Top Quality Beauty Cultivation System Chapter 100: Fang Liping Sneaked In, Too

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“Yanran? It’s so late and instead of sleeping, you are sneaking over to my room?”

Su Lin was exhausted. Today was such a tiring day that even though he had temporarily sobered up a while ago, he still wished to get some rest. What’s more, it was already nearing 1 o’clock, so anyone would wish to sleep at this time.

Removing the quilt covering him, Su Lin realized that he was only wearing his boxers like always, so he decided not to turn on the lights. Walking towards the door, he opened it slowly and saw that it really was the little beauty, Qin Yanran. Currently, she was wearing a cute, pink nightgown and a pair of green slippers as she timidly stood at the entrance.

“Su Lin, I…I can’t sleep. Can I come in and talk to you for a while?”

Qin Yanran was a little nervous and timid even though she was currently in her own home. She squinted her eyes to focus better, but there was no light in the room, neither was their any moonlight coming through the windows. It was a truly dark night. After squinting her eyes for a while, Qin Yanran finally realized that Su Lin, in front of her, was standing almost naked with just his boxers covering his lower body. Quickly, she covered her eyes with her hands and said, “Su Lin, you! Why aren’t you wearing anything? Where’s your sleepwear?”

“Sleepwear? Aren’t I wearing my underwear?”

Su Lin replied with a yawn. He felt that Qin Yanran was making a fuss over nothing.

“Don’t you wear pajamas when you sleep?”

“I always sleep like this. Besides, even if I want to wear those, does your family have anything that I can use? You wouldn’t be thinking I would go to sleep in your father’s suit, right?”

As these words left his mouth, Su Lin’s memories of the nights he spent at Teacher Lin’s house surfaced. Both times, wasn’t he forced to wear Lin Qingxue’s pajamas to sleep? Although those pajamas were quite tight, they definitely exuded the faint smell belonging to their owners. But it was apparent that he wouldn’t have the chance for something like that here. Otherwise, whose pajamas will he be wearing? Qin Yanran’s or Fang Liping’s?

Stumped by Su Lin’s words, Qin Yanran couldn’t think of anything to refute him. To avoid seeing Su Lin’s naked body even more, Qin Yanran stomped her foot and stepped into the room. This sudden event helped Qin Yanran regain her mentality as the owner of the house. She pointed towards the quilt on the bed and said, “Su Lin, go lay down on the bed and cover yourself with the quilt!”

“What’s the big deal about this? Yanran, I saw you when I just came over, and now you have seen me like this, so we should be even now, right?”

As he crawled back into the bed, Su Lin didn’t forget to smile and make a joke that immediately made Qin Yanran flush. Sitting on the side of the bed, Qin Yanran slapped Su Lin twice to vent her indignation.

And Su Lin, who saw Qin Yanran acting like this, immediately regained his spirit and was no longer sleepy. Turning to his side, he leaned back on the bed and cheerfully watched Qin Yanran who was sitting on the side of the bed.

“Su Lin, what are you grinning so happily for? Can you stop smiling like a rogue, and what’s with that weird gaze of yours?”

Qin Yanran, who had originally been an uncommunicative icy flower, unexpectedly ridiculed Su Lin for the first time today. Perhaps, it was her way of taking revenge on Su Lin who made her speechless just before.

“I’m just happy, no reason! What about you? Yanran, you wouldn’t have come to me so late just to taunt me, right?”

“Obviously not! I couldn’t fall asleep and just wanted to talk to someone. Do you really think I am such a free person that I would go out of my way to ridicule someone in the middle of the night?”

Qin Yanran snickered while Su Lin rolled his eyes at her response. Leaning against the bed, he didn’t stop looking at Qin Yanran. Behind her was the window sill and the window hadn’t been closed shut as the cool night breeze made the curtains lightly flutter. Similarly, the breeze from the window sill also blew on Qin Yanran’s hair.

There were no lights except the slight moonlight that made its way into the room through the open window, turning the moment into a precious and magical view. The faint moonlight shone on the floor of the room and scattered a dim radiance everywhere, making it so that Su Lin could see a faint outline of Qin Yanran’s face. Qin Yanran’s big, smart eyes, on the other hands, shone brightly as she watched him as if she had discovered some kind of treasure.

“Yanran, why are you staring at me so intensely?”

No matter how thick Su Lin’s skin might be, he still felt a bit embarrassed after being stared at like by Qin Yanran. Wishing to escape Qin Yanran’s gaze, he slightly turned his head.

“Su Lin, did you know? When you wore my father’s suit today, you resembled him a lot.”

Qin Yanran replied in a daze once he asked his question. As Su Lin looked into her eyes, he realized that they had already turned hazy. Those otherwise bright and intelligent eyes looked somewhat hollow and lusterless. It was as if Qin Yanran was trying to recall some very old memories.

Although it was just a single glance, for a moment, Su Lin felt as if he had seen Qin Yanran’s memory of her father and the memories of their once warm family of three.

The eyes are the window to one’s soul. Even if one was a clever liar, if one kept staring into their eyes, they would be able to bring out the liar’s guilty conscience. The person will become timid and you will be able to see through their mind.

