The case of a salaryman who was reincarnated into an otome game ~I have a wife, so I’m going back to the real world~ Chapter 19

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Chapter – 19 Duel

Today’s the day, the duel.

Arthur and I were having a meal at “Rotasti”, still talking to each other. Arthur had a thick steak again today. He really loves meat. I had special consommé pasta. Since yesterday, I have been adjusting my diet just in case. There are not many dishes here that don’t use oil, so it’s a hassle to come up with a balanced diet.

“By the way, I heard the odds have moved again.”


“Large, large. I heard a very large bet was placed on you. Both rates have doubled.”

“Who’s that? Who’s the one who bet on me? Did that person want to encourage the Dobberwin supporters even more?”

The dueling bets had been heating up since I placed a bet of 20,000,000 rands. I heard that the total amount of bets exceeded 100 million rands. And now there was a gambler who bet a large sum of money on me. Betting on the game will further accelerate.

“It wasn’t you again?”

Yesterday, I had changed my mind and tell Arthur that I had bet 20,000,000 rands, he was so surprised that he could not speak for a while. And after a while, I laughed when the words that came out of my mouth were, “The rates have crashed!”

It was certainly bad enough that it reduced Arthur’s gains, but in a sluggish bet market, Letty’s serious betting would have probably cut the rate in half. After all, it is still going down, and I hope he will forgive me for that.

“Unfortunately, it wasn’t me this time.”

“You had put that much money on the line. I don’t see why not.”

No, I can’t really say that it’s okay to stack 100 times that number. At the time of farewell, I asked Arthur.

“Arthur, I’ve asked you to be my second.”

Arthur tapped his chest and said, “You ca count on me.” This man’s mind is always at the ready. We left “Rotasti” behind.

After school, just before heading to the arena, I received good news from Oldman Eppel. He told me that he was able to set up an appointment with Ashdod Furnas, who runs the Furnas Trading Company, the fourth-ranked guild in capital, and that I should meet with him tomorrow. It was a sudden schedule, but I didn’t mind it. Of course, I agreed on the spot, and we agreed to work out the details of the meeting tomorrow.

All that was left to do was to get the Dobberwin out of the way.

I enter the waiting room while changing my clothes on the corridor to the arena field, [wearing]. Inside, Arthur and Wind were waiting for me, but they didn’t even try to hide their surprise when they saw me.

“That’s look an extravagant outfit..”

Arthur said, looking at me. And so it should be. I was wearing a custom-made black robe, leather armor, and leather gloves. My head was covered with a black cloth modern headdress, an appearance unthinkable in the Eleonore world. It was the only lightweight, easy-to-move attire I could afford.

The black robe was the ultimate in wastefulness, having been custom-ordered from a tailor in the royal capital. This was because the tailor was the only one who could make a garment that satisfied me, and I was moved to tears at the lack of sewing skill in the Eleanore world. The bottom is like an ordinary robe, but I had pockets made so that I could put my hands in. The top is designed like a loose-fitting cook’s coat.

It is a very easy to move around in, thanks to the time and effort put into it.

“Alford, are you sure you are comfortable in it?”

Winds asked with concern.

This is good enough for me. More importantly, we’re in the same boat now, you can call me Glenn from now on.”

Wind is a bit surprised.

“Kurt, I’m so glad you came to the ring with me. Keep up the good work.”

Kurt’s face brightened.

“Alright, I’m in your care, Glenn-kun.”

“It’s Glenn.”

“Alright, Glenn.”

As we shook each other’s hands tightly, Arthur said, “It’s time to go,” and urged us to leave. I took out a wooden sword from [storage], a branch from a chair tree and put it under my arm, put on the black gown I had with me, and headed for the field where the decisive battle was to take place.

“Hey Glenn, are you sure you want to go with that!”

Arthur asked along the way.

“Of course!”

“The way you swinging it back and forth is cool, you know? That’s what I’m talking about.”

Arthur laughed excitedly.

“By the way, about the odds.”

