Top Quality Beauty Cultivation System Chapter 104: Boisterous and Frivolous

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Infinite questions went through Qin Yanran’s heart as she lay on her bed. Suspicions and worries plagued her mind and she couldn’t figure out what to do.

It was the first time Qin Yanran had seen her mother smile with such joy as she put her to sleep.

‘Mom has been alone all these years; she must be tired.’

With a sigh, Qin Yanran covered her mother with a quilt and tip-toed out her of her mother’s room.

It was already past two o’clock at night, and Qin Yanran couldn’t help yawn. Still, it wasn’t time for her to go to sleep. Everything that happened today was a bit insane, so she had to have a discussion with Su Lin first.

Arriving outside the guest room, Qin Yanran gently knocked on the door.

[Thump! Thump! Thump!]

The sudden knocks at his door made Su Lin, who had almost fallen asleep after laying in bed, jump up again.

‘Who is it this time?’

His door had already been knocked-on twice tonight, once by Qin Yanran, and once by Fang Liping. It couldn’t be Qin Yanran’s grandmother, Tang Huiqin, this time, right? He really couldn’t get a good night’s rest in this place.

“Su Lin, it’s me!”

As soon as she said those words, Qin Yanran pushed open the door and directly walked in without waiting for Su Lin’s reply. Arriving beside Su Lin’s bed, she stared at him as if she was about to eat him.

“Yanran, you… Why are you glaring at me like that? I… I didn’t do anything…”

Su Lin instinctively shrank back into his quilt as he felt Qin Yanran’s fiery gaze. Although he said otherwise, he sure felt guilt in his heart.

“Su Lin! You still dare say you didn’t do anything? You think I don’t know what you were doing with my Mom just then?”

Qin Yanran, who would normally be in a cheery mood, now looked like an inquisitor as she questioned Su Lin with her hands on her waist. She resembled a shrew as she pointed towards Su Lin’s nose and cursed.

“Yanran, I…I was trying my best to stop her! Aunt Ping mistook me for your late father, and no matter how I explained, she wouldn’t listen to me and kept treating me as your father. Didn’t you hear everything from under the quilt? What’s more, it was you who told me to take your mother to her room! But who would have expected…How would I know she would… take off everything… I… what was I supposed to do? I really didn’t do anything…”

Su Lin resembled a weak wife suffering from an injustice as he explained himself. In his heart, however, he said, ‘It’s good that I, a good man of the 21st century, was the one in that situation! If there had been another man, he would have surely lost his mind to his primal desires!’


Qin Yanran’s rage deepened as she heard Su Lin talk about her hiding under the quilt, and she harshly rebuked him, “Su Lin, don’t you think I don’t know everything! If you weren’t having any ideas, then why did your body react? When I was under the quilt, I saw… You… Your that… That bulge in your boxers!”

“My that? My what?”

Su Lin pretended to be ignorant and asked. Of course, Qin Yanran knew of Su Lin’s evil thoughts and kept glaring at him. Left helpless at the situation, she had no choice but to say, “Su Lin, you… You bad bastard!”

Bastard! Perhaps that was the worst name the gentle Qin Yanran could imagine and say! However, to Su Lin, it had a completely different meaning.

He didn’t think that Qin Yanran was cursing him, instead, he thought that the words, bad bastard, sounded quite badass right now!

“Ah! Class Leader, you are wronging me! You say that I am bad? Take a look at me and say which part of mine went bad?”

‘Hmph! Since you mother-daughter aren’t going to let this Uncle Su sleep peacefully, then see how this Uncle Su deals with you. Uncle Su here certainly won’t let you go without taking some petty advantage!’

Su Lin had been getting more and more frivolous lately, and his eloquence had worsened in tow. With just a few words, he was able to make Qin Yanran turn red in the face as she dared not argue back.

“Smelly Su Lin, I am not telling you. You… You are bullying me!”

In the end, Qin Yanran was still a flower with a thin face. As long as Su Lin said something a bit explicit, it would be enough to leave Qin Yanran speechless. The feeling that came with having no rebuke sure wasn’t a good one.

“How can I dare bully you, Class Leader?! It’s obviously you, the Class Leader, who’s not letting me sleep peacefully!”

Su Lin had a bone to pick with her. Why was it so hard for him to get a good night’s rest?! As he watched Qin Yanran’s modest chest that rose and fell due to anger, Su Lin’s mind wandered off to the view of Fang Liping’s huge meatballs he had seen recently.

“Hmph! Bastard Su Lin, your eyes are shining so lewdly! You must be thinking of something unheatlhy again.”

Feeling somewhat cold, Qin Yanran sat on the bed and took the initiative to raise the quilt and drill under it in front of Su Lin.

“What… what are you talking about? I… I was thinking about tomorrow’s College Entrance Examination!”

Su Lin couldn’t help but stutter as he got caught. At the same time, he wondered how Qin Yanran could see through the evil thoughts in his mind?

“Thinking about the College Entrance Examination? Come on! Su Lin, are you now wondering how I saw through your evil thoughts?”

