Top Quality Beauty Cultivation System Chapter 118: Oomph! It’s So Big!!!

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Ye Xingzhu bashfully buried her head in Su Lin’s chest.

Today, Su Lin wore a thin t-shirt, so Ye Xingzhu could not only feel his burning chest, but also his frantic heartbeat that wasn’t any slower than her own.

Ye Xingzhu felt as if a wild fawn had been let free inside her chest, crashing here and there. She had lost her ability to form coherent thought, and couldn’t find a reason to stop Su Lin’s advances. Her soft body meekly lay in Su Lin’s arms as she whispered to him, “Li’l Lin, don’t do…”

However, what could her weak protest achieve now that Su Lin had her in his grasp?


Before she had even finished her words, Su Lin’s thick, fiery lips shut her complaints as he sealed her lips with his own.

[Hot! Rough! And overbearing…]

It was exactly the same as what Ye Xingzhu had just been imagining, so she immediately lost herself to passion under Su Lin’s forceful kiss.

She felt breathless, but Su Lin’s passionate kiss kept going without a care for her feelings. His tongue unscrupulously invaded further, like a galloping knight on a battlefield, and broke through the barriers as it made its way inside Ye Xingzhu’s mouth.

There was no pity, nor was there any gentleness. Today, Su Lin had vowed to be domineering! Today, Su Lin had resolved himself to completely own Ye Xingzhu!

Ye Xingzhu wanted to resist, but her body’s instincts and her sensual desire intertwined, and before she knew it, her mind became muddled.

Su Lin had no care for the consequences of his actions. His lips fiercely sucked and chewed on Ye Xingzhu’s succulent, red lips, while his hands made their way over her body that had turned as soft as dough.

Unable to form any resistance, Ye Xingzhu was pressed against the bathroom door by Su Lin. At the same time, Su Lin’s filthy pig trotters got to work and started to demand their own share of meat.

“Anh… Li’l Lin, don’t…”

Ye Xingzhu’s shivered all over, and her back arched with pleasure, as she felt a burning, rough palm sneakily climb towards her peak where her most cherished strawberry stood proud.

It was too sensual!

Unlike the last time, Su Lin wasn’t gentle in the least, and fiercely lay claim to every inch of Ye Xingzhu’s skin.

Ye Xingzhu wanted to speak up, but Su Lin forced her words back down her throat with his ever-stronger attack on her mouth. The most she could do was whimper and try to push Su Lin away, but her body refused to follow her thought.

Su Lin, however, wasn’t satisfied with how much meat he held in his hands right now. He wished that he could have had three heads and six arms right now, just like NeZha from the myths.

The bright, jade-like legs of Ye Xingzhu had long lost any energy to stand on their own as they tightly clamped together to calm the itch between them. Her arms, on the other hand, wrapped around Su Lin’s neck, barely helping her main her body’s balance.

As her body violently rubbed against Su Lin’s, Ye Xingzhu felt a lustful itch from the very depths of her bones, and her body burned hotter and hotter. Before long, the itch spread all over her body, and Ye Xingzhu felt as if something had electrocuted her.

The discomfort that came with the itch rose, and Ye Xingzhu couldn’t help but frown. She wished for someone to open dams so the build-up inside her could be released, but unfortunately for her, there was nowhere for her to release that which recklessly rose inside her.

Su Lin’s rough palms hadn’t stopped their offense, but by now, his attack had toned down as he moved down her peaks. He caressed Ye Xingzhu’s waist, and kept moving downwards. As soon as he reached her perk ass, Su Lin mischievously slapped that bubbly butt a few times.

“Li’l Lin, I hate you…”

Ye Xingzhu finally broke free of Su Lin’s lips, and took a few breaths. By now, her twin peaks had turned red due to Su Lin’s malicious treatment, and she looked as weak as a leave that would be blown away with the gentlest gust of autumn wind.

“Big Sis Zhu, I won’t allow you to hate me! I want you to like me… to love me! I… I want… I WANT TO BE YOUR MAN!”

Su Lin’s eyes burned with passion, and the passion was contagious as it made Ye Xingzhu’s body burn harder.

“Li’l Lin, you… do you reall like Big Sis?”

Ye Xingzhu’s eyes lip up, too, and she gently stroked Su Lin’s face with her hands. The boy in front of her had accompanied her for more than ten years. The laughed together, grew up together, and even slept together. She couldn’t articulate her feelings for him.

It was this young man, too, who resolutely took out 200,000 to help her family in their worst time. If it weren’t for Su Lin, Ye Xingzhu was sure she would have ended up as Sui Hongwei’s woman by now! Even though she didn’t like Sui Hongwei in the least! The person she loved was Su Lin! Yes, the same boy whom she had treated as a young brother all these years. He, who she had never imagined would be be able to occupy her heart, had now become someone she could never kick out of her heart no matter how hard she tried!

“I do! Big Sis Zhu, I like you… NO! I LOVE YOU! I will protect you from now on, and I won’t let you suffer the slightest grievance from now on…”

Su Lin’s firm response and gaze filled Ye Xingzhu with a feeling of security. As a girl born in a single-parent family, what she lacked the most since childhood was a sense of security. There were times when Ye Xingzhu had thought no man in the world could give her that sense of security, but now, she had been proven wrong.

Today, she felt it from Su Lin! She could read it from Su Lin’s eyes!

“Li’l Lin, Big Sis also loves you!”

This time, it was Ye Xingzhu who took the initiative. Her arms wrapped around Su Lin’s neck as she tip-toed, and her red, cherry lips took hold of Su Lin’s thick kissers.


Su Lin moaned in surprise. He had never expected that his Big Sis Zhu would take the initiative to kiss him like this.

The warm and enthusiastic kiss raged on, and Su Lin, who hadn’t acted just now, realized that Ye Xingzhu’s slippery little tongue wasn’t to be taken lightly as it made its way through his lips. Although her movements were clumsy, the fact that Ye Xingzhu took the initiative lit Su Lin’s heart on an even vigorous flame.


The dragon had risen inside his pants as Su Lin’s body fully reacted to the raging stimulation. Before, Ye Xingzhu had been hunched back, and Su Lin had bent down to be able to kiss Ye Xingzhu, but now, Ye Xingzhu’s body was thoroughly plastered against his own. When she kissed Su Lip while standing on the tips of her toes, her waist had pushed against Su Lin’s, so the moment Su Lin’s member pushed forward, it directly came in contact with the flesh between Ye Xingzhu’s thighs, shocking her.

Just like that, a tent had risen between Su Lin’s legs, and it solidly rested against Ye Xingzhu’s inner thighs.

And how was it possible for Ye Xingzhu to not know what pressed against her flesh? Her face blushed like a ripe tomato, appearing as if blood would ooze out with the faintest touch. Su Lin, on the other hand, didn’t care about such trifles. He gently pushed Ye Xingzhu away, and took off his t-shirt in one fell swoop, showing off his well-built chest.

Although Ye Xingzhu didn’t dare look, and had even closed her eyes, but she clearly heard the sound of Su Lin untying his belt.

With a crash, Su Lin took off his jeans and underwear in a single motion, and the head of his mighty member sprang forth with great pride.

Ye Xingzhu faintly opened her eyes, and saw that Su Lin had taken off all of his clothes. From his sturdy and burning chest, her gaze moved downwards. As soon as her eyes fell upon the Su Lin’s majestic dragon that roared towards the Heaven, Ye Xingzhu was taken aback, and yelped, “Ah! Why is it so big?!”

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