Top Quality Beauty Cultivation System Chapter 102: Caught Under the Quilt

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What was wrong with this Fang Liping? Was she bewitched? She was really treating him as her dead husband!

Su Lin’s gaze was completely occupied by the milky balls of fat in front of him. Fang Liping, on the other hand, was busy touching herself with a smile. Looking at Su Lin’s gaze, she grabbed onto Su Lin’s hand and brought it towards her chest.

“Zemin! Do you still want to touch them even though I am much older? Do you how much pain I went through in the past ten years?”

As his hands fell onto the perfectly round, soft mounds of flesh, Su Lin couldn’t help but gently dig his fingers into the tender skin.

“Anh! Zemin! I feel hot and uncomfortable…”

Fang Liping twisted her waist around. Her eyes had already closed halfway through, and her lips were hot and fiery red. With lust clouding her judgment, she held both of Su Lin’s hands and made him feel every inch of her body.

Her explosive actions made it impossible for Su Lin to bear through the stimulation. What’s more? Fang Liping’s mature and hot body kept on exuding an attractive fragrance that further chipped at his reasoning. Her body was like a fruit that had grown for more than ten years and was ready to be picked. She was like a dried up river in the desert that finally met a source of water.

The burning hot desires and the demanding eyes of Fang Liping made Su Lin lick his lips as a certain part of his body responded to the sudden stimulus.

Qin Yanran, on the other hand, was burning with impatience right now. Although she was under the quilt and couldn’t see anything, she could still hear her mother’s flirtatious words full of desires, her heavy breathing, and the occasional moans full of raw lust.

Su Lin was her classmate! How could her mother do something so shameful?!

Qin Yanran’s heart fell into a mess. She could tell her mother was projecting her dead father on Su Lin, and since she was no longer a child, she knew well of a woman’s needs in those aspects. Worse was the fact that her mother had been a widow for more than ten years, so once her desires thoroughly burst out, they would be like a tsunami that caused destruction in all directions.

Qin Yanran couldn’t help but feel helpless. There was no way she could expose herself at this moment as that would only worsen the situation. Qin Yanran had no idea what she could do, she couldn’t even turn around right now. In the end, unable to do anything, all Qin Yanran could do was divert all of her rage towards Su Lin who was having nasty thoughts in such a situation. As Qin Yanran’s face was plastered to Su Lin’s waist, she could clearly see Su Lin’s dark-blue boxers give rise to a small tent between his legs.

Suddenly, a strong odor stimulated Qin Yanran’s senses, making her feel ashamed and enraged as her burning face flushed red. The sudden scent irked her nose. It wasn’t fragrant in any way, instead, it was heavy and pungent, but Qin Yanran couldn’t understand why she couldn’t help but want to inhale even more of it?

Su Lin, that conscienceless bastard… with her mother! Could it be that he was having ideas about her mother? Why else would he have such a reaction at this time?

No! No!

Something really bad was going to happen if she let them continue like this.

Qin Yanran’s anxiousness increased. There was no way she could expose herself, nor was there any way for her to stop her mother, so all she could do was give Su Lin a grim reminder of his situation.

Gently touching Su Lin’s body with her small hand, Qin Yanran suddenly gave Su Lin’s waist a malicious pinch.


The sudden pain made Su Lin’s body bend forward. He, who was already quite close to Fang Liping, immediately had his face completely buried between Fang Liping’s chest as the two soft bunnies wrapped around his head.

“Zemin, what’s the matter? Are you anxious for it, too? Don’t worry, Ping’er will serve you slowly just like before…”

Fang Liping said with a smile as her arms directly clasped around Su Lin’s neck, pressing him further against her chest. At the same time, her face tilted upwards as the pain stimulated her made her to call out, “Zemin, look at how swollen my chest has become! Fondle them, suck them…”


Feeling the softness all around him, and taking in the alluring scent exuded by Fang Liping’s mature and irresistible body was enough to make Su Lin forget the pain from Qin Yanran’s sudden pinch. Pursing his lips, he unceremoniously opened his mouth and took in a hot, bright red cherry, sucking on it with all his might.

“Anh… Un… This… This is it! Anh…”

Fang Liping felt a strong current course through her body as Su Lin’s fierce tongue spread his saliva all over the sweet strawberry. Her hands and feet went numb from the pleasure and she couldn’t help but arch her back. Her entire body stiffened due to the extreme stimulus as her arms hooked tighter against Su Lin’s neck, pressing him harder against her excited body.

‘Damned Su Lin! How come you got hornier instead of calming down?!’

Her mother’s moans made Qin Yanran’s face turn even hotter. Her attack on Su Lin’s waist hadn’t just failed, it had somehow excited him even more. Qin Yanran could clearly see the tent between Su Lin’s legs inflate in size.

‘Ah! Oh my God! Just what is this thing? How can it get so big at once?’

Qin Yanran felt indignant. She couldn’t bear to watch Su Lin defile her mother any further than this. With cruelty in her eyes, Qin Yanran remembered that the place between the legs was the lifeblood for a man. Wouldn’t Su Lin sober up if she tightly grabbed onto it.

