Story of The Ancient Demon King! – Chapter 71

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After lecturing the prince, I sat on a bench in the royal castle and waited while the prince of Alto explained the [Sword Saint] to Lilia and delivered the reward.

He said that since she was with me, he had to admit that he approved of Lilia as the [Sword Saint]. I can see from here that this is really a very hasty title.

Even in my memory this process is really fast and bit abnormal. (Sure enough, even for Demon King the speed of seven days Sword Saint is very abnormal thing, simply outrageous, maybe this girl does hide an incredible talent.) But I’m glad Lilia’s efforts paid off, under the armor I feel proud of her.

If Lilia is to be followed by Kageha, who is hiding in the shadows, then I should be able to rest easy


Ah …… feel the breeze blowing …… although I can only feel a little through the gaps in your armor.

…… Thinking back, I think I haven’t had such a calm time since I returned home.

“Oh, that awesome person is….”

“Hey, that’s really him?”

“Ah, it’s the Black Knight-sama …….”

The chattering noise of the maids like little birds and the sneaky words of the soldiers came to my ears.

I listened to those voices while enjoying this elegant moment.

The soldiers who were a little frightened didn’t dare to come near this side anyway, so it was better to take a nap while it was happening.

Just then, an oncoming soldier crossed the road in front of me.

“Uh! I’m sorry for being rude!”

“…… I don’t think there’s anything rude about what you did.”

Once again, I received an inexplicable acknowledgement like this.

“You’re in a hurry, aren’t you? Be careful not to bump into anything.”

“Oh, yes! I’m sorry!”

Then, he bowed deeply and ran towards the training ground.

…… There were sounds of admiration and somewhat exaggerated screams from afar.

Just by doing that you can gain goodwill. Ah, this is really easy.

I want a warm cup of tea …… but I can’t drink it because I’m wearing this armor ……

“…… Black Knight, I have something to ask you.”

In the face of such a self-conscious and lost me, Hakuto, who had been hiding in the grass with trepidation since just now, finally made up his mind to talk to me.

He approached with a somewhat neutral and beautiful face, somewhat timidly.

The look of him should have a great popularity among some people regardless of gender.


“Are you listening? Don’t ignore me! …… Please don’t ignore me!”

“Why didn’t you use any honorific? Is that how a young man who wants to ask something treats an older person who is not from this country?”

I explained this common sense to him, who was ignored with a tearful look, like an older brother to his younger brother.

“Ugh, I know, so please help me provide information about the Demon King….”

“I refuse.”


I said, trying to hold back my gaze from being drawn to the maids in the distance who were looking at us and whispering.

Because he said that like a begging puppy, I accidentally teased him a little.

“…… No, instead of refusing, I should say that there is not enough information is more appropriate. Powerful, evil, with the same black magic as me. That’s all I know.”

“… I think you both have a lot in similarities….. Do you happen to know each other?”

…I haven’t considered this setting.

What should I do? …… If I was careless here and say it casually, it will be very troublesome afterwards.

“…… about this point, please do not ask more ……”

“Black Knight ……”

In any case, let’s use a melancholy voice that sounds like it has some special meaning to buy time.

I just looked at the blue sky and created a sad atmosphere.

Then, Hakuto …… who showed a serious expression as if he was ready for something.

“…… then,…… please take me as a disciple!”

“I don’t accept discipleship …… morever now I have Lilia ……”

And then, there is a certain princess who has become a disciple without permission.

How can I convince him? …… No, now would be the right time to tell him something, perhaps.

…… very coincidentally, there is just the right prey is coming this way it.


“…… I often need to travel to various places here and there, after all, there are many things to do. So I can’t officially take in any kind of disciples. Lilia is an exception because she had nowhere else to go.”

“…… is that so.”

The fact that there is a disciple like Lilia makes Hakuto has a great expectation, but now he could not help but slump his shoulders a look of discouragement.

“But ……”

The Black Knight, who was sitting leisurely on top of the bench, suddenly stood up.

“…… I’ll show you the way if it’s just to get stronger.”

“The way…? What exactly does that mean ……?”

The Black Knight’s body wrapped up with a black aura, leaving the confused Hakuto aside, and made his body face the large man who was running towards him with bloodshot eyes.

“So you so-called Black Knight!! If I kill you, I’ll be able to make a name for myself! Gahahahaha! I’ll see how you can stop me from doing that!”

He woke up in the training ground where there was no one left, and seemed to have heard about the Black Knight from the maids in the passageway when he hadn’t grasped the current situation, and then rushed over.

In his hand, holding a large sword and shield.

He intended to kill the Black Knight and take the position of the country’s hero, and then let a large number of women to serve him.

“The so-called Hero is the embodiment of hope ……”


The Black Knight quietly said to Hakuto.

Hakuto looked at the back like a big mountain, waiting for his next words.

“Regardless of the form, you need to have power if you want to save more people. The power you seek is probably force.”

He said that, ignoring the approaching sword, and put his magic power in his left hand.

He didn’t use the condensation method, but just used ordinary magic power.

