The case of a salaryman who was reincarnated into an otome game ~I have a wife, so I’m going back to the real world~ Chapter 14

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Chapter 14 – Beet Market

When I came back to the dormitory from the guild, I bumped into Winds in front of my room. Winds and I were in the dormitory next door to each other. We rarely see each other in the dormitory, perhaps because of our different lifestyles, but today was a rare day. When Winds saw me, he bowed his head with an apologetic look on his face.

“Alford, I’m sorry about the duel. I’m sorry it had to come to this.”

Winds said the same thing he said to me after he got tangled up with Dobberwin. I’m telling him it wasn’t his fault, but I guess he has a temperamental personality. He still cares about what happened that day. In fact, it wasn’t his fault at all for getting tangled up.

“I think I told you before, Winds, you did nothing wrong.”


“Don’t worry. I won’t lose. As your classmate Arthur, Sir Bolton, says.”

Bolton and Winds were in the same class, and I had asked Bolton to take care of Winds.

“Alright. If it was what Sir Bolton said, I can rest assured. Alford will definitely win!”

It was a very straightforward statement, just like Arthur. With such a statement, there is no other choice but to win.

“So don’t worry. I’ll be fine.”

I grinned at Winds, patted him on the shoulder, and went into my room

I sat down on a chair in my room and was disgusted. After the dueling stories of the Dobberwin, now the moneylenders were after me. Why do all these troubles keep happening one after another? I was so disappointed that all the fun I had with Airi yesterday had gone to waste. I took out a bottle of wine, poured a glass and downed a gulp of it.

“He told me to be careful.”

Oldman Eppel’s words ruminates in my mind. I may have overdone it a little in the beet market. I had been combining my knowledge of the game with Eppel’s advice, and at times I had been achieving absurd weekly yields of 2400%.

“I guess you could say I was reckless.”

If such a thing were possible in the real world, society would not only be in chaos, but would collapse. However, it is the horror of the Eleonore world that such a thing is possible, and it is precisely because it is a society of such bullshit that bogus market prices are able to exist. I thought about this as I sipped the red wine in my glass.

I used my knowledge of the game to trade based on the trends of the beet market, the so-called patterns of fluctuation. As I progressed through the game, I became able to identify several patterns in the bert market, and as a result, the direction in which prices were moving.

There are four major types of fluctuation patterns: rapid rise, rise, stagnation, and fall. The key to making a profit in the beet market is to detect and sell in advance so as not to lose money in the stagnation and fall patterns. No matter how much profit you make on a sharp rise or rise, it will lose half its meaning if you lose money there.

Also, beets rot in two weeks and the price value becomes one rung, so you will lose a lot of money if you do not quickly assess the price trend and sell out. Therefore, the strategy is to minimize the damage by closing at the same price or cutting losses, and to aim for a sharp rise in the market or a huge profit in a rising market. That is the theory of the beet market in the game “Eleanoré!

However, the real Eleanore world is different. If you have the merchant attribute, you can do more than that. First of all, with the merchant’s special ability [bargaining], you can purchase goods at a lower price than the market price. I can bargain by 35%, so that I can buy 60 rand per beet for 39 rand per beet. This value is lower than the falling price. In other words, I would not lose money first.

In addition, [bargaining] allows you to sell at a price 20% higher, so even if the price was 45 rands in the declining type, you can sell it for 54 rands. You can buy at 39 rands and sell at 54 rands. This is not only a loss in a falling market, but also a gain of nearly 40%.

If this is a rapid rise type, the market price will be 700 rand instantly, which means that I can make a cheat deal of selling out at 840 rand, which is more than 20 times the purchase price. Therefore, I never lose in a beet market, and I can only make a huge profit no matter how far I go.

“Well, I only thought about winning because I could win, but maybe I was too focused on winning.”

I love the same work, repetitive work. Once I think I can do it, I keep doing it endlessly. On the other hand, I am not good at irregular work or ad-lib work where I have to make instantaneous decisions based on my feelings on the spot, which is the main reason why I am only an assistant manager at the age of 47. He lacks the ability to handle the world and to be flexible.

