Top Quality Beauty Cultivation System Chapter 107: Beautiful Celebrity

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There were few cars on the road so early in the morning, so the Audi was driving relatively fast. The driver, Old Wang, was an old driver with decades of experience under his belt. This time, he had gone to pick up his young lady from the airport and was now returning to Jian’an. Heading out at five o’clock in the morning, he had rushed all way to the airport and now back to Jian’an at high speed.

But who would have known there was a boy in Jian’an City who didn’t know of the immensity of the Heavens, and started waving towards them to stop. Naturally, Old Wang ignored him, but the stinky brat suddenly rushed in front of him on the road, giving no heed to any traffic regulations.

“Brat, get out of the way…”

The Audi was moving at great speed, and when Su Lin had rushed out on the road, it was already quite close to him. The driver, Old Wang, activated the emergency brake as soon as he could, but it was already too late considering how little distance there was between them to begin with. Even if the car slowed down now, he would still hit Su Lin without a doubt.


The sound of tires screeching against the road echoed in the surroundings, awakening Yun Yiyi who had been resting with her eyes closed under the big, dark sunglasses. Due to the effects of inertia, her body kept moving forward and she nearly hit the back-cushion of the front seat.

“Old Wang, what happened?”

Yun Yiyi had been feeling unwell after overnight flight. So, it couldn’t be helped that she questioned Old Wang with a very annoyed expression after experience such a violent shake.

“Little miss, I… I just… I think I crashed into someone!”

Old Wang’s face turned pale. At this time, the emergency brakes had finally brought the Audi to a stop after it slid around ten meters further, and he couldn’t help but be afraid. Old Wang dared not look at his young lady’s pitiful condition through the rear-view mirror. That brat had suddenly rushed in the middle of the road, and there was nothing to shelter him from the incoming Audi. With how fast the car had been going, he must have been knocked into the air and left completely bloody.

“What? You hit someone?”

Yun Yiyi’s heart tightened as she heard Old Wang’s words. Although she was the hottest celebrity in the Chinese entertainment industry at the moment, this was a matter concerning the life and death of someone, so it was impossible for her to not be concerned. The slight displeasure she felt after the car came to such a sudden halt had already vanished in thin air.

“What are gawking at then? Old Wang, get out of the car and have a look! Check how injured the victim is! Immediately call 120 for rescue personnel!”

Panic-stricken, Yun Yiyi took off her glasses and sternly commanded to her driver. Hearing that they had hit someone, Yun Yiyi’s first thoughts weren’t to tell her driver to just drive away without concern, or to go out and get rid of the nuisance by giving them some money… No! She, instead, asked him to rush in saving the victim.

“Understood… Little miss, I will call rescue immediately…”

Getting out of the car, Old Wang immediately took out his phone and was about to dial 120 when he saw that there was no injured person on the road in front of him. There wasn’t even a trace of blood.

“Eh? Where did he go? Impossible! With the little distance and the car’s speed, that boy should’ve been smashed without doubt! Or… could he have already been taken away by someone else?”

Old Wang was horrified as he looked around and found no abnormalities. The situation confused Old Wang, while Su Lin walked from the side of the as if nothing happened, and unceremoniously opened the rear door of the Audi to take a seat.

“Who are you?”

Yun Yiyi, who was sitting at the back, had been waiting Old Wang’s return when she saw someone suddenly break into the car. Seeing Su Lin unceremoniously get into the car, she vigilantly backed up in her seat and questioned him.

“I am Su Lin. Huh? Where’s your driver? Hurry up and call him back to drive!”

Just when he sat inside, Su Lin was taken aback as he realized that there was no one in the driver’s seat.

“Su Lin? Are you one of my fan? Do you want my signature?”

Yun Yiyi had met many fans in the past two years, so she wasn’t too surprised.

“Fan? Is that a kind of food? Big sis, can I sell your signature for money? What am I even going to do with your signature?”

Su Lin asked several questions in a row, sending Yun Yiyi on the verge of having an ear bleed as she wondered how there could be someone so infuriating? How many fans rushed to ask for an autograph from her? Just the auction price on Taobao had reached nearly one thousand Yuan. But this Su Lin in front of her didn’t recognize her at all! How could Yun Yiyi not be enraged after seeing Su Lin’s nonchalant expression?

“What are you doing in my car if you aren’t here for a signature?”

Taught good manners from childhood, Yun Yiyi successfully endured her anger and pretended to be calm as she questioned.

“Oh! The issue is that I am going to be sitting for the College Entrance Examination today, but I left my admission ticket at home; the exam starts at nine o’clock. I have been waiting by the side of the road for a long while but haven’t been able to find a taxi, and it’s already past eight o’clock now! I had no choice but to try getting a ride in a passing car. Can you give me a lift back to my home? I can give you money…”

Saying this, Su Lin naturally pulled out the money in his pocket but realized that he only had a few small notes and some coins left after squandering around over the last few days.

