Story of The Ancient Demon King! – Chapter 9

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People who Act Secretly and Those Involved

According to Count Seeley Shook, the thief named Handsome Archer seemed to be quite a prodigious thief. He would deftly use the bow to shoot the hired bodyguard through the night and then swiftly steal the finances like a gust of wind.

Also, rumor has it that this mansion has recently become his target.

“……I’ve understood what you’ve said.”

“But, even if you are the princess of the Light Kingdom, who is known for her bravery, please be more careful. If anything were to happen to you, I wouldn’t be able to face His Majesty. So please stay away from this house for the next few days.”

Facing the oily but very serious Seeley who was trying to persuade her, Erika closed her eyes slightly and thought for a while before replying.

“…… Although I don’t want to force myself. But I can’t just ignore it.”

“Your Highness!”

“If the opponent is only one person, then…”

Saying so, she turned her head to direct her gaze at Hakuto.

“…… Together, this guy and I can’t be lose.”

“……That’s …… although maybe that’s right ……”

In terms of martial arts Erika herself was quite good, and the boy who was chosen to be her escort must have a fair degree of strength as well.

“For now, we need to show our faces in the night patrol. Let’s start from today without delay.”

“Even so, how can I let your Highness be a patrol or something!!”

Just after deciding to talk about this as a set matter, Erika take back the sword entrusted in Hakuto’s waist.

She turned a deaf ear to the words of Seeley who was organizing his words in a panic.

The moment Hakuto hand over the sword …… the entire house shook slightly.

“Ah? Is it only me or this place seems a bit shaking?”

A heavy bass could also be heard faintly.

“…… I’m very sorry, there is a violent beast that was caught locked up in this house right now ……”

“Why is such a thing here?”

They don’t like to kill, but if it’s a dangerous beast, it’s better to get rid of it without refrain, and both Erika and Hakuto think so.

“The truth is, even thoug I said it is a beast….. but it is actually a beastman.”

“Count, are you calling a beastman a beast?”

Erika said so in an agitated voice, while staring at Seeley with a sharp gaze.

Even Seeley was sweating and feeling a little scared when someone with real power gave him a look like a thorn in his side.

“Please forgive me …… I also couldn’t calm down for a while becaus people …… and my subordinates were knocked down.”

“Is that so ………… but please pay attention to one more thing. It’s strictly forbidden for people in the Light Kingdom to be racist.”

“Yes. I will definitely keep that in mind. I will definitely keep that in mind.”

After lecturing Seeley who bowed his head, she always felt a little concerned about the beastman, so although there was nothing special what to consider, she still spoke to the count.

“…… Say. Where is that beastman right now!”


On top of the stairs that led down to the underground.

It’s very humid here, and the warm and damp air blowing on the body feels very uncomfortable.

“Here we are…. And please, be more careful. It is really violent and dangerous.”

“Alright alright, I know that.”

Descending the dark and enclosed staircase, Seeley, who was holding a torch, once again urged the two of them to be more careful before the door opened.

Then, confirming that Erika had understood completely, he opened the door and guided the two of them to it.

The last of them, Hakuto, first wondered why there were several cages that could fit underneath the Count’s house.

However, as a mere escort, he was in no position to question the count, so he followed silently at the end without saying a word.

Then, the Count stopped in front of a cage, maintaining a considerable distance from it ……

There were two guards who looked like they were in charge of surveillance sitting on top of the chairs beside them, and as soon as they saw the count and princess arrive they immediately jumped up and stood up, saluting them.

“……This is.”

Although it was too dim to get a glimpse of her full appearance, the beautiful long light blue hair could still be seen in the corner of the cage that was twisted here and there.

She seemed to be crouching there hunched over at the moment.

She did have pointy ears on her head, and it was confirmed that she was a beastman.

“….. What’s your name?”

“…! No, Your Highness!”

Seeing Erika who bent down towards the cage that was covered in blood everywhere and brought her face close to it, one of the guards shouted loudly in panic.

In the next instant, the iron cage took a heavy blow.

In the cage, the beastman unleashed a flying kick as if it had catapulted their way.


Due to the strong tendons of the beastman, a new twist was added to the seemingly solid iron cage.

Because that speed was so fast Erika didn’t react at all, and Hakuto only pulled Erica back because of the bad feeling brought on by the guard’s shout, but other than that didn’t react at all either.

The beastman who was once again back in the corner of the cage was casting a sharp, razor-sharp gaze at their side through the slit with her light blue pupils.

As if in order to bite the other party’s throat at any time.

“I’m very sorry. Alright, alright, let’s get out of here. As expected, it’s still too dangerous here.

