Top Quality Beauty Cultivation System Chapter 115: Three Women in a Play

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This is bad!

Su Lin’s heart sank now that he knew his Big Sis Zhu had definitely watched the show with Qin Yanran and Teacher Lin just now.

“Li’l Lin, it seems you are having a great spring in the school, seeing how you have a beautiful teacher and a gorgeous classmate all over you!”

Ye Xingzhu wasn’t stupid, so it only took her a moment to guess Qin Yanran and Lin Qingxue’s identity.

“Little bastard! Your Big Sis Zhu has been looking after your Aunt in the hospital over the last few days, and especially came here to cheer you on, yet you have so many moths flying around you…”

Mother Su’s words hadn’t finished when both Qin Yanran and Lin Qingxue came over to further the Soap Opera.

“Su Lin, come, I will treat you to lunch today…”

“Su Lin, wait a minute, I will call my Mom. My Mom said she will pick us up for lunch…”

Qin Yanran and Lin Qingxue refused to give each other any leeway, appearing as if they would jump each other at any time. But when they looked towards Su Lin, they saw visible hostility plastered on Ye Xingzhu’s face as she stood beside him.

Ye Xingzhu’s stood tall and proud with her white dress, long, lustrous hair, and exquisite figure that accetuated her charm, but her face had turned paler with annoyance. Seeing Qin Yanran and Lin Qingxue invite Su Lin out for a meal, to the point that the two looked as if they were going to break out into a brawl, Ye Xingzhu wrapped her arms around Su Lin’s, and said with a charming-yet-annoyed tone, “Li’l Lin, Big Sis Zhu will take you out to eat delicious food since it’s the College Entrance Examination today!”

‘Who the heck is she?’

Qin Yanran and Lin Qingxue echoed the same thought.

“Ah… Teacher Lin, thank you a lot for patiently teaching our family’s Su Lin over the last three years — his grades wouldn’t be so good without your effort. After all that, how can we still impose on you and have you treat him to lunch? Instead, it’s us who should be inviting you…”

Mother Su recognized Lin Qingxue. She knew Lin Qingxue was Su Lin’s homeroom teacher, and seeing the current debacle in front of them worried her to no end as she wondered just what had transpired between her son, Su Lin, and Lin Qingxue? The matters of the family, however, were to be kept inside the family, so she could only be polite and reserved as they were out in the public right now.

“Aunt Liu, you don’t have to worry about that. Su Lin and I might be student and teacher, but I am only a few years older than Su Lin, so our relationship is more like that of elder sister and younger brother; I hope you won’t mind if I call you Aunt. Moreover, Su Lin and our Mayor Fang’s daughter, Qin Yanran, handed their exam papers quite early, so I was asking them a few questions. Since it’s almost noon now, I thought I should treat them to lunch since they might be hungry.”

Lin Qingxue had quite some experience under her belt when facing the parents of her students over the last three years. However, the one standing in front of her right now were Su Lin’s parents, and for some reason unbeknownst to Lin Qingxue, she felt nervous — afraid of leaving a bad impression on Su Lin’s parents.

Qin Yanran, on the other hand, took out her mobile phone from her schoolbag. She had turned it off for the exam, but now she turned it on and dialed her mother, Fang Liping’s number.

[Beep! Beep! Beep!]

After a few rings, Fang Liping finally answered her call.

“Hello! Mom, Su Lin and I have finished our exam already. Didn’t you say you would pick us up for lunch ones we were done?”

“Yanran, I am sorry! I have been busy all morning due to the on-going investigation, so I am afraid I won’t be able to make it there. How about you and Su Lin go eat at a nearby restaurant? Or should I send Secretary Liu to arrange something?”

Fang Liping was quite busy on the other side. It wasn’t wrong to say that the entirety of Jian’an City’s officials had been swept from their feet, and more than one-tenth were under investigation right now. The Secretary of the Municipal Committee was removed, so Fang Liping had to shoulder the burden of the Secretary of Municipal Committe and the Mayor at the same time, so she didn’t even have the time to have lunch by herself.

