Top Quality Beauty Cultivation System Chapter 113: Lin Qingxue’s Jealousy

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Seeing Qin Yanran run off with such a sweet smile ignited a fire in Su Lin’s heart, and his eyes lit up, so how could he not chase after her?

“Yanran, wait for me!”

Rushing forward at full speed, Su Lin soon caught up to the gracefully skipping Qin Yanran, and took her hand in his hands as he asked, “How do you know I was waiting for you? What if I was waiting for some other girl?”

“You dare?!”

Su Lin’s words immediately angered Qin Yanran, but she soon lowered her head and realized she had said something wrong, so she hurriedly changed her statement, “What does it have to do with me even if you are waiting for another girl?”

“Alright… Yanran, I wasn’t waiting for anyone else! I was waiting just for you! Happy? But Yanran, did you really finish the exam in just an hour? How can you be so fast?”

Su Lin felt as if he had eaten delicious honey as he held onto Qin Yanran’s smooth, soft hand. At the same time, Su Lin couldn’t help but admire Qin Yanran even more. He already knew the questions that they would be tested for on the College Entrance Examinations, and had prepared for them yesterday. But Qin Yanran had no such advantage, yet she had still finished with speed not slower than his own. She was truly worthy of ranking at the top spot in their grade.

“Slick-mouthed! Su Lin, don’t forget my mother’s going to settle the score with you after the College Entrance Examinations!”

Qin Yanran turned her head to look at Su Lin with a smug look, pouring cold water over his head.

Sure enough, Su Lin felt a headache coming his way, but he still grinned to hide his pain and said, “What kind of account is Aunt Ping going to settle with me? Yanran, I am sure I don’t owe your family any money!”

“Hmph! Su Lin, you pervert! Don’t you know well in your heart what you did last night? It’s good that my mum had no memory of what happened, or… Hmph! My mum would surely gouge out your eyes, and chop off your hands, for the good deeds you committed last night…”

Qin Yanran couldn’t help but complain to her mother in her heart. Just why did she have to bring this white-eyed wolf-like Su Lin into their house last night?

As she thought of last night’s events, Qin Yanran couldn’t help but remember about how she slept in Su Lin’s embrace all night. She didn’t expect this white-eyed wolf’s arms to be quite comfortable.

“Yanran, you bad girl, what’s going on in your head? Why are you smiling so secretly?”

When Qin Yanran spoke to him, Su Lin had clearly seen the incline at the corner of lips. Su Lin grabbed both of her hands, stood in front of her, and questioned her.

“When was I smiling? You must have seen wrong!”

Qin Yanran wouldn’t confess to the truth no matter what, and quibbled against Su Lin.

“You weren’t smiling? But I obviously saw…”

“No, no, no… I haven’t…”

As the two of them walked and talked hand in hand, Su Lin failed to take notice of Lin Qingxue sullenly staring at the two of them from inside a classroom. As she watched Su Lin and Qin Yanran slowly walking while holding hands, she couldn’t help but fume and walk towards them in rage.

“Su Lin! Yanran! The exam hasn’t ended yet, so did you hand in your papers ahead of time? How can the two of you be so sloppy? It’s the College Entrance Examination! You should have spent your free time to recheck your answers!”

Lin Qingxue started rebuking them out of anger, bringing them out of their little world.

“Lin… Teacher Lin…”

As soon as Qin Yanran saw Lin Qingxue, she felt guilt rise in her heart for some reason and pulled out her dainty hands from Su Lin’s big and thick palms.

“Teacher Lin, I already answered all the questions. You know, once you finish a subject like Chinese Literature, there’s nothing much you can change after the initial answers are written down. Even if we rechecked our answers, there wouldn’t be anything for us to correct. What’s more? That classroom was so like an oven, and I thought I would suffer a heat-stroke if I stayed in there any longer, so I rushed out. Yanran had also answered all the questions, so she came out to look for me. Anyways, there was nothing else to do.”

Su Lin wasn’t afraid of Lin Qingxue, and it wasn’t just because they were going through the College Entrance Examinations so he was carefree. Actually, ever since the night he spent at Lin Qingxue’s place, he no longer felt the teacher’s pressure Lin Qingxue previously gave off.

