Top Quality Beauty Cultivation System Chapter 119: Pound Me, Li’l Lin!

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The water vapors in the bathroom obstructed their vision, while water overflowed from the bathtub as Ye Xingzhu hadn’t had the chance to turn of the shower head.

Speaking of which, it was the first time Ye Xingzhu saw Su Lin naked, and with such a pompous expression, too! And it was also her first time seeing a man’s member from such close proximity!

Right now, Ye Xingzhu was so embarrassed that she couldn’t even bring herself to look Su Lin in the eye. She dared not raise her head to meet Su Lin’s fiery gaze. She wished for her head to somehow get buried in her chest.

“Big Sis Zhu, are you alright?”

Su Lin breathed out heavily, and his body trembled. Ye Xingzhu wasn’t the only one nervous at the moment, but Su Lin, too, had his emotions in an uncontrollable whirl.

“Big Sis Zhu, are you alright?”

Hearing no response from Ye Xingzhu, Su Lin took a step forward, and repeated his question after getting even closer to her.

Ye Xingzhu still didn’t open her mouth for a response, but the blush on her cheeks visibly deepened, and her chest sharply rose and fell. With her hands clasped together, she tried to take a back, but the wooden door of the bathroom had other matters in store for her as it stopped her where she stood.

“Big Sis Zhu, if you don’t speak up, I will take it as a silent consent from you!”

Su Lin smirked, and just before Ye Xingzhu could open her mouth to form a response, he once again lowered his head and blocked Ye Xingzhu’s mouth with his lips.


Ye Xingzhu, who was just about to speak up, had her words pushed back down her throat by Su Lin. His fierce tongue, too, went ahead and unceremoniously wrapped itself around her own tongue, twisting and twirling without stop. By now, Ye Xingzhu no longer had the strength to fight back at all.

Su Lin’s pig trotters climbed back on top of Ye Xingzhu’s snowy peaks, and made her arch her back as she lost her ability to move, speak, and reason. The more Su Lin fondled her tits and groped her body, the more sensitive her senses turned, and the hornier she got. Ye Xingzhu breathed rapidly, and could no longer hold herself back as she tightly hugged Su Lin, and pressed her soft, firm pair of milkers against his sturdy chest.

With that, Su Lin lost his ability to play with the mounds as he pleased, so his filthy pig trotters could only climb down and dig towards Ye Xingzhu’s waist. The bath water had already dripped down Ye Xingzhu’s body, and the wetness that covered her came completely from her fragrant sweat that was produced every time Su Lin’s fiery palms roamed around her lustrous skin.

In response to Su Lin’s movements, Ye Xingzhu’s body twisted and turned in a way that seemed to be catering to Su Lin’s rough hands.

Her thighs that looked like milky fat jade tightly clamped together, while Su Lin’s hands made their way towards what they hid in-between them.

[Slippery! Hot!]

Ye Xingzhu’s figure had always been great, especially her pair of jade legs that were neither too thin, nor too thick — they were just right! Bliss covered Su Lin’s face as he slowly felt Ye Xingzhu’s burning thighs.

“Umph… Wait, Li’l Lin… I feel so itchy…”

For women, their inner thigh was one of their body’s most sensitive part. As Ye Xingzhu felt SU Lin’s rough and fiery palm snake over her thighs, she felt as if her something nibbled away on her body bit by bit. The numbness and itch spread around with an even greater intensity. All the desire and blood in her body rushed towards a single point in her body, as if anticipating the arrival of someone.

Ye Xingzhu felt as if she were a hot air balloon that was filled beyond capacity and was about to explode.

“Don’t touch, Li’l Lin, don’t touch like that anymore…”

Ye Xingzhu’s legs clamped tighter, and her body arched further. She hooked her arms around Su Lin’s neck to raise her head, and her voice trembled as she begged.

But the more Ye Xingzhu begged for mercy like this, harder Su Lin’s member got. The feeling of glee in his heart deepened, and his rough and fiery palms gently slid from the sides of Ye Xingzhu’s inner thighs towards her most sensitive region…


Ye Xingzhu took in a sharp breath as Su Lin’s palm came in contact with her precious skin. Su Lin, on the other hand, trembled a bit as he felt a sticky liquid seep onto his hand from the crevice he had reached.