“Mom, how can you be like that? Didn’t you promise there won’t be a problem?”

Qin Yanran felt aggrieved. It had always been like this all throughout her childhood. Whether they were out on a lunch or visiting an amusement park, their outing would immediately end as soon as her mother received a call regarding her government affairs. Qin Yanran had always been a sensible child, and understood her mother’s difficulty, but she couldn’t take the rejection this time. Couldn’t her mother accomodate her even once?

Qin Yanran’s grievance was so great that tears welled up in her eyes, but she resisted her urge to cry, and lowered her head so Su Lin wouldn’t see her current appearance.

“Yanran? What’s wrong?”

Su Lin was very sensitive, and immediately discovered Qin Yanran’s unusual behavior since she wasn’t standing too far away from him.

“Could it be that Aunt Ping has no time? That’s not unexpected, though. She’s the Mayor of Jian’an City, so where would she much have free time?”

“But, Mom promised me!”

Qin Yanran forcibly held back her tears and raised her head, showing Su Lin her aggrieved appearance. Su Lin couldn’t help but feel distressed seeing her like that.

“Since Yanran’s mother doesn’t have time, then I will treat you all both to lunch, Su Lin! Yanran, don’t be sad, you can always do it again later…”

Lin Qingxue added after seeing Qin Yanran put back her phone.

“Li’l Lin, Big Sis here specially came to cheer for you, so you must have a meal with me…”

Ye Xingzhu refused to be outdone by the others. Moreover, she regarded Lin Qingxue, a woman around her own age, to be a great threat to herself.

With these two turning against each other, too, Su Lin felt an even greater headache coming towards him. Worse still, his parents were standing right next to them. Su Lin could feel visible anger from his father, Su Guorong, as he saw him quietly glare at him.

“Don’t fight! Don’t fight… Mom, Dad, what do you think? How about we treat Big Sis Zhu, Yanran, and Teacher Lin to lunch in a nearby restaurant? The six of us will only need one table, after all. What’s more? Today’s the College Entrance Examination, so we should eat well and refuel ourselves for the rest, right?”

Su Lin pulled on her mother’s sleeve, pitifully hinting to her for help in breaking out of this deadlock.

“Alright! Since the College Entrance Examination is a major event for you, Mom will listen to you. If you don’t explain yourself after the College Entrance Examination, see if I won’t peel off your skin, brat!”

Su Lin knew full-well that his mother had the biggest say in all matters inside their family, after all. Once she said those words, his father, Su Guorong, nodded in agreement, too, and invited Ye Xingzhu, Qin Yanran, and Lin Qingxue, “Teacher Lin, Xingzhu, and Li’l Lin’s classmate, Yanran, let’s have lunch together! This way, there won’t be a need to have any argument among ourselves. All of us will have lunch together and cheer for the childrens’ success in the College Entrance Examination!”

“Okay! We will do as uncle says.”

Ye Xingzhu was the first to respond once Father Su proposed his plans. Lin Qingxue and Qin Yanran naturally had no objection.

Su Lin was relived to see the three women, who were vehemently opposing each other just now, calm down. Sure enough, three women in a play [show, drama, etc.] would only bicker and give one a headache.

Su Lin, however, was getting happy a bit too early as he would still need to deal with the mess later on.

The group of six arrived at a restaurant that was close to Jian’an First High. As the other candidates had yet to finish the exam, there weren’t many customers in the restaurant.

Taking in account that Su Lin and Qin Yanran would still have to take their exam in the afternoon, they kept everything simple with an order of some everyday dishes. Everyone sat quietly as they waited for the dishes to be served.

Qin Yanran and Ye Xingzhu scrambled to sit next to Su Lin, while the huffing and puffing Lin Qingxue was dragged to the other side by Mother Su.