Qin Yanran felt joy as her small scheme succeeded. It turned out that grabbing onto Su Lin’s weakness and embarrassing him was quite an amusing game!

“I was really thinking about the College Entrance Examination,” Su Lin would defend himself even if meant dying, but he definitely wanted to know how Qin Yanran figured out his thoughts. She wouldn’t suddenly find out about his special ability to suspend time, right? Could it be that Qin Yanran had the ability to read minds? Surely not… right? Su Lin couldn’t help but be terrified as he timidly asked, “Yanran, is it possible… Can you read minds?”

“Hehe! Su Lin, are you admitting that you were having dirty thoughts just now?”

Qin Yanran couldn’t help but be proud as she watched Su Lin essentially admit to his wrongdoing, “Where would I get the ability to read minds? Hehe, it was the look in your eyes! You had this squinty eyes and looked like a complete pervert, so I knew that you were thinking about something lewd. Anybody could have seen that much!”

“Squinting like a pervert? I… did I really look like that?”

“Of course! Hmph! Not just when you look at me, you also have those eyes when you see Teacher Lin of the English class. So say, Su Lin, are you not a big bad wolf, a big bastard! And you still dare say I wronged you?”

Qin Yanran had the posture of a victor as she revealed the evidence and rose to higher grounds. She felt so proud of herself that she had already forgotten that she was under the same quilt as Su Lin, on his bed.

“I call bullshit… When have I looked like that?” Su Lin felt ashamed after Qin Yanran rubbed everything in his face so bluntly.

“Always! Acknowledge it already, Su Lin! You are a pervert, a big bastard, a complete rogue!”

“Is that so… Let me show you my true colors then…”

“Hmph! Come then! Let’s see if you have the guts to…”

“Guts? When have I lacked guts?”

After getting teased so incessantly, Su Lin’s agitation reached a bursting point and he no longer cared about anything as he turned over and pushed Qin Yanran under him.

“Ah! Su Lin, what are you doing? Get away…”

Qin Yanran also realized that she had gone a bit far. By now, her entire body was pressed under Su Lin’s as his burning physique rubbed against her pajamas. What’s more, the way Su Lin stared at her terrified her.

“Weren’t you bullying me just now? What happened? Are you afraid now?”

Su Lin panted heavily and threateningly lowered his head, slowly but surely getting closer and closer to Qin Yanran.

Qin Yanran felt an instinctive fear rise in her heart as she watched Su Lin get closer and closer. But when her gaze fell upon Su Lin’s dark, red lips, she didn’t know why, but she couldn’t help but purse her lips. There was a strange feeling surging in her heart as she felt Su Lin’s body pressing down on her.


As Qin Yanran fell into a daze, Su Lin quickly moved and stole a kiss from Qin Yanran’s luscious lips.

“This is your punishment for wronging me just now!”

As soon as he kissed Qin Yanran, Su Lin jumped away from her and hid himself under the quilt on the other side of the bed, like a stinky brat who had done something bad.

“Su Lin! You damned pervert!”

Qin Yanran felt shame and rage as she realized what Su Lin had done. Although it was just for a moment, it was still her first kiss! Just like that, it had been stolen by that hateful Su Lin. Worse still, that bastard had stolen it with a momentary peck and she hadn’t had a chance to clearly feel the kiss. Her first kiss was gone just like that!

“Since you call me a pervert, it’s only natural that I do what a pervert would do!”

Su Lin replied with a triumphant smile after finally having the upper hand again.

“It’s the truth! Su Lin, you bastard…”

Qin Yanran’s panted in rage, and without caring for her image, she harshly kicked Su Lin in the ass.

“Ahhhh… Gentlmen fight with words not with their hands… Ah! Stop kicking me!”

“I am not using my hands…”

“Gentlemen also don’t fight with their feet!”

“I am a woman, not a gentleman…”

“Ah… Hmph! I won’t be polite anymore either! Watch my Milk Grasping Divine Dragon Hands…”

“Ah! Su Lin, stop tickling me…”

Laughter and sounds of quarrel rang in the room, and before they knew, Qin Yanran and Su Lin had fallen asleep. In any case, even the moon had gone into hiding behind the clouds by now. Most of the long night had burned away, but these two had only now went to sleep.

Exhausted, the two of them fell into a deep sleep. And before she knew it, Qin Yanran’s slender legs snaked around Su Lin’s body, and one of arm crossed against his chest as she tightly grabbed onto him. At the same time, a satisfied smile bloomed on her beautiful face as her sweet fragrance spread around and she slept without a sound.

Su Lin, on the other hand, was different as he frowned from time to time, appearing as if he were in a nightmare. The past few days hadn’t been calm, and he had been forced to go through far more than youth his age would. The greater the power, the greater the responsibility! Su Lin didn’t know when so many expectations and responsibilities fell upon his shoulders. It was to the point that he couldn’t even relax in a dream.


There were no chapters yesterday due to some unforseen circumstances. Will be posting 4 in total today. This is the first of the four.

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