Top Quality Beauty Cultivation System Chapter 109: Here for a Fight?

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Su Lin thoroughly enjoyed Yun Yiyi’s singing, but still uttered such shameless words at the end to toot his own horn. What kind of song could he sing? He had just been forced by his music teacher to sing [Beautiful Zhicheng] back then.

“Hmph! Su Lin, since you say you sang it better than me, why don’t you let me hear you sing it once?”

Yun Yiyi knew that Su Lin was merely bragging, instead, what angered her was the fact that he still hadn’t recognized her. Could it be that this brat, Su Lin, didn’t even know of her existence in the music world?

“Hehe! Senior sister Yiyi, let’s do that another day! I am in a hurry to get my admission ticket from home right now! Thank you for giving me a ride back home. Goodbye!”

Su Lin full-well knew that boasting before others had a chance of getting him a punch in the face, so he immediately rushed out of the car as soon as it stopped. Cheerfully waving goodbye to Yun Yiyi, he turned around and slipped into his home without looking back.

“Hehe! You sure run fast…”

It had been a long time since someone had acted so shamelessly in front of her, but, for some reason, joy burst inside Yun Yiyi’s heart as she watched Su Lin joyfully hopping away. Su Lin knew nothing of her status, whether it was her identity as the eldest daughter of the Yun family, or her identity as a famous singer. In Su Lin’s eyes, she was just a pretty senior sister. It was because of this that Su Lin talked to her without scruples, and said whatever came to his mind. Yun Yiyi hadn’t experienced a feeling like this in a long time.

Ever since Yun Yiyi returned to the Yun family in the capital, she felt that everyone around her, and every word that they spoke, had a purpose. Even in the campus, everyone’s attitude towards her had changed ever since she became a famous singer.

Yun Yiyi disliked living like an aloof goddess who had nothing to do with the happiness and hardships of the world. A life like that had no pleasure; it was as if life itself had lost its charm.

The driver, Old Wang, was stunned to see his young miss happily grinning to herself through the rear view mirror. In his impression, Yun Yiyi had always been a respectable lady of a major family who always had a serious and dignified expression even when she talked to people from her own family, let alone outsiders. Even when Yun Yiyi smiled occasionally, it was a smile out of politeness. There hadn’t been a time he ever saw her smile so carelessly!

And all of this had been due to a few words said by that stinky brat, Su Lin, just now. The driver, Old Wang, followed Su Lin’s back through his window as he left, and then rubbed his eyes. He hadn’t stopped thinking about the previous matter still. He couldn’t have been wrong: his car should have smashed into that brat! But why was he so well, as if nothing had happened?

“Young miss, where should we go now?”

Burying the questions in his heart, Old Wang returned to proper business.

“Go to my maternal grandmother’s residence! I received a short message from Principal Li saying that the concert will be held after the College Entrance Examination, so we need not be in a hurry. I have also been wishing to stay at my grandmother’s place for a while now… it’s been a long time since I ate food cooked by my grandmother!”

Once her words stopped, the Audi started and slowly drove away. Yun Yiyi also closed her eyes and fell back in a resting position, but still, her mind was lost in thought about Su Lin, who she had found really interesting just then.

As Su Lin entered his house’s courtyard, he took a look at his watch and realized that it was already 08:27 am, but he didn’t have to worry about being late now. If he hadn’t used his ability to stop time when he stood in front of the Audi, and then hide before resuming it, he wouldn’t have been able to get into the car so easily.

‘Yun Yiyi… the name’s quite pleasant to the ears, but it’s a pity she was wearing such large sunglasses to cover her face. Why was she even wearing those sunglasses? To hide something on her face? Tsk, tsk… what a pity! Her figure and skin were quite great, so it would be a great disappointment if there really was a blemish on her face. Ah! I should have suspended the time and secretly taken off her glasses to have a look…’

As Su Lin walked towards the house’s entrance, Yun Yiyi’s voice kept reverberating in his head, ‘She sure sang well, but when compared to Lord Su’s singing back in the music class, it was only so-so. Hehe!’

Unlocking the door, Su Lin realized that his parents hadn’t returned after they also went to stay overnight at someone’s place. His home’s appearance was still the same as yesterday. Smashed stuff was everywhere as they hadn’t had the time to clean up. Su Lin flipped over his schoolbag that was still on the sofa where he threw it yesterday. After making sure that his admission ticket and required stationary and material were in it, he took the bag and walked out of his house.

‘College Entrance Examinations! I, Su Lin, am coming!’

After so many years of school, Su Lin had finally reached this point. Just like many other people of his age, he must also go through these College Entrance Examinations that determined one’s destiny.

What Su Lin didn’t know was that two shadows had been lurking near his house since six in the morning, prepared to ambush him.

“Brother Liu, although young master Peng asked us to do anything to stop that kid, Su Lin, from getting to the College Entrance Examinations, was it really necessary for us to get here so early in the morning? It’s already past eight o’clock, yet that kid hasn’t come out at all! Could there be another exit in their house?”

“Li’l Xing, don’t worry! I checked it already and there’s only one exit in this house, so that Su Lin will definitely come out through this door. Since this boy dares offend young master Peng, let’s see how he will sit for his College Entrance Examinations. When young master Peng is happy, won’t it be easy for us to get a promotion by the end of the year once Chief Peng puts in a few good words for us?”

It turned out that the two were ordinary clerks at the Department of Education. Peng Shenda’s father, Peng Jinhua, was the Director of the Education Bureau in Jian’an, so Peng Shenda had specifically instructed Liu Jinlong and Qi Xing to rush to Su Lin’s place and stop him from getting to the College Entrance Examination.

As long as Su Lin couldn’t get to the examination centre on time, what kind of score will he be able to get after he missed the first section of the exam?

However, even after Liu Jinlong and Qi Xing waited all morning, they didn’t see Su Lin exit his house. Just when they were getting impatient, they saw a black Audi stop at the house’s entrance. Seeing Su Lin laughingly hop out of it, they finally realized that Su Lin hadn’t even been home last night.

But no matter what, now that Su Lin was back, they could finally go through with their task. As long as they could stop Su Lin, their goal would be achieved. As a matter of fact, once Peng Shenda was happy and told his father of their deeds, they will certainly be getting a promotion in the Department of Education!

Before long, Su Lin came out of his house with his schoolbag. Liu Jinlong and Qi Xing immediately rushed out of hiding, and without saying a word, leapt forward and closely followed behind Su Lin.

“Who are these people? Are they also here for a fight?”

As soon as Su Lin came out of his house, he discovered the shady-looking Liu Jinlong and Qin Xing. He wondered why there were more people coming for a fight now that he had already helped Fang Liping get rid of the Dragon-Tiger Gang?

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