The case of a salaryman who was reincarnated into an otome game ~I have a wife, so I’m going back to the real world~ Chapter 18

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Chapter 18 – Glenn The Beet

By the way, I, Letty, were in the same class as Dobberwin.

“He’s all “I have a magic sword!” He’s so noisy. It’s so annoying.”

Letty poured a newly opened bottle into a glass. It seemed that everyone around her was trying to bet on the expectation that Dobberwin would win. The situation was exactly the same as Arthur’s story the other day. However, the gains were too low for Doberwin, so everyone was wondering whether they should bet or not.

“That’s why I chose to bet on Glenn instead. Airi, you too!”

Airi, with glass in one hand, frozen with a look of “What?” at me.

“I’m betting on Glenn. Of course!”

Airi was being pressed by Letty’s enigmatic spirit. It is a typical drunkard’s way of getting involved. Airi looked annoyed. I decided to change the subject in an attempt to help her out.

“I wondered how much money the student council had raised.”

“I’m not sure, since most people are betting on the Doberwin.”

Letty gulped down a gulp of wine.

“It looks like about 15,000,000 rands.”

The turnout was worse than I expected. I had no intention of betting, but I changed my mind. Let’s stir things up a bit.

“All right. Then I’ll bet 10,000,000 rands. I’ll put it through the student council first thing tomorrow morning.”

I downed my glass of wine.


The two heroines’ amazement hummed. Both Airi and Letty were aghast. That’s right, it’s a 300 million yen one-off!

It’s like saying, “This will change the gains. When it changes, the people who were going to bet on Doberwin are going to get fired up and bet their money.”

“I knew it. It’s ridiculous.”

Letty’s face is drawn. I’ve never seen this face before. It’s more interesting to see this face. First of all, she is cute. Letty’s tall and slender body makes her look more mature than her age. It would be interesting to see her as a confused girl. A devilish little girl becomes more adorable when she is embarrassed.

“Glenn always had such a vigorous market!”

Airi, who was completely red in the face, read me precisely. The fact that she didn’t deny what I was trying to do was what made her different from Letty. Airi’s words ignited my market spirit.

“I’m not going to have punished them unless I make everyone who thinks Doberwin is going to win bet all their money on it. All right, I’ll increase it to 20 million rands.”


Letty started laughing this time. Did she go crazy when she heard the amount?

“It’s awful, isn’t it? It’s so bad, I can’t help but laugh. You’re paying out ridiculous amounts of money just to fish for Dobberwin supporters. It’s so terrible, I can’t help but laugh.”

“If I put 20 million rands, the gains will be overturned. I did some rough calculations and came up with Dobberwin 1.8x and I was 13.8x. But in instant, it will be 2.8x Dobberwin and 1.5x me. What happens then? They’ll throw everything they’ve got at Doberwin when they’re sure they’ll make a big profit.”

“That’s amazing, Glenn! That’s a lot of analysis based on a little information. You’ve been on a tear in the beet market, and you’re a deadly threat.”

At this point, I’m not sure if I were praised or being sarcased.

“Glenn! You’re ‘Glenn the Beet’ from this day forward!”

(Tln: I’m not sure if it’s bet’ or ‘beat’ or even beet’ from previous context, here [ビートのグレン])

Letty exclaimed and raised her glass high. No, no! I’m embarrassed to be told that.

“Glenn the Beet sounds good! And the way you pay for it is very excellent!”

For some reason, Airi is also in the mood. Has the wine caused Letty’s flirtation to propagate?

“That’s why you need to beat that Dobberwin guy! Cheers!!”


Airi responded to Letty’s call. No! I can’t let heroines do this kind of thing! There’s no scene like this in the game to begin with! I thought, and Letty urged me to stand up with my glass. Something’s wrong here.

“Let’s cheers~~ for the victory of “Glenn the Beet”!”


