Top Quality Beauty Cultivation System Chapter 112: Because I Knew You Were Waiting for Me!

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[Write! Write! Write!]

Since Su Lin had already done the questions yesterday, it took him less than an hour to finish the Literature exam of the College Entrance Examinations.

Finished with his answers, Su Lin, who was feeling sleepy, put his head on the table and closed his eyes for rest. It was all Qin Yanran and Fang Liping’s fault ​​​— that mother-daughter duo hadn’t let him get a good night’s sleep last night. But after a while of rest, Su Lin found the examination room to be quite stuffy, so he simply decided to hand in his answer sheet in advance, and go out to get some air.

“Someone is handing their answer sheet in already? It hasn’t even been an hour, and someone’s already done with the exam?”

The invigilator surprise was one thing, but Su Lin’s act of handing in his answer sheet so fast had put even more pressure on the remaining students. All of them were busy answering all those hard questions, and the second fastest in the room had just arrived at the Composition, and hadn’t had the time to look through the rest of the question paper yet Su Lin was already done.

Tapping the dust from his pants, Su Lin handed in his answer sheet to the invigilator. Nothing else matter to Su Lin right now! He had already finished answering everything, and he, Grandpa Su, needed not to check his answers for mistakes, so what was he even gonna do in that oven-like classroom?

Sweat rained down his body. There was no air conditioner in the classroom, and with how many students were sweating in their under the mental strain, the stuffy classroom had made it so that even his palms were covered in sweat as he had held onto the pen.

“Student, are you sure you want to submit your answer sheet?”

Ye Yyjing, the young female invigilator, couldn’t help but ask Su Lin again as she held onto his answer sheet. This was the College Entrance Examination! Even those otherwise rowdy students treated it with utmost seriousness, and wished with all their heart for one more minute of extension in the allotted time. But the guy in front of her was handing in his answer sheet when they exam hadn’t even progressed halfway through.

“Yeah! Teacher, I have already answered everything, and I don’t need to recheck anything, so I would like to submit my answer sheet.”

Looking at Ye Yujing, Su Lin nodded in affirmation and then carried on with his own matters as he left the classroom.

Ye Yujing, on the other hand, flipped Su Lin’s answer sheet and realized that he had truly answered everything. Just a quick glance was enough for her to tell that he had answered everything seriously. As she turned over the sheets to look at Su Lin’s composition, she was surprised to see that it was actually in classical Chinese.

All of the eight hundred-plus words were written in eloquent, classical Chinese. Although the writing wasn’t as good as those found in ancient Chinese texts, Ye Yujing couldn’t imagine how a high school student had been able to come up with such a composition.

Ye Yujing majored in Chinese Language and Literature. Although she usually had a classical poem or two at her fingertips at all times, that was just a hobby. Even though she had occasionally written lengthy theories, even she couldn’t come up with such gorgeous classical Chinese on the spot!

‘Even Professor Li will praise this composition if he saw it. He might even think that it was written by some ancient scholar!’

Closing the answer sheets, Ye Yujing placed them on the table upside-down to cover the answers. Ye Yujing couldn’t help but look towards Su Lin’s back as he left, and wondered in curiosity about what kind of student he was? Just how could he write such a beautiful composition in classical Chinese?

[TL: the last paragraph stopped at the 666th word for this chapter. Satan is pulling some strings here. This completely came outta left field.]

How would Su Lin know that his simple act of handing in his answer sheet early would cause such an impact. After leaving the examination room, he wiped the sweat from his forehead. Taking his schoolbag from the table next to the classroom, he went downstairs.

Room No. 23 was where Qin Yanran was supposed to be taking her exam. Su Lin had missed her when he had rushed to his own room, but now that he was going back, Su Lin made sure to walk slowly when he passed by Room No. 23. Tilting his head to look through the glass-opening in the door, he smiled.

