Top Quality Beauty Cultivation System Chapter 11: The Power of Love

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“How is this possible?”

Even Su Lin didn’t believe Qin YanRan had actually said something like that. In the last three years, no matter who, whether from inside Jian’an No.1 School or outside, all they got was a cold and indifferent rejection. But today, Qin YanRan actually said that she would “consider”!

She wasn’t playing the good person card! Nor was she being indifferent like she always would be!

Instead, she had given a condition of consideration.


Not only Su Lin but even the onlookers of Jian’an No.1 Highschool thought that everything had gone insane. What a big and exciting news this was!

How many people had earnestly pursued Qin YanRan, yet such a nameless guy like Su Lin actually received the “favor of the Goddess”? This was making a lot of people want to smash their heads open as they couldn’t understand just what was going on. Had the sun rose from the west today? Were they going insane? Or were they witnessing the tenth wonder of the world?

“Mother of God! Who is that guy? Although he looks a bit handsome, he can only be somewhere between medium and upper level attractive, there are a lot of boys far more handsome than him! And it seems that he has never been seen in the rankings of the grade either. How can he? How can he get the favor of the Ice Queen?”

“How would I know! I heard that he’s in the same class as the Ice Queen and is called Su Lin. This guy really lucked out this time……”

“That might not necessarily be true! Didn’t you hear what Qin YanRan just say? That tone and momentum that she said she would never like someone like him… it was certainly not fake, right? She is the brightest flower and the Goddess of our Jian’an, how could she take a liking to someone like that guy?”

Those who can’t eat grapes will dismiss them by saying grapes are sour, while others weren’t convinced and argued about Su Lin’s chances.

“Then according to what you said, if the School Beauty doesn’t have any liking for him, why didn’t she directly shoot him down and instead said something like that? Can’t she just reject him directly?”

“Humpl! Reject him directly? The Ice Queen had rejected all the previous pursuers directly. It might be that Qin YanRan got too entangled with that Su Lin, didn’t you see how angry she was? Therefore, I guess that Qin YanRan is trying to completely smash this Su Lin’s hopes. Don’t you know, that Su Lin has never gotten more than 400 points, staying at the lowest rankings. We have more than 700 people in our entire grade, yet he has always been ranked around 500-600. Let alone getting into top 50, it would be a miracle if he was able to get into the top 200……”

After someone said those words, everyone around appeared as if they had suddenly been enlightened. It was true, how could the Ice Beauty of the School possibly favor someone lowly like that guy? There was absolutely no possibility of that happening. This Su Lin wasn’t handsome, nor were his grades anything worth looking at.

Therefore, together with what Qin YanRan had said in her outburst and this explanation, the only possibility was that Qin YanRan wanted to humiliate this Su Lin even further! This gave him an opportunity that he would never be able to reach, it was far crueler than a direct rejection!

The bubble of hope was right before you yet you couldn’t reach it, even if you reached it you couldn’t touch it, it was just an illusion, a very cruel illusion. This kind of attack cut the soul deeper than anything else.

All the people in the surroundings finally understood what happened.

The boys who were still envious of Su Lin’s “luck in love” now looked at him with contempt and some slight sympathy. In their hearts, they ridiculed Su Lin. How could someone like him even dream of pursuing the School Beauty Qin YanRan? He deserved to be humiliated before the entire school!

However, among this group of people, there were still some people who were very jealous of Su Lin. These people were the top students of Jian’an who could easily get into the top 50. Hearing the condition that Qin YanRan put forward for Su Lin was just getting into the top 50, how could they not be envious of his luck?

Achieving that goal was something as easy as flipping their hands for them, while it was an insurmountable gap for someone like Su Lin who barely passed. To get into the top 50 in the grade, one needed to have at least 600 marks. It was nearly a 50% jump in marks from 400, which was impossible for anyone.

The gap of more than 200 marks, a student doing as poorly as Su Lin would have to study hard for 1-2 months to make up for that. Maybe, it was possible to increase your ranking by 300 – 400, but the higher the ranking, the harder to get it.

After getting in the top 45 percent, just increasing your ranking by 2 to 3 ranks was extremely hard, let alone get into top 50. Sometimes, depending on luck was the only way to go.

This was an impossible condition to fulfill, no one thought otherwise.

Even Qin YanRan who proposed this condition thought that Su Lin will give up in the face of the difficulty. But right after saying the words, Qin YanRan started to get worried and wondered what she was going to do if the Heavens flipped, and Su Lin reached top 50?

However, Qin YanRan immediately relaxed. She was the top-ranked student in the entire grade and knew how getting even a single mark depended on real effort and learning. Without a solid knowledge-base and diligent studying, it was impossible to achieve good results.

