Top Quality Beauty Cultivation System Chapter 12: Su Lin, Tell Me The Truth

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No one had expected that Su Lin would have the courage to accept Qin YanRan’s condition, so all the students on the scene were more than eager to do such a testimony.

All of a sudden, the surroundings turned even livelier. What had started as a temporary farce now seemed to have turned into a gambling house. Yes, it was a gamble between Su Lin and Qin YanRan. In the end, will Su Lin be able to score in the top 50 rankings of the grade? It was now related to who will claim the Ice Queen of the School.

And, Qin YanRan had personally said that as long as Su Lin was able to get into the top 50 of the grade, she will consider Su Lin to be her boyfriend.

At that time, only the examinees nearby had heard what was happening, but now that some time had passed, a lot of students in the school had received the news and come over to the corridor, blocking all paths and making it appear like a sea of people.

“What’s the matter? Students, why have you all stopped here and blocked the path? The exam has already ended, hurry up and go grab a lunch, there’s still the language exam in the afternoon……”

A familiar voice sounded. Su Lin looked up and saw that it was their class in charge, teacher Lin Qingxue. She was holding a stack of English papers that she had just collected from the Examination Hall. As an invigilator, after Lin Qingxue received the papers, she left the Hall and was about to go to her office when she also witnessed such a farce.

Originally, she wasn’t going to interfere in anything, after all, she hadn’t graduated from College for a very long time, so she understood the psychology of high school students. She advocated the free sentiments for everyone and thought that if a teacher intervened, it might create an unwanted reaction.

However, she had no choice but to not interfere. The reputation of the School Ice Queen Qin YanRan was really too widespread. And the news that “the poorly doing student Su Lin blatantly confessed to the Ice Queen QIn YanRan” was going to blow up. In the face of more and more students gathering around, Lin Qingxue felt that it was necessary to stop this farce as soon as possible, after all, that was a teacher’s responsibility.

“Lin… Teacher Lin?”

Qin YanRan also heard Lin Qingxue’s voice. Previously, she had not noticed Lin Qingxue in the crowd. Now that she suddenly heard Lin Qingxue’s voice as she was telling the students to go their own way, Qin YanRan was a little flustered. After all, what she just said and did wasn’t something a good student would do. Since Lin Qingxue had already seen the scene, it must have left a bad impression on her.

“Students, hurry up, don’t block the entire place. There’s nothing to see here…”

Lin Qingxue held a stack of English papers and shouted towards the students. But since there were far too many students, her yelling had no effect, so she had to find a few understanding students from the crowd and have them help her evacuate the place first. Pushing through the crowd, Lin Qingxue arrived before the perpetrators of the event, Su Lin and Qin YanRan.

“YanRan, how is your grandmother now?”

As she arrived before them, Lin Qingxue didn’t say anything about the matter, instead, she first asked about Qin YanRan’s grandmother’s condition.

“My grandmother’s surgery went well and she has passed the dangerous period already and woken up. The doctor said that so long as she rested well, she will be all right. Thank you, Teacher Lin!”

Even though Lin Qingxue hadn’t said anything, Qin YanRan herself didn’t feel too well and apologized, “Teacher Lin, sorry, I…… I and Su Lin were…… Really, there is nothing going on……”

“All right, YanRan, I know that you were doing it all out of good intentions and wanted to encourage student Su Lin.”

Lin Qingxue smiled slightly and looked at Qin YanRan as if looking at her own younger sister. Such a beautiful and clever little girl, she was well deserving of being the school flower. Moreover, in Lin Qingxue’s view, even if Qin YanRan was looking for a boyfriend, her other half will definitely not be someone like Su Lin, after all, how could Su Lin even match Qin YanRan. Therefore, it was clear to a discerning eye that the greatest possibility of Qin YanRan’s actions was to try and inspire Su Lin.

“YanRan, the exam has ended so you should hurry up and go have a lunch. With you here, the students are just crowding the entire place. Hurry up and get lunch and get some rest, prepare for the afternoon exam well.”

To make all the students leave the place, it was first important to have the culprits that started the issue leave first. So long as they were gone, no one would have a show to watch. Lin Qingxue patted Qin YanRan’s shoulder and asked her to leave first.

“Um! Teacher Lin, I will take my leave first.”

Since the class in charge had spoken, Qin YanRan naturally knew what to do. She carried her bag and squeezed out of the crowd. Before she left, she turned around and looked at Su Lin’s proud and confident appearance, making Qin YanRan even more curious in her heart. In the end, what made Su Lin so fearless? It seems that he had really changed himself.

Seeing that Qin YanRan had left and the teacher wanted them to leave as well, the people who were there just to watch a show also gradually left. Seeing the situation, Su Lin also decided to leave as soon as possible while Teacher Lin was not paying any attention to him. But right when Su Lin was about to leave, a few words from Lin Qingxue stopped him in his tracks.

“Su Lin, where are you running off to? Help teacher carry these examination papers to the office.”

Hearing this, Su Lin’s face had a painful expression. Don’t think about his arrogant, imposing, and fearless expression just now when he proclaimed he will enter the top 50 rankings of that grade. Now that he was being stared at by the in charge of the class, Lin Qingxue, all the self-confidence was slammed down to the ground.