In Examination Room No. 23, all of the students were diligently answering the questions — some frowned, while others bit on their pens. Qin Yanran was no exception as she sat their upright. Today, she wore a ponytail and had her forehead exposed. Under the attack of the heat inside the classroom, there were visible beads of sweat covering her forehead. Su Lin wanted to rush in and help her wipe her sweat.

“Student, please do not dawdle around if you have finished the exam, and take a leave already…”

There was an examiner patrolling the hallways. Su Lin had been quietly looking into Room No. 23, so the students hadn’t noticed him, but after the examiner shouted at him to leave, all the students momentarily lost their focus and turned to look towards the room’s entrance.

‘Su Lin? Has he finished the exam already?’

Qin Yanran also raised her head to look forward, and saw Su Lin, whom she hadn’t expected to see there. Su Lin, too, saw Qin Yanran staring at him, and grinned towards her while making a movement as if he were trying to cheer for her.

However, before Qin Yanran could form any response for him, he was chased away by the patrolling examiner.

‘It looks like Su Lin is quite confident this time. Hehe, I can’t lost to him then. I am cheered up now, Su Lin! This time, I must see the true extent of your strength; let’s see if you can get a score higher than mine!’

All-in-all, Qin Yanran was still Fang Liping’s daughter, and just like her mother, she, too, was a strong and independent woman. Seeing how Su Lin handed in his answers so early, she couldn’t help but speed up as well. She had only finished half of the composition at that time, but it only took her another ten minutes to finish her piece.

“Teacher, I want to submit my paper!”

It was something unexpected! Qin Yanran, who had always been cautious, and earnestly went over her answers until the last minute of exams, had turned in her answers so early… There were still fifty minutes before the end of the exam!

“The heck’s going on? Where did these two lunatics come from? This is the College Entrance Examination for god’s sake! They already handed in their answers, yet here I am, afraid that I won’t be able to answer all the questions before timeout…”

“Su Lin handed in his answers, and Qin Yanran followed! These two… Could it be that these two are already official?”

“Oh God! I haven’t even started the composition yet, and those two are already done with the exam…”


The examination room, which would have been quiet with the only sound coming from it belonging to the pens moving against paper, actually turned clamorous as the candidates whispered out their thoughts. The invigilators hurriedly moved to contain the clamour, and barely calmed the students down.

Qin Yanran pretended not to hear what the students spoke behind her, and ran downstairs with a smile after getting her floret schoolbag. She knew that Su Lin must be waiting for her downstairs.

“Yanran, how did you run out ahead of time?”

Su Lin asked with a smile as he watched Qin Yanran hop down the stairs.

“Forget about me! Su Lin, why did you hand in your answer sheet so early? Did you even answer everything?”

Qin Yanran asked with a grin. Her appearance right now had nothing to do with an ice beauty right now. Her eyes narrowed cheekily, and her eyebrows jumped high as she smiled brightly. Like the sunshine in June, she looked incomprehensibly dazzling.

Indeed! She dazzled like the sun.

Su Lin really believed that Qin Yanran was girl who radiated like the sun at high noon. She had a halo of superiority around her, and the blood that flowed through her veins was outstanding, too! Su Lin wondered just what kind of virtue he cultivated for him to be liked by such a girl.

“I missed you! So I answered everything as fast as I could to see you as early as I could.”

Su Lin, of course, couldn’t say that he had already prepared for the questions yesterday, so he decided to sweet-talk Qin Yanran as he approached her.

“You silver-tongued baddie! I don’t believe you!”

Although those words came out of Qin Yanran’s mouth, in her heart, she felt an immense burst of sweetness.

“When was I silver-tongued? People nowadays just don’t believe the truth.”

Su Lin yelled unfair, and walked a few steps forward, reaching for Qin Yanran’s hand. Taking her hand in his hands without her permission, Su Lin grinned and asked, “Yanran, why did you finish the exam so fast?”

“That’s because…” Qin Yanran gently shook off Su Lin’s hand. Shifting her gaze away from Su Lin, she finally whispered, “I knew you were waiting for me downstairs!”

After saying those words, Qin Yanran ran off with a blush and a sweet smile.

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