That’s a Misunderstanding, I Really Don’t Show Any Affection Towards the Master – Chapter 8

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Chapter 8: Mastery of Swordsmanship, Arrival at the Refining Peak!

On the second day, as the sun rose and the purple qi approached from the east, Feixian Peak was peaceful and tranquil, like a fairyland on earth.

Feng Wanxi was still sleeping, with her three thousand green silk scattered casually on the bed, drooling at the corners of her mouth, and her sleeping posture was unbearable to look at.

At this moment, a tempting fragrance wafted in.

Feng Wanxi woke up in a daze and wiped the drool from her mouth. “What is it? It smells so good.”

After speaking, she lazily yawned, stretched her lazy waist, and walked out of the room.

There was smoke rising from the kitchen.

Feng Wanxi walked into the kitchen and saw Chen Chang’an holding a dough in one hand and using a small knife to cut noodles into a steaming pot with the other.

Curious, Feng Wanxi asked, “What delicious food are you making again, disciple?”

Chen Chang’an turned his head and saw Feng Wanxi standing by the door, hugging her arms and watching him.

He smiled, “Master, you’re awake. I’m making knife-cut noodles for you.”

“Is it delicious?”

“It’s definitely delicious.”

Feng Wanxi rubbed her small belly and said, “I’m a little hungry, hurry up, disciple.”

At this moment, a system prompt sounded in Chen Chang’an’s mind.

[Host and master are interacting, do you want to check in today?]


[System prompt: Check-in successful, gain ten years of cultivation, and obtain the talent of [Mastery of Swordsmanship].]

With ten years of cultivation at his fingertips, Chen Chang’an instantly broke through two small realms, and his cultivation soared to the seventh level of Qi Refining.

With the talent of [Mastery of Swordsmanship], Chen Chang’an could instantly have extraordinary attainments in swordsmanship that no one could compare to!

Chen Chang’an laughed.

To break through two small realms early in the morning and obtain the talent of [Mastery of Swordsmanship], the feeling was simply too amazing.

Soon, two bowls of knife-cut noodles were ready.

Feng Wanxi tasted the noodles for the first time and found that they were chewy and delicious.

[System prompt: The master is enjoying the noodles and is in a good mood, gaining filial piety points +5.]

A wave of small hearts overflowed from Feng Wanxi, who was eating noodles.

Chen Chang’an was overjoyed.

While eating noodles, Chen Chang’an said, “Master, there is only one thatched cottage and one kitchen on Feixian Peak, and I don’t have a place to sleep yet. I plan to build a room next to your thatched cottage. Is that okay?”

“Sure, as long as you don’t damage my thatched cottage,” Feng Wanxi replied.

Feng Wanxi’s words contained a hint of pride.

“Did you know, my disciple, that this thatched hut was built by the master craftsman Lu Ban himself, and it took him several months to build it just to find the right materials. It’s warm in the spring and cool in the summer.”

“Don’t be fooled by its humble appearance, the hut is imbued with the essence of the Tao. It’s a treasure house that is rare to come by, whether for cultivation or sleeping.”

Chen Changan was surprised; he didn’t expect this seemingly ordinary hut to have such a remarkable backstory.

“Master is amazing! However, I only ask for a place to sleep with shelter from the wind and rain.”

Feng Wanxi shook her head and threw a phoenix-shaped jade card at him. “Take my token and go to the Refining Peak in the teaching center to find the elder Lu Ban. Let him build you a treasure house himself.”

“As a practitioner, you are still at a low level, so you must have good quality sleep!”

Chen Changan accepted the token and said, “Master, is this really necessary? Maybe I should just make do with what I have.”

Feng Wanxi gave him a disdainful look, knowing that he was just being modest.

“There’s nothing wrong with it. That old man spends his days tinkering around in the Refining Peak anyway, and if he refuses, tell him I sent you and see if he still refuses.”

“Okay, I understand.”

After breakfast, he bid farewell to Feng Wanxi and took out a crane-shaped paper talisman. He chanted a spell and the paper talisman transformed into a paper crane, carrying Chen Changan to the Refining Peak.

Riding the paper crane, he flew through the mist and saw a distant horizon shrouded in a rosy glow, with flocks of cranes, enjoying the beautiful scenery.

“It feels great to be in the sky, but it’s a bit cold.”

For the past three years, due to his weak cultivation level, he could only practice Qi once, and his magical powers were weak, unable to support the consumption of the paper crane’s flight, let alone carry him.

But now, with his cultivation level at Qi refining stage seven, he was able to support the consumption of the paper crane’s flight.

After half an hour, Chen Changan arrived at the Refining Peak unsteadily.

The other day, Feng Wanxi had taken him on as a disciple of the menial task sect, and it had caused quite a stir in the Changsheng Sect. Chen Changan’s name was known to everyone, and his portrait was being circulated everywhere.

Many people had come to know him, including the disciples of the Refining Peak.

They looked at him curiously, wondering why he was here instead of practicing with Elder Feng on the Flying Immortal Peak.

Chen Changan took out the token that Feng Wanxi had given him and said, “Senior brothers and sisters, my master has ordered me to find Elder Lu Ban.”

One of the disciples saw the token and nodded, not looking down on him because of his previous status as a menial task disciple, as he was now Elder Feng’s disciple.

“Since it’s Elder Feng who sent you, follow me.”

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