Top Quality Beauty Cultivation System Chapter 110: Director’s Fall from Power!

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After coming out of his house, Su Lin briskly walked towards his school. And, without surprise, the two people hiding in the shadows followed after him step-by-step.

However, when Su Lin sneakily took a better look at the two behind him, he realized that the two were different from the thugs of the Dragon-Tiger Gang. These two seemed more civilized… and quite a bit weaker, too!

“Big bro Liu, what should we do? Let’s rush out and stop him now! There shouldn’t be a problem with the two of us working together — it’s already 8:30, and as long as we hold him here and drag out the time, he definitely won’t be able to get to the Examination site on time.”

Qi Xing wore jeans and a white shirt, towering barely above a meter in height. He looked rather emaciated.

“Alright! In any case, we just gotta drag out the time, and don’t really have to get in a skirmish with him. We… Let’s do this…”

Liu Jinlong was on the taller side at 1.75 meters high, but with beady eyes that, when he squinted them further, made him look like a wicked guy thinking of strange things. The two of them quickly followed up with the plan he whispered to Qi Xing.

“That boy in the front, wait a moment!”

“You! That’s right, it’s you! Do you think you can escape after stealing my wallet?”

Liu Jinlong and Qi Xing rushed up, and each of them took Su Lin by his arms and shouted at him.

“I stole your wallet?”

Su Lin frowned. He was already mentally prepared to deal with their attack, but who would have thought that instead of assaulting him directly, these two decided to play tricks on him.

“That’s right! It’s you! Everyone! Everyone! Come and take a look at this brat! Not only is he shady-looking, he also stole our wallets, but thank god we caught him before he could escape. Brat! You can’t run away; come to the police station with us…”

Liu Jinlong shouted at the top of his lungs while pulling Su Lin in the opposite direction, acting as if he was really taking him to the Police Station.

“Remove your dirty paws off me! Since you claim I stole your wallet, why don’t you take out evidence?”

Su Lin never expected they would resort to such filthy tricks. Their ruckus had started to attract the nearby people who came closer to watch the show, unconcerned with the truth of the matter.

“Evidence? How would we know where you hid the wallet after stealing? Anyways, after we bring you to the Police Station, the comrades from there will certainly be able to tell right from wrong. If we are really in the wrong, we will not only apologize, but also compensate you with all the money we have! How about it?”

Liu Jinlong put on the appearance of a righteous man, while Qi Xing also smiled and clamoured from the side, “Move on! Aren’t we just taking you to the Police Station? Could it be that you truly have a guilty conscience, and don’t dare to go to the Police Station with us?”

“I get it! Tell me who sent you bastards here to stop me from getting to the Examination site on time!”

Seeing the confident appearance of the two, Su Lin immediately understood their purpose in framing him. They were trying to waste his time here so that he would miss the College Entrance Examination. It was all because of this that they were framing him as someone who stole their wallet.

“Who sent us? It’s us who should be asking that question! WHO sent YOU to steal our wallets?”

With so many people watching Su Lin, Liu Jinlong insisted with greater intensity that he had really lost his wallet. No matter what kind of logic someone used right now, he wouldn’t be convinced until he brought Su Lin to the Police Station.

“Boy, what are you afraid of if you really haven’t stolen our wallets? Just go to the Police Station with us!”

Qi Xing also blocked Su Lin’s path, while also trying to gain support from any justice-conscious citizens in the vicinity. The people around also started to think that Su Lin had a guilty conscience, so they started to jeer at him, making it even harder for Su Lin to get away.

“Hmph! Boy, how dare you go against our young master Peng? We are intentionally stalling you here this time, to make sure you bomb your College Entrance Examinations!”

Liu Jinlong cackled and whispered to Su Lin.

“Peng Shenda! So it was him who asked you to stop me here!”

Su Lin immediately recalled that when he had been hiding in the Conference Room yesterday, he had heard Peng Shenda talking about how he had arranged someone to deal with him. Who would have known he had asked someone to stall him on his way to the College Entrance Examinations.

