Top Quality Beauty Cultivation System Chapter 101: Devil of the Heart

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The one at the door was none other than Fang Liping. Su Lin’s eyes widened and he looked towards Qin Yanran, who was also stunned. Even though no words were exchanged between them, Su Lin could read her inner thoughts just from the look in her eyes.

‘Are all the women in this family like this? If they can’t sleep at night, they sneak out to this young master Su’s room for a chat?’

Still, Su Lin rejoiced in his heart, ‘It’s fortunate that Qin Yanran’s grandma is still in the hospital. Otherwise, I am afraid she would have been the next one to come knock at my door!’

Although he wanted to let his imagination run wild, the current situation was anything but good. If it were any other time, there would’ve been no problem even if Fang Liping wanted to drop by for a chat, but the issue right now was Qin Yanran. Her daughter, Qin Yanran, was still in Su Lin’s room, on his bed. If they let Fang Liping enter at this time, and she saw the two of them under the same quilt like this, just what would she think?

“Su Lin, what are we going to do? My mother is definitely going to come in!”

Qin Yanran was also aware of their predicament. If her mother found out that she ran into Su Lin’s room in the middle of the night, how would she go about explaining to her? Should she tell her mother that she couldn’t sleep either, so she came over to chat with Su Lin for a while?

That excuses sounded far too false right now! What’s more, Fang Liping was already outside the room and she might just enter at any moment. If Qin Yanran really said the same thing as her mother, who knows what Fang Liping would think about her in her heart.

“Um? How about I tell your mother I am already asleep?”

“Dumb Su Lin, have you ever heard asleep people telling others that they are asleep? Let me see if there’s somewhere I can hide!”

Qin Yanran felt a little helpless. Raising her head, she looked around the room to see if she could hide somewhere, but considering it was a guestroom that was barely used, there was only a vanity mirror in here. There wasn’t even a wardrobe for her to hide inside.

“What are we gonna do, Su Lin? There’s nowhere to hide here…”

Qin Yanran spoke anxiously. Fang Liping was already getting restless outside the room and couldn’t wait to enter. The door wasn’t locked, so she easily twisted the knob to open the door from the outside. In just a moment, she will be inside the room and able to see everything.

“You… Hide under the quilt!”

In his anxiousness, a light bulb went off in Su Lin’s head as he lifted the quilt and made Qin Yanran drill closer to him. With Qin Yanran under the quilt, Su Lin hurriedly tried to flatten the surface as much as he could and arched his knees, trying his best to not let Fang Liping discover anything. With these preparations, it would be quite hard for someone to tell that there was a person hiding under the quilt.

“Su Lin, you are clearly awake so why didn’t you reply even after I called out to you for such a long time? Since you wouldn’t open the door for me, I decided to let myself in.”

Fang Liping wasn’t polite in the least as she walked in and directly sat at the head-side of Su Lin’s bed.

“Aunt Ping, I… I just woke up and was feeling a bit dazed. Even though I heard you, I thought it was all just a dream! It was only after you opened the door that I realized it was really you!”

Su Lin was sweating buckets watching Fang Liping sitting next to him on the bed. Right now, her daughter, Qin Yanran, was only a few centimeters to her right. If Fang Liping sat just a bit further in, she would have been able to feel Qin Yanran under herself.

Qin Yanran, on the other hand, was sticking closely to Su Lin’s naked, burning body under the bed. She dared not move around and when she breathed, she did it carefully by inhaling and exhaling slowly. She was worried that her ample breasts might make the quilt rise and fall, exposing her to her mother!

“Dream? Is that so? Have you dreamed about me before as well?”

Fang Liping hadn’t noticed the situation under the quilt as her eyes were completely glued to Su Lin. With eyes that resembled torches, it was as if she wanted to burn through Su Lin’s skin and see if he was telling the truth or not. Although her eyes were a bit different from Qin Yanran’s, there were still some similarities. Her glare made Su Lin’s hair stand on end as he felt scared and uncomfortable all over his body.

“No…I have only dreamed about you once or twice.”

