The case of a salaryman who was reincarnated into an otome game ~I have a wife, so I’m going back to the real world~ Chapter 3

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I remember the day when I first met Iris Eleonore Laurent,the protagonist of the otome game [Eleanore!]

That day, as I was going to get a new book, I saw a girl stuck in front of a bookshelf, either lost or looking for something, so I called out to her.

The girl said she wanted to know about healing magic, but didn’t know which books even a beginner could understand, so I found a book on the shelf that met her requirements and handed it to her. That was the first time we looked at each other squarely.


I was so taken aback by the sudden appearance of the main character that I muttered the name I had called her when I was playing the game.


The girl looked clearly puzzled. It’s no wonder. She’s never met anyone before, and suddenly she’s being called by a name that I’ve taken the liberty of abbreviating. The girl was clearly upset, but I did my best to keep my composure and give my excuse.

“No, you reminded me of someone I know….”

It’s not a lie. It’s true that when I saw Iris in the game, I associated her with my daughter Aira because of the “sound” in her name. Aira and Airi. They sound alike.

“Is that so?”

The girl accepted my overly bitter excuse with open arms. After introducing herself, she thanked me for the book I had searched for and said.

“Then, please call me” Airi “from now on.”

I was taken aback when I saw Airi smiling innocently at me, but I said my name as best I could without showing my nervous and asked her to call me Glen. This was the first time that Airi and I had met.

“Thank you for the last book.”

Since our first meeting, Airi and I have been meeting frequently at the library. Her seat was always across from mine. It’s become a routine for us to whisper a few words to each other in between, and before I know it, it’s become a source of comfort for my lonely heart. And just like that day, finding a book for Airi and handing it to her has become a part of our daily routine.

“Oh, you’ve already read it? Then you’ve almost mastered the basics of healing magic.”

I glanced at Airi. Using the merchant’s special skill, 【Appraisal】, I saw that her level had indeed increased by one level. The book I gave her two days ago had already become hers. The speed at which she is raising her level is far different from mine. I wonder if the protagonist’s eminence is involving in this area as well.

“Yes. So, what should I do next?…. ”

What Airi is good at is healing magic and ice attribute magic. Should she improve her recovery magic, or should she start learning ice attribute magic?

“Do you want to learn a new kind of magic?”


Her voice and gestures are so cute. To be honest, it’s quite hard for a man with a wife and kids to put up with this. I have to keep Kana in my mind at all times to protect myself. I feel like I’m being trained to do something.

“Oh, it’s an ice spell. It’s offensive magic, but it can also be used for defense.”

“Can I learn? Such magic?”

Yeah, you’re good at it. You used it a lot during the game. What I can say?

“Don’t worry, I think Airi can do it.”

As I said that, I got up from my seat and went to my bookshelf to look for a book on ice magic.

“Well, that’s about as good a place to start as any.”

As I was about to hand her the two books I had taken out, Airi stood up and bowed her head.

“Thank you. Glen-san.”

“No, no.”

No, no, no, she’s really cute, isn’t she? I sat down in my designated chair, wishing my daughter was like Airi.

“Um, Glen-san. About the dungeon you mentioned the other day…”

The other day, Airi asked me if I would like to go to a dungeon, but I put it on hold and said I would think about it. I wondered what kind of punishment it would be for a man and a woman, even if they were classmates, to be alone in a dungeon, and with a beautiful girl like Airi.

“Yeah, let’s try it.”

“Yes! Thank you.”

“Let’s go somewhere close this weekend.”

As I looked at the innocent and happy Airi, I thought to myself that it was amazing that I could act as if nothing had happened, then a female student approached us.

“You guys are always so close.”


The schoolgirl sat down next to Airi, who called her name.


Leticia Eleanore Richell. She is the daughter of Viscount Richell, a tall and slender girl with impressive chestnut-colored hair and emerald eyes. It’s a secret that when I first met Letty, her semi-long hair somehow reminded me of Kana. Nowadays Kana wears her hair in a bob, but when she was younger she used to wear it semi-long and it was beautiful, I thought.

She is Letty, but as her middle name suggests, she is “Eleanore”. She is also one of the main characters. [Eleonore!] is a rare otome game that uses a double main character system, with two heroines named Eleonore, and the game’s main selling point is that you can see different aspects of the same target depending on the main character.

While the player can choose between the two heroines, the pretty Iris and the vivacious Leticia, there is also a “weakness” in that the player can catch a glimpse of the dark side of the cheerful character and the bad side of the cool character. This is a traumatic experience for the player, despite the fun of the scenario structure.

“Glen. I heard you were challenged to a duel.”

It’s been a few hours since the trouble. The information has already reached Letty’s ears. That’s what I call an informer.

I got to know this Letty through Airi in this library. I often saw her in the game, but when we finally met, although the aura of a beautiful girl was strong due to the main character’s eminence, it was not as strong as Airi’s. Combined with Letty’s refreshing personality that was not typical of a noblewoman, we immediately hit it off. We agreed to call each other “Glen” and “Letty”

“The information spread fastly.”

I explained the situation to the two of them, with an annoyed Airi in the background. I told them that when I separated Dobberwin and Winds, he instead challenge me to a duel.

“That’s why nobles are stupid.”

It was interesting to see the contrast between Airi, who huffed and froze when I muttered that, and Letty, who grinned at me.

“Ah, sorry, sorry. I forgot I’m in front of the viscount’s daughter.”

“Don’t treat me like I don’t exist!”

I couldn’t help but laugh at Letty, who was looking at me with a deliberate pout. I remembered that when I was playing the game, I felt more comfortable playing as Letty. The Letty in the game had a good sense of humor, but when I met her in person, she had a devilish element to her, and her sense of humor was enhanced, which was really interesting and comforting.

“By the way, are you sure……. is okay?”

Airi looks at me with a worried look. Oh no, don’t do that, I’m going to get hit by that killer ray!

“The question is, how do you win?”

“I’m strong, you know?”

When I replied without expression, trying not to let her know what I was thinking, Letty smiled and looked at me. I think she knows what I mean. That I’m superior in ability.

“If I don’t win outright, they’re bound to call it rigged.”

No matter how many times a powerless commoner wins, the opponent is a nobleman. Don’t forget that they have the power to make black things white. If you don’t win after factoring in the absurdity of this world, you will be defeated.

“That must be though. The fight has been issued.”

Letty said this with a sigh and called out to Airi. She seemed to have come here to take Airi out. It was true that she had never seen Letty reading a book before.

“Glen-san. See you later.”

“Yeah. I’ll tell you about the dungeon again.”


You’re a good kid, Airi.

As I watched them leave, I thought about that and then I realized.

(Wait a minute. Did those two get along?

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