Top Quality Beauty Cultivation System Chapter 124: Initialize: Top Quality Beauty Cultivation System

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It hadn’t been easy for his parents, and Su Lin had watched them go through all of their hardships. He was ignorant to reality before, and would always cause his parents to be worried, but now that he had grown up, he understood their difficulties and resolved himself to repay them for their grace.

“Mom, I will get the soup for you. Dad, you should also eat more ribs…”

They had a lot of fun at the dinner table. Father and Mother Su had already felt Su Lin’s recent growth, and they couldn’t help but be happy in their hearts. Although, Su Lin seemed to have matured a little too quickly, and some aspects of his actions weren’t acceptable to them — like his relationship with those women.

When Su Lin was taking a bath, Father Su and Mother Su had discussed this matter for a long time. Finally, the had come to the conclusion that it would be better for them to leave it to Su Lin to solve. After all, no one could control emotions, and it was a process that everyone had to go through to mature.

“Li’l Lin, the College Entrance Examination will be over tomorrow. Once the scores are out, you will have to apply to a University, so tell us which University are you thinking of heading to?”

Su Guorong put down the tableware in his hands, and decided to bring up the matter of Su Lin applying to a University now that the College Entrance Examinations were going to soon be over.

“Dad, I haven’t thought about it too seriously yet. It won’t be too late to decide on the University after the College Entrance Examination results are out! I will see how much I scored, and then consider the matter of which University I should apply to.”

“That’s reasonable!”

Su Guorong nodded, and then asked another question.

“What about the field of study? How about… How about signing up for a Military College? I, your father, was a soldier so I can tell that if you apply to a Military College, you won’t have any issue problem with employment in the future. If you go to a Military College, you will be a General in the future…”

As a veteran, Su Guorong obviously hoped for his son to be admitted to a Military College. To him, it would be great if his son could get into the Military after graduation. In that way, it could be seen as Su Guorong’s dream of becoming a General getting fulfilled.

“What nonsense are you spouting? Old Su, I can accept everything else from you, but I will absolutely not agree to Li’l Lin going to a Military College! I will NEVER allow our Li’l Lin to go to a place like that! Have you not considered your life after retirement? How much bitterness have you had to bear through? Good iron isn’t used to strike nails, and good men do not become soldiers…”

Before Su Lin could open his mouth, his mother, Liu Aizhen, had already retorted.

“Aizhen, it… it’s different. I was enlisted in the army, while Li’l Lin will be applying to a Military College. I was an ordinary soldier, while he will be a high-ranked officer. The treatment for the two is completely different! How can you confuse the two as the same? Moreover, what’s wrong with becoming a soldier and contributing to the country’s forces? The country provides you with food, housing, and great wage. Your social status will be high as the sky, and you won’t need to worry about finding a job. Don’t you know how difficult it is for graduates to find a job nowadays?”

Su Guorong explained the benefits of entering the Military College, but Mother Su, Liu Aizhen, didn’t buy into any of his talk and said to Su Lin, “Li’l Lin, don’t be deluded by your dad! Not only is it hard to get into a Military College, but their environment is also very constrained. You won’t come across even one chick in there, and I, your mother, expect you to get yourself a girlfriend in the University.”

“Universities are for studies, so why would he need to get a girlfriend? What’s wrong with the Military College’s constrained environment? It’s only so that you can concentrate on your studies!”

Father Su retorted.

“Either way, I am not going to allow that! Su Guorong, were you not listening to my words? It’s my decision on what institute our son goes to after the College Entrance Examination results are out, do you understand?”

With her hands on her waist, Mother Su stood up from her seat and fiercely glared at Father Su.

It was this move again! Su Lin gloated at his father’s misfortune as he watched him shrink his neck in grievance, and say to Mother Su, Liu Aizhen, “Alright, then… we won’t make your son, Su Lin, go to the Military College! I won’t tell him to go there again! Is that good?”

At the end, though, Su Guorong aggrievedly whispered, “He’s also my son…”

“It’s alright! It’s alright! Dad, Mom, there’s no need to argue! Let’s decide on the University after my results are out. Who knows I might be able to make it into Tsinghua or Peking University?”

Su Lin persuaded them with a smile.

Almost every quarrel in their family ended with his mother coming out at the top with an overwhelming victory. It would be naive for someone to fall for his father’s stern expression, and hardened vibe. In reality, he was like a sitting duck when in front of his mother.

It was because of this that Su Lin would always go to his mother since childhood if he wanted to do something, or buy something. As long as Mother Su nodded in agreement, Father Su could only concede in agreement, too!

Such a family and such great parents! Su Lin really felt that he was blessed, and didn’t know how he could repay them for their blessing. Although their family wasn’t rich, he had never lacked food or clothing. Although his parents would quarrel with each other, their feelings for each other wouldn’t diminish at all.

“Old Su, see how open-minded and ambitious our Li’l Lin is? Tsinghua and Peking are the two best Universities in our country! Li’l Lin definitely took after me in this aspect!”

Su Lin smiled at his mother’s triumphant declaration, and then went back to his room with the excuse of a final review sprint before tomorrow’s exam.

As night fell, the heat of summer finally receded under the assault of the invading darkness. Around eleven o’clock, a cool wind started to blow that could make one shiver. Su Lin, who was lying on the table staring at his books, closed the window and went to lie down on his bed. His thoughts churned as he stared at the ceiling.

The dim moonlight fell into his room like a brilliant stream. Su Lin lay flat on his bed, and thought about various matters and people.

Originally, his life had been boring, simple, and hopeless, but ever since he got this special ability, everything had undergone earth-shattering changes. Not only had his grades improved, but it seemed that his luck had also turned for the better. And his fortune had also led him to the windfall of more than six million; it was cold, hard cash in his pockets.

“Big Sis Zhu…”

Su Lin murmured. She was the beauty Su Lin dreamed about for so many years, and today, he had finally got his wish! But why was it that beside being happy, he also felt the responsibility on his shoulders turn as weighty as a mountain?

“Teacher Lin…”

For two nights, he had pretended to be Lin Qingxue’s boyfriend. Su Lin couldn’t help but laugh when he recalled the events. Lin Qingxue was obviously an adult, so why did she look like an innocent sheep who didn’t know much about the matters between men and women?


In his mind appeared Qin Yanran’s ice-cold figure, and the fact that he had angered her without doubt! She had such a lovable appearance, so why had she learned her mayor mother’s cold demeanor? Was she aiming to be a strong and independent woman like her mother in the future? Su Lin felt that it would bode well for him if that were to happen.

“Aunt Ping…”

Thinking of Qin Yanran, he naturally thought of her mother, Fang Liping, who was the mayor of Jian’an. Whenever he recalled Fang Liping’s glare, he couldn’t help but feel uncomfortable. Su Lin reckoned that it would be better for him if he didn’t get too involved with her.

“Ah, right… There’s also that dumb policewoman, Han Xiaoxiao…”

He wondered if Han Xiaoxiao dressed up like a normal girl, instead of like a delinquent chick, would she look like a heroic beauty?

At the same time Su Lin lost himself in his fantasies, the clock’s hand ticked and the time finally reached midnight.

[Tick! Tock! Tick! Tock!]

When the hour, minute, and second hands of the clock all reached 12, Su Lin saw the number in the corner of his vision jump from 986 to 1046. It was the same as every other day — as soon as the clock struck 12, sixty seconds would be added to his total usable time.

[Cultivation Points Exceeded 1000!]

[Initializing: Top Quality Beauty Cultivation System!]

Suddenly, a voice rang in Su Lin’s mind!

Better late than never. The system is finally here!

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