Top Quality Beauty Cultivation System Chapter 121: Momma Ye Found Out?!

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Where did Su Lin have the time to care about all those matters? Right now, he gleefully tossed in the water as he had his way with Ye Xingzhu’s body. As he watched Ye Xingzhu tightly shut her lips, and cover her mouth as she tried to prevent herself from moaning out loud, Su Lin’s heart filled with an incomprehensible sense of achievement.

What’s more? Everything felt completely different inside the water! He felt unbelievably energetic. To Su Lin, having the taste of the world’s most wonderful experiences was enough for him to want to overturn the heavens and wish for even more.

[One thrust! Two thrusts…]

Ye Xingzhu’s body-temperature rose as Su Lin pounded her harder and harder, and finally, she couldn’t help but moan out loud, “Unh… Wu… Anh…”

“Zhu’er? What happened?”

Mother Ye, who was relaxedly sitting on the toilet seat, looked at Su Lin’s clothes on the ground with a profound look, and asked her daughter with a concerned tone.

“No- nothing, Mom! Anh… It’s the water… Unh… that’s too hot… Wu… so it burned my skin…”

This damned Su Lin! Ye Xingzhu couldn’t help but glare at Su Lin. She had to use all her strength just to answer her mother. How did he expect her to suppress her moans like this?

“Don’t stay in there for too long if the water’s that hot! You do know when to stop, right? I will be going back to my room to sleep now, so don’t forget to make dinner.”

Pulling up her pants, Mother Ye walked out with a bitter smile on her face. She had already guessed the truth of the situation in her heart, and wasn’t too far off from the truth. However, she decided not to raise the issue right then and there, and left the bathroom to get to her room with an implicit hint for the two.

Su Lin brazenly picked Ye Xingzhu up, as soon as Mother Ye left the bathroom and closed the door behind her, and made her flip over inside the bathtub as his impatient member desperately galloped inside her moist cave.

“Anh… Harder… Li’l Lin… Unh…”

Ye Xingzhu, who was cursing Su Lin just a moment ago, forgot everything as soon as her mother left, and started to moan out loud in pleasure.

After being held back for so long, Su Lin had finally got his chance to move as the water in the bathtub violently splashed around. Mounting Ye Xingzhu like she were his steed, Su Lin galloped back and forth like a great general on a battlefield as he took her through rolling peaks and war-torn plains.

“Faster… Anh… Li’l Lin, pound… Anh… me faster… Wu…”

The floodgates barring her desire completely broke down as Ye Xingzhu thoroughly went into heat. Closing her eyes, she completely devoted herself to feeling the way Su Lin wonderfully ravaged, stirred, and filled her insides completely.

Moving faster and faster, Su Lin climbed from one peak to another, and realized that he would soon be reaching the highest peak. Coming across the sudden realization, he upped his speed and galloped even harder and faster.

Su Lin’s feelings were no different from Ye Xingzhu’s. After being together ever day and night for more than a decade, all his love and feeling gathered up since childhood got a chance to be released today. He felt drunk on the pleasure coming from their flesh and spirit, and no longer held any scruples! This moment belonged just to the two of them. Between the heavens and the earth, there was nothing that could get between them now!


Su Lin’s movements got faster and faster, and his expression became ferocious as his wild ravaging of his prey like a mad beast reached the absolute peak. Right now, this small bathtub was his territory, and he could do whatever he desired!


Su Lin and Ye Xingzhu moaned out at the same time.

Finally reaching the highest peak of pleasure, the two felt as if their bodies were going to fly away. They felt as if they were falling from outer space. With an incomprehensible pleasure dominating all his senses, Su Lin’s body lost all strength as if someone had squeezed him dry. Hugging Ye Xingzhu from behind, the mad beast turned into a docile beast in the blink of an eye.

“Li’l Lin, thank you! Thank you for letting Big Sis experience such divine pleasure…”

Ye Xingzhu, too, no longer had any strength left in her body. She turned her head to have a look at Su Lin’s exhausted face, and gently caressed his visage. With her eyes narrowed, her lips bloomed into a sweet smile full of happiness.

“Big Sis Zhu, it’s I who should be thanking you! It’s you who helped Li’l Lin grow up… into a real man… Hehe…”

Su Lin, who had barely recovered any energy, didn’t forget to make a joke.

Their passion slowly became to fade away, just like the heat in the bathtub’s previously hot water that was now turning a little cold.

Watching the bloodstains on Su Lin’s back, Ye Xingzhu immediately knew that they were the masterpieces produced by her, so she distressedly touched the lacerations and asked Su Lin, “Li’l Lin, does it hurt? Forgive me, I held onto you too tightly with my nails!”

“Big Sis Zhu, it’s nothing! Compared to the pain you endured, something as minor as this doesn’t matter.”

Just like Ye Xingzhu saw Su Lin’s blood, Su Lin, too, saw the faint traces of Ye Xingzhu’s blood mixed in the bathtub’s water. His Big Sis Zhu had given him her most prized possession, so Su Lin couldn’t help but feel immensely proud of himself. But, at the same time, Su Lin took note of his responsibility. From now on, he had to work hard and provide his Big Sis Zhu with happiness and a great life.

Seeing the blood stains moving around in the water stirred Ye Xingzhu’s heart a bit. That was what she had protected all her life, but… she didn’t regret today’s happenings one bit. Looking at the grown-up man in her arms, Ye Xingzhu knew that she could no longer see him as a child once more.

He was a man through and through! He was Su Lin! He was her man!

Ye Xingzhu straightened her back without feeling any hesitation in front of Su Lin. For her, it was no longer a taboo even if he saw every inch of her skin. Pulling out the bathtub’s water plug, she watched the water quickly swirl and disappear down the drain. Before long, all the water in the bathtub disappeared, taking with it her blood.

The bathtub that was previously full of water now sat empty. Su Lin, on the other hand, gulped his saliva as Ye Xingzhu’s perfect figure appeared in full view in front of him.

Everything he saw now belonged to him, and just before, he had mercilessly ravaged every inch of the flesh that stood in front of him.

A man’s energy in his youth was inexhaustible, especially for a wolf like Su Lin who had just had his first taste of a woman’s flesh. Seeing Ye Xingzhu taking the bath towel to wipe her wet body little by little, Su Lin’s desire burst forth once more, and his deflated member swelled up back to its previous majestic appearance.

“Li’l Lin, that… Why is it so big again?”

Ye Xingzhu, who was preparing herself to get dressed, widened her eyes in surprise when her gaze fell upon Su Lin’s twitching dragon roaring towards the ceiling. Ye Xingzhu was a nurse who had graduated from a medical college, so she had learned about the basic function of a man’s little brother. She had been taught that after a session of copulation, a man’s member would deflate after spurting its load. Generally speaking, it should take from ten minutes to about half an hour for them to get excited again, so how could Su Lin’s be ready to go already? It hadn’t even been a few minutes, and Su Lin’s member stood proud once more.

Now that the pleasure had faded and she recalled the pain from having her hymen torn through, Ye Xingzhu felt the swelling and pain radiating from her coochee. Seeing Su Lin’s face full of evil intentions, she hurriedly rushed away from him.

“Big Sis Zhu, why are you running away? I am not a wolf; I won’t eat you!”

Su Lin grinned and got out of the bathtub as well. But when he saw his own t-shirt and jeans in the corner of the floor that Mother Ye had wiped before, he was taken aback. Picking up his clothes, he said to Ye Xingzhu, “Big Sis Zhu, look at these! Aunt Liang must have seen my clothes, right? We… we were discovered by Aunt Liang?!”

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