Story of The Ancient Demon King! – Chapter 72

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The door of the meeting hall was opened.

Under the heavy atmosphere, an existence with a powerful sense of pressure entered.

Even Shiro and the knights cowered as if they were hares facing a lion.

“I am very grateful to you for responding to this sudden call, Black Knight. I would also like to express my gratitude to you for throwing that sword a few days ago.”

King Light, who was sitting at the farthest point from the entrance, said to the Black Knight who entered the room.

Although the other party was the Black Knight, King Light treated him as a knight from his standpoint, and the knights in the meeting room were trembling with fear.

Whether this will offend the powerful Black Knight, worrying about this in their hearts, they all secretly glanced over there to try to figure out his expression.

“… That’s not a big deal.”

However, the words spoken by the Black Knight were both gentle and polite.

“The fact that an unidentified person like me was allowed to attend such an important meeting is an honorable thing in itself. I’m sorry if I’m rude because I don’t know the etiquette and I’m a bit clumsy.”

“…… Oh, of course it’s fine.”

“It seems to be very urgent, so please let me skip the introductions here. I seem to be the last one to arrive, so let’s get started.”

He said that, gently bowed his head to King Light and walked towards an empty seat.


The image of the Black Knight that was portrayed in the heart of whoever it was was repainted.

He destroyed Seeley’s house, appeared to save the king, and lived in that dark armor.

In everyone’s minds, they all portrayed an image of a Black Knight who would not show any respect even to the king.

“…… Black Knight-sama, is this really okay?”


The Black Knight’s maid, who was very unhappy with the king’s attitude, asked the Black Knight.

“There is no one in this world who needs to be treated with humility by Black Knight-sama. At least you should treat him as an equal… …. King Light.”


Noticing her master’s displeasure at these words, Lilia hastily added “King Light” at the end.

However, her words were true.

The master, like the god of evil or destruction, even if he is in this posture for the time being, there is no need to show that kind of humility to someone of the level of a king of a country.


Because she was convinced of this, the maid began to speak without permission, but there were no voices accusing her of disrespect or rudeness.

Alto and Marton, and even King Light, wanted to know the reason for the powerful Black Knight’s attitude.

“…… it’s too ugly.”

“You say, too ugly?”

The Black Knight continued, looking at Lilia with a cute expression of some confusion.

“Just because you have power, you are addicted to it. Isn’t that ugly?”


“And there is a reason why the King has to take an attitude that corresponds to his position. If I were to behave in a disrespectful manner here, it would be a matter of national notice and the king’s majesty, and that would not be in a good direction.”

Hearing the Black knight’s Words, the King and Marton both made an exclamation, and the knights’ hearts were full of fervent respect for him.

He is really a noble knight, and what he has shown is exactly the posture of a guardian of justice.


If the King is underestimated, it will be a big problem. The soldiers and nobles’ sense of reverence will become thin, and they may even consider plotting a rebellion.

This is something Lilia can understand, but despite the fact that her master’s reckless figure with his full power came to her mind, she could not help but be angry at King Light who was essentially ignoring the matter.

But ……

“…… I’m very sorry for my nosy words.”

She couldn’t trouble the Black Knight who had made such a thoughtful decision, and more importantly, she wished to act in accordance with that person’s wishes.

“No, don’t worry. It’s just a personal consideration.”


After giving a short response to Lilia, who bowed her head, the Black Knight drew his great sword and leaned it by the wall, sitting down on his seat.

“…… Sorry for taking up your event, Black Knight. Then let’s start the meeting.”

“I understand.”

After showing the least amount of courtesy he could, King Light turned his attention to Marton, who was in charge of the meeting, and gave him instructions. The meeting began immediately.

“So, the next [Sword Saint] after Celestia-sama, is Lilia-sama.”

“Eh …… yes.

Lilia felt a little surprised, but still turned her body to Marton who did not talk to the Black Knight but to herself.

“The following will explain the commission for the sword saint. I hope that you and your master, the Black Knight, will complete this task as soon as possible. Of course, we will pay well for the reward.”

“What should we do, Master?”

Seeing that Lilia did not hesitate to ask this to her master, everyone’s eyes shifted back to the Black Knight’s figure.

Although the conversation became easier because of the Black Knight’s concern, there was still some tension left in the room.

After a few moments of silence, he spoke in a comfortingly low voice.

“I don’t need to talk about the content of the commission, but can you also tell me about the current emergency?”

“Oh, of course.”

Hearing his question, which was asked in a polite and proper manner, Marton hid the respect that naturally swelled up in his heart for him and spoke briefly.

It would be easier to please if the situation was described in a more tense manner, so he added a bit of fuel to the fire as Alto had thought.

“The people who went to investigate the investigation unit that wiped out in Larman …… were also wiped out. I want to know if both of these things were done by the [Swamp Demon], and I want to investigate the guys who are going to the scene now. Has any action been taken?”

“I see.”

Then Marton pushed up his glasses and stated the reason for this emergency meeting.

“In addition to the report of the destruction of the investigation team that I just mentioned …… although I think since it is you, Black Knight-sama, should already know, but in three days …… the Supreme Bishop of Benedict will return to the kingdom.”


