Story of The Ancient Demon King! – Chapter 8

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Time passes…

Walking out of the gate halfway up the hill from the 『Vajra Wall』, I was bathed in the sunrise.

Swishing my teeth with my homemade toothbrush and toothpaste, I watched the sunrise.

Then, feeling the cool breeze from the valley, I poured the water from the waterfall into a cup and rinsed my mouth.

“-Poof. …… phew, my Demon King Castle can be a perfect spot…”

A rainbow appeared above the waterfall that flowed down the center of the Vajra Wall where my house was.

The mystery-filled river cliff in front of me was in stark contrast to the forest.

I wonder if it will become a tourist attraction someday.


Several years have passed since then.

Various things have happened.

After returning from the Hero’s residence, I first reconsidered my work style.

Instead of training, I gave priority to the construction of the various buildings of Demon King Castle, which was my bedroom. I spent all the time that I had to spend on construction, except for the time I had to spend on the minimum, such as meals.

With 22 hours of work a day, a magnificent Demon King Castle was almost completed.

Of course, there were one problem after another.

In order to channel clear water into the castle, I had to dig the stone wall faster than before.

So, using a new version of the Magic Condensation Method that was improved with reference to the Black Winged Man’s magic manipulation, I kept digging into the stone walls to bring in the waterways.

It was difficult to create flat floors, walls, and ceilings just by hitting them with my fists and feet.

Therefore, I used the sharp and sturdy sword I had brought back to polish the floor and walls little by little.

In addition, I built a solemn, blackish “Demon King’s Room” with a solemn atmosphere suitable for a decisive battle, and made a throne.

I went to the royal capital to do some sketches and built something three times as magnificent as the Light King’s throne.

I created my own room and workshop on the floor below that, and six rooms on the upper floor between the Demon King’s where Hero’s party could heal their wounds. I wanted each of them to be able to relax comfortably, so I prepared a spacious room with a bed and a table.

Since I wanted decorations, I became a disciple of the only potter in the village, and to hide some equipment in the treasure chest, I also became a disciple of the forge house for a while.

In addition to that, I also built a large bathhouse and a casino, and I really gained a lot of valuable experience.

And then just a few days ago, I finally finished the preliminary work.

“It was really hard work to find the source of the hot spring ……”

With this great sense of accomplishment in my heart, I looked out at the beautiful sunrise before me.


So, what to do from today.

“………… Aaah!”


It was a clear day.

In the southernmost town of the Kingdom of Light, far away from the royal capital, ‘Stout’…

The town governed by the Count of Shook was known for its rich crops and fertile land.

The buildings and roads were well maintained, and tourists from all over the world flocked here to see the colorful streets with their cleanliness.

“Hakuto, over here. Come on!”

“Wait, wait, Erika-chan… There’s too much luggage. You have your share in it, too.”

The girl with a smile like a flower in bloom called out to the boy with the two large bags as he staggered her way.

The other passengers, who had just gotten off the carriage that had been prepared for a long journey, were not ready to move right away, so they sat there, stroking their waists with their hands, their fatigue hard to hide.

“Granny, everyone, take care of yourselves!”

The young girl with bright orange hair who was excitedly walking on the stone path waved her hand and sent these words to the people who had gone through this long journey together.

Although everyone was tired, they waved their hands with smiles on their faces, and even the guards, who usually had serious faces, were smiling.

The bright and easy-to-approach atmosphere that was unique to young girl made the atmosphere that the people around them were in calm down as well.


“Please wait, Erika-chan!”

The girl then walked towards the interior of the town of Stout, humming as she went along, and the boy, who had a good amount of muscle despite being small, followed closely behind her.

♢♢ ♢

“By the way…you didn’t notice it unexpectedly. There are obviously people who like you.”

“Because my sister is too strong. And although it may not be my level, but maybe even my brother wouldn’t care me that much either.”

“Well, that’s true if that Celestia-sama…..”

When asked by the boy who came to the inn and unloaded her luggage, she didn’t care about the difference in recognition between herself and her sister, but she said that she was proud of herself.

She was the second princess of the Light Kingdom, Erika Light.

With her lovely and dignified appearance and her easy-going personality, she was second only to her sister as a princess with a good rating.

“Ha …… Although I know about the fact that you like Sister-sama, Hakuto, I’ve said it several times, but you’re still considered my betrothed.”

Looking at the side of Hakuto’s face that seemed to be thinking about Celestia, she couldn’t help but get out of her mouth.

Even though it was a contract of marriage that had nothing to do with romantic feelings as a royal, it was still rude of him to do so.

“No, I, I didn’t …… that kind of thing…..”

“And if she choose you, you’ll be competing with almost all the men in the continent, so I think you’d better give up …… although I actually want to cheer on childhood sweethearts in love ……”

Since then, Celestia, who had grown even more beautiful, had reached a point where her reputation in the society had surpassed that of the entire continent, and countless talks of marriage contracts and requests for proposals had come from all over.


“Well, as long as you go to the academy, you can understand, she’s really popular after all….Now you will be doing very important work, so focus on it.”

“I’m sorry …….”

Towards Erika who patted his back lightly, Hakuto honestly apologized.

“Even though it’s an inspection, it seems like it’s just a matter of looking at the situation in the city and the lord’s work ethic. If we’re going to do it, let’s do it right.”

“…… Is this something that needs to be done by you specifically?”

“Father-sama and sister-sama’s work is piling up, so I want to help out. Well let’s get out of here!”

Looking at Erika who seemed to be completely unable to feel the fatigue brought on by the long journey, Hakuto unconsciously sighed.

Whether or not she knew what was in the mind of Hakuto, she pulled his hand even more forcefully and headed to the mansion of the lord who controls this city.

♢♢ ♢

“–whoahahahahaha! I see. A visit from the Princess herself. It’s a wonderful thing. If there is anything you want during your second stay, please let us know. I’ll make sure that you won’t be inconvenienced in any way.”

In one of the rooms of the mansion that could even be mistaken as the Duke’s mansion, the two of them talked face to face at the table with the smiling Count Seeley Shook.

Whenever he smiled, the fat on his face would shake.

As a middle-aged bachelor nobleman with power and wealth that was also considered top among the counts, a man with a body with a superior metabolic level and an excess of accessories.

“Hmm. It’s not a tour it’s an inspection!”

“This is… This is really rude. Please accept my apologies for this…… ah, that’s right. There’s only one …… thing that needs special attention.”

“Huh? What is it?”

Seeing Seeley’s sudden serious expression, Erika who was elegantly sipping the fragrant and high-priced black tea also listened carefully.

“…… Actually, a thief called『Handsome Archer』 has recently appeared in the city, and he boasts that he is a righteous thief who goes around robbing high priced possessions.”

“Eh, is that so?


Stout was the largest town in the area, where many famous shops lined the streets.

The king appointed Erika to come here this time because the town itself had been developed, and no bad rumors had been heard about the lord.


“…… That matter, can you tell me about it in detail?”

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