The case of a salaryman who was reincarnated into an otome game ~I have a wife, so I’m going back to the real world~ Chapter 11

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“What is this stone used for?”

Airi, wearing a healing ring, asked me curiously as I dug away at the rocks. It’s natural to wonder what I’m doing, since I’m suddenly breaking down walls and crumbling bedrock.

“This is a rough Mithril stone. If you concentrate this in a smelter and smelt it into Mithril ore, you can make Mithril.”

Normally, this kind of stone, not just mithril stone, is just taken to a refinery and that’s it. However, that would only result in a low price. In my case, I bring it to the smelter, pay a fee, and take it back in the form of mithril ore. If you refine it to mithril, the selling price is high, but the commission is also high. That’s why I take it back as mithril ore, which has a lower commission.

You can sell it off at the metal market. Of course, you have to use the special skill [To Overcharge]. This will allow you to sell them at a higher price than usual. You can pay off all the costs of the dungeon attack.

“You know everything, Glenn. That’s great!”

When I explained, Airi praised me innocently. Oh, thank you, thank you, thank you. I’m glad I came today. I raised the rhythm of my mining in a good mood, saying that I was almost done.


I turned around at the sudden scream and saw Worg, a wolf monster, in close proximity to Airi. And there are two of them.

Oh no! My body moved quickly.


I ran forward to the Worg in front of me and leaned forward to pull out my sword. I used my sword to kill the first Worg, and with the momentum from the slash, I held the sword in my upper hand.


I swung my sword at the remaining Worg and killed it. The two Worg disappeared like a mist.

“Are you okay, Airi?”

When I turned around, I saw Airi slumped over, probably scared.

“I’m fine, it’s just that it was too sudden….”

Airi replied in a whisper. Anyone would be terrified if they turned around and suddenly saw a Worg.

“Glen was screaming and attacking the monster…..”

Oh, you’re surprised because of that. No wonder. Anyone would think I was crazy if they saw me screaming like a madman and going to slash at them.

“That’s a profound technique of merchant swordsmanship, [Immediate Slash]. The reason I go for the slash while shouting is to draw out my power to the limit. I’m sorry if I frightened you.”

“You helped me….. you didn’t make any mistakes, Glen-san. I was just surprised.”

“I wonder. If that kind of sword art. Made you afraid of me.”

“That’s no way, I’m afraid to Glen-san. But you’re really strong, aren’t you, Glen-san?”

Airi looked at me with a relieved expression. I guess she was surprised. I urged her to get up, quickly collected the mithril stones and the money the monster had dropped, and hurried to leave the dungeon.

“It’s been really tough, it’s not?”

“It is. You really surprised me.”

As soon as we got outside, we got into the carriage that was waiting for us, and Aili’s expression softened, as if she was relieved.

“I knew dungeons were scary places.”

“That’s because we’re underground.”

“I need to raise my level even higher. I learned a lot today.”

Airi tightened her face. She must be serious by nature. That’s what I see in her everyday attitude. She has a strong desire to learn.

“We’re going to Gloverus Norden now, where we’ll have a bath, eat and go home.”

“Yeah, Gloverus Norden is …… that place?”

“What’s wrong?”

“Gloverus Norden, the finest hotel?”

I nodded yes, and Airi shouted in surprise.

“Yeah, yeah, that’s where!”

“I’m just going to take a bath and eat. There aren’t many places in Capital that have decent facilities to use. So, there. Gloverus is nice.”

This Eleonore world is really inconvenient, and there are very few facilities available for bathing. That’s why the Gloverus Norden, a natural hot spring open 24 hours a day, is a valuable hotel.

“But the price is….”

“Don’t worry, don’t worry. It’s just a day trip for a bath and a meal, and the mithril ore will pay for everything. That’s what we were mining for, so don’t worry.”

“If you do that much for me…”

Airi was nervous. She had probably never been to a hotel of this class before.

“I thought it was very comfortable to take bath and eat there after a long day working in the dungeon. I always stop there on my way home.”

“So it’s selfish of me to use the hotel. I’m sorry, but you have to be selfish with me.”

Airi made a troubled face at my absurd theory. Even her troubled face is cute, but it is also troubling. “Don’t worry, we have a private place to eat, trust me.” I told her, and she finally nodded.

We arrived at Gloverus Norden at 15:30, earlier than planned. I made the meal arrangements first and handed over the luggage that Airi had entrusted to me. I had put away the items I had received in advance in [storage]. We quickly went straight to the bathroom.

The bath at Gloverus is nice. It is a sodium bicarbonate spring, commonly called a baking soda spring. It is said to be a “hot spring for beautiful women” that makes your skin smooth. The Eleanore world is a place where drilling technology is not very advanced, and the hot spring itself is very precious.

The hot spring at Gloverus is a natural spring, but it is watered because the temperature of the source is a little high at 70 degrees Celsius. This may seem like blasphemy to those who believe in the supremacy of the source, but it is the reason why the water volume is stable and the spa is open 24 hours a day. Only meals are available for day-trippers, so there are few visitors. That’s why they use it even if they have to spend money.

I quickly washed my hair and body, and soaked in the bathtub to relax. The format of the baths in Gloverus is exactly what you’d expect from a Roman bath. It’s the kind of thing you’d expect from the producers of Eleanore, but it’s okay because I can relax in it. However, the production team must have had a lot of time on their hands to come up with the idea for the hotel’s bath, which never appears in the game.

After I got out of the bath, I went to a private room at the hotel’s restaurant, Restia Zadore. I’ve been to this restaurant several times before, and I like it because of its chic and relaxing interior and its reliable taste. Although the world of Eleonore is an aristocratic society, there are actually very few facilities that you cannot enter because you are not a noble. These are the parts that are different from the past in the real world. On the other hand, in the real world, you would certainly be excluded.

Airi hadn’t arrived yet, so I ordered a cup of tea. I don’t know why there’s no coffee in this world of Eleanor. There’s also no beer. Even though it’s based on the real world, there’s something missing in the Elenoy world. I was a coffee drinker, but I had no choice but to switch to a tea drinker. As I was sipping my tea, the door opened.

“Glen-san, sorry to keep you waiting.”

There was the usual goddess with big blue eyes, flushed skin after a bath, and beautiful platinum blonde hair that was still damp.

She’s beautiful as always.

I admired the heroine of this world once again.

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