Top Quality Beauty Cultivation System Chapter 120: Momma Ye Can Watch Me Pound Her Princess!

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[Hymen-tearing painful noises!]

A soul-rending, body-tearing pain assaulted Ye Xingzhu as her virgin crevice swallowed Su Lin’s bulging member.

She went through a sublimation, a metamorphosis.

Right now, Ye Xingzhu felt as if her life were complete. She frowned and bit her lips as tears streaked down her cheeks due to the sheer pain, while the nails of her both hands dug into Su Lin’s shoulders.

“I… Big Sis Zhu, I am sorry… Did I hurt you too badly?”

Su Lin couldn’t be bothered about Ye Xingzhu’s nails that dug into his flesh; stopping all of his movements, he felt Ye Xingzhu’s entire body wrapped around his own, while his member throbbed inside her warm, wet, and comfortable cave.


Ye Xingzhu shook her head in response, but Su Lin couldn’t tell if she were shaking her head in pain, or saying no to his question and desiring for him to continue.

It was the first time for the both of them, but Ye Xingzhu, who was a nurse, was more familiar with matters in this aspect. As soon as the pain between her legs lightened, she lightly parted her red lips, plucked up her courage, and softly blew in Su Lin’s ear. In a gentle, charming tone, she said, “My good little brother, you can move… I want it… faster… harder…”

Those words that came out of Ye Xingzhu’s mouth lit a fire in Su Lin’s heart, and he suddenly turned crazy as he could no longer hold himself back.


A sudden, violent thrust made Ye Xingzhu feel as if she would fly away at any moment. Every cell and tissue in her body trembled in excitement as Su Lin’s member filled the emptiness in her nether regions, and the pain that came with the pounding weakened bit by bit. Before long, the pain was replaced by waves of numbness as electric shocks went through her womb. The gradual impacts against her inner walls sent her to the peak of happiness.

Right now, Su Lin was like a fierce, ancient behemoth as he mercilessly pressed Ye Xingzhu against the bathroom’s door and pounded her without any gentlness. However, it was this exact fierce pounding that made Ye Xingzhu feel as if she had been filled to completeness and could die right now without any regrets. She tightly held onto Su Lin’s neck and pulled himself towards herself, wishing to completely swallow him inside of herself.


The sudden sound of a door shutting close resounded, shocking Su Lin and Ye Xingzhu where they stood. With how intensly the two of them fucked inside the bathroom, wouldn’t the sounds have already leaked to the outside? Especially when Su Lin tore through her virgin seal — Ye Xingzhu had cried out in pain at that moment. There was no doubt that it was Mother Ye, Liang Guizhu, who had come out of her room after hearing the noise!

“Crap! Li’l Lin, it seems my mother is coming over!”

Ye Xingzhu thought the same. Just before she came in to take a bath, she had put her mother to sleep. She was afraid that their moans and groans might have woken her mother up!

“What should I do?”

Su Lin’s anxiousness also soared as he heard the sound of footsteps get closer and closer. He wondered if he should use his ability to stop the time and hide himself ASAP?


Ye Xingzhu made a hushing motion towards Su Lin. At this time, their bodies were closely plastered against each other’s, but neither of them dared to make a movement in fear of creating any more noise.

“Li’l Lin, do you remember the last time I was taking a bath and you sneaked in to peep at me?”

Ye Xingzhu asked while pointing towards the big bathtub behind him.

“Big Sis Zhu, you mean that we should hide in the bathtub once more?”

They were obviously in a pinch, but, for some reason, Su Lin heart gave birth to some expectations and evil ideas.

“Un! Fast, you… Anh… We should…”

Ye Xingzhu wanted to let Su Lin hide first, but the two of them were connected in quite a compromising position right now, so she couldn’t help but lightly moan and blush as Su Lin gently lifted her up from the ground, prompting her to clamp her legs around Su Lin’s waist, with his member still buried inside her.

