The case of a salaryman who was reincarnated into an otome game ~I have a wife, so I’m going back to the real world~ Chapter 17

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Chapter 17 – Promise made at “Rotasti”

I’m being targeted by a moneylender. Thanks to Oldman Eppel’s leak, the private room in the cafeteria “Rotasti” where I, Airi, and Letty were staying, was filled with a cold atmosphere.

“It looks like Airi’s bad premonition came true.”

Letty muttered with a sigh. According to her, it’s strange that I, who usually doesn’t change my schedule, don’t come to the library for two days. Airi had assured her that there was definitely something wrong. It seems that Airi had been observing me for some time. Airi was still looking at me and didn’t move. But I could see her shoulders shaking slightly.

No one had touched the tea on the table. This was a signal that I should not try to deceive or mend the situation. I tried to think of a way out, but the anger in Airi’s big blue eyes made me give up in the end.


I explained the details to them. I told them that someone had lost a lot of money in a market transaction I was handling, that the person had overdrawn his money, and that the moneylender who had lent his money was angry and holding a grudge against me. However, I did not mention the amount of the transaction.

“So that’s why you’re being targeted. How much money are you moving?”

Do I have to tell you, Letty? I thought, but I decided to tell her indirectly because of the pain in Airi’s gaze as she silently stared straight ahead.

“About five hundred and eighty-five thousand beets…”

They both stiffen at my expression.

“That’s a…. hoarding!’

Letty raised her voice unintentionally. Her voice was turned inside out. The answer must had been far beyond Letty’s expectations.

Don’t chase any further than that. I sent Letty a telekinesis with my eyes. Meanwhile, Airi remained frozen.

“Speaking of which, I heard that the Alford Trading Company in Monsell has been growing rapidly since his son joined them.”

“Robert’s a big part of that.”

I caught the signal and replied smoothly to Letty question, who had changed the subject. Or rather, Letty. Have you been in and out of office even though you’re so young? That’s not the job of a 14- or 15-year-old nobleman’s daughter.

“Is that person the kind of person who would be chased by a hit man?”

I shook my head involuntarily.

“No, he wouldn’t. It’s true thanks to him the Alford Trading Company have taken control the Monsell Guild, but that has absolutely nothing to do with it.”

It’s an affirmation that the issue had nothing to do with my Trading Company. I had no words to reply to Letty’s pursuit. When I was silent, Airi opened her mouth.

“I think, what you said earlier about the hit man, I’m sure it’s all right.”


I looked at Airi twice. Letty was also looking at Airi and was staring at her.

“Because Glenn is so strong.”

Saying this, she started explaining to Letty how I fight in the dungeon. She further began to stress that since I could always bring out my tools, the hired assassin would rather be beaten by me.

I had never thought of that. I was impressed. Listening to her story, I felt like a fool for worrying about it every day. This girl can give people hope and cheer them up. She is a goddess.

“It’s just a slice, a slice in an instant. It’s the depths!” (Airi)

Looking at Airi, who was talking excitedly to Letty about my slash, I felt smiling and dependable. It made me happy.

“Thank you, Airi. You make me feel strong. Thank you.”

Shaking her head, she smiled at me. A halo shines behind Airi. She is divine. As expected of a heroine. I’m in love with her.

“But if you have any problems, please tell me or Leticia!”

Airi said to me as if she were telling a child. Letitia blew up at that.

“I don’t like it when people hide things from me. So next time, please really tell me.”

She came at me with a straight face, a complete change from earlier. I can’t lie to this girl. Is this also the protagonist’s effect?

“Yes, I understand. I will do so from now on.”

I had no choice but to promise. I don’t know why this is happening to me, but I just know I can’t win. Airi smiled again when she heard my words.

“Glenn is so honest.”

Letty said with a grin. Obviously, she was being sarcastic. But I’m just going to let it pass.

“It’s a little early, but let’s have dinner. You’ll drink, won’t you?”

By “drink,” she meant wine. I felt Letty’s will to make me say “yes” or “no” in her mannerisms, and so I replied honestly, “I will“. Was this a heroine effect as well? “Just a little” Airi responded. Maybe she was refraining from doing it when she was with me.

Me, a character who is not even a mob character, and the double heroine of “Eleanoré! may seem to be a forbidden collaboration. However, as a party, it seemed like a perfectly natural occurrence. We talked and drank as usual.

I heard that Letty and Airi had eaten together yesterday as well. At the time of dungeon conquer, I told her “If it’s table manner, you should ask Letty”. Looking at her, Letty’s table manner were natural but solid, seemed like a noble daughter.

At the same time, Lettiy offered Airi a glass of wine, and I heard that Airi drank wine for the first time. Her impression was that the wine was “hot on the palate,” and on Letty’s advice, she would limit herself to drinking a light glass for the time being. As for Lettiy, she was drinking as much as she can. This one was clearly a drunkard.

In the real world, it would be impossible, but in the school cafeteria “Rotasti,” wine is usually served. But only after 16:00. Therefore, students also drink wine at Rotasti, and we also drink wine. This is also due to the fact that there is no age limit for drinking in Eleanore’s world, and no one has any resistance or guilt about drinking.

“What time does Glenn get up in the morning?”

Airi asked suddenly. Her normally translucent white cheeks were a little flushed, perhaps from the wine.

“Hm? It’s about five o’clock.”


They looked at each other.

“From there? Then what?”

This time Letty asked. I looked over at Airi, who also looked like she wanted to ask. Are you guys that interested in my schedule?

“I’m going to do a light workout there, have breakfast at the school cafeteria “Rotasti” before 6:00 a.m., run on the field at 6:30 a.m., and hit the training ground before 7:00 p.m.”

“That’s why I didn’t see Glenn at Rotasti that morning.”

Airi was strangely impressed. I mean, you’ve been watching my every move, haven’t you, my dear? Then Letty, who is standing next to Airi nodding her head, throws a question at me.

“By the way, how long does it take to you doing training?”

“I’m doing training about 3,000 to 4,000 times. It’s not much, so it doesn’t take much time.”

“Not much?”

Letty sighed half-heartedly.

“Before I came to the academy, I did 10,000 to 12,000 times. It’s a lot less than that.”

“That’s because you’re crazy!”

I was telling the truth, but it didn’t seem possible to Letty. Lettie said, “You’re amazing,” and raised a slurp of her glass, saying something I couldn’t quite understand. I have been watching her since a few minutes ago, and her pitch was very fast. At last, a bottle was empty.

“That’s why Glenn is so strong.”

Airi nodded alone. She had convinced herself to have just a small amount of wine before. But I’m little unsure at this stage looking at her reaction after the wine had been passed around.

“By the way, about that Doberwin thing…”

The conversation was lively, the wine was going well, and Letty started talking about Dobberwin.

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