What’s more, Qin Yanran had already teared up and was forcefully preventing the tears in her eyes from falling out. She looked pitiful, preventing Su Lin from making any noise. He could see Qin Yanran bloom into a faint smile.

He was afraid of saying anything at this point, he was afraid of interrupting Qin Yanran who was lost in her memories of the past. It was said that the most beautiful time one spent was time spent recalling the happiness of the past. Or at least, that’s what Su Lin thought.

The happiness of the past — the warmth that had passed away — although you could never reclaim it, you could still feel joy if you went deep down the memory lane.

As he watched the genuine smile slowly bloom in front of him, Su Lin felt as if it were the most attractive smile he had seen in his life. That pure and natural smile that came from the bottom of her heart made Su Lin develop a deep affection for Qin Yanran in that moment.

The midnight breeze brought a hint of midsummer chill with it, decreasing the temperature of the room. Qin Yanran, who only had her thin pajamas covering her, couldn’t help but shiver under the effects of the cool breeze.

“Yanran! It’s getting cold, you should go back to sleep…”

Afraid that Qin Yanran might catch a cold, Su Lin had no choice but to interrupt Qin Yanran and bring her out of her own world.

“No! Su Lin, I won’t be able to fall asleep even if I go back right now. I still need to tell you something…”

At a loss for words, Qin Yanran rubbed her eyes and said in a whisper, “…but I don’t know where to start.”

Qin Yanran herself couldn’t understand what was happening with her. She couldn’t understand how Su Lin had so suddenly and so easily entered her world. Moreover, just as easily he kept reaching further and further, making it so that she couldn’t drive him out no matter what.

“Silly girl, if you don’t know where to start, there’s no need to force yourself. Or… how about I move back a bit and we can share the quilt so you don’t feel cold anymore?”

Saying this, Su Lin moved aside to make room and raised the quilt from one side to beckon Qin Yanran. Qin Yanran didn’t stand on ceremony either as she gently kicked off her slippers and lay on the bed just like Su Lin, covered in quilt and leaning against the head of the bed. With the quilt and Su Lin’s body temperature to keep her warm, she naturally didn’t feel cold anymore.

“Su Lin, thank you!”

Hiding under the quilt with Su Lin, even though there was still some distance between them, it was the first time Qin Yanran had ever laid in a bed like this with a boy.

“Thank you for what? The bed and the quilt, both belong to your family,” Su Lin’s heart rate was rising. Qin Yanran, the ice beauty of their school, was lying less than ten centimeters from him. And to top that off, they weren’t in a random place but in Qin Yanran’s home. If this were to be spread in Jian’an First High, he wondered just how many people would be dying out of envy?

“I am not thanking you for this! My mom just told me that thanks to you, my father was avenged. If not for you, I don’t know how long my mom would have to wait before she could find concrete evidence to convict Liu Jianguo!”

Qin Yanran explained while leaning towards Su Lin, making Su Lin’s heart itch as he imagined all sorts of scenarios, ‘Could it be that Qin Yanran came to see me in the middle of the night for this reason? To thank me for helping her family avenge her father? Is she here to repay my kindness? How is she going to repay my debt of gratitude? Is she going to pay me back using her body?!’

Swallowing his saliva, Su Lin did his best to suppress the evil and unrealistic thoughts taking root in his mind. Breathing deeply, he relaxed himself and said, “In fact, it’s nothing. Yanran, that Liu Jianguo is a bastard, and his son is no good either. Those who do evil will face retribution sooner or later. As for your family’s matters, I believe that your father’s soul in Heaven must be peaceful after seeing that evil Liu Jianguo getting his just deserts.”

“Un! Su Lin, thank you! After my father passed away, we haven’t had a day as great as today. Same for my mother. Do you know? I have never seen my mother cry before, but today, she cried multiple times. But more than that, I have never seen her as happy as she was today. Do you know why? It’s all because of you, Su Lin! When my mother was looking at you before, even I felt a little jealous. I don’t know why it’s like this, but Su Lin, your arrival at our home made me feel as if our family was finally complete again, that the warmth of a home had returned…”

Qin Yanran spoke emotionally. Her pink lips parted and closed continually, attracting Su Lin and making him subconsciously lean forward.

Qin Yanran, too, pretended to not see Su Lin’s movements and let him slowly get closer to her. It was to the point that Qin Yanran could clearly feel Su Lin’s warm breath hit her face, evoking a strange itchiness in her heart.

As the distance between them shortened further, Qin Yanran stopped speaking. Instinctively, Qin Yanran closed her eyes and pursed her lips. Her heart thumped as if a deer trying to leap away, while her little hands under the quilt had already gripped onto the bedsheets.

Slowly but surely…

As long as Su Lin moved just a few millimeters forward, he would be able to kiss Qin Yanran. Su Lin readied his thick lips and prepared to go forward, but just then, a light knock on the door shocked Su Lin and Qin Yanran out of the moment.


Su Lin, who had a guilty conscience, trembled as he asked.

“Su Lin, are you asleep? Auntie couldn’t fall asleep, so I wanted to talk with you. Can I?”

Oh God! How could this be? What was Fang Liping doing outside his room at this time? Was she sneaking in, too?


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