Arthur told me about the final odds of the decisive bet. According to report, it was 1.5x Dobberwin and 2.9x for me, it was almost doubled.

“By calculation, everyone bet close to 200 million in total.”

Neither of them seemed to realize it.

“You can calculate it right away, it’s amazing Glenn!”

“It’s just a rough estimate.”

“I bet all the money I had.”

Kurt said something terrible. Then I definit can’t lose. Then Arthur turned around.

“Of course I’m full amount too!”

While this exchange was going on, we arrived at the field.

I was surprised when I entered the arena for the first time. It was exactly the same Roman-style arena I saw in the Otome game “Eleanoré! The Colosseum. How could they have reproduced such a thing so realistically? Looking toward the audience seats, there seemed to be plenty of room. It seems to have a capacity of about 5,000 people.

The crowd was moderate, with almost half of the seats occupied. The buzz seemed to have grown louder since we entered the room.

The field is sandy, and in the middle of the sandy field is a high, square “ring” stage that looks like a pedestal. The duel takes place in this ring, which is paved with cobblestones. The time is unlimited for a single match. The winner is determined by three things: extinguishing the opponent’s strength, making him drop his weapon, or taking him out of the ring. The rules are simple but harsh.

The ring is covered with barrier magic to make it easier to activate magic freely. Damage control is also in place so that even in the event of an unforeseen accident that results in life-threatening damage, the player can recover. Therefore, I received a meaningless explanation that I should fight with peace of mind. Common sense in the Eleonore world is always strange.

As I approached the ring, I heard the familiar voice of Alto saying, “I bet all~”. I looked at the place where the voice was coming from and saw Lettie there as well. Letty waved her hand cheerfully. Beside her was Airi, who was looking at me with concern. I nodded conspicuously and signaled to the two of them.

On top of the ring, Dobberwin was already standing in full armor, fully armed. The “Sword of Electra” dangling at his side.

The equipment is roughly four hundred and sixty thousand rands.

Why do I know that?

Well, I’m a merchant.

You don’t need to use your special skill [Appraisal] to know that much. When I arrived at the side of the ring, my eyes fell on the person attached to Doberwin’s side. “Who is that?”

“That’s Scrood. From Baron family.”

Ah, I see. Arthur’s point connected my memory. Marlon DeLusa Scrode. The heir to the baronet’s lineage. I had found that name in my brain list at the school. Baron Scrode must have been an officer in the Kingsguard. Perhaps it was his connection with Count Dobberwin, the former head of the knighthood. At times like this, it is helpful to have the children of aristocrats on your side.

“Glen Alford! I’ve been watching you for a while now, but are you so frightened that you can’t get into the ring?”

Perhaps numb, Dobberwin, who had been standing in the ring in a dignified position for a long time, began to bark. Scrode, the baron’s son, who was following him, called out for him to calm down, but it seemed to be meaningless to the mad dog with a pointed nose.

“He was only the son of a merchant. From the very beginning, he was a man who could not even stand here!”

“I hereby declare! Gems Flandar Doberwin has won this duel!”

The audience burst into cheers. Hey, hey, the duel itself hasn’t started yet. How could Dobberwin announce his own victory and the audience approved of it? This school’s absurdness is beyond the pale.

(I can’t help it.)

I slowly walked up the stone steps and stood in the ring, tossed my black gown onto the field, and shoved my hands into my pockets.

Then the hall fell silent for a moment, and then began to buzz, and then there was a thud of laughter.

“Hey, what’s with all that equipment?”

“You are not serious, are you?”

“It’s like they’re mocking us.”

“You’re going to duel with this?”

“Why are you barefoot?”

There was a mixture of derision and contempt from the arena toward me. I’m wearing a black robe, leather armor, leather small arms, and a black cloth headdress. Poorly equipped with the least amount of gear. The people who had imagined full armor would have laughed at this outfit. They must have been convinced. The Doberwins won this match.

Thus, the stage was set for a phony match befitting the Sarun Afia of the Idiot School.

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