Top Quality Beauty Cultivation System Chapter 116: Is Big Sis Zhu Taking a Bath Again?

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“Big Sis Zhu is my elder sister!”

Hearing the hateful tone of the two women, Su Lin decided it would be better to give an ambiguous reply.

“Your elder sister? Su Lin, aren’t you an only child, so where did this elder sister come from? Or is she a cousin?”

Lin Qingxue didn’t wait for Su Lin’s reply as she answered her own question. Without giving Su Lin any room to defend himself, she spoke further, “That’s not right! She wouldn’t be watching you so affectionately if she were your cousin, right? Su Lin, answer me honestly! Who was she?”

“Teacher Lin, Big Sis Zhu is our neighbor who lives next door. We grew up together, and we are as close as real siblings.”

As Su Lin said those words, he recalled the incident in the hospital and felt guilt rise in his heart. If Mother Ye hadn’t woken up that day, he would have surely cooked the rice with his Big Sis Zhu in the hospital’s bathroom.

“Ah! So you two are neighbors who grew up together? Wouldn’t that make you childhood sweethearts? Su Lin, you perverted little wolf, I never thought your fortune in romance would be so great! I, your teacher, shouldn’t have looked down on you all this time.”

Jealous oozed from every word Lin Qingxue sarcastically spoke. Turning to Qin Yanran, who was standing right next to her, she said, “Yanran, did you see Su Lin’s elder sister just now? Big Sis Zhu? Wasn’t she quite attractive? And her figure was top-notch, too! It’s just that she seemed a bit tired for some reason!”

As Lin Qingxue’s words made their way into her ears, Qin Yanran immediately recalled what she saw in the hospital that day. Didn’t she see a nurse intimately hug Su Lin in a ward that day? Wasn’t that nurse exactly this Big Sis Zhu whom Su Lin had just introduced to them?

“Su Lin, you… You are too much!”

All of a sudden, Qin Yanran felt as if she had suffered a great grievance. She had thoroughly rejected the advances of so many boys who pursued her love, yet this Su Lin was getting frivolous with other women behind her back, hugging Teacher Lin on the left, and that Big Sis Zhu on the right. Why was she even lowering herself for a bastard like him?

Qin Yanran had her own arrogance. Although she had been blinded by her jealousy just now, and was doing her best to win Su Lin’s favor, she had calmed down now. She recalled her mother, Fang Liping’s words that a woman should strive to be self-respecting and independent. She immediately felt that Su Lin had gone too far, so yelling a few words to him, she ran away, aggrieved.


Just when Su Lin prepared to chase after her, Lin Qingxue grabbed onto his arm and stopped him in his tracks.

“Su Lin, you are really good! You have a Big Sis Zhu at home, and you still went ahead and deceived our pure Yanran at school! I won’t let you deceive our Yanran anymore…”

Lin Qingxue’s eyes shone with shrewdness as she held Su Lin back.

“Teacher Lin, you did this intentionally, right? You deliberately said all that to make Yanran leave in rage!”

Su Lin indignantly watched Qin Yanran run away, as he watched Lin Qingxue’s victorious expression.

“Su Lin, you are so unfair. I was simply speaking the truth. Besides, aren’t you embarrassed to blame me like that, when it’s I who should be questioning you right now?”

Lin Qingxue’s lips arched up into a faint smile as she said, “Su Lin, answer me honestly! How many other elder sisters do you have beside that Big Sis Zhu? There wouldn’t be some Sister Lan, Sister Wan, and whatnot, right?”

“There really aren’t any! Teacher Lin, please don’t make anymore trouble; I have to take another exam in the afternoon! Now that you have created this mess for me, how do you expect me to do well in Mathematics? To begin with, although I don’t have anymore elder sisters, even if I did have a dozen more elders sisters like that, it shouldn’t have anything to do with you!”

Su Lin’s anxiety made him drop all politeness as he spoke harshly. But Lin Qingxue still had a confident and righteous expression as she held onto Su Lin’s arm, and said, “How does it have nothing to do with me? Su Lin, you are my boyfriend now, so how can I not be concerned if I see you getting into affairs with all these women?”

“Ah! That was all an act! We were just pretending to be in a relationship to deceive your mother, no?”

“A fake relationship is still a relationship! No matter what, Su Lin, you must tell me honestly how many other women you are having an affair with?! Is it true that nothing happened between you and Yanran when you slept with her last night?”

Lin Qingxue looked charming even when angry, and leaned against Su Lin like a little girl. It was fortunate, though, that it was noon, and everyone had gone to have lunch, so there was no one to watch them around right now.

Otherwise, if someone saw Lin Qingxue pulling on a boy from her class like that, Su Lin reckoned that the scandal would make a headline at the front page of Jian’an First High’s newspaper.

“Nothing happened! Teacher Lin, didn’t I sleep with you twice at your place? Did something happen between us? Don’t you know how morally upright I am?”

Although Su Lin said those words, in his heart, he said something completely different with a lecherous smile.

‘Teacher Lin, now that I have seen you act like a jealous woman, I will definitely not let you go unscathed the next time I get a chance!’

“Morally upright? You? What a joke! Alright, lets leave this for later. There’s still an hour before the the next exam, so you should go hold onto Buddha’s legs in the meantime! I still have matters to attend to, so I am going back to my office.”

With Qin Yanran gone, Lin Qingxue had achieved her goal, so she harrumphed and left Su Lin alone under the shade of a tree.


Su Lin smoothly finished the math exam in the afternoon. Although the questions were relatively difficult, they posed no trouble for Su Lin, who had already done them yesterday.

