Top Quality Beauty Cultivation System Chapter 103: Su Lin, You Bastard!

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Inside Fang Liping’s room, Su Lin, who was wearing nothing but his boxers, was being pushed towards the bed by a topless Fang Liping.

“Zemin, look! This bed sheet is from the time when we got married, so are the pillow coverings… I couldn’t bring myself to discard them, so I have been using them all this time. In my heart, I always believed that you would return to me one day. That one day, we will again sleep together in our home…”

Fang Liping smiled proudly while pointing towards the bed in front of her.

“This bed…”

As Su Lin looked at the bed sheet in front of him, he realized that it was indeed a style from some 20 years ago. The bed sheet had already lost a lot of color after going through multiple washes over the years, but Fang Liping was still unwilling to get rid of it.

He didn’t know why, but when Su Lin saw everything, he felt a little sourness in tingle his nose. Turned out, Fang Liping was extremely infatuated with her husband.

With that, Su Lin completely suppressed the fire burning in his heart. Now that he had regained his senses, how could he do such frivolous things to Aunt Ping?

Su Lin felt that Fang Liping, who had completely taken him for her husband, must have suppressed the yearning in her heart for a long time. Even in the face of pressure, it was this yearning that kept her going. Now that Qin Zemin had been avenged and Liu Jianguo was behind bars, adding to the fact that Su Lin put on Qin Zemin’s clothes, it all led to all these abnormal actions by Fang Liping.

“Aunt Ping, wake up! Look clearly, it’s me, Su Lin! I am Su Lin, not your husband, Qin Zemin!”

Su Lin couldn’t let Fang Liping keep going like this, so he began shaking her fiercely to wake her up.

However, how could Fang Liping, who lost herself down memory lane, be so easily brought back to reality? Smiling sweetly, Fang Liping ignored Su Lin’s words and took of the rest of her pajamas.

Oh my God! Fang Liping was now standing completely naked in front of Su Lin. There was not a single thread of cloth covering her ample physique, and everything laid bare in front of Su Lin.

“Zemin, look at my body; I have always kept it clean, and no one beside you has ever touched it…”

Turning around in a circle as if she were dancing, Fang Liping proudly perked up her chest without shying away from Su Lin’s almost burning gaze.

“Aunt Ping, you… please don’t do this again! If you do it again… I… I really won’t be able to stop myself…”

The evil fire Su Lin had forcefully suppressed re-erupted with even more fury and guts.

Fang Liping turned in a circle once more and started touching her waste, feeling up her thigh, and then grabbing her jiggling ass as she moved towards Su Lin step by step while saying in a slightly sad tone, “Zemin, I have tried my best to maintain my figures over the years, but I don’t know why my ass still keeps getting bigger and bigger. Here, you can touch and see for yourself if you don’t believe me…”

Finally near Su Lin, Fang Liping grabbed onto his hand and brought it towards her plump ass. Su Lin’s heart ferociously thumped as he completely lost his ability to resist!

But right at that moment, Su Lin’s eyes widened as his gaze fell upon Qin Yanran who was staring daggers at him from the door of the room.

“Aunt Ping, I… I will get out now…”

At this time, Fang Liping was fully naked and Su Lin was only wearing his boxers. If an outsider saw them right now, they would certainly think something unspeakable happened between the two of them. Although Su Lin tried his best to resist, in his heart, he had been looking forward to that which could have transpired.

However, Su Lin certainly lacked the courage to do something like that now that Qin Yanran stood at the door like the grim reaper. With Qin Yanran in front of him, could he really have an intimate relationship with her mother? That was something only beasts would do!

Su Lin dared not meet Qin Yanran’s gaze. Lowering his head, he quickly ran out of Fang Liping’s room back to his guest room. By now, the evil fire burning in his heart had been thoroughly quenched.

“Zemin, don’t leave…”

Seeing Su Lin run away, the naked Fang Liping tried to give chase but was hugged to a stop by Qin Yanran at the door.

“Mom, Dad passed away ten years ago!”

As if a roaring thunderclap, the words spoken by Qin Yanran directly struck against Fang Liping’s heart.

“Yanran, my daughter Yanran… What did you say? Zemin is dead… No! Zemin isn’t dead! I saw him clearly just now! He hugged me and… and he kissed me, too…”

Fang Liping acted as if she had gone insane. Holding her head in her hands, she madly shook and tried to deny the truth.

“Mom, Dad has really passed away. He is gone! Mom, I am sorry you had to bear so much over all these years! For so many years, you have been suffering all by yourself…”

Qin Yanran tightly clung to her mother and cried as tears streamed down her face.

Before today, Qin Yanran hadn’t known of the truth behind her father’s death. She had always naively believed that her father passed away in a car accident. It wasn’t until today that Fang Liping told her the truth of the matter, after the enmity had been avenged. Qin Yanran was shocked to find about her mother’s ten-year-long plan for revenge, and that only made her feel even more distressed for her mother.

‘Heavens! Just how had my Mom carried this burden for the past ten years?’

And when her mother mistook Su Lin for her father, it was the first time Qin Yanran had seen such a look in her eyes and a smile that came from the bottom of her heart.

‘Later, I must help my mother find a good man!’

Qin Yanran had always been against the idea of a “stepfather” in her heart. Fortunately, her mother never mentioned anything like that. Just like that, the mother-daughter duo had depended on each other all these years. But after going through today’s events, Qin Yanran completely let go of the opposition in her heart. For her mother’s happiness, she will certainly find a great man who will love and take great care of her mother.

Though, what kind of man would be best for her mother? That was what worried Qin Yanran as she hugged Fang Liping.

‘The best man for Mom would be someone who can make her smile like she did today. Someone who could make her eyes shine brightly. Someone who can free her from all worries and be dependable! But where am I going to find someone like that who can make my Mom happy?’

Qin Yanran was at a loss. But suddenly, in the middle of her planning, Su Lin’s grinning face popped into her mind.

‘No! No! It… It can’t be Su Lin!’

The sudden absurd thought frightened Qin Yanran. Looking at her gradually calming mother, Qin Yanran decided to postpone the matter! She and her mother needed to rest right now. Qin Yanran gently helped her mother to her bed. As she saw the bed sheet that had been washed until it lost color, she couldn’t help but feel a soreness in her heart!

The night was long and the darkness kept creeping in. Qin Yanran laid her mother on the bed and covered her with the quilt that she had treasured from the time she got married. Lost in thought, Qin Yanran only felt relaxed when she heard her mother’s breathing stabilize and get deeper.


Qin Yanran cursed Su Lin in her heart. It was all that rogue’s fault who couldn’t control his lust! But why could she not stop thinking about him? Qin Yanran didn’t know, nor could she find an answer.

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