“Umm, yeah…”

The instant power that was also considered extremely good among the beastmen encountered so far made it impossible to say anything else, so they left the underground as the Count had said.

♢♢ ♢

After Erika and the others left the mansion, Seeley who had sent them to the entrance was walking quickly through the mansion with his butler.

He had a very unhappy expression on his face.

“Damn it, this is the wrong time of the day, when …… is finally coming tomorrow.”

“Did they noticed?”

“Cough cough….ugh, no, it’s just that the annual convention is a little bit earlier. I guess it’s just a job that the Foolish King arbitrarily assigned to the spoiled princess. Perhaps ……”

Seeley was panting from exhaustion after picking up his pace just a little. His butler was the same age as him, but if there was any difference from him, it would be the quality muscles and the calm expression.

With great difficulty he reached his room and walked through the door that his butler had quickly opened.

“It’ll be done right away, no one will get in the way–”

“Hm. That second princess Erika Light. She really has a cute face. It piqued my interest yet ……

“Whoaa! Na, Narcissus-sama, I didn’t know you’re here!”

The man with dark brown skin and white lips was sitting on the sofa in a very comfortable manner.

Even though he did not have the permission of the owner of the goods, he was relaxed in front of Seeley who was a nobleman.

While he was enthralled with the hand mirror, he was chatting with the steward, who had a fearful expression on his face and was busy putting on a cautious posture.

“Welll yeah~. I’m early. It’s about tomorrow, but I thought it would be good to accept it in advance since it’s ready.”

The man who was wrapped in clothes that clung to his slender body said in a bouncy tone as he winked at him.

“The other one is scheduled to arrive this afternoon and evening. I was wondering if it would still take a little while…”

Seeley, whose face was covered in sweat, rubbed his hands as he said in a pleasing manner.

Contrary to his erratic and voluptuous words and actions, knowing that this man was a strong man who was out of the ordinary, Seeley often felt a sense of tension as if he was being held by a knife to his neck.

“It’s okay. It’s because I’m a little early.”

“Haha, as expected of you, Narcissus-sama. I’m so grateful for your generosity …… and ……”

Facing Seeley who tremblingly wanted to confirm the payment of the appointment, Narcissus stood up and approached with a pace like that of models on the catwalk.


He held the two from the front and whispered in their ears.

“Hey~. No need to be so fearful. It’s okay, we’ve got enough to fulfill the promise this time. That’s why ~~ wait~~a moment~~. I’ll make you our companions ~~.”

He said with a wicked malice and a crooked mouth, so that people were immersed in desire and dragged step by step into the darkness that had no exit ……

Like the demon. ……


After leaving the Count’s residence, Hakuto and Erika decided to go sightseeing in order to feel the atmosphere of the bustling streets.

After all, this place is out of the range of the Nightwalker’s haunt. And this area is quite affluent, so it’s perfect.

The Nightwalker…

It was an unidentified monster who was said to drag bandits and thieves into the darkness of the night and mutilate them without mercy. There were no survivors or witnesses left behind, and there were rumors that he was the Hero among the people of the Light Kingdom.

“Hmm~~, this time I can only stay in this town for a while, but it would be nice if that guy could show up in the meantime…”


Hakuto wants to get rid of the thief himself, but he is inwardly troubled by Erika who tries to take the initiative in fighting despite being a princess. And this time, the situation was very troublesome.

The reason for this was that the thief’s special weapon was a bow and arrow.

Even though the existence of magic in this world made the decision of whether distance was favorable or unfavorable rather ambiguous, it really wasn’t that easy to deal with sniping.

That’s especially true when it comes to surprise attack.

“Please stay in the room until the thief appears. It’s not good if you become the first target.”


“Don’t ‘eh~~’! If you can’t do that, I won’t give you permission to act. If you don’t behave yourself again, I’ll tell His Majesty and Celestia-sama.”

“You’re always excited when you talk about my sister.”


Such things as childhood sweethearts are really very troublesome. Hakuto who was saying while sighing was suddenly stabbed to the heart and silenced with a bitter expression.

“…… The most important thing is to find him before he attack, right. That way we can at least get a head start.”

“You’re too naive… but that’s right. We have to get information about his lair first. We can’t just encounter that guy on the street anyway…”

“Yeah, after all you wouldn’t even notice even if you met him on the street.”

Right in front of the Hero and princess who muttered like this.

“Hey, you there. Geez you guys, don’t you want a tour guide? Let me, this handsome man, play a part.”

What appeared was a young man who had his dark green hair combed into a middle part and spoke as if he were acting …… carrying a bow and arrow.


They couldn’t help but look at each other at the same time.


There was a person looking down from the height of the building.

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