Therefore, Su Lin was able to talk to Lin Qingxue without any worries. His words were justified and well-founded, too, leaving even Lin Qingxue almost speechless. She could only act like an unreasonable little girl as she blew some steam, “That’s no justification! If you weren’t in a hurry to come out, won’t you have been more careful as you went through the questions slowly? Look at the hundreds of other students still in their examination rooms! Have you seen anyone else who ran out as early as you?”

The grievance and sourness in Lin Qingxue’s heart showed no signs of decreasing as she said, “Moreover, shouldn’t you be looking for a place to rest and prepare for your Mathematics exam that’s up next? Instead of doing that, you are talking and laughing here like you are in a playground?”

“Teacher Lin, we… it’s our fault!”

Qin Yanran had always been a good student, and always treated her teachers with great respect, so she couldn’t help but blame herself for turning in the papers so early. After all, Lin Qingxue was worried for Su Lin and her.

“Su Lin, take a look! Yanran is such a sensible child, so it must be you whose making her do bad things. For the next few exams, make sure you two don’t turn in the papers so early!”

“Got it, Teacher Lin! So… can Yanran and I go have lunch now?”

Su Lin couldn’t help but feel that Lin Qingxue had come to pick a bone with him without reason. In order to make sure Lin Qingxue couldn’t find anything else to reprimand them, he took Qin Yanran’s hand and walked towards the school gate.

When Lin Qingxue saw Su Lin hold onto Qin Yanran’s hand, she couldn’t help but feel even worse at how intimately the two of them were behaving. Unfortunately for her, there was nothing she could say. As a last resort, she could only pretend to be magnanimous as she walked forward and held onto Su Lin’s other hand, and said, “Su Lin, it just so happens that I am also hungry. I know of a place that serves a rice bowl with meat and vegetables near the school, and it’s absolutely delicious! How about I treat the two of you to a lunch there?”

Was this really their Teacher Lin? The strict Lin Qingxue?

Su Lin felt that there was something wrong. He couldn’t figure out why Lin Qingxue was acting different from usual?

A woman’s intuition was always sharp, whether she was an experienced, married woman, or a young girl of 17 or 18. It was always possible for them to catch even the most subtle changes in someone’s feelings.

Qin Yanran, too, immediately felt that the atmosphere around them wasn’t right. If Lin Qingxue suddenly stopping them and reprimanding them over handing in their exam papers earlier was out of her sense of responsibility as a teacher, then Lin Qingxue’s current action of holding onto Su Lin’s hand and coming out with them certainly conveyed something completely different.

In fact, men weren’t the only ones with a strong sense of possession. From ancient times to now, women have had a very strong sense of possession, too! Especially when it came to their man, or the one they liked… Women could immediately feel the threats from a mile away!

“Teacher Lin and Su Lin…”

Qin Yanran was only gently holding onto Su Lin’s hand, while Lin Qingxue was skilfully coiling her arms around Su Lin’s right arm. She no longer had the majesty of a teacher at all, and instead, acted like a youthful maiden evoking the tenderness of whoever saw her.

How could this go on? Qin Yanran felt as if she was being provoked, so she no longer cared about respecting Lin Qingxue anymore, and immediately let go of Su Lin’s hand and grabbed onto his left arm just like Lin Qingxue. Then, she said to Su Lin, “Su Lin, my mum is waiting at the school’s entrance. She said that since you rushed out in such a hurry from our house in the morning, you definitely wouldn’t have had the time to have breakfast, so she will be taking us out to eat lunch after the exam…”

As if just those words weren’t enough, Qin Yanran turned towards Lin Qingxue and said to her, “Teacher Lin, would you be coming with us, too?”

‘What? Rushed out in a hurry? Qin Yanran’s house? Couldn’t have breakfast? Just what is she talking about? Could it be that this bastard, Su Lin, spent the night at Qin Yanran’s house last night?’

Su Lin felt a sudden pain assault him from his right arm — Lin Qingxue had twisted it quite maliciously. As he turned to face Lin Qingxue, he found her staring at him with an angry expression… It was enough for Su Lin to tell that… Lin Qingxue was jealous!

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