As the thought crossed her mind, Qin Yanran couldn’t help but hold her breath — she could feel her heart thump wildly. She had never been so close to a boy, so having direct contact with a boy’s private part was obviously out of the question. But just like any other boy or girl going through puberty, she, too, had a faint curiosity towards the other gender’s body.

Albeit shy, the unspeakable curiosity inside Qin Yanran’s heart infinitely expanded at this time.

Qin Yanran couldn’t help but feel frightened as she stretched her slender and delicate little hand towards the scary monster that appeared as if it would burst at any time. She wondered if it could bite?

Gently tracing her hand against Su Lin’s thigh, she slowly crawled upwards. Su Lin, on the other hand, felt like an emperor at this moment as he enjoyed the blessing of receiving service from two extremely beautiful concubines.

But this wonderful feeling barely lasted for a few seconds as a sudden pain gripped Su Lin from underneath the quilt. Without mercy, Qin Yanran’s little hand clutched onto Su Lin’s lifeblood, evoking a fierce reaction from him.

Su Lin, who was happily sucking on a sweet strawberry just a moment ago, suddenly bit down hard, making Fang Liping release a loud moan full of pain and pleasure as soon as his teeth dug into her satin skin.

Su Lin couldn’t endure the pain from his nether regions! He immediately woke up and remembered that Qin Yanran was still under the quilt. Just what the heck was he doing? Was he really getting frivolous with Fang Liping in front of her daughter? Although Fang Liping had been blinded and took him as her dead husband, it didn’t mean he could take advantage of her like this!

Guilt and self-blame exploded in Su Lin’s heart as his face burned hotter. Qin Yanran, on the other hand, had still not let go of his little brother under the quilt, so he could clearly feel the pain and suffocation. Quickly pushing Fang Liping away, he put his hands under the quilt and freed himself of Qin Yanran’s tight grip. Immediately afterwards, he jumped out of the quilt, picked up Fang Liping’s pajamas from the ground and shook her harshly while saying, “Aunt Ping, wake up! It’s me, Su Lin! I am not your husband, Qin Zemin!”

Su Lin felt immense guilt as he tried to keep his eyes off Fang Liping’s bare chest. The place where he bit just then had a deep-red bite mark.

“You are not Su Lin! You are my husband; you are my Zemin!”

Fang Liping replied obstinately as if she was a three-year-old child. It was apparent that she had lost her reasoning as she disregarded everything. She didn’t even wear the pajamas Su Lin handed to her, and instead rushed forward and tightly hugged Su Lin while shouting, “Zemin! Don’t leave me, alright? Ping’er misses you! Ping’er misses you a lot!”

Su Lin had no idea how he was supposed to get out of this situation. Fang Liping seemed to have been possessed by some devil, truly believing that Su Lin was her husband, Qin Zemin.

“Su Lin, bring my mother to her room first…”

Qin Yanran, who had been hiding all this time, secretly removed the quilt from her head. At this moment, Fang Liping was tightly holding onto Su Lin with her back to the bed, so Qin Yanran winked towards Su Lin and spoke to him in a whisper.


Su Lin knew that it wasn’t the time for him to explain himself before Qin Yanran. First, he had to solve the mess caused by Fang Liping. He had to bring Fang Liping to her room so that Qin Yanran wouldn’t be exposed. As for how to wake Fang Liping later, that should be much easier.

“Okay… I’m Zemin, I’m Zemin! Ping’er, this isn’t our room. Can you take me to your room?”

Su Lin spoke as if he was coaxing a child. He had never imagined that the female Mayor, Fang Liping, who made all of Jian’an tremble under the strong aura, would have such a side to her.

“Great! Zemin, come with me! I took out the best bedding today. Didn’t you like the bedding that had been dried under the sun? The ones I put on the bed today were previously dried under sun just like you liked them…”

Su Lin’s words were really effective. Fang Liping immediately loosened her hold around Su Lin, but still tightly gripped his hand as she cheerfully led him towards her room.


The door closed with a loud bang. Qin Yanran knew that it must have been Su Lin deliberately shutting the door behind him to let her know that she was now safe and could come out from under the quilt.

As Qin Yanran came out of the quilt, she realized that her body was scorching hot and she was even sweating. Her fragrant sweat made her pajamas tightly stick to her body. She could still feel the remnant heat on her little palm. Her heart itched strangely as she looked at her palm and muttered to herself, “Did I just hold onto Su Lin’s?”

Qin Yanran stiffened on her spot! It took a while before she could calm the chaos in her heart. It was as if her brain had completely stopped working.

“Crap! What the hell’s wrong with Mom today? Why did she mistake Su Lin for Dad? This… it’s over! Su Lin just went to Mom’s room with her! If it’s just the two of them, then… Oh my God!”

Just when Qin Yanran’s heart and mind calmed down, she realized the even bigger predicament ahead of her. Her mother and Su Lin had been so frivolous when she was right next to them, so now that her mother brought Su Lin to her room, something even worse might just happen!


Atta boy! Go! Go! Catch ’em all!

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