sure you don’t make any chits for cheating. The losses will outweigh the gains if you get caught…”

Saying a few more words to Li Hao, Su Lin carried his schoolbag and walked towards Lin Qingxue.

“Teacher Lin, what can I do for you? You wouldn’t be here to ask me out for lunch again, right? Hehe!”

Su Lin arrived before Lin Qingxue with a grin, and said to her jokingly. He was surprised to see that today, Lin Qingxue wasn’t wearing her professional western dress. Instead, she was wearing a white dress. That’s right! She was dressed in a long, white skirt with a very low neckline. The tight, sensual dress accentuated her curves — especially the two mounds of meat on her chest that appeared as if they would explode out at any moment to show the world their glory.

She looked damn hot! In his three years of high school, Su Lin had never seen their class in-charge, Lin Qingxue, dressed up so sensually. What’s more? When he hid inside Lin Qingxue’s closet that time at her home, he hadn’t seen such a white dress! Looking at the crispness of the dress, Su Lin could tell that it was a new piece she had bought very recently.

“Teacher Lin… how come… you are dressed up like this today…”

“Is there something wrong with my appearance? Su Lin, do you not like it?”

With her lips in a pout, and eyebrows raised inquisitively, Lin Qingxue looked down at her long skirt, and asked Su Lin with a dissatisfied tone, “Wasn’t that Big Sis Zhu of yours wearing something like this yesterday, too? You think I couldn’t tell your perverted eyes were glued to her figure when she wore the same thing! So, it’s alright if she’s the one wearing it, but I can’t?”

“No! No! No! Teacher Lin, that’s not what I meant? What I am asking is that why did you change your style so suddenly? Don’t you normally wear a formal attire?”

Su Lin couldn’t tear his gaze away from Lin Qingxue’s explosive chest. Yesterday, although Ye Xingzhu had also worn a long skirt, her’s was quiet a conservative one with it’s neckline right under her neck. What Lin Qingxue wore today, on the other hand, was quite seductive and spicy, with a neckline so low that he could see the deep gully between her large boobs that were tightly pushed against each other. She looked like an irresistible succubus with the way she looked!

“Today’s the last day of your College Entrance Exams, so what’s wrong with me changing my style somewhat?”

With her chin held high, Lin Qingxue felt immense pride in her tastes and appearance after wearing this seductive dress. She had tried out more than twenty dresses in Jian’an’s Mall, and picked this one in the end. After returning home, she had spent a long time before the mirror, admiring her hot figure in the dress. Her heart was full of glee even now.


Long skirt!

Long, white skirt!

This was a dress every woman should wear!

Satisfaction filled Lin Qingxue’s heart as she watched Su Lin’s infatuated expression!

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