Top Quality Beauty Cultivation System Chapter 108: I Will Sing for You!

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“Yun Yiyi?”

Su Lin found her name to be somewhat familiar, but he couldn’t remember where he had heard it before?

Actually, it wasn’t that strange if one looked into the matter. Su Lin had spent the last three years in high school mostly on video games, and had no time to concern himself with these celebrities in the entertainment industry. The most entertainment he had were some classical movies and songs from the 80s and 90s his parents would put on every now and then.

However, if he were to be replaced by another student from Jian’an First High right now, they would have immediately recognized Yun Yiyi even through her large sunglasses.

Not talking about anything else, just the fact that Yun Yiyi was ranked No. 1 among the contemporary singers, and had graduated from Jian’an First High, was enough to send all the teenagers of Jian’an First High–be it the girls or the boys–into a frenzy.

Naturally, Su Lin was a strange exception among them.

“What’s the matter? Have you heard of me?”

Yun Yiyi squinted her eyes with a smile. Now that she had given out her name like this, she didn’t believe that Su Lin still wouldn’t recognize her. In the past two years, since Yun Yiyi’s initial debut, her popularity had soared to unimaginable heights. Thanks to her family’s influence, she had formed work contracts with various major companies. Adding to that the hype generated by the media, she had jumped to the top position among the contemporary singers in one fell swoop.

Half of the songs that echoed through the streets and alleys nowadays were sung by Yun Yiyi.

Yun Yiyi was the eldest daughter of the Yun Family in the Capital, but she had, for some unknown reason, lived with her mother in her hometown, Jian’an, from the age of ten. It was because of this that Yun Yiyi had gone to school in Jian’an from Elementary to High School, and she considered Jian’an to be her second hometown. Yun Yiyi had great affection for this small city located at the foot of hill, near a stream of fresh water.

What’s more? She had even written and composed a song about her feelings towards Jian’an City. Although the song, [Beautiful Zhicheng], wasn’t as popular as Yun Yiyi’s other hits, it was definitely known to everyone living in Jian’an City.

Jian’an City was also known by it’s other name, Zhicheng. In that song, Yun Yiyi had brought out the heart and soul of Jian’an’s beauty with her sweet, elusive voice.

Even Su Lin was no stranger to [Beautiful Zhicheng] as he had been called up by his music teacher, back in the second year of high school, to sing it in front of the class. However, over an year had already passed since that event, and even though Su Lin remembered the lovely melody of the song, he had long forgotten about the artist’s name.

Therefore, when Yun Yiyi looked towards him with great expectations, looking forward to his surprised expression as he realized the absurdity of his luck, all Su Lin responded with was a foolish smile as he said, “Your name’s very pleasant to the ears, however, I haven’t heard about you before.”

As soon as Su Lin’s words fell into Yun Yiyi’s ears, she felt as if she would spit blood. Usually, she would wear a hat, large sunglasses, and even a scarf when she went out just to hide her identity by any means. But now, she wasn’t recognized even when she had given out her name.

Could it be that she had to lower herself and give him a formal introduction? Tell him with her own tongue that she was a famous singer?

Su Lin’s response left Yun Yiyi feeling helpless. But as she watched such behaviour from Su Lin, she felt a certain feeling well up inside her heart. Ever since she entered University, Yun Yiyi had come into contact with many seniors from the entertainment industry due to her family’s connections. After setting foot in the music world, she had been unstoppable after her debut song, [Is It Alright for Me to Be Loved by You?], became a massive hit.

Her ethereal voice and sweet appearance further helped Yun Yiyi’s position in the music scene soar. In the last two years, she had won many awards in the music industry, and her public exposure had been at an all-time high. As a result of such fame, Yun Yiyi felt as if she had lost the life and freedom of an ordinary person.

Be it on the streets, or in the campus, Yun Yiyi had to be on guard at all times to make sure she wouldn’t be recognized. Worse still? Her best friends and the guys she had been friends with during high school had completely changed how they treated her, and stopped getting along with her like before. This had distressed Yun Yiyi to no end, and she wondered if she had left the normal circle of life after becoming a star?