‘Goddammit! If I can’t get away from them right now, I will have to stop time to leave…’

Su Lin absolutely couldn’t be late for the College Entrance Examinations as there definitely won’t be a second chance for him. If he missed the Literature exam, he would have to say goodbye to one hundred and fifty points! Even if he got a perfect score in all the other subjects, he will only achieve a total of six hundred points. As a last resort, Su Lin reckoned that he would have to make use of his ability to stop time to get to the Examination site on time.

“What can you do even if you know? Young master Peng’s father is the Director of the Department of Education! Aren’t you just asking for death by going against…”

Before Liu Jinlong could finish his words, his cell phone rang. Liu Jinlong didn’t want to answer the call right now, but when he saw the name of the caller, he realized that it was the Manager of Human Resources at their Department, so he quickly took the call.

“Hello! Sister Wu, it’s me, Li’l Liu! Is there something I can do for you?”

“Why didn’t you and Qi Xing come to work today? Do you even know what day it is today? Today’s the day of the College Entrance Examinations!”

“Sister Wu, I… I… Qi Xing and I have some matters to take care of! It was young master Peng who asked us to do something for him; we will be there as soon as we finish this task…”

Liu Jinlong hurriedly explained.

“Young master Peng? Why are you still being that Peng brat’s dog… Director Peng has already been put under investigation, and will soon be convicted and sentenced. Many other official’s have also been taken away by the Department of Disciplinary Inspection! There’s a shortage of staff in the Department right now, so you two better get your asses here right now!”

Sister Wu of the Human Resources was almost roaring by the end. Today was the College Entrance Examination, the busiest day for the Department of Education, yet they were having a shortage of staff at such a crucial time.

“Ah! What?! The Director is under investigation by the Disciplinary Inspection Department? Just… What’s going on?”

Liu Jinlong was stunned. How did something so big happen to their Department of Education overnight? They had still been looking forward to Director Peng promoting the two of them after they helped Peng Shenda with this matter, but now, all that was gone in smoke!

[TL: these dumb-asses should be happy over this matter. Now that there’s a shortage and higher-level stuff got rekt, they have a chance to get raised to higher position. But then again, with how dumb these two are, I doubt they will make it far in life.]

“You don’t need to worry about what’s going on! You and Qi Xing better hurry back to the Department within twenty minutes, or I am going to completely dock all your bonuses at the end of this month.”

Finishing her words, Sister Wu immediately hung up the phone, leaving Liu Jinlong in a daze. Su Lin, on the other hand, wore an expression full of happiness as he listened to their conversation from the side. He immediately remembered that Peng Shenda’s father, Peng Jinhua, happened to be on the list of corrupt officials that he had given to the authorities yesterday.

This was great! Peng Jinhua fell from power, and now, Peng Shenda had no one to back him up. Wouldn’t these two from the Department of Education have no more reason to make things difficult for him?

“Big bro Liu, what happened? What did Sister Wu say?”

Although Qi Xing was also standing nearby, he hadn’t clearly heard what they two said to each other, so he asked the dazed Liu Jinlong.

“Director Peng got axed. Our Department of Education is in a mess right now, so Sister Wu told us to get back within twenty minutes.”

“What?! How did Director Peng get axed? Then… What are we going to do now? Do we still stall this guy?”

“Stall? Stall your mum! Director Peng is gone, so who are we gonna ask for credit? Hurry up and get a taxi, we are going back…”

Where would Liu Jinlong have any energy to spare on Su Lin right now? He only wished to get to the Department of Education as soon as possible, so as to keep his bonus for this month. Different from before, he was now afraid of Su Lin stalling them now.

“Yo! What happened? Didn’t you want to go to the Police Station? I am ready… How about we go to the Police Station right now?”

Sure enough, it was exactly as Liu Jinlong feared. Su Lin had heard everything, and was now the one pulling Liu Jinlong towards the Police Station.

“No, no… I am sorry, brother! We made a mistake, you didn’t steal our wallet! It was our bad!”

Liu Jinlong was more than willing to bow his head and apologize to Su Lin. Pulling Qi Xing along, he hurried to the Department of Education.

Su Lin chuckled as he watched the two of them rushing away like defeated dogs. He didn’t have the time to care about them right now, so he took a taxi and hurried to Jian’an First High. This enmity, however, had been recorded by him in his heart. Once he found an opportunity, he will surely strike Peng Shenda with all his might.

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