A large bead of sweat flowed down Su Lin’s face as he answered. He was quite nervous. Speaking of which, he had indeed dreamed about Fang Liping many times. But the dreams were different from reality. In the dream, even though the both of them had been on the bed just like now, Su Lin had always been the one on top while Fang Liping was on the bottom…

“The College Entrance Examination starts tomorrow, so I know it’s not right for me to come and disturb your rest at this time, but I couldn’t stop feeling uncomfortable in my heart unless I came to talk to you. I have been tossing and turning in my room for a while now, and just couldn’t fall asleep. Su Lin, is it alright if I talk to you for a bit?”

Fang Liping decided not to pursue the details of his dreams. In her heart, she didn’t think Su Lin would do anything unbecoming to her in his dreams.

“Aunt Ping, do tell me whatever you need to; I am all ears.”

Su Lin immediately complied on the surface, but in his heart, he couldn’t stop complaining about her. Not just her, but even Qin Yanran hidden under the quilt felt more uncomfortable the longer her mother stayed in the room.

She couldn’t move an inch. Lying next to Su Lin, Qin Yanran realized that she was in quite an embarrassing position as of now. Her barely hidden head was plastered right against Su Lin’s waist.

It was hot!

Qin Yanran couldn’t tell why, but Su Lin’s body felt as if were about to catch on fire. Even though they were going through summer season, it was already midnight, so no matter how high the temperature in the morning, he should have cooled down by this time. What’s more, he was even trembling as he sat on the bed[1].

“Su Lin, did you know? You and our family are really fated. Not only are you Yanran’s classmate, but you are also the one who saved Yanran’s grandmother. More than that, it was you who saved me… At that time, in Jiaxing Hotel[2], I had this feeling that I would be able to see you again in the future…”

As Su Lin observed Fang Liping, he realized that her eyes shone brighter as she said those words. But he wasn’t the only one observing and Fang Liping’s eyes were still glued to him. Su Lin had no idea how he should deal with her, especially when her daughter was still hiding under the quilt right next to her!

“Did you know, Su Lin? I was very excited when you walked out of the bathroom wearing Qin Zemin’s suit! Although you don’t resemble Zemin, I don’t know why that happened to me? At that moment, in my eyes, you were none other than Zemin, you were my husband. If you weren’t the same age as Yanran, I would have really thought Zemin reincarnated and came back to me…”

The more Fang Liping spoke, the more emotional she got. She didn’t even realize just how excessive her words sounded right now. At first, she had just felt grateful towards Su Lin for everything he had done for their family, but slowly, her desire to lean on Su Lin’s shoulder grew deeper and deeper. Furthermore, the look in her eyes that she gave Su Lin was no longer resembled the pure love of the elders for their younger ones.

“Aunt Ping, you… the wind tonight is quite strong, so you might catch a cold. How about… how about you go back to your room and sleep?”

Su Lin wasn’t dumb in the head. He could obviously tell that right now, Fang Liping was completely mistaking him for her husband. He might have completely avenged her late husband and solved one of Fang Liping’s devil of the heart, but in the process, he had caused another devil to be birthed in her heart.

That devil was none other than Su Lin!

“No! Zemin, do you know how lonely I have been all these years? Do you know how hard it had been for me, a woman, to survive by myself over all these years?”

The situation was only getting worse. Fang Liping had already stopped calling Su Lin by his name, and had completely taken him as her late husband, Qin Zemin.

“Zemin, ten years, it’s been ten years! My body… my body hasn’t felt your touch for ten years…”

It didn’t stop at just this as Fang Liping’s next actions thoroughly stunned Su Lin into freezing on his spot. All of a sudden, Fang Liping pulled off her pajamas as the two bundles of milk on her chest bounced out under the silver moonlight.

[1] Since he’s trembling, Qin Yanran thought that he should be feeling a chill and have a low body temperature.

[2] Chapter 20 to Chapter 22 | Minor Summary: There was an event in the earlier chapters where Lin Qingxue (Teacher Lin) got kidnapped and sent to the Jiaxing Hotel. Su Lin went there to rescue her but ended up in the wrong room where another group of kidnappers had brought Fang Liping. At that time, Fang Liping was unconscious and tied down. It was Su Lin who freed her and let her out.


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