Top Quality Beauty Cultivation System Chapter 105: Su Lin, Where Did The Bite Mark On My Chest Come From?

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The sun in June rose very early, and today, the sunshine fell upon the world like a golden torrent. No matter who saw it, their mood would turn pleasant.

In Fang Liping’s room, the south-facing window happened to be face the sunrise. The sunlight penetrated through the window and slowly seeped into the room as it made its way through the curtains. From the foot of the bed, it slowly illuminated the bed sheets, and then finally hit Fang Liping’s face.

The sudden brightness dazzled Fang Liping as her chaotic mind slowly sobered up.

Her head felt heavy and Fang Liping didn’t want to get up, but a certain voice from the depths of her heart kept calling to her, trying to remind her of something important.


Fang Liping felt immense comfort as she woke up. Even though she still lacked sleep, she felt that her body was better than ever.

As she opened her eyes and got dazzled by the enthusiastic and blazing sun, she realized that it was impossible not to have a good mood with such positive energy shining upon her early in the morning.

Waking up from her deep sleep, Fang Liping spent a few seconds to sort out her thoughts. Where was she? And what happened last night? Those questions went through her mind.

Looking around, she realized that she was in her home, on her familiar bed, and under her familiar quilt. Fang Liping felt relieved seeing the familiar room. She wondered why she felt drunk even though she hadn’t had any wine last night? Her head ached, and when she tried to recall the events of last night, the pain only got worse and made her dizzy.

“I… Why did I fall asleep without wearing my pajamas?”

Fang Liping struggled to sit up, unable to remember last night’s happenings, only to find herself completely naked in bed. Looking around, she found that her pajamas had been randomly thrown around on the floor.

“Just what happened?”

Fang Liping couldn’t help but frown. She, who was usually a calm and strict Mayor, couldn’t have done something unimaginable last night, right?

“Last night… Oh right! Su Lin also stayed the night over at our place. Just what happened last night?”

The more she thought, the more she felt that something was wrong. Something really bad must have happened last night, but no matter how she racked her brain, Fang Liping couldn’t remember. It appeared as if her memory from when she went back to bed after dinner had been completely erased.


As soon as Fang Liping got up to get herself dressed, she felt a sudden pain rise from her chest. Lowering her head to take a look, she saw a red tooth mark on her chest. It was neither too deep nor too shallow, but it was right around one of her strawberry. Against her milky white skin, it made for quite a contrast.

“This… how can there be a bite mark on my chest?”

Shame and rage filled Fang Liping’s mind! For so many years, she had guarded herself like a jade for her late husband, to the point that she hadn’t even allowed another man to visit her home, but now, she had such a conspicuous bite mark on her chest right after she woke up!

‘SU LIN! It must be Su Lin! There’s no other man in the house except for Su Lin!’

Even if she thought with her ass, she could tell that the mark must have been left by Su Lin. Enraged, Fang Liping put on her clothes in a hurry and ran towards the guest room. Without wasting her time on knocking, she directly opened the door and rushed.

“Su Lin, you bastard…”

Fang Liping opened her mouth to curse, but before she could finish her sentence, the scene in front of her stunned her.

Fang Liping saw that not only was there Su Lin asleep in the guest room, but even her daughter, Qin Yanran, was present therein. Like a dead dog, Su Lin lay on the bed with all his limbs spread out as drool fell down his mouth. His appearance made people desire to beat his ass like a filthy rug that needed some dusting.

Worse still, Fang Liping saw that her daughter, Qin Yanran, was nesting into Su Lin’s chest like a baby bird. With her legs snaking around Su Lin’s body, she had one of her hands resting on Su Lin’s chest, and the other tightly clasped onto Su Lin’s shoulder as she rested her head on Su Lin’s chest as if listening to his strong heartbeat.

“What… What the hell is going on? Why is Yanran sleeping with Su Lin?”

Fang Liping couldn’t accept the scene in front of her. But fortunately, her position as a Mayor all these years hadn’t been in vain, and she had developed her mind to stay calm even in face of danger. Gloomily, she walked forward and shook her daughter, Qin Yanran, to wake her up. After that, she opened her palm and tightly slapped Su Lin in the face!

“Mom? Good morning…”

Qin Yanran, who was still in a daze, rubbed her squinted eyes and greeter her mother with a smile as soon as she saw her.

