Top Quality Beauty Cultivation System Chapter 117: Eat that Meat!

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The faint sound of rushing water came from the bathroom.

At this time, Ye Xingzhu was thoroughly exhausted, both physically and mentally, after finally bringing her mother back home. She had spent the last few days looking after her mother in the hospital, and barely had any time to take a rest.

It was fortunate, though, that her mother could already move around freely with little difficulty. As long as her mother didn’t do anything strenuous, she won’t have any problems recovering to good health.

Lying down in the bathtub filled with hot water, Ye Xingzhu leaned her head against its edge and watched her perfect figure submerged under the water. In her mind however, she recalled the fiery time she had with Su Lin in the hospital’s bathroom a few days ago.

‘That damned Li’l Lin! He must have tricked a lot of girls, or how would he know to kiss that well?!’

The more she thought about it, the faster her heart thumped. Ye Xingzhu could feel her body burn hotter, and her face turned red, too! Good for her that she was in her bathroom and there was no one else to watch her current appearance.

‘Those two girls with Su Lin today – one was a beautiful teacher, and the other must be his classmate; Those two must have confused Li’l Lin in the school!’

Bitterness rose in Ye Xingzhu’s heart as she thought about the events at Su Lin’s school. When she recalled how Qin Yanran and Lin Qingxue were competing for Su Lin’s affection, she couldn’t help but slap the surface of water, and curse Su Lin with a pout, “Su Lin, you damned, little crook! Was your Big Sis Zhu not enough for you?!”

Ye Xingzhu stroked her fair, jade-like legs in the water with sorrow and self-pity. Caressing herself slowly, she closed her eyes, and imagined that it wasn’t her, but Su Lin, touching her right now.

But how could the feeling be the same?

Her hands were delicate and small, while Su Lin’s hands were rough and large. Moreover, Su Lin’s hands burned as if the fire of passion were lit on them. Thinking back to that day, she recalled Su Lin’s rough palms fiercely wreaking havoc on her body, gently feeling every part of her body, leaving their mark on every nook and cranny, every up and down. Ye Xingzhu felt an unbearable itch in her heart as the flame of desire burned in her heart.

There was also the kiss Su Lin gave her. He had sealed her mouth without any gentleness, and ravaged her as if he owned her… to the point that she had difficulty even breathing.

As those thoughts swirled inside Ye Xingzhu’s mind, her hands unconsciously reached her waist, and moved upward until she held her proud pair of pudding tits in each hand. Before she knew it, the two pink berries at the peaks stood upright, looking even more delicate with droplets of water accentuating their existence.

“Su Lin, you bastard!”


Ye Xingzhu’s body wreathed in the water as she could no longer stop herself from imagining all sorts of hot scenes. Her body’s temperature slowly rose, and a feeling of numbness spread throughout her body, starting from her chest. At the same time, a feeling of emptiness deepened in another part of her body, dissatisfiedly screaming for something to fill the thirsty void.

Gently picking up the shower head next to the bathtub, Ye Xingzhu bit on her succulent, red lips. Supporting herself up by placing her elbows on the bathtub’s edges, she turned on the shower, and began sprinkling the warm water on her chest, slowly moving downwards.

[Unh… Mmph…]

That was it! The feeling she had been yearning for! Ye Xingzhu felt her entire body lighten up like a feather as the shower head got closer and closer to the unfillable void. Just a little more, and… Ye Xingzhu wished she could stuff the entire shower head into her empty, moist cave.

It wasn’t enough! It just wasn’t enough! She couldn’t fill the gap like this.

[Mmph… Anh…]

“Su Lin

That damned Su Lin! It was all his fault. Ever since he played with her body like that, she had become more and more sensitive, and it had become impossible for her to achieve euphoria all by herself.


