Top Quality Beauty Cultivation System Chapter 123: One Can Never Repay Their Parents’ Kindness!

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Su Lin’s wet body covered by water vapors and sweat that leaked in his anxiousness made him feel as if his clothes were sticking to his skin. As he returned to his home, he found his mother, Liu Aizhen, cooking in the kitchen.

“Li’l Bastard, you ran away before I could even say anything! Your Aunt Liang had a heart attack recently, so you would better be careful when you walk and talk in their house! Also, don’t bother your Aunt Liang in any way!”

Mother Su, Liu Aizhen, taught Su Lin a verbal lesson while preparing the nice, warm meal that was giving out a fragrat steam.

“Mom, I will go take a shower first!”

Su Lin didn’t care for her teachings that much, and rushed to the bathroom as soon as he took off his outer clothes and threw them on the sofa.

“You brat, remember to use warm water when taking the bath — you still have an exam tomorrow, so don’t catch a cold!”

Liu Aizhen couldn’t help but yell as she recalled Su Lin’s habit of taking cold baths in the summer.

[TL: who the fuck takes warm baths when the weather is already fucking melting your ass?]

“I got it, Mom!”

Inside the bathroom, Su Lin completely stripped himself of the remaining clothes. His heart burned fiercely as he recalled the action with Big Sis Zhu in her bathroom, and an evil fire started to spread from his body’s lower region.

Stopping his actions, he looked at the number that represented the amount of seconds he could use his special ability for in the top-right corner of his vision. It had rose greatly after their action in the bathroom.

The figure soared greatly, but in the end, it got stuck at exactly 999 and wouldn’t budge after that.

“What’s going on? Could it be that I can only stop time for a maximum of 999 seconds?”

Su Lin hadn’t completely figured out this sudden ability that he gained out of nowhere. All he knew was that the number in the represented the amount of time, in seconds, he could use his ability, and how to increase that number once it went down. As long as he had some intimate encounter with a woman, the number would go up, but he wasn’t quiet aware of the limits and rules for the growth. Another method was the natural increase in the by sixty seconds after midnight every day.

“Back when I went to rescue Teacher Lin from the Jiaxing Hotel and used intimate contact with her body to increase the time when I almost ran out of it, I remember that this system gave me a prompt[1] that the upper limit could be increased through increase in intimacy every day. Just what even is this system? Is it just an ability that can pause time? And why do I have it?”

Su Lin pondered about his special ability while bathing himself.

Previously, Su Lin hadn’t had the time to give it much thought due to everything happening in succession without giving him any breathing time. He only knew about the ability to pause time, and it’s effect on his memory that made him remember everything when the time was paused.

“Just the ability to pause time can greatly improve my life, helping me live as if a fish in water. If I could dig up even more functions, wouldn’t I be even more powerful?”

Su Lin scratched his ears in wonder, but failed to find any method of digging out more functions throughout his bath. Even after doing multiple experiments, Su Lin found no change in his ability. All he did was waste a bunch of his time.

“Could it be that the ability to stop time is really the only function?”

Su Lin unwillingly left the bath, and found his father, Su Guorong, to have returned home already. Sitting on the sofa, his father was talking to his mother with a smile on his face.

“Dad, you are back already? What’s the occassion for you to be so happy?”

Su Lin knew had rarely seen his father, Su Guorong, smile. Normally, his father would always have a stern expression even when at home. But today, his father looked quiet cheerful, so there must have been something great.

“It’s a great occassion! Su Lin, you don’t have to worry about not having money to go to University. I have already found a job, and your mother has also received generous offers from various places! I was discussing with your mother on where she should work.”

Su Guorong’s frown had finally relaxed as a big smile covered his face, but Su Lin didn’t miss the greying hair near his father’s temples. Those were all the result of him worrying about work and money all these days.