In the eyes of Qin YanRan, Su Lin was just a poor student. He had not studied well even once in his three years in school, always staying at the bottom of the ranking. How could he improve so much in this short period of time?

Since it was impossible for Su Lin to fulfill the condition, the worry in Qin YanRan’s heart also dissipated.

However, even if the audience felt that Su Lin wouldn’t be able to achieve the condition set for him, Su Lin himself didn’t think the same. On the contrary, Su Lin believed that it wouldn’t be impossible for him to get into the top 50 of the grade in the test.

Not because he was overconfident, but because Su Lin had the ability to manipulate time.

“I was able to perfectly suspend time and get the exam done. As long as I have enough time, there’s no way that my perfect cheating method will be discovered by anyone. In the morning, I copied Qin YanRan’s answers perfectly. Language, mathematics, and comprehensive science; as long as I continued with this momentum, how can I not get into the top 50?”

After hearing Qin YanRan’s condition, Su Lin had gawked as immense joy filled his heart. That seemingly impossible condition was now a piece of cake for him.

“It took more than 30 seconds for the English exam, and I now have 62 seconds left, enough for the afternoon. And after 12 o’clock in the evening, there will also be a 60-second increase. If I use them wisely as well, I will be able to cope with the following three subjects. As the matter stands, my ranking will absolutely rise, and Qin YanRan will also look at me in a different light. And according to the condition she set, if I complete it, she will also consider me…”

As he calculated in his heart, Su Lin’s mouth couldn’t help but curl up into a smile. Wasn’t this a God-sent opportunity? He didn’t want people to look at him as worthless, so he was going to achieve a good ranking either way. Who would have thought that Qin YanRan would actually go ahead and put forward a condition when he said he will become exceptional. There was no way Su Lin was going to miss this opportunity and not advance to the top 50!

“Is he laughing? He actually dared to laugh? Did he think that the condition I proposed was ridiculous?”

Seeing Su Lin’s faint smile, Qin YanRan felt uncomfortable in her heart. From what she expected, Su Lin should have retreated after listening to her condition. He would then apologize to her in public, and everything would be history. She never thought that Su Lin would actually dare to smile and chuckle to himself like that. It was like “Grandpa Mao” who had picked up a stack of cash from the roadside. {TL: I don’t get the reference, so you can ignore it as well.}

“Student Su Lin, what happened? Didn’t you just say it yourself that you will become exceptional to prove your feelings for me? So what are you going to do about the condition I just put out, are you going to accept it or not?”

Seeing Su Lin’s smile, Qin YanRan was getting angry. She had felt guilty for saying the words “never like someone like you” to Su Lin in everyone’s presence. But the guilt was now gone, instead, she was getting angry with his reaction now.

“Good! I accept, and… I would like to ask all our schoolmates to testify for me. This time, I, Su Lin, will certainly enter the top 50 ranking of the grade. If I cannot, then I will never dare go near or harass schoolmate Qin YanRan!”

Full of confidence, Su Lin, who wasn’t very famous in school, actually dared say those words in front of hundreds of people. It really came as a surprise to everyone.

Looking at the surprised expression of everyone on the scene, Su Lin turned his head and asked Qin YanRan, “But if I really did it? Student Qin YanRan, can you really keep your words at that time?”

Su Lin looked straight into Qin YanRan’s eyes. At this time, Su Lin’s vision was warm and confident, the arrogance that had been concealed in his bones for a long time had been released. Yes, who said that I, Su Lin, can’t pursue the School Beauty? Who said that I, Su Lin, can’t enter the top 50 ranking? When the results come out, I will make you all witness my strength.

“Naturally I will. Even if I, Qin YanRan, am not a man, I will certainly honor the words that I have said. As you said student Su Lin if you really become exceptional because of your feelings for me, why would I not believe that your sentiments for me are true? Someone who can achieve such result in such a short span of time for me, he is definitely worthy of being my, Qin YanRan’s, boyfriend!”

Qin YanRan didn’t show any weakness either, she had inherited the knowledge and strong air from her prestigious family and powerful mother, only because of that was she the Ice Queen of the School. Now, being stared at like this by Su Lin, Qin YanRan obviously wanted to have the higher momentum and stronger imposing manner. What had been said was like water that had flown away, there was no way of recovering anything now.

In her heart, Qin YanRan also thought that if Su Lin could really do what he said, then what was the harm in keeping her words and considering being his girlfriend? Wasn’t it better than all those boys who just gave fake love letters and useless gifts?

Moreover, Qin YanRan’s heart was already faintly curious about Su Lin. Looking at Su Lin’s confident appearance, Qin YanRan wondered just who gave him such guts and confidence? Was this really the power of love?

Qin YanRan was puzzled and wondered just what love was? Was it really as bright and beautiful as the books say? Was the power of love really that miraculous as they said in the books?

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