At this time, Su Lin had arrived outside the bathroom’s door after tiptoeing all the way. As soon as he put his ear against the bathroom’s closed door, he heard Ye Xingzhu’s muffled voice, and felt as if he heard his Big Sis Zhu call for him. Could it be that his Big Sis Zhu was thinking of him while bathing?

What was his Big Sis Zhu even doing inside? Su Lin’s heart itched even harder as his imagination ran wild. He couldn’t wait anymore. Rubbing his hands, he gently reached for the bathroom’s knob. It was as he had imagined: Big Sis Zhu hadn’t locked the bathroom door.

It was awesome that his Big Sis Zhu had such a great habit! Grinning to himself, Su Lin turned the knob, and with a [click], the bathroom’s door slowly opened.


Ye Xingzhu – who was fully absorbed in her act of self-pleasure – was shocked when she heard the click from the bathroom’s door, followed by its opening. She immediately stopped all her movements, thinking that her mother had arrived. With a little fear, she yelped, “Mom, didn’t I ask you to get a good rest in the bed? Why are walking around like this…”

Su Lin silently walked forward while listening to the sound of rushing water inside the bathroom. The hazy water vapors whirling around him further stimulated his already-inflated desire.

Due to the curtain separating the bathtub and the rest of the bathroom, and the water vapors that interfered with her vision, Ye Xingzhu failed to see Su Lin sneak in like a mouse. Receiving no answer even after a while, Ye Xingzhu moved the curtain aside, and turned her burning, red face outside to take a look.

“Ah! Li’l Lin, what are you doing here?”

As soon as she opened the curtain, Ye Xingzhu was taken aback to see Su Lin’s fiery eyes that were now glued to her body, “I… I am taking a bath… What are you doing here? Quick… Go out… Fast….”

With the curtain no longer in the way, Su Lin couldn’t help but be stunned at the sight in front of his eyes. Ye Xingzhu looked incomprehensibly gorgeous in that moment. Her flawless, dainty body appeared to have been carved out from the finest jade. The only part that didn’t match the rest had to be her proud pair of D-sized jade rabbits showing off their strawberries.

They were damn big! And it was good thing!

Su Lin wished to rush forward and fiercely suck and chew on the reddening strawberries that could destroy the strongest of wills.

“Li’l Lin, you… Don’t stare at me like that… You… You go out right now…”

Ye Xingzhu dared not look into Su Lin’s fiery eyes – she couldn’t bear the burning passion raging inside his eyes. Ye Xingzhu knew that was the fire of desire that burned in the eyes of a man who held a strong feelings of possessiveness towards someone.

“Li’l Lin, get out…”

Ye Xingzhu’s heart thumped like a wild fawn. She knew something irreversible would happen if she let the matter go on like this, so she stretched out her arms to push Su Lin away. But even her full-strength push couldn’t make Su Lin budge from his spot!

“Big Sis Zhu! I want you…”

Su Lin, who already burned with unquenchable thirst and desire – which only raged harder as he recalled the regret of their last encounter – wasn’t one to miss this godsend opportunity. Taking hold of Ye Xingzhu’s arms and moving them aside, Su Lin went all in on this opportunity. Reaching his hands into the bathtub, he took hold of Ye Xingzhu’s waist and pulled her towards himself. Bending down further, he grabbed onto Ye Xingzhu’s naughty feet that tried to splash the water, and pulled her completely out of the bathtub.

Just like that, Ye Xingzhu was princess carried out of the bathtub without a thread to cover her hot, naked body from Su Lin’s greedy gaze that desired for nothing but to gobble her up then and there.

“Ah! Li’l Lin, don’t…”

Feeling weightless, Ye Xingzhu could no longer process what was going on. Su Lin, on the other hand, cared not for anything as he tightly held onto Ye Xingzhu’s wet body. Ignoring his wet clothes, and the bath water that splashed onto his pants as he yanked Ye Xingzhu out of the bathtub, he prepared to lay claim to his belongings.

Today, even if the Heavens fell, Su Lin would definitely eat this meat!

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