“Because we don’t know what will happen, our side doesn’t want to free up our hands for other things right now. So, I’ll leave the scouting to you two.”


The black knight, who nodded solemnly, thought that he was really worried about this, and King Light and Marton inwardly felt admiration for his wisdom.

“The payment will be given after the return as usual, but the amount is worth it…”


After the conversation in the castle, Crono returned to the base and began to give instructions to Lilia and the others starting tomorrow.

Sitting on his own chair under the ground, he said to Lilia across the table.

“It’s a little hard to say, but from tomorrow we’re going to do something different. Today you will go to a high class inn with Kageha and get some rest.”


Because of the regular economic source of [Sword Saint]’s salary, Crono’s mood became very good.

Although Lilia couldn’t help but feel happy and calm in her heart at the sight of him, she was then surprised by the words that she couldn’t ignore.

“I’m sorry, but as tuition for teaching you swordplay, I’ll take the Sword Saint’s salary. But I’ll also provide a salary for the subordinates, so please don’t worry. Regarding the amount of money I will talk to our second-in-command when I meet her.”

“The money or whatever …… Lilia is already happy as long as she can serve you. But …… what about …… the work of taking care of master in the royal capital ……”

Although Lilia was full of energy to take care of Crono after entering the hideout in the royal capital for the first time, but after hearing the master’s somewhat incredible words, she could not help but blink those eyes and ask up.

“Our organization [Kronos] has a branch in capital, and we have a butler who comes from there. So don’t worry about it. …… Kageha.”

Crono, who answered with his chest out as if boasting about his organization, continued to call Kageha.



Kageha, who had no aura at all, appeared from nowhere next to Lilia and knelt down.

Even though she had seen it several times, Lilia was taken aback by the sudden appearance of Kageha there and couldn’t help but shake a little.

“Don’t worry bout the guy over the swamp or whatever. You both use this money to go sightseeing or shopping on the way back, to get a good relationship you know?”

10-year-old Chrono leans over to Kageha, who is hidden behind the desk, and presents a leather bag containing gold.

This is from Crono’s care.

In order to deepen the relationship between the two seated subordinates, he took out his own money and ordered them both to have fun and go back together.


Seeing Kageha who respectfully accepted and comprehended, the demon king nodded contentedly.

“Gee~. I’m really a demon king who benefits from his subordinates. I’m lucky to be a demon king.”

He said with a happy smile while adjusting the position of the sign with the kanji ‘chairman’ written on it.

Looking at his innocent posture, which was completely different from his transcendent side during the battle, Lilia’s and their faces could not help but smile.

“Fufu~~ …… No! Come to think of it, wouldn’t being accompanied by just a subordinate only lower my majesty as a king?”


Hearing the words of Lilia, who had come back to her senses, Crono, who felt his majesty was in danger, became anxious ……

“Hmmm ~~ …… No, it can’t be helped this time, because, from tomorrow I, will carry out the servant’s …………”

Crono’s words suddenly came to an abrupt halt, revealing a pensive expression.

“…… Actually, I’m currently conducting an infiltration investigation into a certain facility.”

He suddenly propped his arms on the table and spoke with authority while radiating overwhelming magical power.



Lilia and Kageha both straightened their backs under that sudden weight.

Because he changed his way of speaking, the two immediately realized the seriousness of the topic.

“Tomorrow and the day after tomorrow, I have to continue to infiltrate in there. That’s really a pretty harsh place …… A guy who suddenly rushed in with a sword, a troublemaker who desperately wielding their sword because they have lost their love. There is also an old man who would rob people’s food.” (Looks like Chrono is still annoyed that his senior was trying to snatch chazuke from him)

Lilia and Kageha can’t help but hold their breath.

Although it is impossible to imagine what kind of facility he is talking about now, but even Crono also said that it is quite harsh there.



What kind of strong enemy is there, what level of danger is there, the existence of this unknown world made them break out in a cold sweat.

“That’s why it’s too early to you, I want you to get rid of your fatigue and be ready for the mission afterwards.”


“…… Yes.”

The two of them bowed their heads.

Kageha felt ashamed of her immature self who could not be of use for her master, and Lilia sighed because she did not think well enough to understand her master’s intentions.

“For example, when you, or your partner, are in custody, and …… When you or your partner are caught or arrested, the authorities will definitely be aware of it, so please make sure to inform me.”


“I understand. ……”

The master’s usual gentleness made the two feel very sorry for themselves.


“Yoisho, yoisho, yoisho, dokkoisho~~ Would you like some of the demon king’s pickles~~? Yoisho, yoisho, yoisho, dokkoisho~~…. Hm?”

After Lilia and Kageha left the hideout, my hand that was humming through my nose while mixing things on nukadoko, stopped.

There is a sign of guests arriving upstairs …… Let’s stop here for today.

I gently cleaned up nukadoko and washed my hands.

(Tsukemono-Nukazuke {Japanese rice bran pickles}

“Excuse me. Welcome back, Crono-sama.”

“…… I’m back.”