“That’s awesome, dad! What company is it? What kind of job? Don’t work there if it’s too tiring! Also, Mom, you don’t need to work for the place that pays the most — instead, you should work for the one that’s most relaxed. As for money for University, I will figure something out for that myself. I am already eighteen years old, so I won’t burden our family anymore! I will make a lot of money in the future and let us live in luxury…”

Su Lin also sat on the sofa while speaking. Looking at his parents who were almost reaching their fifties, he couldn’t help but feel distressed in his heart. He used to be an ignorant brat and made his parents worry a lot, but he won’t let that happen anymore. He will certainly repay his parents’ graciousness.

He didn’t forget the bank card in his pocket, and the fact that it had more than six million in it. Su Lin was no longer worried about not having money, instead, he was worried about not having an excuse to give the money to his parents so they could spend it with integrity.

How was he supposed to conceal the truth about the money’s source? If he said that he got it from the Dragon-Tiger Gang, his champion-of-justice father will immediately tell him to hand the money to the government for the public’s benefit, and it will all go to waste then.

“Your dad’s still working for the previous transportation company, but the boss increased his wage by another 2000, so he’s now making 5000 Yuan a month. In fact, this should have been his salary to begin with if we take into account all the work he needs to do, but that boss was too stingy! But I, your mother, am still considering where to work. There are two electronics processing factories, and another clothing factory, and all of them are offering a salary of more than 3000! Although they aren’t paying as well as your dad’s work, but it’s still a lot of money. Alright, the food is prepared so you father and son should hurry to the table. Let’s eat and celebrate today! Our family’s fortune is changing for the better…”

A sumptuous meal had been beautifully prepared on the table by Mother Su, Liu Aizhen.

“Li’l Lin, this is pig heart! Once you eat it, your intelligence will increase, and you will be fueled up for tomorrow’s exams! Your success and failure in the future are dependent on these exams! After you get into a good University, your Mom will buy you a computer. You can play if you want to play, or do whatever you want to do from then on — I won’t bother with you anymore.”

The celebration turned joyous now that everyone was in a good mood, and Liu Aizhen was also no longer calling Su Lin a little brat, or names like that. She smiled and served Su Lin with a bowl of pig heart soup, braised pork ribs, Jian’an dried duck, and other such speciality dishes.

[TL: bruh, I said this before and I keep to my words: this fucker is dumb because they keep feeding him Pig Brain, Heart, and Ass.]

“That’s right! Li’l Lin, you should eat more and do your best tomorrow! When I went to work today, I passed by your uncle’s house, and he asked me to encourage you for your examinations. Your uncle said that your elder cousin will be returning from her University in Beijing in about two days, so you can ask your cousin for tips on how to apply to University, and all about the life over there…”

Su Guorong, too, nodded and encouraged his son with a smile.

Looking at the bowl full of vegetables, the pig heart soup, the braised pork ribs, and the smell of delicious food that wafted into his nostrils… and then looking at the wrinkled skin of his parents, the calluses on their hands, Su Lin couldn’t help but feel his heart sour up.

This was his family. He had parents who loved him unconditionally. Although they often scolded him, they always did it while keeping his best interests in mind. Even though his father never showed any care when he beat him up, he remembered how his father would also praise him as his good boy after a happy drink whenever he, Su Lin, achieved some good results.

The hardest thing to repay in life was the kindness of one’s parents. Su Lin’s nose sored and he vowed to give his parents a happy life!

  1. In case you are wondering what prompt? I am wondering, too! I went back to confirm and didn’t find anything in the translation or raws, so I am taking it as a mess-up by the author or the raw sources — even though I checked multiple — and modifying the translation here to get rid of the discrepancy. What’s more, I have gotten rid of a paragraph that doesn’t make any sense unless it comes after Chapter 125-127.

    The reason I am leaving information about the prompt here is because it can still be explained as something that happened but wasn’t described in the content due to the urgency of the situation at that time. (Su Lin trying to escape with Lin Qingxue from a bunch of thugs.)

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