“Big Sis Zhu, are you wet?”

Getting a good rub down there, Su Lin brought his stained hand near his nose and lightly sniffed. A faint, fishy smell mixed with the scent of shower gel wafted into Su Lin’s nostrils, making his arrogant member further stretch its neck as it roared towards the heavens.

“Big Sis Zhu, take a sniff of this! This is your aroma!”

Su Lin cackled and brought his hand towards Ye Xingzhu’s nose, but was immediately stopped by Ye Xingzhu’s words, “Li’l Lin, you… You evil!”

It was a great embarrassment! Ye Xingzhu buried her head in Su Lin’s shoulder to hide her embarrassed face. But now that Su Lin’s rough palm had left the spot between her thighs, Ye Xingzhu, who should be feeling better due to freedom from the ticklish and uncomfortable feeling, felt the return of the previous emptiness as it hit harder than before. Her legs clamped together and her thighs rubbed against each other harder than before, as her hold around Su Lin’s neck tightened.

“I am evil? Hehe, Big Sis Zhu, I am capable of worse than this!”

Su Lin thrust his waist forward as soon as he finished his words. Before Ye Xingzhu could comprehend his meaning, she felt his fiery huge rod tightly press its mouth against Ye Xingzhu’s most sensitive nether region.


Ye Xingzhu, who had just been lamenting the sudden feeling of emptiness, felt her mind flutter in the wind as the heated rod burned against her sensitive skin.

‘It’s so big, thick, and hot… This… How will this go in?’

Ye Xingzhu dared not look down, but her mind wandered to the appearance of Su Lin’s hot rod she had just see — her heart couldn’t help but skip a beat in fear of what was to come. What Ye Xingzhu didn’t know was that right now, Su Lin’s rod had turned even thicker and longer than before, ready to mess her up inside-out.

‘Since it is so big, thick, and hot… Then… Won’t it be very comfortable if I could have it inside me?’

Ye Xingzhu was frightened and apprehensive now that the moment she had fantasized about for so many years had finally arrived so suddenly. She was about to give her chaste, virgin body to the man in front of her. She had no regrets! On the contrary, she low-key anticipated what was to come now — she had already prepared her heart for this moment during that incident in the hospital’s bathroom.

Seeing Ye Xingzhu close her eyes as if she had accepted her fate, Su Lin knew that his Big Sis Zhu had prepared herself to give him her everything.

His rough, fiery palm made its way down there once more. Su Lin felt as if he had stepped in a muddy swamp as he gently ran his finger over the throbbing flesh, prompting a wave to rise inside Ye Xingzhu as she tightly clamped her legs around Su Lin’s hand.

“Little Lin, you evil guy… don’t tease sister like this anymore, and… give it to me… fast…”

Unable to stand Su Lin’s teasing, Ye Xingzhu shivered and begged for mercy.

“Give you what?”

Su Lin questioned even though he knew the answer. Now, he was in no hurry to continue. He gently moved his hand down there, and with every movement, he could feel Ye Xingzhu’s body tremble in response.

“Li’l Lin, you…”

Ye Xingzhu still had some scruples about her proper appearance, so she refused to phrase her desire in words, but Su Lin’s raging fingers immediately softened her into dough.

Occupied by the horniness and numbness, Ye Xingzhu’s eyes partially closed, and she fell into a state of heat as her body subconsciously moved closer to Su Lin. Her arms around Su Lin tightened their grip, as if she wished to squeeze Su Lin inside her own flesh.

“Li’l Lin, do it fast! I want you… Fuck me! Li’l Lin, fuck your Big Sis Zhu…”

Ye Xingzhu’s sudden words immediately made Su Lin lose his mind. After holding his desire back for so long, Su Lin, too, had reached his limit. He immediately pried open Ye Xingzhu’s already wet thighs, and his thick, hot rod covered in bulging veins slowly approached the place he had long dreamed about.

“Li’l Lin, please be gentle…”

Although Ye Xingzhu looked forward to the fulfillment she was about to receive, she still held a bit of fear in her heart as she felt Su Lin’s fiery breath get deeper, so she couldn’t help but plead with a trembling voice.

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