Top Quality Beauty Cultivation System Chapter 125: Control Time; Exchange Skills!

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“What?! Top Quality Beauty Cultivation System started because the Cultivation Points exceeded 1000? What’s going on?”

Su Lin, who was about to fall asleep, immediately sobered up after hearing the voice.

Just when he found himself at a loss, a transparent interface popped up in front of him. The virtual interface had five words etched in gold: “Top Quality Beauty Cultivation System” and the number 1046, too.

“What’s this? What’s going on?”

Su Lin cautiously touched the translucent interface, and immediately, even more information popped up on it.

“These words and these icons… So… So this is what the Top Quality Beauty Culitvation System is like…”

Su Lin, who was about to drift into dreamland a few moments ago, now hungrily devoured the sudden information in front of him, and came to an understanding, “It turns out that the ability I got is this Top Quality Beauty Cultivation System created by the Ancient God of Time, combined with the advancements of human civilization and technology. This system gives Cultivation Points for intimacy with women, and the Cultivation Points can be used to control time and redeem various skills…”

Su Lin could see his “Time Stop” ability listed on the interface that had popped out of nothingness. He had used that ability so many times that he couldn’t get any more familiar with it’s functions.

Time Stop (Initial Activation): Use Cultivation Points to stop the time of the entire world. One Cultivation Point can be used to pause time for one second.

“So those digits in the corner of my vision were Cultivation Points… Why was there no hint before? Because the Cultivation Points hadn’t reached 1000?”

Su Lin understood the reasons after carefully reading through the information. It turned out that in order to fully activate this System, two conditions had to be met. First, you had to reach 1000 Cultivation Points, and second, you had to “cultivate” an intimate relationship with a beauty like he did today with Ye Xingzhu.

1000 Cultivation Points were like a chasm as Su Lin’s relationship with Ye Xingzhu had only increased his Points to 999. The only reason he was able to break past the 1000 mark was because of the 60 Cultivation Points he received every day. It really wasn’tan easy matter to activate this Top Quality Beauty Cultivation System.

“Since the God of Time created this System, then there must be some other abilities…”

Scrolling through the interface that only he could see, he finally came across a Time Control section, and really found what he was looking for: other abilities.

[Time Reversal]: (Active) Use the Cultivation Points to turn back the time of the entire world. One Cultivation Point can reverse time by one minute.

[Object Reversal]: (Inactive) Use the Cultivation Points to turn back time of a specific object. One Cultivation Point can reverse time of an object by one day.

[Prediction]: (Inactive) Use Cultivation Points to get a specific prediction about the future. One hundred Cultivation Points can be exchanged for one prediction.

Looking at the abilities and reading the notes next to them, Su Lin came to the realization that the reason his first ability, Time Stop, had “Initial Activation” written next to it was because it was an ability that activated without any requirement when someone got the system. The note next to “Time Reversal” said “Active” because it could be used by, while the other abilities had “Inactive” because he couldn’t use them yet.

Su Lin carefully looked for the activation conditions, and found that the more the number of women he had intimate relationships with, the more abilities that he could activate. Clicking on the Culitvation Points, Su Lin opened a new page in the interface that had his Big Sis Zhu in her white dress floating in midair, albeit, as a miniature version of the person herself.

“Could it be that all the women I have intimate relationship with will appear here in the future? Then… if I want to activate more abilities, won’t I need to have sex with more women?”

This realization gave Su Lin a headache, and he secretly cursed the God of Time’s wretchedness and shamelessness for creating something like this Top Quality Beauty Cultivation System. Cultivation Points could only be obtained by getting intimate contact with women, and new abilities could only be unlocked after fucking more women, thanks to that God of Time.

However, on second thought, since the God of Time was a literal God, wouldn’t he have heard him (Su Lin) cursing him in his heart? Thinking of this, Su Lin immediately halted his curses and moved his gaze to the Skill Exchange section of the System Interface.

“How surprising! This God of Time sure knows a lit about the professional skills used by us Humans!”

Su Lin was dazed as he went through the Skill Exchange section. If it was a skill he had heard about, then it was a skill the Skill Exchange section offered.


[Invicible Martial Arts]

[Godly Penmanship]

[Music of Nature]


These were all the skills that could be exchanged for in the Skill Exchange section, but they didn’t come cheap at all! Each skill required 500 Cultivation Points, and he was only on the first page…

“This… this… Just what the heck is this? What does this mean? I must ‘cultivate’ a beauty within a given amount of time after exchanging for a skill? Why do I have to do that?”

Su Lin found some rules for the exchange after looking through the interface, and realized that the System was essentially forcing him to pile up beauties left and right! And after he has exchanged for a skill, he is forbidden from advancing further if he doesn’t complete the mission?

Reading carefully through the manual, Su Lin found the predatory rules.

“If you don’t successfully ‘cultivate’ with a beauty in the specified time, the Top Quality Beauty Cultivation System will automatically collapse…”

The skills were quite powerful-looking, but it was a pity they were so damn expensive. Seeing his Cultivation Points that were above 1000, Su Lin realized that he could only exchange for only two skills… and there were more than ten skills just on the first page. If he went on a quest to exchange for all the skills, he couldn’t reckon how long that would take him.

“I will keep these Cultivation Points for now, after all, I have no idea when or what skill I might need. It’s better to exchange for a skill when I am in an urgent need…”

Su Lin had always been a stingy person, so he decided not to immediately spend his Cultivation Points. He decided to keep the Cultivation Points and only exchange when he found a suitable opportunity for their use.

Similarly, Su Lin also found the answer to a question that had confused him previously: the upper limit of the Cultivation Points he could obtain. It turned out that the System divided the degree of intimacy into three levels: Ordinary, Ambiguous, and Cultivation.

In the Ordinary Stage, one had an upper limit of 300 Points per day. It included slight physical touch and flirting.

In the Ambiguous Stage, one had an upper limit of 500 Points per day. It included having direct skin-to-skin contact with the other party’s body, and seeing their private parts, and whatnot.

The final stage, the Cultivation Stage, was the one in which you had sex with the other party. The upper limit for this prevented the Points from going over 1000. As seen from his time with Ye Xingzhu: no matter how much Su Lin enjoyed her body, his points wouldn’t go beyond 999.

Now that a new day had come, and his points had gone beyond 1000 already due to the 60 points he received every day, he could once again go to Ye Xingzhu for intimacy, but his points will only go up to a maximum of 1999.

“So that’s how it is! I have finally figured out this Top Quality Beauty Cultivation System…”

After figuring out the System’s functions, Su Lin could, finally, no longer stand the pangs of drowsiness. His bones were tired after such an intense day, so he immediately fell into deep sleep.

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