That is why I am a routine worker who lives a corporate life, but I love to master or study routine work. For me, the beet market in this world of Eleonore is worth studying, as is margin trading, which allows me to aim for even higher levels of profit.

Margin trading is a type of trading in which you can buy beets or other goods using the beets you have bought as collateral. For example, if you buy 10 beets for 600 rand, you can use them as collateral to buy 600 rand worth of beets, which means that you can trade more than you have. This can be used to trade beets in the Eleanor eworld.

However, if the market falls to 45 rand, the amount of beets as collateral goes from 600 rand to 450 rand, and if you have bought 600 rand beets on margin, you will have a 150 rand deficit on the collateral. To make up for this loss, the trader would have to make up the money by paying additional margin.

Therefore, it is said that credit is a fearful thing, but in the case of me, who has the attribute of a merchant, the story is different. The reason is that even beets purchased at a “bargain” price are collateralized for the transaction value, so even though the purchase price is 39 rand, the value of the beets is 60 rand at market price. It is like wearing cheat level clogs, and unless you do something reckless like a full credit limit, like a full credit double-decker, there is no way you will have to pay extra.

By trading beets in cash and on margin, and by buying a metal called manutalin after selling beets and selling it at the end of the week, the 300,000,000 rand deposited by Salz at the time of admission is now 560,000,000,000 rand. Speaking of unreasonableness, it may be unreasonable.

However, when the number of beeta, which was the source of his trading power, reached seven digits, the number of transactions reached a ceiling. The number of beets, which I thought was infinite, was finite. Once the maximum number of beets could be ordered in kind was ordered, no more beets could be purchased. In the real world, this is called running out of stock.

I thought that since it was a game world, there would be an infinite number of beeta because of the appropriate settings, but it seems that this was just my own assumption. It is a bit of a stretch to say this, but there is a kind of real demand, and it is probably in the seven-digit number of 700 million or so. However, the fact that I have never seen any industry or cuisine that uses beets is a very Eleonore-bogus thing to say.

“I don’t care as long as I have this much money …”

Let’s convert my current assets to real world value. If I were to consider it in terms of school cafeterias, at 100 rand = 300 yen, it would be 1.68 trillion yen. It would be strange for a fifteen-year-old student to have such an absurd amount of money in physical form. Everything is crazy in the world of Eleonore.

But in my case, I didn’t become such an asset by trading as a gold-digger. I am a merchant, and my level rises by doing big business, and if I don’t do business, my level doesn’t rise. Even for free, my level rises slowly, and even when it does, the pace at which my abilities increase is sluggish. Besides, it is no longer a level that can be raised by dungeon crawling or training.

Considering my temperament as a routine worker and my merchant traits, I can’t imagine stopping or scaling back my business dealings. However, as it is now, I would have to live in fear of the moneylenders’ grudge against me, and as Oldman Eppel said, I would have to live in fear of being targeted for my life. If they hate me, I have no problem leaving this world, but if they kill me before that, it would be a terrible thing.

The glass of wine I had been sipping ran out. Normally, I limit myself to one glass a day, but today, I poured a glass of wine. I think I drank a little too much, as I did yesterday, but it would be strange if I remained calm when I was told that my life was being stalked.

But thinking about it, it seems to me that many murders in the real world are related to money. Money is indeed scary. It has a magical power to change people. In that light, Oldman Eppel’s warning is worth listening to.

I wish I could lend them some money.

If I gave them half of my current assets, the moneylenders might go easy on me. My assets would be astronomical from their point of view. I would lend it to them at a low interest rate, and they would lend it to others at a high interest rate. In this way, the moneylenders can make huge loans without using their own funds, and make money by taking a profit on the interest rate.

Since moneylenders in this world are private businesses, they basically use their own funds. Therefore, there is a limit to the ability of moneylenders to lend money, and if they are defaulted on, their business will quickly come to a standstill. They do not have the idea of borrowing money from others and then lending it to others to do business.

But they won’t listen to a young guy like me.

I’ll give them a scheme to borrow money and earn interest. It’s not a bad idea, but they probably won’t even listen to my idea, which is just a student’s idea. I need to think it over a little more. I feel sleepy as my head is spinning. I downed a glass of wine and fell into bed.

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