A traveler’s appearance with a robe to cover the body of Celestia and Mob came to the hideout.

But the face of Celestia, who had taken off her hood, was not the happy smile …… that it had always been, but had an austere and icy expression of a working mode, and spoke to this side.

Therefore, I kind of want to ask the Mob who started preparing tea immediately after bowing, and inquire why Celestia is in such a bad mood, but ……

“I’m incredibly surprised and respectful of your tactics, Crono-sama, who also saw through my brother’s thoughts this time and even used it to his advantage.”

“Um, um ……”

Although I don’t know what’s the hell she’s talking about, in any case, I sat down before the Demon King’s special table first.

“…… Is there any other report?”

“You mean, from me?”

Okay, I stepped on landmine…

I averted my eyes from Celestia, whose gaze had become very sharp, and then opened up with the only remaining trace of majesty.

“…… At this stage, there is nothing that I need to report to you, Crono-sama, who knows everything. However, although I’m a little scared, I do have one thing to ask you, Crono-sama.”

“Permission granted. Just tell me.”

For some reason, I suddenly recalled the moment when my father was charmed by the daughter of a merchant who came to the village to do business, and when he was found by my mother who had turned into a ghost-like face.

“Thank you very much. I was informed that you had taken a maid without my knowledge. Is that true?”

…… So that’s it, is it because she’s not satisfied with that. It’s because I hired Lilia and the girls without permission.

“I’m the one who was appointed for managing the funds of [Kronos] by Chrono-sama himself…. Even though this is an organization that works for Chrono-sama. But still hope that you yourself can also abide by the discipline of the organization. Exceptions like this may be an adverse effect on the organization.”

Celestia, who was across the table, preached like a student president with awe.

“…… Celestia.”

“Yes, what’s the matter?”

I started to straighten up my posture from the way I had been propping my elbows on the table and supporting my jaw with my hands …… and looked seriously at Celestia and said serious words.

“- about this point, still hope you can understand me a little bit.”


I feel a gasp from Mob as he brings the tea to me.

It was as if he had predicted that Celestia was about to explode into an unprecedented rage.



However, I looked right at Celestia and didn’t look away, after all, I am the Demon King.

So then ……

“…… that’s not fair. If I was asked like that, wouldn’t I have to accept it ……”

Her cheeks were tinged with a flush as she averted her eyes and muttered softly.

Phew, it’s finally back to the usual Celestia.

“Eh! But, just now, didn’t you just insist him to….”

“Mob. It’s too rude to say such things in front of Crono-sama.”

“I’m very sorry ……”

I was a little surprised to be reminded of this by Celestia, but personally, I was able to relax.

“But, I’ve always thought it was surprising that you were so naive, Crono-sama. Please think about how to be strict for now.”


She took off her robe with a serious expression while advising me in a stern tone.

No, I would welcome it if she meant to be strict for the sake of the organization, but the problem is ……

“Anything you want me to do, just say it. Don’t selfish and please tell others. This includes doing your own housework. Please understand your own position.”


She didn’t want me to do the housework, she said. She also said to depend on other people. What am I ahe thought? A King? …Oh that’s right, I am indeed the Demon Lord.

“No, compared to those ……”

I once again looked at Celestia’ figure.

She put on her beautiful face and spoke openly …… while wearing a very bold maid’s outfit and started doing housework. It was done as if nothing was wrong.

It was a highly revealing maid outfit that showed off her breasts.

“… I said, although I think this dress is very suitable for you …… but you are wearing that dress to come here? A girl shouldn’t forget her shame, shouldn’t she? If you’re a princess, you should be even more so.”

“You like this kind of maid, don’t you, Crono-sama? Please enjoy yourself to the fullest. Please enjoy until you’re satisfied so that you wouldn’t look at other maids.”

“Can you stop? Can you stop treating me like a lecherous Lord? Can you stop acting like you’re sacrificing yourself so I don’t touch the other maids?”

I spat at Celestia, who said that as if nothing was wrong, with all my might.

“This is a big misunderstanding!”

“You don’t need to make such a desperate excuse, you don’t have to hide it at all, I’ll accept it all.”

“Listen to my explanation! This girl!”

In the face of my resistance, Celestia simply dismissed it with a smile that said “I understand” and continued to prepare dinner in her maid’s outfit.

No, wait ……

“Are you perhaps… teasing me?”

“Your Majesty Demon King. The only time she would act so happy is in front of you, Your Majesty. The reason why she is so excited now is because she felt very lonely during the absence of Your Majesty.”

Perhaps it is a bit unbearable to watch, so Mob quietly explained to me.

I didn’t consider the idea that she would feel lonely when I was away, but …… always felt a little happy to be teased.

“…… Although it seems that what she said is really serious.”

“That’s not possible ……”

For the time being, I began to play shogi and chat with Mob while waiting for the dinner prepared by Celestia.

“By the way, were you able to reach the place of origin? I’m not sure if Mary’s explanation was sufficient.”

“Yeah. I made a reservation so that they would keep it for us. They were so nice, they let me stay the night and even gave me dinner. As a thank you for that.”

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