“Teacher Lin! Our family’s Li’l Lin has caused you a lot of trouble over the last three years. After Li’l Lin is done with the College Entrance Examination, I will make sure to host a Teacher Appreciation Banquet for you. You can think of today’s lunch as an appetizer for that, hehe…”

The dishes arrived, and Mother Su happily gave Lin Qingxue a piece of fish-flavored eggplant. Lin Qingxue, on the other hand, sourly watched Su Lin and his bowl that kept getting filled with.

“Come on, Li’l Lin, try this Pig Brain Soup I specially ordered for you. It will help freshen up your brain for your next exam in the afternoon! Look how fresh and fragrant this Pig Brain Soup looks. You should eat more of it…”

[TL: No wonder this guy is as dumb as a pig! It’s all this Ye Xingzhu’s fault. She keeps forching him to cannibalize!]

“Su Lin, try these chicken legs, and this, that, and that… All of these are very delicious…”

Ye Xingzhu took a bowl of hot Pig Brain Soup and brought it in front of Su Lin. Qin Yanran, too, kept filling Su Lin’s bown with various dishes such as Braised Pork, Fish-flavored Pork, Shredded Chicken Drumstick, and whatnot…

Looking at the pile of food in front of Su Lin, Lin Qingxue, who was sitting opposite to him, had fire rage in her eyes that could burn someone to death if looks could kill. Su Lin felt a shiver go down his spine, so he awkwardly stopped the actions of the two, “It’s enough! It’s enough! Yanran, Big Sis Zhu, I can eat what I want. You two should hurry up and eat, too! How am I going to finish all of this food you put in front of me? I don’t even know where I am supposed to put my chopsticks…”

“No! You must finish it all!”

Ye Xingzhu and Qin Yanran spoke in unison, so Su Lin had no choice but to move his chopsticks and annihilate all the bowls one by one.

Su Lin’s nervousness was at an all-time high as he sat through this meal. He had to act very cautiously with the three women focusing their attention on him. He dared not open his mouth casually, either. He feared he might start another war and burn himself if he uttered one wrong word right now.

By the time they finished their meal, sweat had covered Su Lin from head to toe. Fortunately for him, though, his parents didn’t question him. Had they decided to pry into the matters, Su Lin had no idea how he would answer anything in front of the three women.

Su Lin expended all of his energy by the time they finished their meal. Fathre Su and Mother Su asked Su Lin to cheer up and perform well in the next exam, and then hurried back home to clean up the mess. Ye Xingzhu, too, was worried about her mother. The doctor had said her mother was recovering quickly, and could be discharged from the hospital in the afternoon to be brought home for recuperation. Hence, she had to head to the hospital to fulfill the formalities to go through the discharge.

Soon, the Literature exam came to an end, and all the candidates came out and were brought by their parents for lunch. Some were happy, others were sad — it was just how the College Entrance Examinations rolled. Peng Shenda’s fury towered to the sky, and so did the fury of his cronies. The Literature exam didn’t have a single question from the ‘leaked’ College Entrance Examination question paper they received.

Worse still? When Peng Shenda angrily called his father to ask him if he was going to get screwed in the other exams, too, he heard the news of his father’s arrest by the Department of Civil Investigation. The sudden news made him collapse in his seat. Same was the case for his cronies. Their fathers were involved in the corruption, and got arrested by the Department of Civil Investigation, too!

By the time Su Lin’s group got to the gate of Jian’an First High, there were only three of them left: Su Lin, Qin Yanran, and Lin Qingxue. When they were eating, Lin Qingxue had to hold back her rage because of Father Su and Mother Su, forcing herself to maintain her image as a respectable teacher.

But now that Father Su and Mother Su had left, not just Lin Qingxue, but Qin Yanran, too, opened her mouth and angrily questioned Su Lin, “Who was that girl just now?!”

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