This time, though, Su Lin had learned his lesson, and didn’t turn in the paper right after he answered all the questions. Only when the bell signifying the end of the exam rang did he come out of the classroom, and hurriedly waited for Qin Yanran outside the door of Room No. 23.

Qin Yanran, however, gave Su Lin no chance to explain himself. With her lips curled down in annoyance, she snorted, and passed by Su Lin without giving him a glance.

‘Doomed! I am doomed! Yanran is angry with me once more, just like the last time. Moreover, it seems like she’s in a worse mood than the last time. Ah! What should I do? What should I do?’

Su Lin scratched his head, but couldn’t think of a good solution. The last time Qin Yanran was angry, he was only able to solve the matter because Aunt Ping brought him to their place last night, and he saw Qin Yanran in a awkward situation, without any of her clothes. Could it be that he would need to see Qin Yanran without clothes once more for her to not be angry anymore?

Today was an extremely thrilling day for him. Not only was it the day of the College Entrance Examinations, but Qin Yanran, Lin Qingxue, and Ye Xingzhu had also had a minor skirmish among themselves. Sweat kept raining down Su Lin’s back all day long. But when he finally returned home, he found that all the mess in the house had already been cleaned up by his parents.

Su Lin, who was both physically and mentally exhausted, threw his schoolbag to the side and sighed as soon as he lay back on the sofa.

“What happened, Li’l Lin? Did the Mathematics exam this afternoon not go well for you?”

Mother Su, Liu Aizhen, nervously ran over and asked after she saw Su Lin’s dispirited expression.

“Mom, I did well in the test — there won’t be any problems there. It’s the other stuff…”

Su Lin sighed. He realized that having too many ambiguous matters and relationships wasn’t something good. No matter what, everything will be exposed one day, like what happened today. If something like that repeatedly a few times, he would surely not be able to live long.

“Why are you sighing like that if the exam went well? Tell you what, Li’l Lin, the places that refused to give me a job before not only called me today to give me work, but they even promised me a higher wage than before! The same happened with your father! Your father and I are now discussing which place each of us should work for?”

Mother Su shared the good news with grin. Her joy was through the room right now. Her son did well in his studies and the College Entrance Examination, and the both of them also found jobs! What else could stump their Su Family now?

“Really? That’s great! This is a joyous event for our family, and we should celebrate! Mom, Dad, since so many places are offering you a job, then I suggest you take the one that pays the most without having to work extremely hard.”

Su Lin also felt happy for his parents, but he still had his own doubts. Although Liu Jianguo, the Secretary of the Municipal Committee, fell from power, there was no need for these employers to show such graciousness to his parents after they had been warned by Liu Yuanfeng previously. After thinking for a while, Su Lin guessed that it might be thanks to Qin Yanran’s mother, Fang Liping, helping them out. He estimated that Fang Liping must have had a chat with those people!

“That’s not the end of joy, Li’l Lin! Your Aunt Liang was also discharged from the hospital today. It’s all thanks to your Aunt Liang accumulating good karma throughout her life by doing good deeds that she ran into a noble person who helped her out. I don’t know where this kind gentleman came from, but he gave your Big Sis Zhu 200,000 Yuan for her treatment, and it was because of that help that your Aunt Liang’s heart disease could be cured!”

As he heard those words, Su Lin couldn’t help but chuckle in his heart. Wasn’t he, himself, the noble gentleman his mother was talking about? It was great that Aunt Liang had been safely discharged from the hospital. Su Lin had previously thought that the 200,000 he gave to Ye Xingzhu might not be enough, so he was preparing to use the six million that he still had in his bank account!

“In a while, you should go visit your Big Sis Zhu and Aunt Liang. Your Big Sis Zhu might not be very happy with you today. Also, what’s going on between you and Teacher Lin? And what’s the deal with that classmate of yours? Today, this old lady won’t let you go unless you give me an explanation!”

As she said those words, Mother Su didn’t forget to clutch onto Su Lin’s ear and twist it to get a confession out of him.

“Ah! Ah! Mom! It hurts! Didn’t you say you will ask about it after the College Entrance Examinations?”

Su Lin cried out in pain.

“No! You must give me an explanation right now! What did you do during the two nights that you spent at Teacher Lin’s place?”

Mother Su directly spoke her thoughts and asked him for an explanation. Su Lin hurriedly broke free of her mother’s Catching Dragon Claws, and slipped out of the house while saying, “Mom, I will go visit Aunt Liang first…”

Su Lin couldn’t help but worry for his life. Surely, his fortune hadn’t tumbled down to Hell, so why was he going through all this? First, he was questioned by Lin Qingxue and Qin Yanran back at the school, and now when he came back, it was his mother interrogating him! Was he a criminal now? He wondered.

My Big Sis Zhu is the best!

Recalling Ye Xingzhu’s beauty and elegance in that white dress gave rise to a fire in Su Lin’s heart. Since Aunt Liang had been discharged from the hospital, his Big Sis Zhu would certainly be taking care of her at home now.

It won’t be wrong to say that his relationship with his Big Sis Zhu had already ripened by a great deal. Su Lin had continuously been worried after he didn’t succeed in taking her in the hospital last time, so now that he had found another chance, there was no way he would be letting her go!

As he arrived outside the Ye Family’s house, Su Lin realized that the door wasn’t locked, so he lightly pushed it open and entered.

There was no one in the main hall, but Su Lin heard a faint sound of rushing water coming from the bathroom.

‘Is Big Sis Zhu taking a bath again?’

Su Lin’s heart burst with joy as he sneaked towards the bathroom like a thief.

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