Top Quality Beauty Cultivation System Chapter 126: Big Sis Zhu’s Steaming Soup!

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“Brat! Hurry out of your damn bed, or you are going to be late for the College Entrance Examination!”

The next morning, Su Lin was rudely woken up from his sweet dream by his mother who yelled for him to wake up in his ear.

“Mom! Was there a need to be so violent so early in the morning? I felt as if a bomb exploded next to me… it’s only seven o’clock right now…”

Su Lin got up from his bed while rubbing his eyes. Seeing that it was barely past seven in the morning, his resentment thickened.

“Quickly get up and put on your clothes! Wash up, eat your breakfast, and then get ready to go for your exam! I let you be late on ordinary days, but today’s the College Entrance Examination, so you little bastard better not miss the exam by being late like always! Do you even understand how many years of hard work will go to waste like that?”

Mother Su, Liu Aizhen, forcefully pulled Su Lin away from his bed and threw his clothes over to him.

“It’s only seven o’clock, Mom! The exam starts at nine o’clock…”

Su Lin reluctantly got up from his bed with dark circles under his eyes, and put on his clothes.

‘Hehe, the 1046 Cultivation Points are still there, so what happened last night definitely wasn’t a dream! The Top Quality Beauty Cultivation System has really activated…’

After washing up, Su Lin happily sat down for breakfast. Was there still something in life that could stump him now that he had the Top Quality Beauty Cultivation System? It was an highly technological System created by a God. As long as he had enough Cultivation Points, there’s nothing he couldn’t do.

As the matter stood, however, Su Lin was also worried. Cultivation Points were still alright — what worried him was the number of beauties he needed to Cultivate with to activate his other abilities. If he wanted to have all of the abilities, he would need to have relationships with multiple women.

‘The Prediction ability will be very useful. If I can activate it, won’t I be able to predict the winning lottery numbers? That way, I can mix in the money I got from the Dragon-Tiger Gang and let my parents use it without worries. It’s unfortunate that the function has yet to be activated…’

Having a huge sum of money in his pocket, but having no way to spend it… Su Lin felt like he was a stifled millionaire.

[Knock! Knock! Knock!]

The sound of someone knocking on the door resounded. Mother Su went to open the door, and joy immediately covered Su Lin’s face when he saw the the person who had arrived. It was his Big Sis Zhu who had come to visit him so early in the morning!

That’s right! The person who entered was Ye Xingzhu, and right now, she was holding onto a bowl of steaming soup. She spoke with a smile, “Aunt Liu, since Li’l Lin is going to take an important exam today, I decided to make Pig Heart Soup for him and my mother. I came over to give it to Li’l Lin!”

[TL: bruh… I don’t even!]

“Xingzhu, you really spoil our family’s brat — you are really like his big sister! No, you two are even closer than real siblings! I can’t comprehend what dog luck this little bastard obtained in his previous life to have someone as gentle and caring as you as his big sis!”

Liu Aizhen naturally greeted her with a smile. In fact, she had always been fond of the well-behaved and virtuous girls like Ye Xingzhu. Moreover, she had watched Ye Xingzhu grow up, and knew well of her and her mother’s moral character and disposition, so her fondness for her was even deeper.

“Aunt Liu, you are overpraising me — I am not as good as you say! You and Uncle Su are the great ones. You two have looked after our family of widow mother and orphan daughter for so many years. Moreover, Li’l Lin grew up playing with me, and I am the older sister, so how can I not take care of him?”

As soon as she finished speaking, Ye Xingzhu knew she had slipped up with her words. She could see Su Lin staring at her with an ill-intentioned, mischievous grin. Her face flushed as she recalled the events from yesterday, and her body started to burn, so she immediately tried to divert the topic with the steaming soup she had brought. Bringing the soup in front of Su Lin, she said.

“Brat, this is the pig heart soup I specially prepared for you! Big Sis here woke up early in the morning and started the preparations for the soup before it was even five o’clock! It took me an entire two hours of hard work to get it done well, so you better get into a good University after drinking this soup! See how I whoop your butt if you don’t!”

“Hehe! I knew my Big Sis Zhu is the one who treats me the best!”

Su Lin picked up the soup spoon, scooped up some pig heart soup, and then blew on it. Without waiting for it to cool down, he gulped the soup, and then gave Ye Xingzhu a satisfied thumbs up, “Big Sis’s cooking is the best! It’s so much better than my mum’s…”

“You little bastard, are you looking for a beating?”