In his three years of his high school career, Su Lin was the most afraid of Lin Qingxue. Now that Lin Qingxue was asking Su Lin to help him bring the English exam papers to her office, wasn’t that the same as saying “come to my office and have a cup of tea”?

The surrounding students knew that Lin Qingxue was the teacher in charge of Class 2 Grade 3, that was Su Lin’s class. All of them looked at Su Lin with gloating eyes as they knew that Su Lin was certainly going to be miserable. Not only did he confess to a girl in public, but he was also caught in the act by his teacher in charge, the consequences would be enough for Su Lin to make Su Lin understand his place.

“Ms. Lin… this… it’s almost noon and I am hungry as well, if I am late to the cafeteria, I will have no food to eat…”

Su Lin naturally knew the consequences of going to the office, so he wanted to make excuses and get away. But Lin Qingxue had also been a teacher for three years now, how would she not know how to cope with him. She gave him a faint threatening smile and said, “You help teacher hold these examination papers and bring them to the office, and teacher will treat you to a meal, so there shouldn’t be any problem now, right?”

“Uh… okay!”

It seemed that there was no more escape, so Su Lin could only accept his face. Under the laughter and gloating of the surrounding students, Su Lin stretched out his hands and took the English papers from Lin Qingxue.

“Hehe, you are really hardworking, Student Su Lin.”

Lin Qingxue wasn’t polite either, after all, the stack of English papers was quite heavy as well. Half of it was the essay answers, and the other half was the multiple choice answer sheets. Lin Qingxue had piled them together and held them close to her chest, now that she had Su Lin to share the burden, she was obviously happy to give them to Su Lin. When she saw Su Lin reach out his hand, she didn’t think too much and moved forward to let Su Lin take the stack of papers off of her chest.

“Eh… in this posture?”

Su Lin felt strange. If he was just going to take the test papers, Lin Qingxue could have just used her two hands to put them in his hands. But now, the thing was that Lin Qingxue was also carrying her bag in her hand, and the exam papers were completely touching her chest inside her arms. In that posture, if Su Lin tried to take the papers from her, he would have to insert one of his hand near Teacher Lin’s chest to get them.

“Come on, Su Lin, teacher won’t be able to hold it for too long!”

Facing Su Lin, Lin Qingxue was obviously treating him like a student, not a man, so there wasn’t any thought about an interaction between man and woman might have. Since that’s how she thought, seeing Su Lin not move at all, she pouted and urged him to take the papers already.


Su Lin was stunned but then quickly regained his footing. Since Teacher Lin didn’t mind why would he, he was getting a petty advantage for free, why refuse it. There wasn’t even a need to suspend time for this.

With a little hesitation, Su Lin raised his eyebrows and looked at Lin Qingxue’s today’s attire. She was wearing a small jacket, a whitish-pink shirt, and a dark leather skirt wrapping all the way to her knees. Maybe because the weather was too hot today, but Lin Qingxue wasn’t wearing her signature black silk stockings and high heels.

However, the most attractive thing about Lin Qingxue was her fluctuating mountain range behind the exam papers. Every time he takes the English class, Su Lin’s eye will be attracted to those automatically. Teacher Lin was the most beautiful when she was excited, the mountains seemed that they were about to fall out.

“So good! They are definitely bigger than Qin YanRan’s, and I also touched Elder Sister Zhu’s yesterday, but…… Yesterday, when I felt Elder Sister Zhu’s chest, she wasn’t wearing any underwear and they felt so smooth. Though Teacher Lin’s look bigger, it’s possible that since she is wearing underwear, she might have also placed some cushion inside…”

While Su Lin was indulging in his fantasies, his hands hadn’t stopped their movement. Carefully reaching out his hand, he tried to take the English exam papers from Lin Qingxue’s embrace in a well-mannered approach.

The hand gently went inside. The small suit had a unique sense of smoothness as he felt the smooth and bulging mountains inside for a moment and abruptly took the exam papers from her. However, at the last moment, Su Lin took all of the cheap advantages, rubbing the back of his hands on the small bumps on Lin Qingxue’s chest.

The feeling was so soft yet strong enough to know that there was absolutely no artificial pad in there.

This was the first thought that Su Lin had after taking the English papers. In his heart, he also felt embarrassed and thought Teacher Lin could be regarded as a woman with a “disastrous chest”.

Naturally, Su Lin’s “petty action” absolutely couldn’t go unnoticed from Lin Qingxue. In that instant when Su Lin’s salty pig trotters had extended inside, Lin Qingxue had felt unusual. Regarding women, that place was very sensitive. Even if there were a shirt and underwear separating them, she had still felt Su Lin’s nonchalant rub, provoking a response.

“Su Lin, tell me the truth……”

“What happened, Teacher Lin?”

Having being felt, Lin Qingxue’s snow face turned red. She wanted to teach Su Lin a lesson on the spot, but couldn’t find a reason. Since it was her who made Su Lin take the English exams from her, moreover, looking at Su Lin’s naive and innocent look, Lin Qingxue couldn’t determine whether he did it intentionally or unintentionally. So she could only blush in anger and shame, and swallow the rage. Lin Qingxue tried to calm herself as her chest was still bouncing up and down in rage. Grounding her teeth, she said, “Nothing, come to the office with me!”

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