Top Quality Beauty Cultivation System Chapter 114: Elder Sister Zhu Came, Too!

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Lin Qingxue glared at him from one side, and from the other side, Qin Yanran tightly clutched onto his arms. Both of them felt like swords to Su Lin, who was stuck between the two, and gave him a headache. Wouldn’t he not be human this way?

“Su Lin, explain to me why you spent the night at Yanran’s house yesterday? What… did you two do?”

Lin Qingxue felt really uncomfortable in her heart as she questioned him like a tigress. How could Su Lin even spend the night at another woman’s house?

“Teacher Lin, long story short, our house was smashed by a bunch of gangsters yesterday. My parents went to stay at a relative’s house, and I had nowhere to go, so Yanran’s mother invited me to spend the night over at their place. Please don’t think anything strange! We didn’t do anything…”

Su Lin hastily explained.

Qin Yanran, on the other hand, wasn’t satisfied by Su Lin’s answer. What did he mean that they did nothing? With a snort, she quickly expanded his explanation, “Teacher Lin, Su Lin and I only cuddled and slept together all night! Nothing else happened.”

“What? Cuddled and slept together all night? And you say nothing happened?”

Lin Qingxue jumped with a start. They two had slept together, so how could it be anything good?

“Ah! Teacher Lin, it’s not what you are thinking! Yanran and I didn’t do anything. And you, too, Yanran! Why are you saying all this?”

Su Lin felt his head was about to explode. He couldn’t comprehend what was going on? Didn’t all girls cherish their name and chastity? How could Qin Yanran so casually talk about sleeping together with him in front of Lin Qingxue?

“Su Lin, do you think I am foolish? Yanran and you slept together in the same bed all night, and nothing else happened between you two? I don’t believe you!”

By now, Lin Qingxue’s rage had peeked as one could easily see her puffed cheeks. Her chest rose and fell sharply, and she was no longer holding onto Su Lin’s arm gently. Instead, she pointed a finger at him as she spoke.

“Teacher Lin, just because we slept together in the same bed, it mean something definitely happened between us?”

Su Lin was aggrieved, so he quietly whispered to Lin Qingxue, “Didn’t we sleep in the same bed, too? What happened between us then?”

Su Lin said this quite vaguely, so Qin Yanran couldn’t clearly hear his words, but Lin Qingxue immediately knew what Su Lin meant. Her anxiety rose further, and she said, “How could that be compared to this? Su Lin, you must give me an explanation!”

“Explanation? I… What kind of explanation do you want?”

Su Lin’s face drooped as he carefully chose his words. This woman was nothing but trouble!

“Teacher Lin, please don’t embarrass Su Lin anymore. We were talking at night, and then fell asleep together. That’s all! Nothing else happened between us!”

Seeing Lin Qingxue’s breathless appearance, and Su Lin’s aggrieved expression, Qin Yanran started speaking up for Su Lin. Although she still showed respect to Lin Qingxue, that was all just on the surface now. In the depths of her eyes, the hostility she felt towards Lin Qingxue kept rising with every passing moment. Adding to that Su Lin’s vague whispers, she felt that there was something going on between the two of them. Su Lin and Lin Qingxue’s relationship was definitely not shallow.

“Yanran, what about you? Girls should be self-respecting and conscious of themselves. You are about to reach adulthood, so how can you so casually sleep in the same bed as another boy? What about your mother? Wasn’t your mother at home? Why didn’t she stop you two?”

Lin Qingxue had always carried herself as an elder in front of Qin Yanran, who was her most pleasing student. Her academic records were excellent, she was the Class Leader, and no matter what Qin Yanran was asked to do, she always fulfilled her role properly.

But today, after Lin Qingxue finished her words, she realized that Qin Yanran was a little different from usual. The way Qin Yanran looked at her wasn’t the way a student looked at their teacher, instead it was as if she was glaring at a thief that took something precious from her. And the cold eyes she showed her made Lin Qingxue shudder.

“I’m sorry, Teacher Lin, but my mother also agreed that Su Lin and I should discuss the College Entrance Examinations together at night, so there was no problem sleeping together!”

Qin Yanran’s tone and expressions changed as she put on her Frost Beauty mask, and icily confronted Lin Qingxue.

“How could your mother be like that?” Lin Qingxue refused to backdown, and retorted, “Is this how a mother should educate her daughter?”

“Teacher Lin, how my mother educates me has nothing to do with you!”

Her mother was the Mayor of Jian’an, so how could she let a high school teacher say such words about her mother? Qin Yanran had her own pride. Although she usually respected Lin Qingxue, but at this time, she had decided to completely suppress her with her imposing aura and pride. She will refute whatever Lin Qingxue said, and not yield to her no matter what happened.

“Yanran, you…”

Lin Qingxue also thought that she had said something excessive. But what surprised her even more was that Qin Yanran, who was usually a sensible and respectful girl, was acting so emotionally right now, with her chest rising and falling sharply in defiance. Lin Qingxue was immediately discouraged, and glared at the other person standing next to her. It was because of Su Lin! It was all this bastard’s fault! Hence, Lin Qingxue turned the spear of her rage towards Su Lin, and angrily rebuked him, “It’s all because of you, you brat! You are having an adverse effect on Yanran!”

“Teacher Lin, how is it all my fault now?”