However, Yun Yiyi loved to sing, and wished for her songs to bring happiness and hope to others, so it was impossible for her to give up on her career.

The reason she had returned to Jian’an was because her alma mater, Jian’an First High, had invited her to host a performance for the students going through their College Entrance Examinations. The performance, though, was arranged to be after the College Entrance Examinations so as to not affect the students before the College Entrance Examinations.

It was a complete coincidence that she ran into Su Lin, a student from Jian’an First High, as soon as she returned. She hadn’t expected she would end up talking so much with Su Lin. So, although Yun Yiyi felt a bit helpless, there was still joy bubbling inside her. Su Lin had no idea she was some bigshot, so he had been speaking very naturally with her all this time.

It wasn’t hard for Yun Yiyi to discover that Su Lin spoke with her without the humility and caution of the others, without a shred of admiration for her in his eyes. At most, there was only a little wretched light that flashed past Su Lin’s eyes every now and then.

“Su Lin, the College Entrance Examination is here, so why don’t I feel any nervousness from you?”

As she watched Su Lin’s current appearance, Yun Yiyi recalled how anxious she had been on the day of her College Entrance Examinations… to the point that her hands were covered in sweat. On the other hand, Su Lin, who had even forgotten his admission ticket at home and had less than an hour before the exam, looked so calm and composed that one would believe he had nothing better to do.

“What good will come out of nervousness? Will it help me score more points? If that happens, I don’t mind being a bit nervous…”

Su Lin opened his mouth and playfully replied in a cheerful mood. Yun Yiyi, however, seemed to like Su Lin’s answer a lot and said to him with a smile, “Your words are quite interesting! Anxiety before the exams will only cause you to perform poorly. Instead of helping you score higher, it will lead you to make mistakes as it chipped away at your confidence!”

“Exactly! It’s useless to be nervous, anyways. The College Entrance Exams were meant to come, and now they are here–nothing much. As for the final score? I will do my best to answer all the questions I can, and if the Heavens will it, I will certainly not be disappointed after all the hard work I put into preparations.”

Su Lin was quite open-minded, so it wasn’t a wonder that he wasn’t nervous at all. His preparations were complete, so there was nothing for him to worry about. Moreover, he got his hands on a copy of the real College Entrance Examinations, so what would he be afraid of?

“I like your mentality, Su Lin? Should I sing you a song to wish you a smooth time through the College Entrance Examinations?”

There were still five to six minutes before they arrived at Su Lin’s house, so Yun Yiyi took the initiative to sing a song for Su Lin. Since a beauty wished to sing a song for him, Su Lin obviously had no objections to make and he hurriedly clapped and praised Yun Yiyi as he listened to her song.

Like a pearl from the depths of the sea,

Shining bright like a peerless jade,

The blessed land surrounded by rivers and mountains,

That is our beautiful Zhicheng…

Although Yun Yiyi was going a cappella as their were no instruments of background music, her ethereal voice didn’t fail to intoxicate the listeners. One could hear the most sincere feelings, love, and gratitude from Yun Yiyi’s voice as she sang [Beautiful Zhicheng]. Her melodious voice could make people tear up as the song brought out their yearning for their home.

“How is it? How was my singing? You should now know my identity, right?”

After she finished the song, Yun Yiyi expectantly watched Su Lin, who had his eyes closed and was lost in the aftertaste of the song. Satisfaction burst in Yun Yiyi’s heart as she saw his content expression; it was her greatest pleasure to bring happiness and serenity to others through her songs. What’s more? It was a song that everyone in Jian’an knew, and now that she sang it so authentically, she believed that Su Lin must have realized her identity by now. If he still didn’t, though, then she had no other means left.

Just then, the car finally arrived before Su Lin’s house. The driver, Old Wang, stopped the car, and Su Lin also recovered from the wonderful immersion he had lost himself to. Looking at Yun Yiyi, who was watching him with a slight smile, he grinned and turned around to open the door as he left laughing, “We arrived so quickly! Great, great! Senior sister Yiyi, you sing very well. However, I have sung this song before, and I think I sang it much better than you!”

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