“There are countless ways to become stronger. Exercise, weapons, martial arts, tactics, and …… magic power. If you combine them, the possibilities you have will be expanded even further. That’s true, just take ……for example”

The Black Knight, with the hand that was merely tainted with pitch black magic, raised it towards the brawny man.

“Die, die, die, die!”

The man who made the strange sound had a heavy sword in his hand and swung it down at the Black Knight’s raised hand.

“Black Knight!”

“Watch out!!”

Hakuto and Oswald, who was hiding in the grass behind him, were still worried about the Black Knight, who had not made the slightest defense.

“You, you bastard! What did you do!?”

“…… just ……”

To the surprise of anyone present, the big man’s sword …… immediately bounced off and chopped into the sky as soon as it touched the Black Knight’s hand, which was entwined with black aura.

The big man himself also fell to the ground with a slip of his feet. His hand, which felt numb even to the bones, loosened the sword and he could only look at the figure of the Black Knight who had raised his hand with no change at all.

“The one just now only manipulated the flow of magic power in my hand, and then caught the sword and made it bounce away the moment it came into contact.”


This is an explanation that makes people doubt their ears and deviate from common sense.

It is unheard of to make the magic power that is lodged there operate like that.

“Then ……”

After that, the Black Knight made the shape of a hand knife with his left hand wrapped in black magic power ……

“What are you doing? Stop–”

He just gently jabbed at the shield raised by the big man that was wrapped with magic power.



As a result, not only Hakuto and Oswald, but also the maids and soldiers who were watching from afar with their breath held, became frozen in place.

Then the big man, who had the illusion that his heart was about to be penetrated, felt a deep fear than they did.

The black hand knife, which easily penetrated the metal shield, stopped when the big man was inches away from his left chest.

“If you can manipulate the flow of magic power accurately and quickly, your own body, which is more familiar with magic power than anything else, can do this kind of thing …… alright, I think it’s enough for now.”

The magic power is on top of the hand knife and concentrated towards the five fingers.

Then, as if to grasp something, he stretched out his fingers, further forward to burst and penetrate the location of the abdomen of the big man armor.

“Aaaahh!! I’m sorryy!! Please stop!!! Mom, help mee!!”

“… Hey, I just grabbed your armor but I haven’t touched your body at all. …… well forget it.”

He thus lifted up the big man who was shouting in a fuss.


The huge body, which was lifted up with great strength, was thrown to the side of the empty road very casually.


The big man was forced to lose consciousness for the second time today.

The big man, who was proud of his strength, was overwhelmed not only in terms of strength but in all aspects.

And his purpose was not to fight, but to be able to teach Hakuto in a simple and clear way.

“…… I’ll leave the guy who attempted to kill to the soldiers.”


Then he turned to Hakuto, who had understood that he hadn’t followed up until now, and was still there in a daze.

“The magic power alone has a variety of uses, and if you put some effort into magic and the strength of the magic power, the possibilities become even broader. If you think flexibly like this….”

“Is this the Black Knight’s secret technique? ……”

“………… secret technique?”

Hakuto’s eyes glittered as the move the Black Knight used made his heart leap.

Oswald, who was hiding in the grass, did the same.

However, the Black Knight was ……

(It’s just something I came up with on the spur of the moment, and I wouldn’t even call it a technique. …… I’m not going to use this kind of thing because I have a method of condensing magic power.)

The Black Knight side, just want to convey a flexible way of thinking not to be bound by common sense.

“No, that’s not–”

“Thank you very much! Black Knight! I will definitely respond to your expectation of teaching me this axiom!”

“No, listen—”

“Please look forward to the next time we meet. See you!”

Hakuto left with a hearty smile while waving his hands

The Black Knight watched the back of the idiot leave.

“Yareyare…… How about you?”

“Um…. me? I’m …. using a bow and arrow ……”

Oswald, who was hidden in the grass, responded thus while revealing his figure.

He tied the green hair behind him, and carried the bow and arrow on his back as usual.

“Is that so? With your ability, you should be able to do a lot more than just bow and arrow.”

“…… What does that mean? ……”

Oswald asked with a heightened sense of caution at the Black Knight’s unspoken words.

But just at this time, shaking that body maid dress Lilia desperately ran over to their side.

Then she came to the Bblack Knight and bowed, and raised a hand…

“–Black Knight-sama, may I be with the your magic?”

“Didn’t I say that was only to be said when no one else was around?”

The Black Knight is somehow anxiously whispered reproach.

“…… I forgot. I’m very sorry. I have one thing to report than that.”

Lilia, who always feels like a kitten, felt a little sorry while quickly moving on to the report.

However, ……

“Black Knight-sama!”

The eyebrows of Lilia who became a little cool frowned slightly.

A high ranking knight came running over in a panic and informed the black knight before Lilia’s report.

“What’s wrong? Why didn’t you look for Lilia but me?”

“I’m sorry for the sudden request, but I’d like to ask you to attend the next emergency meeting.”

“Yes, I understand. Lead the way.”


Asked about the taste of money, the Black Knight immediately gave a reply.


“- Hmm?”

Hakuto, who was running with vigor, felt a sense of something out of place.

However, looking around …… there was no one in the area through the garden ……

“Is it just only my imagination……?”

He started to set out again to practice the moves taught by the Black Knight.

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