Su Lin had quietly been watching the thrilling battle between the two. The atmosphere around them was quite scary, and put even more pressure on his shoulders than the College Entrance Examinations. He could smell gunpowder and flames around him, so Su Lin had no desire to join in on the confrontation. But how was it possible for him to avoid something that was started over him?

At this time, many parents were waiting for their children to finish the exam outside the gate of Jian’an First High. Although the sun scorched everything around, and there was still more than half an hour left before the exam finished, the parents had long turned impatient. They were eagerly waiting to see their daughters and sons come out of the exam room with a smile.

However, what appeared before them at this moment was a very different picture from what they had imagined. There was still a lot of time before the exam finished, but they saw three people walk out of the school. There were two women and a guy. Most of the parents waiting outside were those whose children went to Jian’an First High, so some of them immediately recognized one of the women to be Teacher Lin, Lin Qingxue, from Jian’an First High.

And the other two were obviously students who had already finished the exam, a boy and a girl. They wondered how they had finished the exam so soon? Were the questions this year not difficult? What topic were they asked to write about? All of the parents standing outside turned even more impatient as various questions ran through their minds. They wished to immediately go forward and ask these two students who had already finished their exam!

But the scene in front of them completely made them freeze on their spots.

What was going on? They wondered. Why was Teacher Lin Qingxue and that girl holding onto that boy’s arms as they walked out? Why were they happily chatting and laughing among themselves? Just what were they talking about?

These people might not be able to hear what Su Lin and others were specifically talking about, but Lin Qingxue and Qin Yanran’s expressions were more than enough for them figure one thing out: the two of them were fighting over a man’s love!

“Li’l Lin!”

Just when Su Lin wondered how he would get out of this situation, he heard a familiar voice call out to him from the distance.

Looking towards the school gate, where the sound had come from, Su Lin turned joyous to see his parents.

“Mom! Dad! You are here, too!”

Su Lin felt immense gratefulness towards his parents now that he saw them here. Now, he had an excuse to get the heck away from Lin Qingxue and Qin Yanran’s clutches. Hurrying out of the school gate, he immediately arrived before his parents who were standing among the crowd.

“Little bastard, why won’t your father and mother be here when you are going through something as major as the College Entrance Examinations? There really was no way to clean up the mess at home, and we were afraid that it might affect your performance today if you didn’t get a good rest, so that was why we asked you to sleep at Li’l Hao’s place!”

Mother Su, Liu Aizhen, stared at Su Lin and asked, “The College Entrance Examination hasn’t finished yet, right? How come you ran out so early?”

“Mom! The exam was very simple, so I finished it pretty fast! I was getting bored inside, so I handed in my answers ahead of time to come out.”

Su Lin answered with a smirk. But he soon discovered that the eyes of all the surrounding parents were glued to him. It wasn’t strange, though. After all, he had finished the exam and come out far too early!

“Tooting your own horn! How could the College Entrance Examination be so simple? Also… what’s going on? Who is this little beauty? And that homeroom teacher of yours… You stinky brat, has this old woman not taught you any manners?”

Father Su, Su Guorong was standing quietly by the side, and it was, once again, Mother Su, Liu Aizhen, who questioned Su Lin. She had recognized Lin Qingxue since she was Su Lin’s teacher, but it was her first time seeing Qin Yanran.

When they first saw the scene, Father Su and Mother Su were quite worried in their hearts. Especially when they saw Lin Qingxue holding onto Su Lin’s arm, they recalled that Su Lin had spent two nights at Lin Qingxue’s place.

“Mom! I can’t explain to you about this matter… it’s a mess right now. Anyway, it’s nothing you need to worry about.”

Just when Su Lin finished his words, he saw Ye Xingzhu jump out from behind his father as she spoke encouraging words, “Li’l Lin, you must do your best in the College Entrance Examinations! Hmph! Big Sis Zhu also came over to cheer for you, so if you don’t get a good score, I, your Big Sis Zhu, am going to spank your butt!”

“Big Sis Zhu, why are you here, too? Don’t you have to look after Aunt Liang in the hospital? Aunt Liang just underwent her surgery, and still needs you to look after her.”

Seeing Ye Xingzhu current appearance distressed Su Lin. He hadn’t seen her for a few days, and she had turned haggard and pale after spending her days and nights in the hospital, taking care of her mother who had recently undergone a surgery. Still, even though her spirits were quite exhausted, Ye Xingzhu had dressed up beautifully for today’s occasion. He didn’t know if it was intentional or just a coincidence, but he realized that his Big Sis Zhu was wearing his favorite dress today.

Su Lin hadn’t seen Ye Xingzhu wear this dress much as it was completely white, and could get dirty pretty easily. Although it wasn’t a famous brand, Ye Xingzu was still very reluctant to wear it, and would only take it out once or twice a year. Every time Su Lin asked her to put on this dress, she would refuse. But today, Ye Xingzhu had specially worn the dress to cheer on Su Lin for his College Entrance Examination.

“Big Sis Zhu, you look gorgeous!”

Su Lin gave Ye Xingzhu a thumbs up. His Big Sis Zhu looked like a goddess in that spotless, white dress, with her long hair freely flowing down her back, and the somewhat tired and pale expression on her face. Her current appearance made anyone feel tenderness and pity for her, who looked like the Fairy Chang’E who was locked in the Moon Palace all year round with only the Jade Rabbit’s company.

“Hmph! Li’l Lin, I know you are just flattering me! Tell me, is your big sis more gorgeous, or the two beauties who were holding onto you just now?”

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