Top Quality Beauty Cultivation System Chapter 106: Mom, I Bit You!

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“Aunt Ping, that… That… That bite mark on your left chest has nothing to do with me!”

Su Lin wished to shoot himself to death! How could he forget something that important? The bite mark he left on Fang Liping’s chest last night was conclusive evidence. Even if Fang Liping had no recollection of what happened last night, the bite mark on her chest was proof of something transpiring.

“So it has nothing to do with you just because you said so? I haven’t even mentioned the position, so how did you know the mark is on my left chest?”

Fang Liping was even more sure that the bite mark was left by Su Lin. She had guarded herself like a jade for so many years, yet today, she had been defiled by a stinky lad who hadn’t even grown out hair. Fang Liping really wished to kill someone right now.

Su Lin, on the other hand, had an even greater desire to slap his damned mouth. Why was his memory so good? What use was opening his mouth? Not like he was getting some bounty for telling the damned truth!

“Mom, you can’t blame Su Lin for this! That… that bite mark… I bit you!”

Seeing Su Lin had nothing to counter with, Qin Yanran stood up and tried to relieve the situation.

“You bit me? Yanran, since when did you learn to shield others? Hmph! You grew up drinking my milk, so do you think I can’t tell if the one who bit me was you or someone else?”

She usually loved her daughter, but this time, Fang Liping was truly angry with Qin Yanran. She was enraged. Her reason for her rage had completely changed now. Instead of the bite mark on her chest, she was now furious over the fact that her daughter was siding with and shielding Su Lin against her.

True enough, a daughter was someone who would one day be married off and be someone else’s family. This lass, Qin Yanran had nothing to do with Su Lin, yet she was defending him like this. Won’t she defend him even more vehemently in the future?

“Mom! It’s not what you think! I… I will explain to you slowly, alright?”

Qin Yanran was no less upset in her heart! She couldn’t tell her mother what happened last night, or she couldn’t foresee what her mother might do. Even more hateful was the fact that she, Qin Yanran, had to put even more effort to protect Su Lin and help him avoid any responsibility.

“Su Lin, the College Entrance Examination is today. Although they say the exam starts at nine o’clock, don’t you have to go home and prepare your admission ticket and stationary?”

When Su Lin arrived yesterday, Qin Yanran had seen that he brought nothing with him. Not only that, he had later explained to her that he would get his stuff from his home early in the morning. At this time, Qin Yanran decided to bring up this matter. The College Entrance Examination was their greatest priority right now. She believed that her mother, Fang Liping, would certainly agree to wait until after the College Entrance Examination to have this discussion!

She will first use this excuse to get Su Lin out of the house, and once he was gone, she will definitely have a way to talk her mother out of the matter.

“Yes, yes, yes… Aunt Ping, it’s already past seven o’clock, so I must hurry back home. My admission ticket, ID card, and everything else is in my schoolbag at home. The exam starts at nine o’clock, so I will go back first!”

Su Lin wasn’t dumb. If he still couldn’t tell that Qin Yanran was helping him find an excuse to get away, then shouldn’t he drown himself in a puddle of his own piss?

“Su Lin, I know you are trying to run away, but how is possible to shirk away responsibility after committing evil? However, since today’s the College Entrance Examination and there’s nothing more important than that, I will let you off for the time being. As for your great deeds, I will make sure to discuss those with you after the College Entrance Examinations are over. I will go make breakfast for you, and after that, I will drive you home to get your admission ticket and whatnot…”

Fang Liping was the Mayor of Jian’an, so how was it possible to trick her with such petty excuses? However, the College Entrance Examination was indeed their priority right now, so Fang Liping had to suppress her rage for the time being. After their College Entrance Examinations were over, she would make sure to settle the accounts with Su Lin.

“Aunt Ping, it’s already getting late so I’ll rush home first! It will be bad if I am late for the College Entrance Examinations! As for food… I will eat a few buns from the roadside vendors. I will be going first…”

Looking into Fang Liping’s blazing eyes, Su Lin felt a storm approach and certainly didn’t have the guts to stay for breakfast! Hurrying out of the bedroom, he took the clothes Fang Liping had washed and dried outside yesterday.

Although the jeans and the t-shirt had been completely dried in the dryer and hung over a windowsill all night, Su Lin could still feel some wetness from them. Though, not caring about such issues, he hurriedly put them on and rushed out of the house as fast as he could.

“Damn! Women really are troublesome!”

It was only after he came out of Fang Liping’s house that Su Lin’s tense nerves relaxed, and he could breath a sigh of relief. At the same time, Su Lin realized that he had worn his shoes in the wrong order.

Hurriedly correcting the blunder while no one saw him, Su Lin rushed downstairs. It was only a little over 7:30 in the morning, and the streets already had pedestrians and aunties who were returning from their grocery shopping. Everything was as usual, just like it would be in a small town early in the morning. Still, Su Lin felt like a man who had escaped a natural disaster.

‘I would better not provoke the women in this family!’

Su Lin warned himself in his heart, and then shifted his focus on the upcoming College Entrance Examination.

‘Aye! Why didn’t I bring my admission ticket with me yesterday? If I had, I wouldn’t need to go home right now, and could have directly gone to the Examination site.’

Getting a taxi early in the morning was quite hard in Jian’an, especially at a time this early.

Anxiety crawled in Su Lin’s heart as he stood by the road and watched for a taxi to pass. Qin Yanran’s house was about half an hour away from Jian’an First High, and it took another 20 minutes to get to Su Lin’s home from Jian’an First High. If Su Lin ran over, he will certainly end up late, so he had to take a taxi.


After he waited for a while, a ride finally passed by but it already had passengers.

Seeing that it was already eight o’clock, there was only an hour left to the start of the College Entrance Examination. Taking in account the final time for entrance to the Examination room, he realized that he was running out of time.

‘I can’t let this go on! This Uncle Su has endured great hardship to prepare his foolproof plan to ace the College Entrance Examination, so how can I fail just because I was late?!’

Su Lin came up with an idea. Since he couldn’t get a taxi, he will just hitch a ride in someone’s car! Wouldn’t that be easier?

Seeing a dark Audi in the distance, Su Lin decided to not to waste time and rushed towards the Audi while waving his hards. The Audi, however, didn’t slow down nor did look like it was going to stop at all.

“Why aren’t you stopping?! Uncle Su here is going to be late for the College Entrance Examinations, so why aren’t you stopping?”

There weren’t many cars out so early in the morning, so if he missed this Audi, Su Lin had no idea when he will see another car. Time waits for none, so Su Lin disregarded all road safety rules and jumped in front of the Audi to block it. He didn’t believe it still wouldn’t sleep. Worst situation, he will just pay them some money for the ride. After all, Uncle Su’s bank card had enough money right now to buy a few of such cars!

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