Su Lin, on the other hand, wasn’t as calm. Qin Yanran had only seen her mother and completely ignored Su Lin, but as soon as Su Lin opened his eyes, he saw Qin Yanran next to him on the bed, and an enraged Fang Liping standing by the head of the bed. Unable to contain his shock, he immediately jumped up.

“Ping… Aunt Ping, wha… why are you here?”

The sudden fright made Su Lin’s speech turn incoherent. His brain worked rapidly and he immediately remembered everything that happened last night.

“Why can’t I be here? Good! Good! Su Lin, I was kind to let you spend the night at our home, but who would have thought that you… Hmph! You sure work quick! You already tricked Yanran into your bed!”

Fang Liping was bursting with anger as she scolded Su Lin.

“Ah? I… why am I in Su Lin’s bed?”

Qin Yanran looked back and was completely taken aback when she saw Su Lin’s completely bare upper body. But after a few seconds, she recalled everything that happened last night and remembered that she came over on her own. Later, she was tired of fighting with Su Lin and fell asleep with him.

“Aunt Ping, please listen to me! Yanran and I haven’t… We haven’t done anything!”

Su Lin was aggrieved. It was clearly these two mother and daughter. They were the ones who couldn’t sleep in the middle of the night, and decided to come knock at his, Uncle Su’s door. Not only had they not thanked him, they had even put the blame on his head. It seemed that the women of this family weren’t kind and loved to put the blame on the poor victims.

“You did nothing?! You and Yanrna were sleeping in the same bed! If this spreads, our Yanran’s reputation will be completely destroyed.”

When she woke them up, Fang Liping had already removed the quilt and checked the situation under it. There was obviously no blood on the bed, and Qin Yanran’s pajamas were still neat, so she couldn’t help but breath a sigh of relief. However, a girl’s reputation was far too important. It certainly wouldn’t be a small matter if word of her daughter sleeping with Su Lin were to spread out!

“This… Aunt Ping, I… This isn’t my fault! Last night, you…”

“Su Lin! Don’t talk nonsense!”

Su Lin was about to say everything that happened last night, but Qin Yanran immediately silenced him and forcefully covered his mouth.

“Why aren’t you letting me say it?! Aunt Ping wronged me last night and mistook me for…”

Su Lin broke away from Qin Yanran’s grasp and continued to speak. Qin Yanran immediately glared at him and stopped him as she whispered to him, “My Mom might not remember what happened last night, so don’t talk any nonsense!”

‘Aunt Ping doesn’t remember what happened last night?’

Su Lin looked towards Fang Liping and asked tentatively, “Aunt Ping, do you remember what happened last night?”

“What happened last night? When I woke up, I felt an unbearable pain in my head. I feel like that something significant happened last night, but I just can’t seem to remember! Su Lin, you tell me what happened last night?”

Qin Yanran and Su Lin breathed a sigh of relief as they heard Fang Liping’s words. It appeared that Fang Liping really didn’t remember last night’s events. Since Fang Liping didn’t remember anything, she could avoid the embarrassment. Qin Yanran and Su Lin naturally knew what happened last night, but they wished to treat it as if nothing transpired.

As for how Qin Yanran knew? It was her guess since she knew her mother well. If her mother really remembered what happened last night, she wouldn’t have had the guts to come after Su Lin with such aggression first thing in the morning! Instead, she would have ran as far away from Su Lin as she could, doing her best to hide her face.

“Su Lin, my Mom really forgot what happened last night. It’s much easier to handle everything like this, so don’t mention anything, alright?”

Qin Yanran whispered in Su Lin’s ears, and Su Lin nodded in response.

“What are the two of you whispering about? Su Lin! Tell me about everything that happened last night!”

Fang Liping couldn’t help but feel that her daughter was acting somewhat strange today, so she didn’t ask her anything. Instead, she directly extorted Su Lin for the truth of the matter.

“Aunt Ping, nothing happened last night. After we finished dinner, we all went to our rooms to sleep. Nothing significant happened after that.”

Su Lin hurriedly responded. This time, Su Lin lied with full confidence without blinking once in the process.


Fang Liping kept staring, exhibiting a serious look as she questioned Su Lin.

“Really! Aunt Ping, I assure you that I am telling the truth.”

Su Lin stretched out his hand before his chest and vowed.

“Huh! Is that so? Su Lin, where did the bite mark on my chest come from then?!”


Chapter 2/4 for today. The remaining two chapters will be released on their respective time’s of 07:00 and 19:00 UTC time.

Enjoy, and thank you for reading! 🙂

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