“Ah… Um? I didn’t bring enough money with me today. Later, you stop at a bank and I will withdraw more money to repay you.”

There were more than six million in his bank, but his pockets had only a bit of money so Su Lin couldn’t help but feel embarrassed.

He had been arrogant just a moment ago, and now he looked a little tame and poverty-stricket. Yun Yiyi was amused as she watched the sudden contrast in Su Lin’s expressions.

“So you are a high-schooler about to take his College Entrance Examinations? How can you be so careless to forget your admission ticket at home?”

Yun Yiyi’s attitude eased as she realized the cause of the matter. Adding to that the scene she saw just now, Yun Yiyi said with a smile, “Alright! Anyway, I am fine and nothing bad happened. So, where’s your home? I will ask Old Wang to drive to your home first, and then we will drop you off at the Examination site. How about it?”

Although Yun Yiyi was a popular celebrity now, she was still a College student in her sophomore. She was also an examinee, and had made it through the College Entrance Examination depending completely on her own genius, and was now studying at Qingbei University in Beijing. In fact,she had been invited by her alma mater, Jian’an First High, to come back and do a show for the students to boost their morale after the College Entrance Examinations.

Hence, Yun Yiyi was extremely cordial after she learned Su Lin was a College Entrance Examination candidate.

“That’s great, hehe… Thank you! But rest assured, I won’t take a ride in your car for nothing.”

Su Lin was somewhat curious as he watched the beauty dressed in a black Seqin dress and wearing ultra-large sunglasses. She looked young. At most, she would be a year or two older than him, so why was she dressed so flamboyantly?

As Yun Yiyi was wearing an oversized tinted sunglasses, Su Lin couldn’t really see her real appearance. But from her fair skin and exquisite figure, he could tell that she must be a beauty.

“Little miss, it’s strange. I obviously saw a brat run into our car, but when I went to take a look, I couldn’t even see the shadow of a person! Could it be that I hit some evil spirit?”

The driver, Old Wang, had carefully looked everywhere outside and finally determined that he had not hit anyone. With that, he returned to the car. But as soon as he did, he saw Su Lin sitting next to Yun Yiyi in the car’s backseat. Horrified, he couldn’t help but point towards him and say, “Little miss, it’s this brat. He’s the guy who rushed in front of our car. But he should have definitely been hit, so… why is he alright? When did he get into the car?”

It was all too weird! Old Wang’s decades of experience told him that there was no possibility of Su Lin escaping unscathed at such a short distance when the car was going o fast. But the fact was in front of him, and Su Lin was now sitting in the backseat of their car without a scratch. What’s more, he seemed to be having a good laugh with his young lady.

“Hehe! Uncle driver, you must have made a mistake! I was obviously just waving towards the car from the side of the road. Who would be dumb enough to run into car head-on?”

Su Lin laughed and teased the driver, “I say, Uncle driver, you wouldn’t be hallucinating, right? Are you too fatigued to drive, or are you drunk? Our Jian’an City has very strict traffic checks, so you better be careful!”

“Was I really hallucinating?”

“Old Wang, it’s alright! Don’t worry too much about it. This is Su Lin, a College Entrance Examination candidate; he forgot to bring his admission ticket and needs to go back home for it. He had been unable to find a taxi, so we will be good Samaritans and send him home.”

Yun Yiyi steadily spoke. It was the kind of steadiness that didn’t match her age, and that made Su Lin feel a bit weird. Still, Su Lin didn’t really care about a minor matter like this. What mattered to him was that they let him take a ride and were willing to bring him to his home. What’s more? Having such a beauty accompany him on the way sure felt pleasant!

“Su Lin, tell Old Wang your address. We will get you to your home as soon as possible.”

“Okay. Thank you very much!”

Su Lin nodded and gave his detailed address to the driver, Old Wang. Immediately, the Audi revved up and hurried to Su Lin’s house.

“You are welcome. Although my home is in the Capital, I grew up in Jian’an. Ah! By the way, Su Lin, which high school are you a student of? Are you from Jian’an First High?”

Facing towards Su Lin, Yun Yiyi was obviously more cordial when she talked to him now. After all, they were around the same age. Moreover, Su Lin was still a high-schooler, so seeing him reminded Yun Yiyi of her time back in high school.

“Yeah, I am from Jian’an First High. You wouldn’t be a senior sister who already graduated?”

As Su Lin carefully looked at Yun Yiyi, and observed her temperament and the way the driver called her Little miss, he felt that she must be from a respected family. Someone like her would receive education befitting her family’s status, completely different from ordinary people like him who came from an ordinary family.

“What a coincidence! I also graduated from Jian’an First High, but that was two years ago. I am now a sophomore this year. My name is Yun Yiyi, but you can call me Senior Sister Yun or Senior Sister Yiyi!”

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