Airi and I followed Letty’s call. Or rather, we were forced to follow. After that, Letty bowed and saying, “Thank you very much everyone!”, it remembered me the scenery of company’s boring ceremony and laughed alone. I wasn’t sure what it was, but it was really fun.

Thus, the dinner for the three of us, which had been mysteriously enlivened, ended in an unexpected way.

“Hey, I hear the gains are up for Doberwin!”

“I hear the big money had poured on Alford.”

“That’s great, isn’t it? How much money did you bet?”

“This is a great chance to make some money on Dobberwin!”

The next morning, the class was talking about the dueling bets. It seemed that the 20 million rand bomb I had thrown into the student council after leaving practice early had already worked. There were several students in the student council, but they all froze when they saw the money I brought in, a large gold coin.

The large gold coin is a 100,000 rand gold coin, the highest value coin in the rand. In terms of Japanese yen, it is about 3 million. Since it is a unit of measure that is not used everyday, it is not something you see very often. I suddenly brought in two hundred of these coins and placed a bet.

The student council was probably surprised by my huge bet, and two of their officers, Toris, the tall but frail-looking student council president, and Ark Kenesh, the dark-eyed female vice president, came out to meet me.

I was told later that it was very unusual for a student council officer to directly receiving the funds. It must mean that I had moved such a huge amount of money.

The gains jumped to nearly three times for Doberwin because of my betting. Now all the ordinary aristocrats would bet on him. I have arbitrarily set the total betting amount for this duel at 100 million. I hope everyone will dance and bet.

When I took my seat, Freddy next to me and Lydia in front of me naturally started talking about this. They are both meek.

“Hey, the odds of the duel. I heard that Glenn was the favorite.”

“Someone bet a lot of money on Glenn.”

I couldn’t tell either of them that. I just ducked and got down to business in a voice that only the two of them could hear.

“Freddy, Lydia. Don’t say a word, bet on me.”


Both of them are stiffening. But I continue without caring.

“Everyone is betting on Doberwin. This is an opportunity. If you bet on me, you’re sure to triple your money.”

“How does it happen?”

I explained Freddy’s question lightly. Since the odds were now higher for Dobberwin, many students who thought Doberwin would win would bet on Doberwin en masse. Since no one would bet on me, my rate would automatically go up.

“But it’s a duel, so you never know who’s going to win, sorry Glenn.”

Lydia looked away, a little reluctant to say. Freddy nodded lightly at Lydia’s words. That’s natural. That’s what most people would think. That’s why I clearly told her the truth.

“Don’t worry about it. I’m going to win, and you’re going to make money.”

Both Lydia and Freddy fell silent at my words. I had never made such an assurance before, so it was understandable that they were surprised.

“Well, you just have to think about it. The answer is simple. When it comes to betting, it’s only the few who win. So if you want to win, bet on me.”

I whispered to them in a lower, quieter voice, and there was a response on my magical equipment. It was from Oldman Eppel. Unusual for such a morning. I left the classroom and called him immediately.

“Oh, I’m sorry to bother you this morning. I found out who’s looking for a hit man.”

I’m going to complain to Oldman Eppel for yesterday’s call that made Airi glare at me.

I would have complained to Oldman Eppel for yesterday’s call that made Airi glare at me angrily, but I gave that up since he didn’t have bad intention.

“He’s a moneylender named Wallace.”

What? Wallace? What kind of name is that? That’s old Internet slang. I laughed uncontrollably. The world of Eleonore is a world of jokes. The man named Wallace, who goes by the irredeemable name of “Wallace Curve,” seems to be a moneylender whose main battlefield is a speculator. The “speculators” here are those who make money in the market. In short, they are people like me.

(TLn: 信用のワロス/Wallace curve is a slang expression that comes from the fact that the price movement of a certain foreign currency was so unnatural. Therefore, it is not a kind of financial term. Source:

I want him to tell me more about this Wallace guy next time. I told Eppel this and cut the conversation short.

From here on out, it was a matter of loading up on money. I entered the classroom, remembering the name Wallace and almost bursting out.

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