“Anh… Su Lin, slow down… You… You should come out of me first… I can’t… move like this… I… I can’t get down…”

“Sis Zhu, it’s alright. Moving around like this isn’t difficult, I…”

Although that’s what he said, moving around in such a position wasn’t something a fledgling like Su Lin could achieve right during his first time.

And indeed, with just a little carelessness, Su Lin’s hot member slid out of Ye Xingzhu’s moist cave.


Ye Xingzhu suddenly felt the feeling of emptiness return, and it certainly didn’t feel good. She glared at Su Lin, but Su Lin, too, felt a bit empty after leaving the warm embrace. But now wasn’t the time for that, so he tightly hugged Ye Xingzhu and hopped into the bathtub with her, and then drew the curtain to hide themselves.

[Thump! Thump! Thump!]

It was a narrow escape. Mother Ye, Liang Guizhu, knocked on the bathroom door as she spoke, “Zhu’er, are you in there? What happened just now? There was so much noise?”

“Mom, it was me. Nothing happened… I was just… The ground was too slippery, so I almost fell down! I am taking a bath… Mom, didn’t I tell you to lie in the bed and rest? Why are you walking around? The doctors told you not to move around without reason!”

Ye Xingzhu replied, with a feeling of guilt filling her heart. At the same time, she discovered that Su Lin wasn’t behaving, and his hands had climbed up her busty tits as he tightly groped and fondled them.

“Don’t worry! I just got up to go to the toilet…”

As Mother Ye said those words, the knob of the door clicked as she tried to open the door and enter. Ye Xingzhu’s heart jumped, and she hurriedly pulled the curtain in front to hide them. At the same time, she forcefully stopped Su Lin’s pair of pig trotters from her feeling her body as they pleased.

The same thing as last time repeated itself, as if fate were intentionally fucking with them. When Su Lin broke into the bathroom the first time, Mother Ye just happened to come to the bathroom… and the same happened today, too!

“Zhu’er, you dumb girl! You are already so old, yet you made such a mess in here just for a bath?”

As soon as Mother Ye came inside, she saw the bath water flowing everywhere, so she couldn’t help but pick the wiper behind the door to wipe away the excess water.

{Wiper no Wiping! Wiper no Wiping! Dora-chan will not condone this behavior!}

“Mom, I forgot to turn off the shower head… That’s why…”

Ye Xingzhu tried to explain herself. What she didn’t expect, however, was that Su Lin, who was inside the bathtub with her right now, started to act up and grope her body under the water unscrupously.

“Su Lin, you… My Mom is still here…”

Ye Xingzhu glared at Su Lin and warned him in a whisper.

“I don’t care! Aunt can just watch us do it!”

Mother Ye’s presence only increased Su Lin’s excitement. The last time they were in the hospital bathroom, he had been cockblocked by Mother Ye, and had to worry about the matter for a good few days. So now, there was no way Su Lin would let go of such a godsend opportunity! He wasn’t gonna let of the meat between his teeth, NO WAY!

Even if Mother Ye found out, what could she do but let them be?

[Splash! Piak!]

The water in the bathtub churned once more as Su Lin ignored all of Ye Xingzhu’s objections. He lost himself in the completely different feeling that came with every thrust inside the warm bath water that added to the resistance against his member’s conquest.


Ye Xingzhu took a cold breath as an unprecendented sense of fullness dominated her senses. Her heart thumped crazily, and she crazily resisted her body’s urge to let go and moan in sheer pleasure.

The excitement she felt rose to another level in their current situation.

Finished wiping off all the water from the bathroom floor, Mother Ye, Liang Guizhu, took off her pants and sat on the toilet. But she immediately frowned when she heard splashes of water coming from the bathroom once more, and said, “Zhu’er, why are you taking a bath or playing splash in with the water? Can’t you see I just wiped the water and you made the floor wet again…”

“Mom, anh… I… I understand.”

Right now, Ye Xingzhu had to do her best just to prevent herself from moaning out like an animal, so she could only curse Su Lin in her heart. With lust covering his face, and the deep movements he made, was he truly not afraid of her mother catching them in the act?


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