Hearing his words, Mother Su unhappily knocked Su Lin in the head. Su Lin covered his head with an expression of suffering from injustice, and said, “Mom! I merely stated the truth! You are the best when it comes to stir-fried dishes, but when it comes to soups, Big Sis Zhu is the champion! Her soup is delicious, thick, and fragrant! Why don’t you take a sip and see for yourself? The fragrance alone wets your appetite before you even have a taste!”

Su Lin was correct. When Ye Xingzhu was training to be a nurse, she had the honor of training under a doctor of Chinese medicine. She had learned how to concoct traditional Chinese medicine from the professor, so whenever she cooked a soup, she would also add some medicinal herbs and other ingredients depending on the soup’s ingredients. Not only would it make the soup taste better, but the health benefits would also be increased!

“Good! Then have your Big Sis teach me how she makes that soup, and then I will make it for you every day in the future…”

Mother Su glared at Su Lin.

“Auntie, it’s nothing special. As my mother’s heart isn’t in a good condition, I decided to add some traditional Chinese medicine in the soup when I was making it! Rehmannia Glutinosa, Blood-strengthening Grass, and other such materials that are good for the heart…”

Explaining the details of the ingredients, she didn’t forget to look towards Su Lin and add, “there’s also medicine in it that nourishes the kidneys and vitality…”

Her words made Su Lin feel somewhat guilty. How could he not understand that his Big Sis Zhu was worried he might have overdone himself after their vigorous session yesterday, so she had specially added supplements for him in the soup.

But Su Lin didn’t think he was tired in any way! He was young and full of vigor and vitality! If it weren’t for Ye Xingzhu’s fear of getting found out, Su Lin would have wanted to have another go with her!

“Smelly brat! What are you thinking about? Hurry up and drink the soup, and then go ace the exam!”

By now, Mother Su had already gone to the kitchen to clean up the dishes, and only Su Lin and Ye Xingzhu were left on the breakfast table. Su Lin squinted his eyes and stared at Ye Xingzhu while drinking the soup, and that made Ye Xingzhu feel a bit weird. She couldn’t help but feel that Su Lin was plotting something!

“Big Sis, you were… alright yesterday, right?”

Su Lin’s gaze fell on Ye Xingzhu’s legs. When Ye Xingzhu had come to their place, she was walking a little awkwardly.

“Hmph! Li’l Lin, you are bastard! Wasn’t it all because of you…”

When Ye Xingzhu woke up today, she felt as if her legs were going to fall off. Her sore body ached all over, and her privates felt as if they were going to be torn apart.

“Then… Big Sis, since Auntie knew about what we did yesterday… did she say something to you?”

Su Lin asked in a whisper while making sure his mother was still in the kitchen.

“You still dare ask! If you hadn’t taken off your clothes and thrown them on the ground like that, would my mother have even found out? Later in the evening, my mother hounded me until I confessed the truth to her!”

Ye Xingzhu helplessly shook her head.

“Ah! Big Sis, then… You really told Auntie about us having already done it?”

“Li’l Lin, what nonsense are you thinking about? I mean that my mother asked me about the funds for the operation, and where I got the money from? I honestly told her that it was you who gave me that 200,000 Yuan!”

“So that’s what you meant!”

It turned out to be a false alarm. Su Lin wiped the cold sweat from his forehead. He wondered if he was going to get into trouble ones Aunt Liang tried to ask if he and Ye Xingzhu really did the deed? If Aunt Liang came to complain to his mother, Su Lin estimated that his mother would slap him to death without asking for an explanation!

“Smelly brat, don’t be too happy too early! Although my mother didn’t ask about that matter yesterday, she probably already knows everything! Maybe, it’s because today’s your College Entrance Examination, so she deliberately didn’t raise the matter, and is waiting for your exams to be over. In the future, I am sure she is gonna come to your family… Well, Big Sis will go back now, so you can slowly enjoy the headache!”

Throwing the burden of the headache to Su Lin, Ye Xingzhu rushed out of their home with a grin.

‘What am I gonna do? How am I going to face Aunt Liang in the future?’

Su Lin was no irresponsible person, but even if he was willing to shoulder the responsibility, now wasn’t the time for that! Ignoring everything else, his mother won’t agree to it right now!

With an annoyance like that plaguing his mind, Su Lin took his schoolbag and headed for Jian’an First High. No matter what, today was the last day of the College Entrance Examinations. After today’s exams, he will no longer be a high school student!

“I can score at least 700 points in the College Entrance Examinations, so I will certainly not have any issue getting into Tsinghua or Peking University; Yanran should be the same. Then, I will apply to the same University as her to further our relationship. Ah, right! There’s also Li’l Hao! I wonder if he memorized the answers to the question papers I gave him…”

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